Grief turns to lust #2

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"Fuck me dad, fill my pussy with your hot cum." Tammy is bouncing on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position, she is laying back on my chest as my hands are tugging on her nipples and my hips are pounding into her. The chaise lounge on the back deck is creaking loudly under our passion.

"Harder dadddy, fuck me HARD, make me cum, oh yes, yes I'm cumming, AHHH!"

I can feel her pussy milking my cock and that drives me over the edge, I start dumping what feels like buckets of cum inside my step daughters cunt with a loud grunt.

As we lay there, my cock still pulsating within her, giving her those mini orgasms, she lays back completely on my shoulder and as we kiss, we are interrupted with a "WHAT THE FUCK!"

We both snap our heads and look up at the female voice to see Susan standing there. Susan stands about 5'7" and weighs close to 140, her black hair, is a bit curly and falls down over her shoulders. It seems as though she took off from work early to come see us for something, she rarely stops by just to visit. With her jet black hair and her pasty white skin along with her red business suit, she looks very yummy.

Shocked, neither Tammy or I have a chance to say anything. "I thought you were going to help dad run the ranch not just fuck him while doing it, he's our dad for Christ sakes, what the fuck are you thinking Tammy? And dad just ewww" Susan's black messenger bag slips from her fingers down on the wooden deck.

"Ok, lets just all calm down for a minute and we can explain how things happened" (as you can tell I'm grasping for time) what are you doing here in the middle of the day? And why did you just come around the house and out to the back deck? I mean this isn't like you to just show up without calling to see if I was even at home." Stalling for time, I ask her.

"Tammy, right now might be a good time for you to go in and maybe make us all some lunch so we can all sit down and discuss this" I said to Tammy. She starts to rise off and my still hard cock slaps against my flat belly, I watch Susan's eyes dart down between Susan's legs, I know she can see her sisters hairless gaping pussy lips as they release my cock. The cum I just deposited in Tammy, runs out of her like a river, and puddles on my smooth balls and the base of my cock. Tammy rises on shaky legs and with her hips swaying she goes into the house, Susan's eyes have not left my 7" cock with cum puddles, I'm still hard, now because I'm thinking of what I am going to make Susan do.

"Dad, aren't you going to cover up or something?" That's Susan, years ago she found God and now thinks she is better than everyone else, I can't wait to probe her mind and give her ideas that she will assume are her own.

"I don't see a sense in it, I mean you have been standing there for the past few minutes and haven't taken your eyes off my cock yet". Just then she did and I smiled at her, I had her at a loss so I probed her mind and found that she does like looking at the cum, wondering what it taste like, feels like. So I sent her thought "I bet I could fuck dad better than Tammy, her tits are bigger, but I'm sure I could fuck him better, I am going to strip naked and fuck him but first I want that cum."

"Susan? Susan, everything good you seem a bit lost."

"Yes daddy, I'm sorry I interrupted your play time and reacted the way I did". As she finished that she began to unbutton her red blazer and slip it from her shoulders, she hung that on the other chair. When she unzipped her skirt and hung that with the blazer she was standing in her black bra and matching lace panties, after she kicked off her shoes.

"That's all right kiddo, why don't you come over here and see if you can find a way to make it up to me". I watch as her hips sway while she seductively strolls over to me, her eyes boring hole into my cock as it pulsates. I remember when she was just a kid, her mom and I seriously dating, Susan was the first of the kids to accept me as dad. One time she was sitting on my lap and moving around, well I began to get hard. Then in an attempt to shift herself she reached down and put her hand on my hard cock for leverage. Now I was finally going to get some of that perfect little ass and not be a pervert….well not completely.

Susan reaches me and leans over to kiss me, my arms go to her back and I find the thin strap and unhook her bra, my hands slide back down to her smaller tits, I can feel that her nipples are as thick as her sisters, "mmmmm" Susan moans. Her hand is caressing my firm chest. Breaking the kiss, I reach her hips and tug down her lace panties, exposing her hairless pussy.

Susan drops down on her knees and starts fondling my cock, playing with the head as she strokes the shaft, pumping it with her fist. She leans forward and begins lapping up my cum, mixed with her sisters pussy juice, she engulfs the whole entire length in one swallow. I reach down and finger her pussy, my daughters pussy is now sopping wet as I slip in two fingers pumping her, her hips start to hump back on my fingers. I bring my fingers up and taste the sweetness of my daughters pussy cream, I start rubbing on her brown star, working my finger in, I get up to the second knuckle in her ass and Susan is fucking me with her mouth, so I shove two in the pink while one is in the stink and she is humping my fingers. Susan drops my cock from her mouth and cries out in the thrones of orgasm. Just as Tammy walks out the door with a plate of sandwiches and a pitcher of iced tea, still naked as the rest of us.

"Well it seems all is forgiven doesn't it" Susan raises her face and has my cum smeared all around her mouth and cheek from when she gobbled up my previous load. "Hey Susan, do you like the way my cum taste too?" She says with a smirk.
"Oh God yes! That cock and puddle of cum is SO yummy. It reminds me of times past."

Tammy come here and lick Susan's pussy juice off my fingers, taste how sweet she is."
She sets the plate and pitcher on the table comes over and seductively licks my fingers, partially for me, but mostly for Susan pleasure. "Oh Susan you do taste lovely, I think we need some more play time />
We sit down at the table, naked enjoying the warmth of the sun on our skin, eating and sipping tea. When all of a sudden

Susan says " Oh dad, the real reason I came over was to tell you that I heard from the attorney and she wanted me to bring an agreement over for you to review. She said the city wants to settle, without admitting fault of course, and has even cut a check. The check is yours if you sign and agree to the terms" Susan walks over bends at the waist, exposing her engorged wet pussy lips, and picks up her messenger bag and returns to the table, reaching in she removes a folder.

"Well let's take a look at this then and see what they are offering." I open it up and most of it I can't understand but I get the jest of it, and say "well, they are offering 8 million minus attorney fees, and I can never mention the />
I am shocked, with my airline companies 401k, Megan's life insurance, and this settlement, along with the ranch is almost paid off, I am done working. I can now focus just on the ranch.

The girls also review the contract, then look at me. "Well dad, what are you going to do?" Susan ask. "First thing I'm going to do is finish this here tea, then I am going to eat and fuck both of my daughters, and watch as you eat my cum out of each other's pussys."

Susan looks across the table and grins at Tammy, "He must think this would be a first for us to share a cock and eat each other out".

That's when I dumped the tea out of my glass, stand up and offer my stiff cock to Susan's red lips, I need to finish the blowjob she started. I grab the base of my cock, as she opens her mouth I slap it against her cheek and lips. She is trying to reach it with her mouth like a puppy trying to get a nipple. Finally I let her have it, she licks around the swollen glan, down the shaft, her tongue swirling and flicking my balls. I moan as she sucks the 7" back up to my head before she swallows the entire cock. I can feel the back of her throat as I bottom out in her mouth, I look over at tammy to see her one hand pinching and tugging on her nipple. She looks at me as we smile she says "I taught her how to suck cock, she has gotten pretty good hasn't she dad". "Oh Baby you taught her good and she must be a good student, because this is good."

I don't want to feed her my cum a second time, I pull her up to me, and we kiss, as we do her mouth opens and our tongues find each other. I grab her firm ass checks and lift her up, her legs instinctively wrap around my waist, my love tool is at her entry. I flex it and let it rub along her slit. Susan begins to beg "Come on dad, shove that big cock of yours in my pussy, I need you to fuck me". I slowly enter her hot wet cunt as she moans, she extends her arms, still wrapped around my neck, she is now leaning back. "Oh God dad I needed this, fuck me hard." As I'm thrusting into her Tammy comes over to us and we kiss, then she turns to kiss her sister. Tammy leans down sucking Susan's nipple in her mouth, her tongue flicking over the thick bud while she grips it between her teeth. I can feel Tammy's hand down between us as she rubs Susan's clit, her other hand is caressing Susan's ass, then I feel her nimble finger in Susan's asshole, pumping into her when I withdraw.

"You like having both your fuck holes filled don't you, you little slut. You are such a slut you are going to cum all over us, come on fuck toy give us your cum." As Tammy is talking to Susan I can see her neck reddening, her breath quickening, neither one of us is going to last long, hearing my daughters talk like this and knowing that I'm turning them both into my fuck buddys is too much. I pick up steam and fuck her faster, Susan throws her head back and starts screaming, "I'm gonna CUMMMMM". I can feel her release, her pussy juice creaming my cock balls and legs before I start shoot blast of cum.

I slowly reduce my thrusting while her pussy milks the last drops of my cum out of my balls, after a bit my cock finally begins to soften, she starts to lower her legs and I lower her ass. Susan lays back in her chair, I can see my daughters cream pie dripping, then Tammy kneels between her legs and laps up our sex fluids, giving Susan's smaller orgasms, I move to Susan and have her clean my cock.

After Tammy is done I pull away from Susan's mouth, the two girls kiss again. The way this two are going at it I have a feeling this isn't a first time for them. I mention "You two are enjoying yourself like you are remembering your teenage years".

Susan says "Dad, you have no idea, sometimes parents are so clueless. When you would come home from working the graveyard shift at the hanger and go to bed, we would run outside and watch you jerk off from the bedroom window."

"We would get so wet watching you shoot a stream of cum, we even saw it hit your face while you laid in bed, that, well, we would finger ourselves which turned into us fingering each other. Then it went to us fantasizing about you fucking and eating us, so we did it to each other."

I grin, shaking my head, "I had no idea you watched me, or that you even thought about fucking me, I mean look at the both of you, you two are amazingly stunning, sexy and wild fucks. I'm not going to worry about why me, what I am going to do is say we should go inside before we get sunburned and make up for lost time."

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story by: cb58

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