Highschool, need i say more? 2

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When I got home from school I did what I normally do. I glance in the fridge, picking out some snacks, fight with my younger brother Ben and head up to my room to do home work and chat to friends online.

I untied my long brown hair and changed. As I pull off my shirt I turn so I can see my self in the mirror. I look down at my slightly toned abs and my C cupped breasts and wonder how the rumor about me giving out good, free blow-jobs started. I didn’t look like a slut; I looked kind of plain and boring, but I put that thought out of my head as I changed into a baggy white t-shirt and some black bike shorts.
I look closely in the mirror at my brown eyes and plump lips and imagine the boy I recently have a crush on, Jacob.

Jacob is slightly taller than me with curly brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a laugh that shakes the angles. He is my ideal man in every way and I mean every. 2 years ago, year 8, his friends played a joke on him by stealing his clothes and locking him in the girls change rooms. Everybody got a good look at his penis that day. He turned around and his penis instantly sprang to life when he saw all us half naked chicks staring at him. Some girls giggled others screamed and I threw a towel at him so he could hide his boner.

We have been friends ever since.
I logged on to messenger and hotmail. Half the people online start talking to me but I only replied to two. Jacob and Eva.
Me and Eva have been best friends since yr 5 and have had sex twice. Once at her house on Saturday and once earlier today at school during sport class.
Me and Eva were chatting about our sex lives together and when we might be able to do it again where as me and Jacob were discussing math. Jacob had noticed our math teacher Mr. Cox (funny name I know) staring at my chest. Our conversation was along the lines of:

Jacob: omg Mr. Cox is such a pervert. He stared at you all day today.
Sasha: don’t worry Jacob; he just thinks I will give him a blowjob if he gives me an A
Jacob: exactly my point he is a pervert
Sasha: forget him. It’s not his fault; it’s whoever started the rumor’s fault. Any way I'm used to it now.
Jacob: you shouldn’t have to get used to it though.
That’s how Jacob is. He is caring, sweet, funny and smart.

And there was my conversation with Eva.
Eva: thankyou again sasha. you are truly amazing. I'm glad we didn’t get caught.
Sasha: hey it was my pleasure. I can’t wait for our next little get-together.
Eva: so we will do that again?
Sasha: unless you don’t want to of course…
Eva: of course I do, just say a time and place and I'm there.

After a few minutes of chatting like that I checked my emails. I had quite a few offers from boys at school about blow jobs. Most of the guys send pictures of their penises as well and ask ‘you I keep the pictures as a reminder of who they are from just in case they rub me the wrong way, or the right.
After going through my emails, a new one pops up. It’s from Jacob. The first words I see are ‘marry me?’ so I click on the email and start reading. My heart is beating really fast and I am having difficulty reading what is actually written in the email. I turned away from the computer, took 2 deep breaths, turn back and realize it’s one of those stupid chain emails. I got angry and shut the computer off. I can’t believe that one person has this affect on me. Mum calls me down for dinner so I got up and walked down the stairs. After dinner I went back upstairs and logged on to messenger again, this time I appear offline. He is there, waiting for me, I did kind of leave suddenly.

Sasha: hey Jacob, just had dinner, sorry I left kind of suddenly. I just got upset at how many people believe the rumor.
Jacob: its ok, I know rumors can be irritating. Well any way, before you left I wanted to ask you something… something I’ve wanted to ask for a while but have never had the courage to say… I think you are an amazing friend and was wondering if you could do me a huge favor?
Sasha: you make it sound like you want me to run away with you, but any way ask, don’t worry I wont bite, and we have been friends long enough for you to know you can ask me anything.
Jacob: ok well I kind of want you to have… it … with me
Sasha: oh… umm three questions. One, what? Two, why? And three, have you taken your meds this morning?
Jacob: answers, one- I want to have sex with you, two- cos I'm tired of being a virgin and three- I’m not to sure…
Sasha: that just leaves me with two more questions but I’ll ask one first, YOU’RE A VIRGIN?!?
Jacob: well yeah, I lied about doing it with Samantha, we both did, we were tired of being picked on because we hadn’t done it and we weren’t ready so we lied.
Sasha: ok, that clears a whole lot of things up for me, and now my final question, when?

It’s Friday night. Four days after we made the decision to have sex. Four days since I started taking the pill so we wouldn’t have to use a condom. This is a dream come true for me. Jacob still has know idea that I like him and I'm going to keep it that way until after I fuck him. I can imagine his hard cock going in and out of my pussy, both our juices running down my legs and his voice after when he tells me he loves me… suddenly I snap out of this common fantasy with the voice of my mother telling me all the emergency numbers and their contact numbers for the third time. Mum, dad and Ben were going to my nana’s funeral three hours drive away. I said that I didn’t know nana well and would rather stay home, they said ok but no going out. I didn’t complain, besides I wouldn’t be leaving the house, Jacob was coming here (no pun intended).

It was about seven when he came over. I just sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie when the door bell rang. I opened the door and there he was, beautiful, virgin and all mine. I lead him inside and locked the door.

“Umm hi Sasha. So how do we start?” he said shyly.
“Hi Jacob, I just started watching a movie, we can watch that first. I want this to be special for you. We can go slowly.” I said trying to sound brave.
“Sure, by the way you look really pretty tonight” he said.
I replied. I was wearing my shortest skirt, my hair was down and I had a red tank top on with a lacy black bra and matching panties. I picked this outfit because it came off easily and it looked comfortable but very sexy.

Half way through the movie he put his arm around me. I leaned into his shoulder. I slowly put my and onto his thigh and started to rub. His cock started to inflate. He put his hand on my knee.
After ten more minutes I rolled over on the couch so that my head was on his lap and my belly was facing the roof. He found some courage and put his hand on my stomach, moving the fabric out the way and rubbing softly on the skin. I could feel his cock getting harder. I moved my head to tease it. I also gave him some confidence by moaning softly. I looked up at him and saw him staring at me. I looked into his brown eyes and giggled softly.
so funny?” he asked
“You. Hey kiss me.” I replied.
He leaned his head down and kissed me softly on the lips. “Like that?” he asked.
“No. Try again.” I said. He leaned his head down and kissed me a little more forcefully. I sat up, grabbed his hand and moved it to my breast. I locked my arms around his neck and sat on his lap facing him. He put his tongue out of his mouth and opened my lips. I allowed him to feel around my mouth before exploring his. I found his teeth, gums and cheeks. I giggled when he started kissing up and down my neck.
“How am I doing?” he asks, a little smug.
I replied and pushed his face to my neck again. I was really enjoying his kisses on my neck. He leaned back and stood up, making me stand up to.
wrong?” I ask
“Well your clothes were in the he didn’t have to continue. I started stripping for him seductively. By the time I was down to my bra and panties he was naked, sitting down and pumping his cock. I took off my bra and threw it at him, then did the same with my panties. He took a whiff of my soaking panties before throwing them away.
His cock was at least 6 inches and rock hard. He started pumping his cock again.
I knelt down in front of him and removed his hand from his cock and replaced it with my own. “I'm going to give you a blowjob now, and you can decide if the rumors are true.” I said.

Before he could answer I put his cock in my mouth and sucked. I took my mouth off and licked the under side of his cock. When I got to the head I flicked it with my tongue a few times then started sucking the top of the cock. From there I would suck his whole cock again, humming softly.
He was moaning. I could feel his cock inside my mouth, it tasted so good. I loved the feeling of having his cock fill my mouth. I licked the head of the cock and put it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head a few times and got a strong reaction.
“What did you do to me?!?” he asked almost out of breath.
I pulled his cock from my mouth and said “Did you like it. I haven’t tried it out on anybody yet, I’ve only read how to do it.”
“It was amazing; I'm about to cum. Keep going”. I didn’t need telling twice. I resumed sucking his cock. I took his whole cock into my mouth and hummed. I licked his cock as much as I could while it was in my mouth and hummed as I pulled it out. I had only the head of his cock in my mouth when I swirled around it with my tongue again.
He put his hands on my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. His first squirt of cum surprised me a bit but I quickly swallowed it. I swallowed his second and third squirts too then his fourth squirt I aimed at my chest while pumping his cock with my hand. His final squirt of cum landed on my face.
His cum tasted so good, there is no way to describe it.

I guess he saw where his cum landed on me because his cock sprang to life again.
He was lying on his back now I had my head on his chest and was stroking his cock.
“You are amazing, the rumors are half true.” he stated.
“Only half?” I asked surprised.
“Well you give great blow jobs, and I'm sure you’ll keep your mouth shut, it's just I don’t believe you would blow a teacher for a good grade or a student for free.” he said.
got that right.” I said. We laughed.
“So is that it for tonight, or do I get to fuck your brains out?” he said slyly.
“I’m sure that can be I said back and ran to my room, to my double bed.

I laid down on my back. He jumped up and knelt in front of me on the bed. I slowly raised my knees, lifted up my feet, spread them and rested them on his shoulders. Jacob stared at my uncovered pussy. He bent his head down and inhaled deeply. I giggled. He pinched my breast with one hand and explored my dripping pussy with the other.
I lent my head back, letting him have his fun. His fingers rubbed up and down my lips. Each time he would go a little bit more in. when he got to my clit he pinched it. I gasped. He did it again but moved it side to side, I moaned. His fingers found my slit and he pushed one finger in side me. He pushed it in up to the second knuckle, pulled it out and pushed two in. I could feel his fingers in my velvety, dripping pussy. He wiggled his fingers then suddenly pushed them in as far as they would go. I almost screamed at the shock.

He laughed, spat on my pussy lips and said “now that you’re and then put his hands next to my shoulders. I looked down between us and put my hands on his penis, guiding him in. he thrusted lightly and I tensed my pussy muscles. He slipped into me; I could feel his cock inside my tight pussy inching forward. He got almost all of his penis in and then started pumping in and out my pussy slowly. I started moaning.
I bucked my hips to meet his pumping. He was speeding up and I began to moan louder. He was all the way into me now, grinding against my pussy. I lifted my ass to meet his grinding. He hit my g-spot and I started gasping. He noticed and started pumping fast again, trying to hit it each time. It worked. I screamed in ecstasy, wrapping my legs around his waist.
“FUCK! I'm going to cum!!!!” he screamed.
“ME TOO!!” I screamed back.
He thrusted into me hard and sharp and I felt his cum inside me, which set me off. My pussy was pulsing with this orgasm, milking every last drop out of him. He lay beside me on my bed, facing the ceiling, catching his breath. I lay there, catching my breath too, and stared at him. His beautiful chest heaving, his hair matted together with sweat, not unlike mine, and his cock glimmering with our juices.
When he caught his breath he rolled onto his side and said
“You can say that again,” I replied.
“Wow. That was so good, is it always that good?” he asked.
“Depends how much you care about the person, otherwise yeah.” I replied
“Then I must love you, though I have nothing to compare it to.”
“Well I'm just glad I was the one who took your /> “Me too” he said. He started to sit up and said, “Would it be weird if I said I love you”
“Go ahead if you want to” I said, my heart pounding.
He turned around and said “Then, I love you, and do you want to see the new alien war movie with me /> “Sounds awesome. Hey my parents don’t get back till tomorrow at lunch so do you want to spend the night? I mean you don’t have to but I guess we could do this again.” I said hopefully.
“Sure but I would have to call my parents and ask.” he said, walking out the door. we went o the bathroom to clean off then I followed him to the lounge room and unfortunately pulled on my clothes and watched him put on his.
“The phone's in the kitchen.” I said pointing to the door that led to the kitchen.
he said and disappeared through the door. I heard mumbling from the kitchen and then he came back and said “I can stay but I have to be home at ten in the morning and we’ll have to see the movie Sunday. Some big family thing in the park.”
“Ok. So we have the whole place to ourselves for about 12 hours, what do you want to do?”

story by: randomjayjay

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Author: randomjayjay

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