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I reached between her spread legs and with a forceful pull ripped off her knickers. She closed her eyes, but made no sound. I placed my fingers onto the slightly spread pussy lips, exposing the small pink bud. I pushed against it and started massaging it slowly. Her forehead frowned and the closed eyes squeezed in a slight twitch. Again, her pelvis pushed against my hand. I kept massaging, gently at first, then a little harder. I could feel my pussy swelling up with excitement, too. I stepped all the way to the chair and bent down between her legs. Under the smell of soap I caught a gentle whiff of clean pussy. I spread her lips, now completely exposing her pink clitty to my eyes. As if trying to cool off the burning part of the skin, I slowly blew onto the little bud. She shivered and moaned, kicking up her arse, almost hitting my mouth with her clitty. Her hands grabbed the armrests and I could see the knuckles turning white with the force of the grasp. I slipped out my tongue and gently touched the clitty. Another gasp escaped her and I placed my tongue onto the clitty, pushing down and massaging her little bud, pushing down harder, circling it faster. The sweet smell of her pussy drove me mad and I had to mentally restrain myself from slipping my hand between my own thighs. I tasted her juices as she enjoyed the massage, meeting me with gentle pushes against my tongue. Her breathing became shallow and the thrusts against my mouth faster. It has only been a couple of minutes since I pushed her into the chair, but this little birdie was ready to fly already. I placed my lips onto her bud then and started suckling roughly, knowing that this pleasure is also bringing some pain. She didn’t seem to mind in the least. After a few seconds, her upper body shot up, her pelvis pushed against my face and I could feel the waves that rippled through her body, juices now flowing freely. She was trying not to say anything, but “Yeah, yeah,” escaped her lips. I sucked even after she stopped trembling, sucked harder, slipping my hand to the entrance of her pussy and pushing in two fingers, turning them this way and that, all the while sucking as if my life depended on it. She started thrashing again, and when I stole a glance at her face, I saw it contorting into an ugly mask of pleasure, her skin red all the way to her scalp. Again, she came full force, this time letting the scream leave her mouth in a high pitch. Her legs fell to my sides limply and her grip on the chair loosened. I licked her juices clean, wishing I could stay like that for a bit longer.

Henry obviously had no idea what he had in her. She was either one of those few lucky, highly orgasmic birds who came at the mere site of a cock or pussy, or he simply didn’t know what to do with her despite the fact that the slightest human touch made her go ballistic.

I straightened up and wiped off my mouth. She remained laying on a recliner, eagle sprawled, looking less prude than she did when I first walked in.

“Get off the chair,” I said and watched her as she awkwardly climbed off and half-jumped, for I didn’t bother to put the chair back down. Once she stepped onto the floor, I grabbed her by the forearm and roughly pulled her to the chair, which I found her sitting on when I first walked into the room. Henry had a full sight of both of us, me standing behind her. I carefully undid her bra and let it slip to the floor. I placed my hands on her hips and then slowly ran them up her perfect little body to the full breasts, cupping them in my hands and giving them a slight squeeze. She sighed deeply and leaned her head onto my shoulder, making me believe that she knew Henry was somewhere watching us. I pushed her away a little and turned the chair so that it faced the mirror, moving her in front of it.

“Lean over it,” I said and saw the uncertainty in her eyes turning to fear, followed by terror. She hesitated and my hand shot out again. I missed her cheek this time and slapped her on the side of her head harder than I wanted to. She stumbled awkwardly and fell to the floor, crying quietly.

“Get up!” I yelled and she hurriedly tried to do as I said. I grabbed her by the forearm, roughly pulled her up and pushed her towards the chair. “Lean over it!” I said and added,

She leaned over it, her bare arse in clear view of the mirror, her face undoubtedly caught by one of the hidden cameras. I walked over to the steel closet next to the entrance and opened it just enough to take out a couple of things. I didn’t want to open it all the way and expose all the horrors hidden inside. The bird was obviously terrified enough already, no need to turn her into a mumbling idiot before it was inevitable.

As I turned back towards her, I could see her leaning over the chair, with her hands on the seat, trying to see me through the hair, which fell over her eyes. As if joking with a friend, I lifted my left hand, giving the woman a full view of a gigantic strap-on, “A little bit of pleasure,” I said and then lifted up my right hand, showing off a small broom-like horse-hair whip, “And a little bit of pain!” I concluded.

She bowed her head and I would bet anything that she closed her eyes in terror. I walked over to her and stood to her side, making sure that Henry and Tania had a full view of her bare arse, although I doubted Tania saw much of the action on this side of the window. She must have been deep into action herself; action was probably deep inside her throat. Again, the stupid need to giggle swept over me. I let the strap-on slip out of my hand and fall to the floor, still close enough for the woman to see it at any given moment should she choose to do so. I placed my left hand on the back of her neck and pushed down hard, making her stand still in the position she was in. I lifted up the right hand that held the whip and looked at the mirror for a moment, and then I concentrated my gaze back onto the beautiful little arse in front of me and swung as hard as I could, landing the little whip onto the whiteness of her arse. She jumped and screamed, trying to get up, but my hand held her body down. I swung again and landed the whip at the exact same spot where it had landed two seconds ago. Already, I could see the stripes that the whip hair left on her skin, turning it an angry red color. I kept whipping her, and she stood as she was. Every time the whip landed on the arse her upper body twitched as if to stand up, but in truth, she did not really attempt to do that, it was just a reflex. I kept whipping with all my force and counted silently. I was only going to give her twelve lashes. She seemed too fragile for anything more.

Remembering from way back when I was still too unimportant to my clients and they were whipping me instead of the other way around, more than twelve lashes with the whip would make me pass out. She however, didn’t. She screamed every time the whip hit her, turning her entire ass the pinkish red canvas within seconds, but she took it all like a trooper. When I counted to ten, the whip actually cut into her skin, making it split and her scream was even louder than before, and for a moment, I panicked. I paused, not wanting to continue, but knew I had to. Instead of hitting her on the arse again, I lashed out on the back of her thighs, beginning another count of twelve, making them just as red within seconds. I wished she would have started begging me to stop, swearing at me, swearing at Henry or whoever she chose to, but she just screamed and I kept on hitting her. I could feel the sweat welling up on my thighs and breasts that were covered in leather, my feet ached and my pussy was as ready as it has ever been, dripping the juices, making my crotch wet. It has been a long time since I had gotten aroused while I always found whipping and spanking more of a laborious task than one would have thought.

Finally, I let the whip drop to the floor, bending down to pick up the strap-on, and pulling the woman off the chair by the arm. She could barely straighten up, her breathing shallow in contrast to my heavy gasps of excitement. I pulled her behind me towards the bed, she staggered, not able to walk properly, half walking, half being dragged, moaning loudly. I pushed her onto the bed and quickly locked the handcuffs, which have been a constant accessory onto her right wrist. I pushed my knee into the right arse cheek, making her climb onto the bed, following her onto it and cuffing the other hand. She grabbed the steel railing of the bed, kneeling, facing the mirror. I got off the bed and stepped into the strap-on, pulling it up like a pair of knickers, fastening it on the hip. The dildo on it was huge, 11 inches to be exact, thicker than either of our wrists. It was too heavy to stand up; it just sort of hung down, like a branch that broke off a tree after the heavy storm had whipped it into submission. The straps that slid over my pussy lips were connected with another little strap, covering my clitty. This strap-on was my favorite when I felt in the mood for some cheap thrill. Not just for painful fucking of the customer, but for my pleasure as well.

I could imagine Henry wildly pushing one of the dildos deep inside Tania’s arse, excited in anticipation of what his wife is about to endure. I walked over to the foot of the bed and stood in front of the little woman, who looked at me with utter horror.

“Suck it,” I said, adding:

I grabbed under her chin and pried her mouth open with my fingers. I could see that the side of the eye where my slap had missed the cheek was turning deep purple. This was going to be one hell of a shiner tomorrow.

She opened her mouth reluctantly as if at the dentist’s and I shoved the dildo in as far as I could, gagging her, her entire body convulsing from the intrusion. I pulled it out slightly and pushed it back in.

“Suck it, bitch!” I yelled. She whimpered and looked at me, clasping her lips onto it, trying desperately to show me that she was very willing to do as she was told. Tears were streaming down her face, some due to the stinging pain that her backside and thighs were in, some because of the strain that she put into sucking the huge intruder in her mouth. Still holding onto the dildo with one hand, I let go of her chin and ran my fingers through her hair, now damp with sweat.

a good girl,” I said and her face cringed. She tried to take in as much as was humanly possible, gagging and convulsing, eyes shutting tight and lips spreading in an O with each spasm, and then quickly clamping down again in fear of not doing it right.

I didn’t want to deal with vomit today, so sooner than I normally would, I pulled the dildo out of her mouth and half squatted, kissing her lips softly. Then I stood back up and grabbing firm hold of her hair, I slapped her hard across the cheek and then across the other one with the back of my hand. She gasped and shut her eyes tightly, I slapped her again and again, as if venting frustration that has welled up in me over the last few months. I hated to slap this gorgeous face, turning it into a swollen mess of tears and snot right in front of my eyes. She held onto the steel railing with her knuckles bone white with effort.

I let go of her and started pacing slowly, back and forth in front of her, stroking the dildo, looking into her eyes that were glued to the big monstrosity that was just about to enter her again, though this time, not through the mouth. With deliberate, heel-clicking, long steps I walked over to the mirror, stood in front of it, looking at myself and running my hand through my wig, all the while stroking the dildo in front of me.

The anticipation of what was to come could be even worse than the actual act itself, I remembered and I wanted to stretch her suffering as well as Henry’s for as long as I could. Finally, I blew a kiss at the mirror, turned around and walked back to the bed, climbing onto it, kneeling behind whimpering mess of swollen flesh and broken skin. I slipped my fingers between her legs and pushed them inside her pussy. It was as ready as it would ever be, and I had half a mind to believe that she somewhat enjoyed this, no matter the pain.

I positioned the dildo and then pushed in roughly, burying at least half of it in one clean stroke. She jumped forward and gasped, a loud escaping her, but then she stilled herself, bowing her head low. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up, I had to have Henry see her face; the other hand grabbed her shoulder and I pushed in as hard as I could, this time managing to bury all of the 12 inches deep inside her small body. I pulled her hips up and lifted my knees off the bed, placing my boots firmly onto the soft mattress in a half-squatting position. The bed was not stable enough to stand on with high heels, but this was the only position I could pleasure myself in with the strap-on. Besides, it would plunge deeper inside her pussy than if I was just kneeling behind her. Without slow intro, I started pounding in and out of her pussy, pulling most of it out and then slamming it all back in; hard and brutal I fucked her, making the little strap on my clitty push down on it with each stroke. I was already highly aroused and it wouldn’t take long before I came. I kept pumping hard, slamming into her, sometimes without even pulling out at all. I held her head high up by the hair, squeezing her shoulder roughly, knowing that this will probably leave finger-shaped bruises as well. In the mirror, I could see her face cringed in discomfort, but at the same time, there was a trace of ecstasy with each pounding slam that I delivered.

Obviously, she was used to this, and I would bet my life it wasn’t Henry’s little pecker that performed. For a moment, frustration of her not crying or even making a noise flushed over me and I sped up the pounding; slamming in hard, then pulling almost completely out, only to brutally slam back in again. My pussy throbbed and my clitty began tingling, a sign that my own orgasm was very close.

“You like this, cunt?” I gasped and she shook her head no, as I slammed inside her again.

“Yes, you do, I can see you do!” this time she gasped and let out a little

“You do, don’t you?” I kept pounding her tiny body, my ciltty now almost vibrating with excitement, my thick juices flowing freely, sweat working it’s way down my forehead and neck, slipping inside my cleavage. I fucked her hard and long, brutal invasion of this beautiful woman made me almost scream in ecstasy when finally, my own little bud exploded in fluttering waves and I half fell on her, pounding inside with each flush of orgasm that was stronger than I had had in a long time. I could feel her body shivering now, spasming as I continued to drive the dildo deep inside her, “Come on!” I yelled, “Come on, then!” I kept pounding, almost completely out of breath now, but she just couldn’t come. The stinging pain of the whipping was probably more than the pleasure of wild fucking and as my own orgasm subsided a little, I pulled the dildo out. I wanted to kneel behind her and suck her until she screamed, but this would be too much of a pleasure for her, I thought. Henry would not be pleased.

So, with one orgasm just over, I knew I could make myself come again really quickly. I have not been this fired up in a long time. I positioned the dildo that dripped with the woman’s juices onto her arsehole and pushed brutally in, burying at least half of it at once, making her scream louder than when she was whipped.

I said and pushed in even deeper, right,” I said, pulled out and pushed it back in again. Every stroke was a deliberate attempt to cause pain. I didn’t want to imagine the burning that was caused by the grinding of the dildo against her dry insides, lubricated only by her own pussy juices. She screamed each time I pushed in and after a few hard pounds, she screamed each time I pulled it out, as well. I fucked her hard, pushing down every time the dildo was buried to the hilt, making the little strap on my clit press harder against it. I knew those press-downs must have hurt even more than the slipping of the dildo inside the arse itself.

By now, the sweat was pouring down my face and chest, my legs were buckling with effort in an uncomfortable position, but my clitty was ready to spasm again. I could feel it coming and as I did, I pounded faster, as I could not pound any harder than I already had been.

“Come on,” I yelled, “Come on, cunt!” pounding hard.

“Come with me!” she shook her head no. “Come! I know you want to!”

I seriously doubted that this could make her come, but she did turn out to be a tougher cookie than I thought, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

I pounded inside of her. “Come on!” I couldn’t yell anymore, rather a rushed, hoarse whisper escaped my throat each time I buried the dildo inside of her. My clitty was burning with the oncoming orgasm and I thought my legs were not going to keep me up much longer. I let go of her shoulder and leaned heavily onto her back, pounding hard and deep.

I lifted my head up and looked into the mirror. The expression of incredible pain on the little woman’s face, eyes shut tight, mouth wide open in screams that sort of linked into one screeching shriek finally pushed me into an ecstasy of my own, and this time it wasn’t just explosion of my clit and pussy. My head spun and for a second, I saw white spots dancing in front of my eyes, caused by the intensity of the pleasure. My body spasmed and my legs finally buckled under me, I fell onto her back, dildo buried deep inside her arse and a final scream cut short as her body slumped onto the bed, her hands let the grip on the steel railing loosen.

“Fuck, that was good!” I gasped and patted her head. Then, I jerked with realization that she was not breathing shallow as she was supposed to. I jumped up and pulled the dildo roughly out of her ass, smell of shit hitting my nose. I knelt next to her on the bed and lifted her head by the hair.

Her face was swollen and beetroot red. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was deep. I noticed her lip was split. She must have hit the railing with her face without me noticing it. She fell into a blissful />
I looked towards the mirror in a moment of panic. passed out!” I yelled. I bent over her again and lifted her face with my hands cupped underneath her chin, gently and softly. passed out!” I screeched again. I undid the dildo and pushed it down my legs and still sitting on the bed kicking it off my feet.

The door burst open and Terry walked in. “Alright, I’ll take it from here!” he said, his own voice upset, but not panicky like mine. “Go, go, go,” he pulled me off the bed. I staggered and almost fell. My back and feet were hurting and my legs could barely keep me up. I just stood next to the bed for a moment, holding onto the railing that the woman held onto a moment before.

“Piss off, already!” Terry yelled and as if jerking out of a dream, I staggered drunkenly towards the door. I walked down the corridor to the changing room, holding onto the wall and almost fell through the door.

The room was blessedly empty and I wobbled to the mirror, slumping into the chair in front of it. I looked at my face, flushed and swollen as if I had just received the beating myself. My eyes were bloodshot and the dark bags underneath were turning purple from the strain. Make up was smeared all over my face, making me look like a clown on speed. My wig was askew and the exposed flesh of my body glistened with sweat. I pulled off the false hair, stepped out of the boots, stripped off the clothes and pulled on a robe that was hung onto the side of the mirror. My entire body ached, my mind screamed and I felt stinging of tears in my eyes. I looked at the clock on the wall; it couldn’t have been more than half an hour since I left this room with Tania hand in hand. It felt like ages.

Again, Terry burst into the door, alright, she’s alright,” he said and grabbed my street clothes. “Get dressed and go!” he said.

“Where is Tania?” I asked. He kept pushing me off the chair and pressing my clothes into my lap, avoiding my eyes.

“Tania will be alright, too. He hurt her a bit.” he said and I knew better than to ask again.

got to leave before they come out,” he said, pacing frantically. “Please, Evie, for once do as I ask you to.”

“Will you take me home?” I asked and he nodded. “I’ll do anything you want, babe. You did well, you did />
“She couldn’t take any more,” I said and almost started crying. “I didn’t mean it to be like this, Terry.”

He threw a wad of money in front of me. “I know. Henry knows it, too. He is very pleased. Now, get dressed and wait for me in the car, there’s a good girl!” he said and ran out of the room again.

I dressed, pocketed the money and walked down the corridor towards the exit. The door to the room where I was with Henry’s wife were slightly ajar, a definite no-no. I could hear Henry sobbing, “Vivian, my little Vivian.” I wished I hadn’t heard that.

I stepped out of the bookstore into the chill of autumn afternoon, and walked down the street. I couldn’t face Terry right now. I just wanted to go home, crawl into the bed and sleep for a very long time. I broke her just as he told me to, but I broke myself in the process, too. Swings of depressive mood was a common companion of mine after inflicting pain and humiliation. But, I’ll be fine. I will be back here in a week or two, probably doing the same thing to Henry as I just did to his little wife, and trying to find out what the hell happened to Nicole and Gina.

story by: Nikkie

Tags: fiction female/female female domination bdsm sex story

Author: Nikkie

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