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“What the fuck did I just do?” thought Todd as he lay naked on a messed up mattress gazing at the ceiling fan with jaded eyes. Gripped by the haze of marijuana and butyl nitrites, his fingertips twitched as he attempted to move around. His face bared the seeds of an outrageous night. His whole body was filled with orgasmic bliss. He smiled decadently, like bad boys who enjoy the fruits of their mischievous deeds, when a stream of cum trickled down his asshole.

The place was empty now. A dark and nasty room lit only by a flickering oil lamp on a corner. There were empty vials and rusted needles all over the floor. Remnants of other nights with other people: blood stains, crusted cum, the smell of urine and sweat. These created a home for the fetishistic enthusiast. It’s the perfect place for me, thought Todd.

The door creaked and Todd moaned with glee. Another suitor arrived. A tall broad man found his way into the room, my fucking cum slut?” He was white and hairy with tight muscles and tattooed all across his body. Todd loved that. “Oh fuck me please! Come here and fuck my ass with your huge cock.” said Todd to the man as he turned around on all fours spreading his ass cheeks apart revealing a succulent hole. grunted the man as he noticed the cum lubed asshole. “I’m gonna eat that creampie.” The man took off his clothes and got close to Todd’s ass. The warm wet rosebud twitched while the man ran his fingers over it. “Oh Yeah! Give me your fucking cock.” Quivered Todd. “Let me get you ready for this.” the top grunted. And Todd’s body surged with immense pleasure as he felt the warm wetness of his top’s tongue lubing him up. Fuck.
The top stood up and slapped Todd’s butt a few times with his horse hung dick. “Im gonna cum all up in your gut.” His dick hardened quickly and thick veins pumped full with blood. Slowly he docked his tip right in the hole. He picked up a bottle and smeared lube all around his dick. With his hands he spread wide open Todd’s ass and slowly started penetrating. He easily entered his huge pink head. “Oh I want your whole dick inside! Fuck me senseless.” Begged Todd. The top was fully enticed and with one swift thrust he filled Todd’s insides with 9 inches of thick cock. “Yeah baby! Open that ass! Give it all to me.”

The hard swift thrusts tore apart Todd’s asshole. A burning sensation overcame his ass. The searing pain shortened his breath and slowly without realizing it, he passed out. Suddenly, the Top felt how the inside of his bottom tightened and loosened. He was on a roll and wouldn’t stop. He noticed how Todd had fallen unconscious but didn’t give a fuck. He simply went harder. His speed picked up and the force in his thrust increased. He started nibbling on Todd’s back and then chewing on his leather. Blood trickled from the wounds. After many hard swift thrusts his balls twitched and a surge of electricity charged him up. He groaned and his cock burst all up deep inside Todd -as deep as his cock would enter. Sweat dripped from his chin and with his huge tongue out he gave his last orgasmic breath.


I’m just a worthless slut. My only nourishment is

Cock and semen. The only time that’s worth a while is when I’m being filled.

The lights flicker in the distance. I see a camera seeing me. Many hands are handling me. Some enter my mouth others stretch my ass open. I hear the murmur of demons. They’re clawing at my soul. They will enter my cock first into my cumhole. I will spit my humanity out. I can’t help but feeling horny. I want a hundred huge dicks to cum in me. I want to sit on a fountain that stuffs me with the spunk of a million men. I want my stomach to burst open and watch the white foam flow away. So that after I can eat it and watch it all over agai-

“Wake up, faggot!”

Todd barely opened his drowsy eyes. A painful smack hit him across his head. He couldn’t make out who was there in the pitch dark.

“You like being a fucking cum slut, disgusting pig? You enjoy being spread open all over the floor like some fucking crack whore?”

Todd tried lifting his arm. He weakly grasped something.

“You are a worthless piss of shit!”

“Look , all he can think of is cock.”

believe that after smacking him a few times all he does is grab your dick.”

“I guess he does want us to put him out of his misery.”

“Well then, spread his ass open. Good, now.”

“Now let us see how much you like getting that ass />
The big black cock had Todd trapped between the tender bodies of two men. It entered easily into Todd, who shivered and found the energy to lift his ass a little welcoming the hard cock gratefully. The men looked in awe at their (now they couldn't call him) victim. But the black cock was there, sliding in an out, and with every push, some pearly whites dripped unto the floor. Todd’s sexual intensity was amazing. Barely conscious, he fumbled his hands toward the two men who were grabbing him and wrapped his fingers around their dicks, diligently stroking them. Flesh moving up and down. Swish, swoosh. Pat flap lap smack. Brown balls slapping against white soft skin. Hard deep moans composing satisfaction. Faster and harder until:

“Fuck man, Im gonna- I- I- Aaaah!” and the man burst all of his milk inside Todd. And a golden stream marked the ending of his fuck.

Todd could finally taste the cum.

“He passed out again,” one of the guys said to the top.

matter. Your turn.”


When I found out that love was not for me. My brain saw lights that split it completely. So now my ass is popular domain. Until fair death comes to put me to rest.

story by: SexBard

Tags: hardcore gay fantasm sex story

Author: SexBard

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