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Born to a peasant family deep in the farmlands to the east of the great Milford castle.My mother Kenya Givens. on November 1st A.D.Gave birth to me Aaron. Being the third child i was the leftovers or at least that's what my older siblings would say.When i turned 6 they put me to work in the fields.it was hard work tilling and planting and harvesting.my dad never paid to much attention to his third child.but i did look up to him as he taught my older brother Adam his trade. Then when i turned 8 he got killed in mugging while he was selling grain in milford's market.my mom was never the same.at first she cried a lot then it moved into a deeper feeling of despair.Then one day my mom just snapped out of it and started doing housework again. my mother being brown never went into the castle.but she was a very educated woman she taught all three of us to read. one day as me and my brother Adam were heading to town.Adam was 16 i was 8.i went up to my mom she had a glazed over look in her eyes.holding the heavy bag full grain i looked up at my mom she was barely 13 a very pretty slave my father bought when he was 16 years old.they feel in love and the rest is history.then my sister his twin was born 2 min later Angel givens.sorry i got off track.

but yea i asked hey mom do you want to come to the market with me and she declined respectfully i just had to know why.she answered because they would probably drag me of and put me in one of those whore houses your brother likes to stare into so okay as me and my brother Adam walked out the little cottage and up the dusty ask some of the most dumb he punched me in my arm so hard i thought it would fall off.as we reached the great castle.i stared at it for about 40 seconds. it was at least a 25 ft M made from stained glass.as it reflected in the sun it almost looked like water before i realized it i was awe struck.then a guard told me to keep it moving.as i looked up at the guard he looked tired.e had a deep gash on the side of his neck.it was healed but it looked like it still hurt.then he looked at this boy deaf push on!!!he grabbed me and pushed me threw the know its your first time in the castle but you have to stay alert.then a wooden wagon passed us it was full of can i go look knew i meant go steal something for dinner.our mom knew i was a thief.i didn't want to but i knew one thing my family wasn't going to starve.and i guess the we all just knew that. he gave me a node and i moved away from him.

keeping my face down i went into one of the allies and changed.i changed into a all black outfit.i ripped up 2 of my fathers shirts and had my mom sew them back together in this ninja like outfit.i started to climb the walls.my target today was this tower i aw when we walked into the market. the years of working on the farmhand made me into the perfect wall climber.see any of my siblings could do it but they have fear.that's something i was born with very little of.i guess i just realized there's only two choices you can die or you can live.as i climbed higher i finally reached the window of the tower.when i climbed in i noticed there was a beautiful lady standing in front of the mirror.she was taking off her multiple jewelry they sparkled i'd definitely get a pretty penny for all of those.i quietly snuck behind her as she was humming a tune. every time she would put one of necklaces down i would snatch it off her was quite vain i must add who looks that intensely at Themself. when i had at least 10 pieces of Jewelry i turned around and the door creaked open.this beautiful brown girl with sparkling blue eyes and long hair called out to her aunt. madam eve? ''yes what is it dear''. i shook my head and held my hands together please don't i begged silently. she looked at me and held her hand up and said follow me.madam eve i'm sorry to bother you it looks like i lost my train of well don't do it again now go i have to change for lunch.

as she beckoned me on to her room i stared at the beautiful paintings on the walls.they were so intricate and old.the people in the paintings had a uptight look.as we finally made it to her bedroom.she closed and locked the why were you stealing from my aunt or the queen's sister.i replied i'm poor replied back so that doesn't give you the right to steal from replied angrily have you ever went two days without food.or better yet have you ever seen any of your family starve.she stared at like i just slapped so that's why i steal so i can help my family survive.how old are you she asked about 8. oh can you comeback tommorw i'll have a job for you so your famliy won't starve.as i climbed out of the window i'll think about it.as i climbed down from out of the does she think she my feet hit the ground i found my pile of clothes and changed back into my peasant clothes.as i walked down the crowded street.i found my merchants shop.i whistled a tune and the door my boy what did you steal this time. Mr.Herbert bought anything but you had to haggle with the greedy bastard for a fair price.alright lets seem them i dumped my sack on the wooden table. Mr.Herbert eyes lit up wow ill give you 2000 pieces of gold for all of it.i Took my knife out and slammed it on the table.4550 gold fine '' come get your money.as he counted it all out and put it in a bag.nice doing buisness with you since you already agreed each one of those pieces is worth at least 1,500 well i walked out and found my brother looking deep into the window of the whore house.i slapped him in the back of the neck come on you looked happy how much did you make 2550 gold pieces.my brother looked so happy we stopped by the bakers and bought a cake and fresh bread.you did good bro.as we laughed and joked all the way back home to the cottage.

story by: Life's good

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Author: Life's good

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