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It was a hot summer afternoon and I was over my girlfriend Samantha’s house with our friend Alex. Samantha was normal height but had nice tits and a round ass with luscious blue eyes and blonde hair that could drive someone crazy. Alex was pretty hot too, she was a little taller than Samantha with brown hair and brown eyes her tits were pretty small but she had an amazing ass. I was 17 at the time and they were both 16. We were in her back yard at the pool, me and Samantha were hanging out in the pool but Alex had decided to get out for a bit and sun bathe in the July sun. Samantha had on a very revealing lime green thong bikini and Alex had on a blue polka dotted bikini that wasn’t as revealing as Samantha’s but was still a nice sight, me and Alex had gone out a little while back, she was a bitch at sometimes but she gave good head so I kept her around until I couldn’t take it anymore.

So Alex was on her stomach on a chair, she had fallen asleep working on her suntan as me and Samantha we playing in the pool. Now we had been going out for about two months now and had basically done everything but sex. We were both virgins at the time so were vary excited to do it for the first time. Samantha’s mother was home but inside the house and hadn’t bothered us so me and Samantha thought the coast was clear to start making out. I thought Samantha’s hand would find its way to my cock like it had a couple of times before but she wasn’t going for it so I decided I needed to guide it a little bit. I untied the string on my bathing suit, slowly grabbed her hand and put it down my pants.

She resisted on Michael not now with Alex right there and my mom home.”

But I was quick to reply ok, Alex has fallen asleep and your mom hasn’t bothered us yet so why would she, plus she couldn’t tell if she came out.”

I guess I said something right because she grasped my erect cock and started to stoke it, the water working as lube. She had gotten very good at this over time so it wasn’t more than a couple of minutes before I got close to blowing my load. She was going at a steady pace at this time and I started panting which I think caused her to increase the speed of her hand. I could tell any second I would blow my load so I stopped trying to hold it back and leaned back against the side of the pool and let it go. You could see the streams of cum shooting out into the water of the pool. After I was done I returned my cock to its place and tied my bathing suit. Then I turned around and Alex was still sleeping on the chair and her mom wasn’t in sight so I began making out with her again only this time slowly lowering the side strings of her bikini, she tried to stop but eventually just let me reveal her pussy. I stopped making out with her and focused my full attention on her pussy. She must have just shaved because her blonde hair that was there the other day was missing. I finally lowered the thong bikini low enough that I could see her entire pussy. Samantha started to breathe a little bit harder and I looked up to see her nipples harden underneath her bathing suit. She started trying to resist again so I started kissing her neck slowly in the one place that I knew she liked and she let me proceed I slowly inserted my middle and index finger into her and she started moaning immediately. I was afraid she was going to wake up Alex so I moved my lips from her neck to her lips. This quieted her but she was still panting I knew she was close so I probed deeper, but just as I did this her mother came walking from behind the house. I immediately pulled up her bikini and stopped. She had her back to her mom so she looked at me wondering why I hadn’t finished but I turned her around and her cheeks became red and she was obviously ashamed and scared.

Her mom had caught us making out before and was ok with it but if she knew about the hand job and fingering she wouldn’t have been to happy.

But when she sorry to interrupt you guys but I am going to work so you two behave while I am gone.”

I assured her we would and she turn around and walked to the car, at this time I was holding Samantha from behind. I couldn’t help but stare at Samantha’s mom’s gorgeous ass. You could see her black thong right through her tight white booty shorts. I didn’t notice my cock beginning to grow from this but I soon realized it when Samantha turned around and said,“Come on, it’s my mom, plus if you are a good boy you can see noticed that Alex was still asleep. So we slowly got out of the pool, dried off, and snuck past her and went into her house.

We walked down the hall and took a right into her room, she didn’t have a lock but we didn’t think about it we just started making out. But Samantha stopped quick and shut the blinds so we had all the privacy possible, then she turned around and we put our arms around each other and started to make-out. At this time I slowly worked my hands at the knot tied in her bikini top, in a couple of seconds the bikini knot was undone and had fallen to the floor. I slowly moved my lips to her neck and worked them down to her left nipple and started licking it as my hand was busy massaging the other one. She started panting and moaning again and in a couple of minutes as I was licking the right nipple and massaging the left one she reached down and untied my bathing suit and it fell to the floor and I kicked it to the side of the room, she grasped it and began stroking it. Then she returned to making out with me , still jerking me off, and at this time I had the opportunity to massage her breasts again. After a couple of minutes she backed me up to the bed and got me to lie down and spread my legs. She took my cock into her mouth and began to move it in and out. After about thirty seconds she started to suck and I thought I was going to blow my load right then and I didn’t want to because then she would stop this and I definitely didn’t want that, so I stopped her and grabbed her hips and moved her so we were in the 69 position. She was kneeling with her pussy about three inches above my mouth. I quickly removed her bathing suit off of her and threw it at the door, I didn’t realize the door opened outwards until it slowly swung open until it was fully open. I was a little scared but I was not stopping this for anything and Samantha didn’t notice. I slowly ate out her pussy and we both seem to reach our climaxes at the same time and as soon as her juices flowed out of her pussy I blow my load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it. Then she slowly turned over onto her back and I got up and spread her legs. I took my cock and was about to insert it into her when I realize I didn’t have a condom, so I told her and she told me to go into her top drawer to the left. I got up and walked over and pulled out a trogan condom. I put it onto my cock and inserted my six and a half inch cock into her wet pussy. She made a face that told me it hurt so I slowly eased it in realizing that I was popping her cherry. It was had to get fully in but I finally pushed it in and I could feel it tear she let out a sigh and I assured her that the worse was behind us now so I slowly started moving my cock in and out and increased the speed at a steady rate. Now I could tell that she wasn’t in pain so I really started giving it to her. I moaned and she panted. She shouted,“Oh Mike! Oh Mike” I was about to bust a nut right into her when I looked up to see Alex standing in the doorway with her right hand down her bikini and her left hand massaging one of her boobs. Samantha was surprised that I had suddenly stopped and looked up to see Alex. We all stood there for a second not knowing what to do. But Alex slowly walked in and stripped out of her bikini to reveal her shaved pussy and hard nipples, she walked over and turned on some slow music and turned around. Then she slowly got on the bed and kneeled so Samantha’s head was right beneath her pussy and she started making out with me, I couldn’t believe that I was having sex, let alone with two of the hottest girls that I know, I was close to busting another load so I stopped making out with Alex and fucked Samantha as hard as I could and I guess the radio was a bad idea because as soon as I blew my load I looked up to see Samantha’s mom standing in the doorway with her jaw dropped as far as I think it could go, Then Alex and Samantha noticed but didn't know what to do so we just sat then in /> be continued

story by: mgp3215

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Author: mgp3215

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