Friendly return pt2

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/> I turned to see my beautiful new girlfriend running toward me. I dropped my suitacse and wrapped my arms around her. She planted her lips on mine. She felt so damned good.
"I missed you, I missed you so bad," she cooed in my ear.
"Oh, Sweetie, I missed you too," I replied into her thick, luscious hair. She smelled freshly bathed, and her hair had the scent of honeysuckle. I picked up my suitcase and we went to her car.
After tossing my bag into the backseat she handed the keys to me. "I want you to drive."
I must have had that dear in the headlights look. "I have some news for you, and I can't concentrate on driving and talk."
I soon had us on the highway with forty-five minutes to home. "What's the news?"
"Well, there are a couple things." She turned sideways in the seat to face me. "First, I went to the doctor right after you left. My fertile time is coming, so I had an IUD /> "Aren't those harmful?" I asked.
"They used to be, the old ones. I will go on the pill soon, but I didn't trust me around you before I could." She laughed a deep serious laugh. Then she reached out and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. "Oh, see, I couldn't have trusted you either." I was hard. I had been hard since thinking about her meeting me as my plane landed. She rubbed me up and down several times, bent down and kissed the head. "We'll save the rest for later."
I let out a deep breath. "I was afraid I was going to make a mess."
Stacey exclaimed. "I get it all!"
"What's the other news?" I asked. I wanted to think of something else so my hardon would shrink for the rest of the drive. I tried to stuff it back in my pants. Stacey giggled at my efforts.
"There is a young girl where I work. She's very cute. She has a new boyfriend, for about a month now. He was studying to be a priest, but left that."
"Because of her?"
"I don't think so." She shook her head slowly. "But he is twenty-seven years old, and unschooled in the ways of man." She then sat silent for several moments.
"So, do you want me to talk with him?" I was a bit confused.
"We are going to a cabin with them this weekend, if you aren't working."
"A cabin? Where? For me to talk with him?"
"It is near a river someplace an hour from here." She paused. "Maybe you can talk with him. Jenna says he's a wonderful man, but knows nothing in the art of love making."
"Do you…and Stacey rubbed the back of my head and didn't answer the question.
When we reached my apartment I opened the door, suprised Stacey by picking her up and carrying her into my bedroom like a bride and groom (Like I did in my first story). Take your clothes off while I carry my suitcase in. In the fifteen seconds I was gone she was stark naked and waiting for me. Her previously very furry pussy was reduced to a heart-shaped patch.
"Do you like it?" she asked coyley
I began disrobing. "I haven't tasted it yet."
She laid down on the bed and slowly spread her legs. I knelt between them, opened her labia, and gave several serious laps. I then placed two fingers inside her and quickly found her G-spot. Soon she was bucking her ass up and down and moaning loudly. Her fluids were leaking out around my fingers. When I felt her on the verge of orgasm I put a finger in her ass. Her breasts and face turned cherry red and she thrashed about in a deep orgasm. It lasted about twenty seconds before she started coming down. Soon her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. My chin was resting lightly on her pubic bone.
"That was wonderful!" She exlaimed. I simply nodded. "But what about you, you haven't cum."
"I'm OK, let's just go to sleep," I tried to sound serious, not sure I succeeded.
"No way," she said. "Get up here and put that in me!" She was leaning up and pointing at my cock.
I slowly crawled up, putting the helmet of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I leaned down and nibbled on her left nipple for a few seconds. Stacey slid down a bit, seeking to be filled. I backed up teasingly. She took my face in her hands and drew my head up to hers, looking me in the eyes. "Put it in and love me properly, before I strangle you."
I thrust forward, burying about two inches in her.
"That's so good…."
I withdrew quickly and thrust all the way in. Her mouth opened wide and she let go of my face. She then wrapped her legs around mine. I set a medium pace as her pelvis thrust up to meet mine. She tilted her head up and watched me sliding in and out of her. "It is so lovely, like we were made for each other."
"Maybe we were," I stated.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me into a deep kiss. Soon I felt her second climax approaching. "I'm about to cum, cum with me." I felt my seed rushing to the head of my cock. I thrust faster into her and her head began thrashing from side to side and she began gushing fluid. I bellowed as I gave three deep thrusts shooting my seed deep into her. I then made several short thrusts until I was too soft to keep going. I laid my head on the pillow next to hers. "Oh, Andy, Sweetie, it felt like you were coming all the way into my chest." I remained silent. "And you must have given me a whole gallon."
"I've been saving up for ten days." Before I could rejuvenate and take Stacey again I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in the morning with her massaging my balls.
"We have lost time to make up." She said.
I turned my jeep off the hardtop road, onto a dirt road where Stacey indicated. It was a beautiful Friday early evening. We had discussed the Jenna/Robert situation on the drive up. "Jenna says Robert is nicely endowed. He is tender and sweet. He just needs to be shown how to make love."
I turned and looked at Stacey. never done anything in front of other people. And I don't want to…share you."
""Ah, do not worry," she said as she rubbed my thigh. "We will not trade men." She laughed. "That is so nice." She then became serious. "My old…hombre – he used to threaten to give me to his men. They would come into the bedroom while he was doing me. They could hear us as he screwed me."
I said as I grabbed her hand. "I promise not to ever do that to you."
Jenna and Robert were sitting on the front porch as we arrived.
Jenna was about twenty-two years old. She was 5'2" tall, thin, and bright blond.
Robert is 5'9" tall and of medium build. He was a pale white whereas Jenna had a nice tan – with lines showing through her halter top.
They had bar-b-qued hamburgers just about ready so we soon ate. We shared two bottles of wine. We talked into the night and went to separate beddrooms. Each of the two bedrooms was like a suite with a nice bathroom. Stacey and I made sweet, but quiet, love.
In the morning I woke up alone. I put a T shirt and pants on, and walked out into the kitchen. Stacey and Jenna were talking over coffee. Stacey heard me, turned and saw me, jumped up and gave me a beautiful kiss. She poured me a cup of coffee as I sat down. "Jenna needs our help. Robert needs sex lessons."
Jenna nodded her head. "I love sex, making love. And I love Robert. But he…he is so inexperienced. And I can't teach him."
"Have you tried movies, porno movies?" I asked.
"He won't watch them – says they cheapen women, degrade us."
Stacey shook her head in surprise. "You got to love a man who appreciates us."
Robert appeared in the kitchen as I took my first gulp of coffee.
After breakfast and while the ladies cleaned up Robert and I stepped outside. The air was fresh and clean, the river visible two hundred yards away. We sat on Adirondack chairs and sipped coffee. "Andy, I know why you're here, why we're here. I don't know what to say."
I looked at him. "I'm not sure what I can do."
"I love Jenna. But when we begin to make love I think of her being someone's daughter, someone's sister." He shook his head. "I can't bring myself to do some of the things she asks."
"Like what?"
He paused before answering. "Like cum in her mouth, or put my finger, or dick, in her rear end."
"So it's a mental thing?"
"I guess you could say that."
The women appeared. "We're going to lay out on the beach," Jenna stated. "Why don't you guys get ready and come with us."
We spread out beach blankets and stretched out. We all lathered up in sunscreen.
Stacey was in a brand new red bikini. Stacey's B cup breasts are firm and need no support.
Jenna's breasts are C cup and her bikini did little to hold them in.
After half-an-hour Jenna got things started. "Stacey, I want to take my top off, but I don't wan to be the only one. Would you do it to?"
Stacey turned and looked at me. "Andy, would you mind?" I reached over and pulled the string behind her neck. Then I pulled the stringsdown and exposed her breasts. Stacey trned her head and we watched as Jenna sat up and removed her top. My loins began stirring.
Stacey turned and faced Jenna and Robert. "Jenna, you have beautiful breasts. But you need to put sunscreen on them." She picked up the bottle of sunscreen and tossed it to Robert. "Here Robert, cover her breasts for her." He sat bolt upright.
I turned on my side and put my head on Stacey's upper arm to watch. Robert hesitated for a moment while Jenna lay with her eyes closed. He took the bottle and tilted it upside down and squirted the thick liquid on each breast. He then massaged it into each breast. Jenna loved it. Her knees rose up and moved in and out.
I felt Stacey's hand reach back and rub my cock. I put my hand in the back of her bikini bottom and reached up for her vagina. It was already moist and slightly open.
"You better lotion up down near her bikini, Robert. It's moving down."
I looked and could see white below Jenna's tan, below her navel. Again Robert hesitated but complied. He squirted above her bikini and rubbed the lotion into her skin. As he finished Stacey pulled my hand out of her bikini, sat up, leaned over, and untied Jenna's bikini bottom. She pulled the top part off exposing Jenna's bald cunt. "Robert, complete the job." He didn't hesitate. Jenna spread her legs as Robert squirted and spread, rubbing, pleasing. It was sexy to watch.
I became entranced and ignored Stacey until she captured my attention. "Sweetheart, I'm here too."
"Robert has the lotion." I stated.
"Oh, Sweetie, I'm beyond that. Feel my cunt." She took my hand and pushed it down the front of her bikini bottom. She was soaked. She turned and placed her mouth near my ear. "I need a good licking." She sat up and pulled her bottoms off. She spread her legs wide, put her hand on the side of my face, and pulled me into her crotch. I didn't look at Robert and Jenna. I knew they'd be watching.
Kneeling on Stacey's left side I licked her clit several times with strong, long, strokes. I pushed my index finger inside her. I leaned further and swung my legs around, giving Stacey access to my cock. I felt her pull my bathing suit off and grab me. I pulled my hand back and then put my middle and ring finger in Stacey's cunt, and my little finger in her ass. "Oh, Andy, that feels so good in my ass."
I kept ministering to Stacey's pleasure. I felt her getting wetter and wetter. I was surprised to hear her say, "Robert, what you see Andy doing, do the same to Jenna."
"Yes, come on, Honey," Jenna stated.
I looked up briefly to see Robert move into position on Jenna as she pulled his swim suit off. Then Stacey rolled onto her side, my hand slipping out of her. I lay down as she lifted her right leg, and got back to work on her cunt.
"Pull the hood back from her clit, Robert, and lick it." Stacey sounded like a coach. I Put my middle finger deep into Stacey's ass and began moving it in and out rapidly. Stacey was jacking my off furiously. Soon she dropped her right leg on my head and began groaning deeply. Her fluids flowed (not quirted) freely. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" She let go of my cock and bucked her hips. I could barely breathe. As she came down from her orgasm I pulled my head out from between her legs. I left my finger in her ass, trying to ensure Robert saw it.
"Andy, Andy, get up here and fill me."
Stacey stayed on her side, so I turned around and lay next to her in a spoon position. I lined my cock up with her vagina and began sliding in. I reached around and grabbed her breasts. She was warm, wet, and open – having just cum.
I looked up and saw Robert was watching us, and he had a finger in Jenna's ass, and two in her cunt. He was stroking her clit with his thumb. She was rocking her hips and moaning.
"Jenna, get up on your hands and knees," I said, surprised at myself. As Jenna turned over and raised up I slipped three inches into Stacey. She reached down and rubbed her clit. "Ok, now Robert, take some of Jenna's lube and smear some on her anus."
Robert looked at me. I could see a questioning look on his face.
"Go ahead, Robert. Do as he sayssssss." I thrust three more inches into Stacey as she spoke. She stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed my balls.
Robert lubed Jenna's ass and slid up to her. "Now put your dick in her cunt and put a finger in her butt."
I began a steady movement into Stacey. Robert held Jenna's hips slid all the way into her, and then put his right index finger into her ass. All this time he never said a word.
Stacey asked.
"It's great – I love it!" Jenna squeeled.
Stacey looked up at me. "Honey, put it in my back door, OK?"
I pulled out, took a generous amount of her lube, and massaged it into her anus. I slid in easily. Stacey reached down and put two fingers in her cunt and rubbed her clit with her thumb. I looked over and Robert was watching us. He had bliss written on his face as he thrust into Jenna. Jenna's face was turned up and she was heaving heavily as her orgasm hit. Soon Stacey and I joined her, and then Robert.
I never came so hard in all my life. I rammed hard and deep as Stacey's ass grabbed me like a vice grip.
Robert roared as his orgasm slammed into him like a jet. He pulled his finger from Jenna's ass, grabbed her hips, and thrust deep into her.
Jenna slowly lowered herslf to the blanket, careful to keep Robert's cock inside her.
Stacey slowly turned her face to me, kissing me deeply. "I think we were /> She squeezed me tightly with her ass muscles and she massaged my balls.
"They look happy to me," I replied.

story by: Andrew Poulson

Tags: hardcore true story group sex sex story

Author: Andrew Poulson

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