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The time remaining to study did not go very well. I had a hard time concentrating on the material
even though it was simply a case of memorization. Most of the time was spent trying to find a
comfortable position that would rest my still shocked and quite sore pussy. If I sat in any conventional way, it would constantly remind me of all the repositioning and abuse it had undergone for the “A” I was trying to make. Sometimes, I would sit Indian Style to “stretch as if it was a muscle recovering from an intense workout. If I did find some rest that would take the dull ache of my mind, I would have a quick dose of reality from the constant drip that oozed from the massive load that had been delivered. Pain and pads were the course of the entire study session. And with each twinge or drip, my mind would flash back to Ray’s 9” cock and how it had a black shine a full 8.5”s long painted from its drilling into my inexperienced, yet reborn womanhood. At least my sinuses had cleared.

Test-Day arrived and I entered the class as confident as I could be about the material. My opening had ceased to sprinkle the drops of recollection at every step, and I was not bothered at all by cheating on the test. However, the flashes of what I had undergone to get the answers haunted me. It was not the interracial sex. I had never been a racist. It was the fact that for a grade, I let two personally unknown men with porn-sized cocks ravage me. No, that was not it. It was the fact that I had let them do it and in the end, I had enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I had the best orgasms of my young life!

The answers were straight from my prostituted material. I could have finished early, but I killed time by faking some dilemmas that were never there. When I handed in my test to Dr. Nixon, I could swear he said congratulations in a funny way and there was a little gleam in his eye. Driving home, I just passed it off as a little paranoid moment that didn’t happen. I had almost forced the moment out of my mind until I got home and checked my email.

Getting an Email from a professor is not unusual under some circumstances. The will let you know if there has been a schedule change, and the will answer a question from home. Dr. Nixon was a competent teacher. He was, however, not very communicative to his students after hours. The site of his email scared me immediately, but once I opened it and saw the subject matter, I was horrified!

I met him an hour and a half early just as he had instructed in his very professional and authoritative note. My eyes had not closed all night for sleep out of fear of what was to come. I could only imagine what was going to happen, a retest that would lead to a failure followed by expulsion. By the time Dr. Nixon arrived, my mind was gone from the torment, and I sat in a zombie state waiting for him to begin.

The conversation and events that followed are still as fresh as if they happened yesterday.

“I don’t know how to say this but your work on this test was magnificent. Quite frankly, too he began. “I think we will have to bring it before the Academic Review Board. It will be easier if you tell me what brought on this, how shall we say, exquisite />
Fear and the events of the week had closed my mind, and even though he continued, his voice seemed as only a rumble at some great distance. I daydreamed of standing before the Board and my parents naked, with a gaping,dripping, pussy flooding the stage as my verdict was reached. Somewhere from the fog I heard him repeat, “How did you get the test? “Did you hear me,young lady?” Finally he raised his voice “LAST TIME, HOW DID YOU GET THE TEST?”

I did not even blink. I did not move or change my facial expression. I just simply blurted the answer exhausted by the thought of the outcome. “I fucked,” was my monotone reply. “I FUCKED TWO massive cocks,” I repeated will a little sarcastic overtone! This time, I turned and faced him, “I fucked two porn dicks, like a porn BITCH!!" And with that, and a defiant bob of my head I finished,” YOU HAPPY NOW />
It was at this time that it hit me. Dr. Nixon was your A-Typical Physics man, long sleeved button-down shirts that always seemed to a pastel color. His kaki pants never quite made it to his ankles, and after catching the look in his eye again, I realized this was just his “Clark Kent” identity. He sat in a relaxed position in his chair with his hand ever so close to his bulge in his Kakis.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKER, you are in on it,” I snapped! This time it was the Doctor who didn’t bat an eye with his response, “Careful now, I gave up on incest years ago and you don’t want to draw attention to our little meeting do you?” He leaned back in an authoritative, arrogant manner looking all the more cocky in his leather judgment seat. “What we need to find is a solution to this matter,” he resounded.

I didn’t even think about my next series of moves. I understood now and if my parents thought they would send me to school to learn to survive and prosper, I was going to pass with honors. I did a robot-like double take on the office door checking the lock, and when I had any sense of conciseness, I found my self upon my knees in front of the “good doctor.”

“You are a quick leaner,” he said as he unzipped his forty year-old cock and it flopped before my face. Regardless of what I saw earlier in the week, this was a sweet dick. It was a full 7” long and incredibly thick! Intriguingly, when I grabbed it for the first time, even though it was full erect, it had an almost spongy feel. Dr. Nixon was almost designed for his lust. He was thick enough to fill any slut with pleasure, yet pliable for all the countless teens he had fucked in this very spot. I was intrigued to say the least, and even though my recovering pussy twanged, as I sat as high as I could on my knees, it too was curios and are a Bastard doctor, but this is a nice cock,” were my last words as I wrapped my lips on his wholesome head.

He looked down at his achievement and gloated,“It is just a means to an end my dear,” and then he placed both hands on his hips in a very domineering position. I glanced up and gave a slight head shake to the arrogant prick, who didn’t mind at all, as his thick head just merely touched each side of the teen mouth wrapped around him.

I worked him over as best I could, and I had an agenda in doing so. First, I truly was turned on by this cock. It reminded me of Ray’s beautiful black creation, and even though it was lobbed off a couple inches short, it was the same girth yet with some give. Secondly, I knew where this was going and I needed to give my abused pussy all the time I could to lube. I carefully rubbed my clit with one hand while the other worked the cock that tasted all the better with each passing moment.

“That is some exemplary work my dear, but why do you hide your hand that is doing all the he asked looking at my squirming postion? He stepped backward sliding his instrument from my slurping mouth and those off so I can see those light brown pussy lips I heard so much about.”

I let go of his cock and stood making it a point to roll my hips excessively as my pants feel to the floor. I stepped out of the legs and ended up a bit closer to him.

“My, My, I did not hear that you were shaven,” was the first shocked response that I managed from him. I gazed down at my bare lips and replied defiantly, “I had a lot of cleaning to do after my first session.” He went immediately back into his authoritative position. “ I'm sure you did, it is the price of higher education and fortunately it is still on the rise." " Now sit down on my desk and let me see what all the fuss is about,” he ordered. I leaned back and placed my hands on the desk pushing my body up to take my seat.

“Damn, that is nice and brown with a light purple hue. Are you Latino by chance?”

I looked down to see what he was referring to and noticed that at the end of my folds there was a small gape. I was not use to seeing this, and it did reveal a light purple color from which a small puddle was forming on the table. “I am Italian American,” I responded bluntly, bracing myself for what I assumed was going to be his thick cock intruding me. He stepped forward and to my surprise knelt down.

Not only was this nerdy looking man a master of Physics in scientific sense, he was a master of the Physics of my pussy! He sucked each bare lip, pulling till it was stretched completely. Somehow this increased the blood flow to my senses and eased some of my soreness. His gentle tongue would flick my opening and then slid up frontal wall roughly flipping my clit. With each pass of his tongue, my entire body would shake uncontrollably. I soon found my hands entangled in his graying hair and my ass moving trying to force his lapping to stay on my sweet spot. He grabbed my thighs and forced my knees onto my chest, and in doing so, plunged his tongue as deep as he could into me! The move made my pussy gush forth creaming his face and drenching my ass. I gasped in delight and wrenched the grip on his hair!

He slid his right hand down my thigh and rested his thumb next to my swooning, steaming pussy. He kept his left hand pressed against my thigh and removed his tongue. “Damn baby, you are all I heard and then some. That is incredibly tight and so amazingly hot inside,” he stammered, as he slid his thumb inside my quivering opening.

“LOOK AT THAT, DAMN,” he exclaimed in an erotic heavy tone!

I could not look at anything in my submissive position, but I could feel him. When he would enter his thumb, I could feel each wrinkle on it, and upon its removal, my soft lips gently glided down and flipped off of the end. He had heightened everything with his wonderful mouth and there was no sensation that I could not feel. That is why my entire body clenched when I felt his thick thumb intrude my unprotected ass.

I had never had anything in there!! I felt the wrinkles of his first joint find my opening and there was a sharp pain. “FUCK that hurts,” I yelled–a little too loud for our setting! “Easy baby, it’ll just take a moment,” he said as he pulled it out gingerly. My ass contracted uncontrollably with his probe removed as if trying to refuse and massage the pain at the same time. He eased it in again and I felt another twinge! “OH Shit,” I exhaled with a softer tone. “Almost there,” he said as my ass again contracted upon his exit. This time when it had relaxed from its spasm, he slid his thumb completely in!

I didn’t move for a moment, but when his tongue returned to my pussy my senses exploded once again! I could feel through the slight skin that separated my openings. His tongue seemed to touch his thumb and vise versa. I was still extremely tight already and the room that his thumb took up in my ass made his tongue feel cock sized. I tired to fuck him back with my hips, but each member would react different. I lay still until I felt his left hand slid from my thigh and onto my grossly swollen clit.

MY BODY ERUPTED IN ORGASM!! I pushed on my hands to force my body up to see what was happening! They shook uncontrollably from the pleasure and I just managed to whimper, “Oh fuuuck,” as my arms gave and my head slammed back on the desk!!

From the jolt or the orgasm I don’t know, but I lost consciousness for a moment. When I came to the “Great Doctor” was standing at the end of the table with his cock in his hand. He grabbed the base laying the head on my clit and quickly shook his cock in small but violent movements. The vibes sent my over stimulated clit in a frenzy and again my whole body quivered. It is too sensitive right now,” I begged, but he just smiled and placed the very tip into my dripping pussy and again twitched his base. The sensations from the tip of his massively thick but forgiving cock sent me into a hormonal rage. I begged again but different, FUCK ME!!!! PLEASE.”

I continued to plead as I grabbed the sides of the table!! “As you wish,” he said with a cunning laugh, sliding his wonderful head just past my opening!

It was just as I imagined!! Even though he had only gone in a couple of inches and stopped, he had expanded me to my very hilt but without pain. His cock was magnificent, it filled me just right!! There couldn’t have been any more room inside me from an expansionary sense, but instead of contracting from pain, my pussy just seemed to quiver in an erotic massage!!
For a moment, I wondered about how many young girls he had pleasured like this. But the thought quickly faded as I realized he wasn’t moving and I wanted to know why.

“Please God No!! Don’t Stop!!!,” I pleaded.
“I’m just getting everything ready,” he said.

He placed his hands on my ass and moved me side to side. There was absolutely no friction between my ass and his glossy table from my pouring exitement, and I would slide freely in circular movements. His head remained in me and he used my entire body to roll my extended and wanting pussy about his cock. I was ecstatic with this technique and about to cum when he pushed me forward and his cock came out.

“NO!! Don’t tease me,” I begged to the point of tears.
He grabbed my hands that I kept on the side of the table for stability in our frictionless encounter. “Remember how I once said we would not have any control without friction,” he asked?

I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO ANSWER!! He pulled my hands free and my weight sent my ass sliding rapidly toward him. It was as if time had slowed down as my pussy excitingly raced toward him. I gasped at the thought of him finally plunging his magnificent member into my impatient pussy, but I was shocked as he dipped his cock low and the head pierced my ass!!!!

THE PAIN WAS SHARP!!! I half yelled still remembering our situation. Tears rolled down my face when my momentum stopped. He was in complete control and this was his intention from the start. I felt as if I had been ripped apart, but he knew his cock was designed for such an encounter. He didn’t move, but he did give me an order. “Get it together,” he said. "You still got to earn that grade."

I was pissed for a moment, but I could not do anything. He just sat there with his massive cock buried into my ass. “See there my dear, I knew it from the first time I saw you. There is something inside of you, other than me,” he grinned. “Something that will not let you fail. Blame it on your Dad if you wish, but it is you.”

He was right, it was me that had done all of this. Why was I still fighting it? I was not pissed at him, but at me, for letting him think he had gotten the better of the situation.

I let my hands fall and grab him on his wrist just as he had me held. I Pushed back until his cock was almost clear and with a great pull slammed his cock back inside!!! He was shocked and almost fell backward.

“Is THIS what you want DOC, my virgin ass,” I asked with another thrust?

he stammered!! “It is my reward for giving out the complete answers."

“I earned this grade you mother fucker,” I barked raising my heels to the small of his back and spurring him with each fuck! “MY ASS, MY GRADE,” and I rocked him again!!!

“I told them to leave your ass for me, mmmy cum inn tttthere,” he said, as breathed heavily and lost his grip on me.

“Now you want to CUM in my VIRGIN ASS ,” I asked as even I was getting aroused again?

“YES, please,” he begged!!!

This was the moment I had waited on. I felt him jerk as his swollen balls were about to unload in my tortured ass! I pushed away from him hard and his cock cleared me with a viscous pop. Then I pushed my ass low flattening my cheeks on the table and letting his cock ram into my pussy. “FUCK YEA, YOU BASTARD.” I erotically exclaimed as his magnificent rod gave its full length!!

“NO,” he cried!

But it was too late. I spurred him again and let my legs wrap around his back. I used the frictionless surface this time and ground my ass against him. He tried to shake me from him by turning his hips left and right, but I felt his warm cum flood into me. His brutal twisting combined with a thought of victory sent me immediately into orgasm, and I relaxed my thighs letting the beaten man fall onto my chest.

I rolled him off to one side and he didn’t say anything immediately. When we made eye contact, he finally gave way to small grin and then a sigh. I slid down and found my pants as well as some tissues we had knocked to the floor. I laid a few in my panties as I got ready to pull them up.

I stopped halfway and placed a finger into my sloppy pussy. I pulled out a drop of his cum and wiped it on his nose!

“See you in class DOC,” I smirked as I pulled my pants up and left the room.

He was late for class as could be expected. I sat rather uncomfortably and hoped no one could smell our encounter on me. When he finally entered, he gave an excuse about having a flat tire and apologized for being late. He then applauded everyone for their fine test scores. Only one thing really worried me, he warned us not to get complacent because the as he called it with a grin that only I could recognize, would get tougher.

At this point I was very uncomfortable; the napkins along with the “Good Doctors” cum began to dry on the exterior of my swollen lips. If you can imagine, this just created glue that began to itch almost uncontrollably. I squirmed wildly and finally asked to be excused from class. He didn’t mind at all and was going to reward the class for our again a sarcastic remark, on the test by excusing everyone early.

By the time I got home, my bottom was a mess and the shower didn’t help at first. When the water reached my tired twat, the napkins and cum became an awful gooey substance that managed to stick everywhere. I found it in my ass, underneath any fold anywhere, and some a full finger length inside of me. It was stunning how my fingers could easily slip into my ass now and explore for any remains. My poor ass was still quite open, which was good for a thorough cleaning. How the mixture got everywhere, God only knows and damn was he laughing. I even managed a half hearted smirk when it had finally all rinsed away.

Some comforting thoughts were that I had gotten my “A” and my pussy wasn’t sore anymore. I was quite comfortable sitting on my small couch in full length cotton boxers and just watching TV. They felt so soothing against me and I was well into my second glass of homemade wine when I fell asleep.

The next morning was a wonderful Saturday Morning and the sun shinned trough my drapes to wake me. I got up and found the shower again with no mess this time. The Doc’s little geniuses were all gone and my pussy felt fresh with the morning wash. For curiosity sake, I pushed my finger into my ass once again. It was tight again but gave away to me with relative ease. It wasn’t as temperamental as my womanhood, because the soapy finger didn’t sting my ass at all.

Yes womanhood! There was no sense calling it anything else anymore, my had done things most only read about. I washed my other hand well and eased a finger inside. There was a difference. My twat was soft warm and plump, while my ass was firm or rigid.

I thought about yesterday’s excursion and remembered that once the pain left from the expansion, Doc’ length never hurt me. Even seven inches at the wrong angle could be uncomfortable in your pussy. I had slammed him full tilt into me and never found a so to speak. I bet that this could be useful in the future, remembering how Ray’s manhood, check that, giant hood had bottomed out so painfully.

Was it really as bad as I remember? For some reason, either my fingers exploring my newly expanded body or the thoughts of Ray’s cock, I began to feel somewhat turned-on. I was questioning how anyone who had seen the cocks I had in a week could be horny, when the door rang. I tried to ignore it at first but it continued defiantly. Who in the hell was coming over this morning anyway?

I hurried out and gave myself a quick-dry, taking only enough time put on a robe while my hair lay wet upon my shoulders. When I reached the door and peered through the hole, and I was astonished! Standing outside looking like she had just stepped off the Red-Carpet was Tisha.
Tisha was ever man’s dream and every woman’s envy. She was African American from her father and Korean descent of her mother. She was a senior majoring in Chemistry and I only had her in the Physics Class, which to her surely was only a to fulfill some elective. Everyone on campus knew her, and until recently she had dated last year’s senior running back, Shawd. He went pro in the late rounds of the NFL Draft and made the cut. I only knew rumors about the breakup, and I suppose he had chosen the NFL lifestyle over her.

How any man could make that choice I do not know? She was simply immaculate. Her natural bronze skin always looked like a model for Coppertone, and her eyes were beyond bright. They had just enough of an Asian quality to appear as diamonds against her long straight jet black hair. I suppose these were the first things that the envious women noticed about her, but for the men, they were hypnotized by her body that could only be called a natural masterpiece. Her breast and ass was full and tight from her African ancestry, and they were set off by her short stature and small waist.

I was stunned to see her and mentally questioned what she was doing at the apartment of a skinny small-breasted farm girl by comparison, who, with the exception of a horny teacher and a couple of long-dicked football players, no one knew. I could hear the ring of the doorbell as I stood and looked but for some reason would not open the door. Finally, it took a hard knock to get me to open it and ask the obvious question, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I know about the test,” she said calmly.
“What, What Test?”
“It’s OK I know,” she said again with a slight forced smile.
“I don’t understand where this is going, Tisha.”
“Look, I know you had to fuck to get the answers! And YES, you don’t understand where this is going Farmgirl—— NOW, let me in!”

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story by: Wet

Tags: fiction young coercion older male / female authoritarian sex story

Author: Wet

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