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Before I begin I have sent several messages asking for my first 2 stories to be deleted but there both still there, is there another way to have them deleted?

Jims friend Robert, the rich guy with the incest fetish is coming over to buy Jims third video of Julia and Simon. Jim is going to ask for $500,000 dollars and while that seems like a lot of money for 1 dvd Robert has said on many occasions in the past that he would pay any price to see a real mother getting fucked by her own son. Around 1:00pm Robert shows up and after a few drinks Jim says " remember when you said you would pay any price to see a real mother getting fucked by her own son? we'll then your going to love this " holding the dvd in his hand Jim says " since this dvd has what you've always wanted to see I want $500,000 for it " Robert writes a cheque and then puts the dvd in Jims dvd player.

Sitting on the couch, Robert watches as Simon fucks his own mother and then cums in her mouth and Julia swallowing her own sons sperm. When the dvd ends Robert shakes Jims hand and he says " that was amazing, I don't know how you do it but keep these dvds comming ". Jim explains that he manipulates these people into having sexual acts with eachother and that they don't know their related until Jim sends them portable dvd players with dvds already inside that when played reveals that they just had sex with their own family members. Jim also explains how he tricks them into signing contracts that makes it impossible for any of them to take any legal action against him, basically they can't report me to the police and they can't take me to court.

After a few more drinks Robert says " all 3 dvds are amazing but I would really love to see a dvd where the people knew they were having sex with their family members ". Jim says " give me a couple of days, I'm pretty sure I can figure out a way to do it but this ones going to cost you $1,000,000 dollars " Robert says " If you can do it I'll pay you $2,000,000 dollars " and after finishing his drink Robert thanks Jim and leaves. Jim starts planning on how he can make 2 or more family members have sex with eachother, he comes up with multiple scenarios in his head but they all fail. A few days later Jim finally figures it out, he would go back to the people from his first video Jessica and her 2 sons James and Joshua, and after perfecting his plan he's ready.

After several days Jessica receives a letter in the mail titled for Jessicas eyes only, Jessica opens the letter and reads: I wander what would happen if your sons ever figured out they had their cocks sucked by their own mother? if you do everything I say then your sons will never find out, the bottom of the letter has a cell phone number. Jessica calls the number and says " Jim?? please don't tell my sons, I'll do anything you want but for the love of god please don't tell my sons " she hears a womans voice giving an address, a time and date then the phone disconnects.

On the date and time Jessica shows up at the address wich is a house, ringing the door bell a woman opens the door and gives Jessica a letter, not saying a word the woman gets in her car and drives away. Inside the house Jessica opens the letter wich reads: { 1.} If you make another video for me then your kids will never know. { 2.} In this video you will be wearing a mask that covers your face except for your eyes and mouth. 3.} In this video you will have oral sex and be fucked by both your sons. { 3.} In this video you must not tell your sons who you really are and if you do speak you have to mask your voice. With tears in eyes she reads the rest of the letter wich says that on the following Saturday she must return to this house at 2:00pm.

The following Saturday at 2:00pm Jessica shows up at the house and the same woman lets her in and hands Jessica a letter and a contract telling her to sign it. Jessica signs the contract wich the woman takes then gets in her car and drives away. Jessica reads the letter wich says: { 1.} In the bedroom there is a bag, strip completely naked and take everything out of the bag and put it on. { 2.} The whole house is full of hidden cams wich record everything, you must not tell your sons about the hidden cams. { 3.} Once you put on everything you find in the bag pick up the phone next to the bed and press nine. { 4.} Again you must not tell your sons who you really are no matter what and if you do speak you must mask your voice.

Jessica enters the bedroom and finds the bag, she empties the bag onto the bed and sees a mask and a pair of black platform higheels. She strips naked and puts on the mask and highheels, when she's finished she picks up the phone and presses nine and then hangs up. Several minutes later she hears the door open, then she hears her sons talking as they walk towards the bedroom, she hears one her sons say " Man I can't believe were going to get to bang this slut for free ". Trying not to cry she stands infront of the bed and watches her 2 sons enter the room, she say " hello boys, wow your both very, very cute your mom must be very pretty " and then she moves toward her sons.

getting on her knees infront of her 2 sons she unbuckles their belts and pulls down their pants and underwear, she grabs both of their rock hard cocks in her hands and starts jerking them off. Her oldest son says " Shit this slut is amazing " and he high fives his little brother, her youngest son put his hand on the back of her head and slides hid cock into her mouth letting out a small moan. She sucks her youngest sons cock while jerking off her older son cock, then she sucks her oldest sons cock and jerks her youngest sons cock. After repeating this action for a while she stands up and grabing both their cocks she leads them to the bed, they all get on the bed and her oldest son spreads her legs and starts eating her pussy while her youngest son shoves his coc back in her mouth.

The boys take turns eating her pussy and having their cocks sucked, her youngest son says " look at this slut, she's all wet she must really love cock " Jessica in a low masked voice says " do you boys talk to your mother with that kind of language? " her oldest son says " that's none of your buisness whore " and putting one of her legs over his shoulder and the other leg around his waist he slides his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her, Jessica lets out a moan before sucking her youngest sons cock. Again the boys take turns fucking her pussy and mouth and her oldest son says " come on bitch, they told us that you love cock, tell us how much you love cock " Jessica in a low masked voice says " yeah fuck me, I love cocks, give me more cocks, fuck me harder with your cocks ".

Jessicas oldest son is sitting on her chest with his cock in her mouth while her younger son holding her ankles in his hands is just pounding her cunt until he moans loudly and he shoots his load deep into Jessicas cunt, Jessica spits out her sons cock and screams " YOU CAME INSIDE ME?? OH MY GOD I'M YOUR, her oldest sons shoves his cock back in her mouth and says " shut up and suck it bitch " he then looks at his brother and says " clean your cock in her mouth, it's my turn ". Jessicas oldest son pulls his cock out of her mouth and Jessica screams " WAIT, STOP " but her younger son shoves his still hard cock in her mouth and her oldest son puts both her legs over his shoulders and rams his cock inside her cunt and starts to fuck very hard. He fucks her harder and harder until he moans loudly and also shoots his cum deep inside her, Jessica pushes her youngest son off her and screams " YOU CAME INSIDE ME TOO??, MY GOD BOYS DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? " her oldest son say " shut up and relax bitch just take the morning after pill ".

Jessica sits on the bed watching her 2 sons getting dressed and her youngest son says " that was fun, your a very good at sucking cock and you have a sweet pussy " her oldest son says " yeah I would definately fuck that pussy again and yeah she sucks cock like a proffesional whore ". Her oldest son gives her a piece of paper with his home phone number on it and he says " call us so we can do this again but next time loose the mask " and she watches as they leave the room. She looks out the window and she sees her sons meet one of their friends and they all high five eachother, then getting in a taxi they leave.

The phone rings and when Jessica picks it up Jim says " I saw everything, that was amazing!! for a second there I thought you were going to tell them that you were their mother but everything worked out perfectly and just like I said your sons will never find out " then Jim says " I'm holding the contract you signed so don't even think about telling the police and trying to take me to court ". He gives her the address of a pharmacist that will give her free Morning after pills to make sure she doesn't get pregnant, before he hangs up he says " you have made my friend very happy so as a reward when you pick up the pills, the pharmacist is going to give you a package ". The next day Jessica goes to the address and meets the pharmacist who gives her the pills and the package, she opens the package wich has $10.000 dollars in cash and a note that reads: Enjoy the money, you deserve it but don't be suprised if I need you to make more videos.


story by: ThePharoh

Tags: fiction incest sex story

Author: ThePharoh

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