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When I slide my hand between your legs and say " This is mine, are we clear." Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. " Yes" is the answer.

Nicole spotted me in the receiving line at her sister's wedding reception. There I'm standing out like I just stepped out of GQ. I'm moving slowly towards her. Nicole held her breath. She had to meet me. Nicole looked around. She spotted me on the other side of the pool. I looked in my late fifties. I'm taller than anyone in her Italian family. Nicole guessed I'm six-foot-five. I'm trim and fit. I'm wearing a neatly tailored black suit and black leather shoes. I'm clean shaven and have gray short hair. " Are you with the groom?" Nicole asked. " No, actually, the groom is with the bride. I'm just here as a friend," I said smiling. " Pardon me. I'm joking of course. I am an old college friend of his. My name is John," I said. " I'm the bride's sister. I'm Nicole." " Yes, I spotted you in the reception line. Then you were gone." Nicole laughed. " It's a long story," Nicole said. " Do you think this will work out? Oh, I shouldn't ask that question." I look embarrassed. " Don't be embarrassed! The simple answer is: Does he have money?" Nicole laughed. I laughed. " A woman cannot be too rich or too thin. Isn't that what they say?" I said. " There are other factors." " I can only imagine." Nicole made a side step to put her body between the guests and me. She reached down and felt my manhood through my pants. It started growing. " Some things shouldn't be left to the Nicole said looking into my eyes. " I would enjoy having further conversation with you sometime," I said smiling. Nicole released my now fully erect member. She reached into her purse and pulled out a business card and handed it to me. I looked at it. It read simply, " Nicole A." Her cell number was below." " I'll call you," I whispered.

She is 35 divorced and no children. Her body is petite. Her hair is blonde paige boy style. Her hazel eyes are wide set on her narrow face. Two hours after her sister's wedding I called her. " Hello?" " Hi. This is John." Nicole looked in the mirror and put the lipstick to her lips. She wanted her lips to be bright red. She wanted her eyes to be accented with mascara and a little bit of blush on her cheeks. She slipped on a pair of stylish lacy-top hose, a thong, and a camisole not unlike those displayed in Vogue. Lastly, she put on a short miniskirt and a top that accentuated her 34 B breasts. She slips into a pair of red patent leather pumps with micro stiletto heels.
She got into her red SL-Class Mercedes and lowered the top. It was a 45-minute drive to the location that I selected.
It was a café is in the business district. I met her outside and escorted her to a patio. I gave her a kiss before holding the chair for her. " Glad you could make it," I said smiling. I'm dressed in a gray suit. " Oh yes! I am too. This is very nice. Do you live nearby?" Nicole asked. She sat down and displayed her shapely legs for me while I sat down. " Yes. I live in an apartment on the 35th floor. The waiter came and I ordered red wine. We enjoyed our wine and conversation. I suggested we go up to my apartment to continue our conversation.

I put my hands on her shoulders, " Shall we take this off?" I asked, then reached around behind her to unfasten her dress. It slid to the floor. I ran my fingers under the straps of her bra and down to her cleavage. " I'd like to go now!" she blurted when my hand lingered on her breast. " Aren't you going to pay me, Nicole?" " Uhhh, 25, you said?" She fumbled with her purse. I put my hands over hers. " I don't want money," I whispered. Her eyes darted about, looking for an escape. She thought she could duck under my arm and run for the door if she could catch me by surprise. I saw where she was looking. " The door's locked, Nicole." " Please, just take my money and let me go.
" I don't want your money," I said again. I put her purse on the floor and grabbed her wrists. " I saw how turned on you were at the wedding. Admit it. Your cunt is dripping wet." " No, Maybe she can kick me. She struggled against my grip, and I pull her roughly from the couch. She trembled. I yanked on her wrists so she stumbled into me, then put one arm around her shoulders and pressed her body into mine. I let go of her wrists and shoved the straps of her bra down, then pulled her bra cup away to uncover one breast. " Please," she whispered.
I pinched her nipple hard. She screams, but I didn't let go. I walked her backwards to the bedroom. With my other hand, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back so she is looking up at me. " You scream and fight? That's not a way to treat a man. That's a tease. I don't like being teased." " I wasn't -" she squeaked. I yanked on her hair again and she closed her mouth.

I finally let go of her nipple but maintained my grip on her hair. " Now," I said. " Let's see what we have here."
She can't take her eyes off my face. She stood there, petrified, as I slipped my hand down the front, into her panties. " Wet," I declared. A jolt ran through her as my finger brushed across her clit. " No," she whispered. " Please." She couldn't move. Her arms hung at her sides, useless. Her knees locked. I let go of her hair and pulled her panties down to the floor. She trembled. I gave her a little shove and she collapsed onto the bed, legs splayed open. Dizzily, she watches me lower my pants, saw my huge hard cock jump out. She gasps. It is so long, so thick. She'd never been with a man that big. She should get up. She should try to run. But she is mesmerized by my movements, paralyzed with indecision, and, admittedly, a little excited. I straddle her, leaning down to suck on her exposed nipple. The shock of it drew out a moan. Encouraged, I uncovered the other breast. She tries to whimper, tries to say no, tries to beg. But the only thing that escapes her lips is another moan. " No more teasing," I said. Without preamble, suddenly, her eyes opened wide as she feels the head of my penis pushing into her. Her legs are stretched almost to their limit. Nicole cries out as I push myself all the way in. Her body jerking back from the force pushing within her. Now, she just begins weeping as I thrust myself in and out, in and out, just as her ex- husband would when making love. Nicole hadn’t been with any other man for over six years. This just feels wrong.

She hears my breathing getting heavier. I shove very hard into her again. She screams, begging me to stop and pull out, but I keep reassuring her. I laid down on her with all my weight to keep her from trying to sit up and push me off of her. It feels like I'm splitting her open. I stop surprisingly to let her adjust to the sudden impalement inside of her. She starts breathing regularly and I start to slowly push inside of her. It hurt, but she also starts feeling something else, something good. She finally feels my stomach touch hers as I completely fill her now. I pull almost completely out slowly before shoving my entire length inside again really hard. She moans loudly, which I took as a que and start thrusting in and out of her faster. She starts to scream with pain and intense pleasure as her orgasm is building. Her fists clutch the bed sheets as she screams my name, telling me over and over to fuck her. I roughly grab her hips and start slamming into her faster and faster. She starts moaning as she feels me tightening about to release inside of her. My balls are slapping her pussy over and over and it sent her over the edge, which sent me over the edge too. She feels spurt after spurt of hot cum gush inside of her. I collapsed on top of her. We laid here panting and groaning until I pull out of her and flopped over next to her. She feels some cum leak out of her very sore pussy and onto the bed, but she is too exhausted to care.

An hour later, she came out of the bathroom, " No, no, John, please not again," Nicole said as I push her ahead of me into the bedroom pressing her forward until I have her bent over the dresser. " Shhhhhh, quiet, I know I'm your first in a very long time, but I promise it won't be as painful like it was before." She tried to get from under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand. " Don't pull away from me, Nicole." I growled. She lay there crying quietly trying to understand how I could do this to her again. Nicole grimaced as I entered her, " Oh god . . . stop, you're hurting me. . . please, it's too big . . . too big," She whimpers when I push my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. She feels every ridge as I slide inside her. She feels herself stretching to accommodate my size again. She feels her body struggling to adjust to my massive cock that is unyielding to her tightness. I thrust into her hard, like a piston in an engine. She can tell I love her tightness as I begin to moan with pleasure. The pain is starting to fade away as I claim her body for mine. Her cries turn into moans as I continue to fuck her tight pussy again. I'm thrusting into her tight little hole with a steady pace. I continuously thrust in all the way to my balls, pressing against her cervix so that she cries in pain and then pulling almost all the way out. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tenses and I begin to grunt with urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tight, I stiffen and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. My
possessiveness showed as I thrust into her and claim her once again. When we were done climaxing once again, she is very sore and swollen. Her pussy has never been this swollen and sore before. She struggles to stand up.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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