He made me his wife!

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I had been raised in a highly religious house and taught that homosexuality was wrong. That being said I was never interested in girls like I was suppose to be. The internet was a fantastic discovery, I could chat guys up and get off and without any guilt.

I met Greg online and we hit it off. He was fantastic knew just how to turn me on and get me off. We chatted several times each time more instense and exciting. Greg did something that turned me on so much, he started feminizing me. It started out with just a little name calling after he got me to cum, stuff like Bitch, Whore. But it progressed and became more, getting me to put on women’s underwear stuff like that.

One day I decided to play hookie, I logged on and to my surprise Greg was online. We started to chat but soon Greg suggested that I come over to his place. This sent my heart racing. Before I knew what was going on I had agreed and found myself on my way to Greg’s place.

I knocked on the door and I couldn’t believe it when Greg opened the door. He was even better looking in person. Tall, short blonde hair, deep brown eyes, six pack. He stood there bare chested in his spandex shorts and invited me in. My mouth went dry and I entered. Greg offered me a glass of wine, I agreed and quickly drank it to calm my nerves. Soon after I arrived the phone rang and Greg answered “Yes my wife is home.” “No you can not talk to her.” And he hung up the phone. Hearing this I freaked out, paniced that Greg’s wife would walk in at any time. I got up to go. Greg asked “where are you going lover?” “Out of here. I didn’t know your wife was home.” Greg grabbed me around my waist and kissed me deeply. I couldn’t help myself and my tongue slipped into his mouth. MMMmmmmm. my wife baby, at least for today.” Greg said. I knodded. “Why don’t you go upstairs and shower and change?” Greg suggested.

Almost hypnotically I kissed Greg again and went upstairs. I quickly showered and walked into the bedroom naked. Greg was waiting for me there with another glass of wife. I took it and had a long sip. Greg just sat there and watched me. “Your stuff is there on the bed” Greg said. be long.” Then Greg got up and started to walk out of the room, squeezing my ass as he went.

I went over to the bed and looked at the clothes. White thong panties, White bra, prestuffed, White heels, and a White Wedding Dress. OMG a wedding dress. I took another sip of wine and figured what the hell and started to get dressed. I found make-up and put it on aswell. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought not bad. I headed downstairs.

Greg was waiting for me in the living room, still in just his spandex shorts, clearly aroused. “There is my beautiful wife. Come here baby” Greg said. I moved to Greg and we kissed deeply. I felt Greg’s hands on my shoulders and he was gently pushing me down. I dropped to my knees. I licked his budge through his shorts. my good cock hungry wife. Now suck!”

I pulled his shorts to the floor and out sprang his hard 8” cock. I started to lick his cock up and down slowly, massaging his balls. Greg slapped my face with his hard cock. “I said suck bitch!”

I opened my mouth and started to suck his cock. Taking just the head at first and then a little more. I think he ran out of paitents with me. Greg grabbed my head and started to fuck my face.

OMG!!!! I was loving this. There I was in a wedding dress sucking a hard cock on my hands and knees. Then I heard Greg say “You know baby today is all about fantasies. Well I have always had a fantasy about sharing my wife with my buddies”

“Yeah sure” I said. Figuring he was just making small talk as I sucked him. Just as I said that 3 guys walked in all naked and good looking. They moved around me and I figured what the hell. I took one in each hand and started jerking them off, as I sucked Greg. The 4th guy grabbed the back of my dress and flipped it up exposing my ass. He started rubbing his cock over my virgin ass.

“Dude what the fuck are you doing!?! I get to fuck my wife first.” Greg said. With that he got up and moved behind me. Greg ripped my panties off. God that got me so horny. Then he slammed his hard, salivia covered cock into my virgin ass hard.

I had never felt such pain. It was so painful I couldn’t believe it, but so enjoyable. Greg started to fuck me hard with long deep strokes. It was incredible. The 4th guy moved around and I started to suck him.

It wasn’t long before I was pushing back against Greg. Soon Greg was grunting and filling my ass with spurt after spurt of cum. Mmmmmmmm.

Greg pulled out and was replaced by another cock. Greg moved to my face and had me start to lick him clean. Yummy.

I spent all afternoon on my knees sucking and getting fucked. Soon I was covered in cum and it was leaking out of my ass. Greg took a few photos. Then he said “Get the fuck out of my house you fucking queer whore!” With that he picked me up and threw me out of the house.

story by: wolfman1977

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Author: wolfman1977

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