Diary of a slave merchant – 2008 (part 3)

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January 10th, 2008

Baby went to the womens shelter tonight. She has an Hispanic girl that wanted to come home with her tonight. Baby has been talking to her for a week or so now. Baby told her she'd have to check with me first.

Most of the girls immediate family was deported about two weeks ago. She escaped deportation because she wasn't home at the time. She has no other family here besides a few cousins, none of which she can stay with, and an older brother that lives in his car. This would be an easy and safe acquisition, but Baby said she is just "OK" looking, 22 years old and "slightly overweight" so she wanted to make sure we even wanted her first.

I figured she might not sell for much, but anything we could get for her would be better than nothing, and she is extremely low-risk. I told her to bring the girl home tomorrow night.

Flower is coming along fine, or so Baby tells me. I've been too busy to properly test her talents. And as much as I hate to admit it, I've not been very motivated to work with her now that she is broken and so compliant. The thrill is gone and she feels like just a piece of property to me. I also desperately need to sell her and don't want to get attached to her like I did Star. It was very difficult to sell her.

January 11th, 2008

Baby is bugging me about working with Flower. " She needs a real cock to practice with." she says. I agreed, but told her it would have to wait a day or two if the new girl is coming home with her tonight. She agreed and said she would remind me in a couple of days.

January 12th, 2008

Baby brought the Hispanic girl home, telling her she could stay here as a live-in house keeper. She is fairly short, maybe 5' 3” her skin is medium tone, and she definitely could lose 15-20 pounds, but is nicely curved. Her tits are nice, but a bit smaller than what I would call proportional. Overall, she is "cute", but nowhere near as pretty as Baby, Star or even Flower.

The girl speaks little English, but some. Baby has a high school level knowledge of Spanish. I only know about four words of Spanish, but between the two of them we are able to communicate somewhat efficiently.

We talked to her for a several minutes. She asked what her duties would be and how much we would pay her. I played along, listing her duties and promising her $10 an hour. She seemed thrilled to be getting paid so much. When she asked where her room would be, it was time to drop the charade, since I don't actually have an empty spare room for her.

I decided I was bored with the routine and wanted to try something different: pure intimidation.

I told her to wait there for a moment and went in to the kitchen. Hiding a long knife down the back of my pants, I walked back to the couch where she was sitting, stood closer to her than she was comfortable with and looked down at her.

"Mister Edward…" she said.

"Take your clothes off!" I demanded.

She looked at me, confused, then looked at Baby waiting for a translation. I think she understood what I said, but couldn't believe it and was hoping she was wrong, or that I was joking.

Baby translated the best she could, acting out removing her clothes with her hands.

"No, Mister Edward… I clean house." she replied.

"No clean house." I said calmly, shaking my head. "Take your clothes off."

"NO! I clean house only!" she insisted.

I slowly pulled the knife out with my right hand, running my left index finger down the blade for dramatic effect.

"Take your clothes off… NOW!" I ordered. Her eyes lighting up with fear and her body jumping slightly in her seat when I emphasized the word />
"Mister Edward!" she cried, tears welling in her eyes.

"NOW!" I yelled.

Terrified at my yell, her head slammed against the back of the couch and her feet jumped off the floor. She pulled her knees up towards her chest, but she did not try to fight or run.

She stared at me in horror for a few, long seconds, then made a cross on her chest with her hand and cried, repeating something several times in Spanish.

I raised the knife to my shoulder and pointed the blade towards her.

“Do it!” I barked.

She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Stand up!" I demanded, positioning myself between her and the front door. She did as she was told.

"Clothes off!" I snapped.

She continued to unbutton her blouse and cry. Saying things in Spanish with a few English words here and there.

"Shut up!" I demanded. She looked at Baby who said something to her in Spanish. She looked back at me and fell silent, slipping her blouse off and dropping it on the floor.

She just stood there, looking at me as if she were done.

"All of it!" I ordered, pointing to her chest.

She let out a quiet sob, reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the ground, and covering her chest with her arms.

I was getting tired of trying to make her understand English. I told Baby to help her carry out my orders.

"Arms at you side!" I demanded. Baby said something to her and then grabbed her arms, positioning them at her side.

I roughly grabbed her right tit and squeezed it. She winced in pain a bit and shrunk back away from my touch.

"Stand up straight!" I yelled. Baby guided her back in position. Baby seemed to be reassuring her in Spanish that she would not be hurt.

I put the knife back down the back of my pants and grabbed both of her tits, kneading and massaging them. They were not the best tits I had ever seen but there were nice and firm. Her dark nipples became involuntarily erect as I rubbed them between my fingers and thumbs. She started sobbing and saying something to Baby with urgency in her voice.

"She says this is a sin." Baby said, trying to suppress a smile.

I stepped back and pulled the knife back out.

"Pants off!" I commanded.

She started crying again and repeated the part about this being a sin. Baby knew my patience was running out so she took the girls hands and moved them to the button on her pants, prompting her in Spanish.

The girl continued to cry as she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, pushing them down to her feet, sliding her flip-flops off and stepping out of the pants. She put her hands in front of her crotch, which Baby promptly moved back to her sides.

"Mister Edward… I clean house only!" she repeated, sobbing.

I ignored her and moved the knife towards her, slowly so she wouldn't be startled. I slid it under the right strap of her white and blue striped panties, cutting it with a quick snap of the blade. She let out a quick, high-pitched screech as she pulled back from the knife, grabbing the strap of her panties, trying to hold them up.

"Off!" I demanded. Baby motioned to her and said a Spanish word.

"Please, Mister Edward!" she begged.

Baby took her hand and helped the girl start to drop her panties, letting go and allowing the girl to finish removing them once she realized she had no choice.

She was now standing in just her white socks, her dark black cunt hair a tangled mess. She has a small belly pooch and her hips are a little flabby, but overall she's definitely fucakble.

"On your knees!" I ordered, pointing toward the ground.

She complied without complaint. I'm not sure she understood where this was going.

"Suck my cock!" I commanded, taking a step closer to her. She looked very confused and turned to Baby for a translation.

Baby tried to translate, but was having trouble finding the right words. She motioned toward my crotch and made a bobbing head motion with her fist up to her mouth.

The girl looked back at me in horror and started crying again.

"Mister Edward! No!" she pleaded. I nodded my head and pointed the knife at my crotch.

She looked back at Baby, frantically sobbing and talking very fast. Baby couldn't follow everything she said, but caught the gist of it and said something in a reassuring tone.

"She thinks this is a sin and is afraid." Baby said. "I told her it wasn't a sin if she was forced to do it. I think she believes me and said she would try if we promise not to her."

The girl unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down slowly. Pulling my pants down to my knees, she reached in to my boxers and tentatively grabbed my semi-erect cock. She pulled my dick out the front of my boxers and put her nose up to it. I think she was smelling it. She then licked it once as if to taste it.

"Put it in your mouth!" I ordered, thrusting my hips toward her, my cock throbbing as it became fully erect with anticipation.

She looked at Baby, who stuck her thumb in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it.

She sobbed a Spanish phrase a few times while making a cross on her chest again with her hand, and then put her mouth on my cock.

She didn't even take the whole head of my cock in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down about an inch. Baby quickly put her hand on the back of the girls head and guided her farther down on my cock. The girl braced herself against my thighs with her hands, trying to push away from taking too much.

"More, Baby." I said. Baby pushed the girls head down another inch or so, causing her to gag.

"No Mas!" the girl cried, pulling her mouth off. That was one of the few Spanish words I knew.

"Fucking MAS!" I yelled, grabbing her head and jamming it back on my cock, until the head hit resistance in her throat. I held her head in place for several seconds as she struggled and pushed against my thighs.

I pulled my cock back a bit, allowing her to breathe and then motioned to Baby to take over guiding her. Baby grabbed the sides of the girls head and with slow, steady motions, repeatedly slid the girls mouth over my stiff, saliva-covered cock.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as the young girls soft mouth worked its unwilling magic. I put my right hand on the top of the girls head, grabbing a handful of hair as I felt my balls tighten.

After several more strokes, I held the girls head in place with my right hand and shot my first load of come in to the back of her throat. She immediately twisted her head to the side, my cock falling out of her mouth.

She dropped to her hands and knees, gagging and choking, spitting come out of her mouth. Baby, always on the ball, grabbed my dick with her hand and jerked me off until I had finished coming.

I looked down, and the girl sat there on her knees, head on the floor and crying. On her back were several splashes of come, slowly sliding down her ribs.

I started to pull my pants back up when suddenly, there was a knock on the door! We live in the middle of nowhere. A knock on the door cannot possibly be good news.

I quickly pulled my pants up, grabbed my revolver from the cabinet and went to the door. I cocked the revolver and held it in my right hand, keeping it behind the door as I opened it with my left.

There stood a young Hispanic male, about 25 years old. He was roughly 5' 8", and slim, but not particularly muscular. I quickly decided I could take him if I had to, but kept the revolver ready.

"Can I help you?" I inquired.

"Sir," he began, with a thick Spanish accent, "What are you doing to my sister?"

January 12th, 2008

I was speechless, my mind working over-time trying to figure out what to do.

"Um… I… she came home with… uhh" I stammered.

"I followed her." he said, "I got worried after so long and looked in the window. I saw you mistreating Rosalyn." (Rosalyn is not her real name).

"Get the fuck in here!" I said, whipping the gun out from behind the door and pointing it straight in his face.

"Whoa!" he shouted, putting his hands up as if to show he was not armed, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What?" I asked, "You see me her then you knock on my door. I'm supposed to think you stopped by for a beer? Why are you here?"

"My name is Tomas." He said. "Rosalyn is my sister. We have no home since our family was deported. She was staying in the shelter and I sleep in the car. When she could get a house to clean, I would take her and wait. She would hide me some food out the back door."

"*Sneak* you some food out the back door." I said.

he asked, confused.

"Never mind." I said, annoyed. "So, what do you want?"

"We wanted nothing but to clean house and get some food and little money." he replied. "But now you mistreat her. We would want some more money."

"Oh? And how much would you like?" I asked sarcastically.

"Maybe… $100?" he suggested, with a tone as if he were asking for some huge, insulting amount of money he knew he wouldn't get.

"And $30 to clean house, if you want." he added.

I just sexually molested his sister, and he wants $100, and still wants to clean the house. At this point I was relieved. He probably has prostituted her out before. I can just give him a couple hundred dollars and they'll both go away. I'd like to keep her, but I'm not going to murder this guy, and I don't see another option. The last thing I want or need is a male slave and it's too risky. He's much more likely to be able to overpower me than the girls.

"OK," I agreed, "I'll give you the money. Follow me and get your sister."

We walked in to the living room. Baby was sitting on the floor, trying to console Rosalyn, who was still naked and lying on the floor.

Rosalyn looked up, saw Tomas, jumped to her feet and ran to him. She started crying hysterically, hugging him and talking very fast in Spanish.

She was frantically pointing at me and waving her arms around as Tomas tried to calm her down. I'm certain I heard the word more than once. I asked Baby and she confirmed it. She is ranting that I raped her and they need to call the police.

FUCK! I guess this isn't a scam, and she's not a prostitute. I can't let them leave now.

"Over to the couch!" I ordered, pointing the gun at them again. "Both of you!"

"Roslyn, sit down." I said, handing Baby the knife I still had tucked in the back of my pants.

"Watch her, Baby." I ordered. "Tomas, come in the kitchen with me."

I followed Tomas in to the kitchen, gun held high. I did not want to kill Tomas, but I will if that is my only choice. I had one last desperate plan to try. If this didn't work I'd have to kill him, so I saw no reason to hide anything.

I began, "We deal in slaves here. We kidnap, train and sell slaves to rich people."

"What do these people do with the slaves?" Tomas asked.

"They are sex slaves, Tomas" I answered.

"And you want to make Rosalyn a sex slave?" he asked.

"That was the plan until you showed up, yes." I replied.

"And what do you do now?" he countered.

"Well, that's up to you." I said, "The way I see it, you have three choices. I heard Roslyn talking about calling the police. I cannot allow that."

"You pay us, we won't call police." he assured.

"I cannot take that chance. She is very upset." I reminded him.

"Yes, she is." he agreed, "But she will do as I say."

"I still can't take the chance." I repeated. "So, your first option is… I kill you, and keep her as a slave."

"I do not like that option." Tomas said, with no hint of trying to be humorous.

"Your second option is, I take you both as slaves and you would probably be sold to a gay man."

"I do like that option either." he said, equally seriously, "What is third option?"

"The third option" I began, " is I keep Rosalyn, you live here and work for me. When she is fully trained, she will be sold to a rich person and be taken care of very well for the rest of her life. And you can continue to work for me for as long as you like."

"I… might like this option." he said thoughtfully.

"I'm not going to deceive you, Tomas" I said, "the training is hard. She will be chained up and until she learns to please a man… and a woman, in every way possible. She will be harshly punished if needed, but when it's all over, she will have a good life and never want for anything again."

"And as for you," I continued, "You help me with anything I need around here, yard work, fixing the house or anything else I need. I will pay you $200 a week in cash and get you a small trailer to live in behind the house."

"I am liking this option." he interjects.

"And, once you have a clean bill of health from the doctor, I can occasionally use you to help train slaves." I said, with a sly grin.

"What does that mean?" he inquired.

"It means sex." I answered. "I can use another cock around here for the girls to train with."

"You mean, I have free sex with slave girls?" he asked, incredulously.

I didn't like the way he looked over at Baby when he asked that. I took the gun, jammed it under his chin, pushing his head up a few inches.

"Rule #1: You never, EVER, touch Baby." I growled. "She is mine. If you touch her, I will feed you your own balls, shoot you through the head and bury you in the back yard. Are we clear?"

he squeaked, looking down at the gun.

I pulled the gun away, but left it pointed at him.

"Rule #2:" I continued, "You never touch any of my girls without permission from me or Baby, for any reason. And Rule #3: You do not leave this property without />
"Also, if you help me find and secure a new girl, you will get $1,000 when they are sold, starting with Rosalyn." I added.

"Yes!" he said, "I like this option!"

"But," he said, suddenly sounding sad, "poor Rosalyn. She will not understand why I let you mistreat her and still work for you. She will hate me, but she will have good life. She will forgive me some day."

I trailed off, pausing for several seconds, trying to decide if I was truly this evil.

you must prove to me that you can be trusted and if you really have what it takes to help train slaves."

"What? How do I do that?" he asked.

"You must let me video tape you doing something very illegal." I replied, "So I know if you run off or try to go to the police, I can show them the video and you would go to prison also."

"What would you want me to do?" he said "Rob somebody, maybe?"

"No, Tomas. Something worse than that…" I answered, "You also need to show that you have the balls to mistreat a girl as she screams and cries."

"You want me to rape someone?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Tomas." I replied.

"Who? Who do I rape?" he said, looking around for emphasis.

"One of my slave girls." I responded. "She is just one of my slave girls, and you have to be able to think of all my girls as just slaves, no matter who they are. You can not play favorites with any of them."

"What…? I don't under…" he said, trailing off and deeply confused.

Suddenly, he jerked up straight in his chair, his face contorted with horror and shame.

"Not Rosalyn!" he shouted.

Rosalyn called to Tomas from the living room. He said a few words in Spanish, with a tone of "Never mind, I wasn't talking to you."

"You cannot ask me…" he started to say.

"She is just one of my slave girls." I repeated. "I need you to help me train her. If you are not willing, there are still the other two options. Either way, she will be trained, starting tonight, and sold. And I could sell her in to />
"She would never forgive me…" he said, starting to tear up. "But, I can't have her go back to the shelter or be deported, she deserves a better life than that."

"She will have a good life, Tomas" I assured.

"Yes… yes, I will do it." he said "God forgive me!"

"OK, put this on." I said, handing him a condom from the drawer. "We will get you tested this week, but for now, we don't need you getting her pregnant or giving her a disease."

He just sat there, looking down at the condom, a few tears dripping on to the table. I handed him a towel to wipe his face.

"You need to be strong." I encouraged. "You have to quit thinking of her as your sister and see her as just another slave."

I grabbed the video camera as he put the condom on and zipped his pants back up. He has a fairly average penis, maybe 6 inches or so. He wasn't hard so I couldn't tell for sure.

I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, "You are going to have to be harsh. She will fight you because she doesn't understand that it's best for her."

"Yes, Sir." He replied, straightening his clothes, his face becoming visibly more cold and determined.

"And Tomas…" I continued, "Don't stop until you come."

"I won't, Sir." he assured me.

We walked back in to the living room and I motioned Baby over to me. "We will deal later with your inexcusable lack of caution." I quietly hissed through clenched teeth, "This was totally />
"I know, Master." she said, her voice quivering.

"For now, just tell me what they are saying." I ordered, turning the video camera on.

Tomas walked over to Rosalyn and knelt down in front of her.

"This man… something… something… help us… something… rich people… something… he's talking too fast!" Baby said, attempting to translate.

Baby continued, "good life… something… forgive… something… Not your brother… what's he talking about?

Tomas took the clothes from Rosalyn's hands and threw them on the floor. Rosalyn covered her chest with her arms and yelled at Tomas.

Baby said, unable to translate most of what Rosalyn was yelling. "my I'm not sure…"

Tomas unzipped his pants and pulled out his condom-covered cock. He started stroking it, trying to get it hard. Rosalyn screamed at him, put her hands up and edged back farther in the couch.

Tomas jerked his dick for a few more seconds until it was mostly erect, then grabbed Rosalyn's hands with his hands, pulling them away from her face.

"Oh my God, Master!" Baby exclaimed, "What is going on?"

"Tomas works for me now." I replied. Baby just looked at me, mouth wide open.

Tomas starting talking again, this time in a more harsh tone.

love you… something… forgive me sometime? someday? … " Baby's translation was interrupted by Tomas rearing back and smacking Rosalyn quite hard across the face.

Rosalyn screamed and clawed at Tomas. He responded by smacking her several more times, alternating between smacking and back-handing her.

After a dozen or so slaps, Rosalyn went limp, crying and sobbing. Tomas twisted and pushed her body, positioning her to lie on her back on the couch. He climbed on to the couch, at her feet.

"Open your… legs?" Baby translated. "He's going to rape his own />
"I'll explain it later, Baby." I replied.

Rosalyn was not complying so Tomas reached down and spread her legs apart. Jerking himself off again, he crawled on his knees towards her, getting between her legs.

Rosalyn stared off in to space, tears streaming sideways down her face.

Tomas spit in his hand several times and rubbed it on the head of his cock, then mounted his sister. After a few probing jabs, he reached down and grabbed his cock with his right hand, stiffened his left arm to put all his weight on it, and jammed his cock in to his crying sister's pussy.

Rosalyn screamed in pain and horror. It should not have hurt that much.

Tomas started pumping his hips, plowing his cock in to her over and over as she screamed with each thrust.

After a few seconds, I noticed blood trailing down Rosalyn's ass, soaking in to the couch cushion.

GOD DAMMIT! She was a fucking virgin! FUCK! She would have been worth twice as much if she were intact. Who the fuck is still a virgin at 22 years old? Fuck.

Tomas settled in to a smooth rhythm, closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Rosalyn started repeating something over and over in Spanish.

"What is she saying, Baby?" I asked.

"Something about… about… She is saying they are both going to hell." Baby answered.

"Uh… uh… uh… uhhhnnnn" Tomas grunted, as he filled the condom with come. He rammed his cock in to her several more times, pausing between each thrust for a second. Then rolled off of her and on to the floor. He was sweating profusely. Rosalyn just lie there crying.

Tomas stood up, carefully pulled the condom off to avoid spillage, and walked over and put it in the trash.

"I'm done, Sir." he said coldly. "Your slave is ready for you."

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Author: eyToad

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