Her first time

The heat of the night is torture against my skin. As I lay in bed, windows thrown up, naked, my skin is on fire. I decide a shower is to be the perfect cure for the heat. As I stand looking in the mirror I notice the many love marks left on my body, from the tips of my jet-black hair, down my perky 34c tits, all the way down my stomach and even on my thighs. At 5'7” that's a lot of skin to cover, but it’s just a reminder of the beautiful girl that I had made love to the night before. Standing in the shower, cold water running down my body, my mind wanders, thoughts of a beautiful brunette fill my head.

Strangely I met this girl, Lexis, when she was dating one of my best friends. I was instantly attracted to her, but knew to keep my distance. Straight girls aren't usually something I mess with, but for this one I made an exception. At 5'3” with long, sandy brown hair, beautiful full lips, every curve on her is amazing. I noticed her sexy little ass first, as a lesbian I'm a major ass chick. Then when I actually spoke to her I couldn't help but get lost in her beautiful green eyes. After she and my friend broke up, I made my move, inviting her over for a basically girl time, all that jazz. Now anyone knows a curious straight girl plus a very curious lesbian will be an interesting mix. We lay around together, watched movies, and talked. She told me about how just about every guy she's been with was a pig and how she needed something new. I told her I had someone in mind for her.

That night, I decided I needed a shower before bed. I went into my bathroom, leaving my door unlocked, and slowly started stripping out of my jeans and then my bright pink thong, pulled my shirt off and just as I unclasped my bra and started turning on the water there was a soft knock on the bathroom door. I hurried and jumped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed, and said “Come in.”

She said in a soft voice that she got lonely and thought I might need some company, as she sat on the toilet seat. I peaked out of the curtain, asking her to hand me some soap off the mantle. She was wearing a short pair of hot pink shorts and a black tank top, I could see her erect nipples poking through the shirt and knew the thought of a naked girl beside her was turning her on. She handed it to me and as I reached for it I let the curtain fall back, exposing the side of my tit. She blushed a little and I went back to my shower. As she sat there, talking about all kinds of things, she suddenly said something about needing a shower. I looked from behind the curtain and sure enough, there, standing, looking quite shocked at herself, was Lexis, quite naked, and quite beautiful. Her gorgeous green eyes led down to beautiful full lips. I just wanted to kiss every sexy inch of her body. I got the feeling she noticed me looking over every inch of her body, because she blushed. I reached out and pulled her into the shower.

I took soap and gently washed her back, my gaze dropping to the sexy curve of her ass. As I ran my hands over her ass she let out a soft sigh. I reached around and pulled her up against me. Her soft back pressed tight against my nipples as I reached around and ran my hand down her neck to her tits, running it around her erect nipple, teasing her. I turned the water off, kissing her neck. As we got out of the shower I towel dried her off, kissing up her leg to her stomach and along her collarbone. I got dressed in a pair of boy short boxers, her putting on a thong, and threw her down into the bed. My whole body ached for her touch. My clit was hard and throbbing. I reached over and pinned her wrist down to the bed – she always talked about needing to be dominated. I leaned down and kissed her softly, running my tongue over her lips. I asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted and she answered with a soft, “Yes ma'am. I want to be yours, completely yours, my body and heart are now yours to do with as you wish.”

I reached into my bedside table and pulled out my black fluffy cuffs. I fastened them to my bed and around both her wrists. I grabbed two more and fastened them to both her ankles. As I sat there admiring her beautiful body, she blushed.

I reached around and fasten a soft black silk blindfold around her eyes. I leaned down and asked her softly if she trusted me. She said “yes and begged me to touch her. I ran my fingertips down her neck to her tits, pinching her nipples softly. I ran my fingertips down her stomach, she took in breath sharply and I leaned down and kissed the inside of her thigh. I asked her what she wanted, what her body needed. A soft whisper of the word is all I needed to hear.

I asked her, "Release what?" in a harsh tone.

She said, "Release, ma'am, please mistress, please give me release, I need to cum."

I said in a harsh tone that my little slut wasn't going to have release until I decided she would. She sighed, moaning in frustration. I told her if she came before I told her to, she'd be punished. I leaned down and licked up her thigh then over to the other thigh. I reached over and pull a small vibe out of my side table. As I looked at her, I noticed a wet spot on her thong and I smiled to myself, knowing she was loving every second of this sweet torture. I positioned myself on her leg so that she could feel how wet she'd made me on her leg. I turned on the vibe to the lowest setting so that only a soft hum filled the room. I placed it against her thong where her clit was and leaned down, taking one of her hard nipples into my mouth.

I licked my way up to her collarbone and whispered in her ear, asking how my little slut liked her new toy. She moaned and whispered that her Mistress's little slut loved her toy and wished she would give her more. I reached over and grabbed a pair of scissors, reaching down and cutting away her thong. I ran the vibe up her slit, getting it nice and wet with her juices, then slowly slid it inside her.

"Wow, my dirty little slut is really wet and tight, she must really like being treated like a dirty little slut," I said harshly.

She moaned and said, "Yes, Mistress, please fuck me like a little slut should be."

I leaned down and licked her clit, running my tongue over it, flicking it softly. God she tasted so good, it got me so hot for her. I ran my hand down my stomach and I started to finger myself softly and I kept licking her and flicking her softly with the vibe. I licked the outside of her lips and sucked softly on her hard erect clit, I loved tasting her and the smell of her was intoxicating. I kept softly licking her, but I took the vibe out of her dripping wet cunt and shoved my tongue inside, feeling her tighten around my tongue as she begged and pleaded with me for release. I licked up her slit and ran my tongue over her throbbing clit and I thrust my fingers inside her. Then I lifted up and asked if my little slut toy needed to cum, and she begged and pleaded with me to let her cum.

Finally I told her to be a good little slut and cum all over my face as I shoved my tongue deeper inside her. She screamed and her body shook as she squeezed my tongue tight inside her as wave after wave of climax washed through her. After she climaxed, I untied and unblindfolded her and held her close to me, whispering to her how much I love her and how she's mine and I'll never let her go. As I lay there with her in my arms, she rolled over and looked at me with her big, beautiful green eyes, whispering to me that the night was still young and my dirty little slut wasn't done playing yet.

As I remember this experience my hand slides down my body, the cold water making my nipples hard and erect. I finger fuck myself until I can't stand up in the shower any longer, and so I dry off and go lay back down in my bed. As I fall asleep, I think about the nights to come with my dirty sex toy.

story by: _LoveSlut_

Tags: fiction first time bondage and restriction lesbian female domination bdsm sex story

Author: _LoveSlut_

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