Third night with alison

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Third Night with Alison

My horny little neighbor, Alison, came running over to my home early evening all excited. She didn’t even knock on the door; just opened it and ran inside in a panic. I told her to calm down and tell me what was wrong. Apparently a water pipe broke in the master bedroom bath underneath the sink. I hate working on the water works in those so tiny cramped little cabinets.
Well we went back to her home and I shut off the water main so that no more water would flood her floor. It was an older home so rather than having the normal flex tubs to run the water lines it had actual been copper piping. Seeing what I needed to fix the pipe, I went back to my home and picked up the necessary tools to fix the job and Alison stayed at her place trying to mop up the floor so I would have a somewhat dryer place to lie on. I just happened to have a couple of flex tubing, a small torch, pipe cutter and sweat to thread couplings.
Getting back to Alison’s bathroom it only took me about three-quarters hour to fix everything, turn the water back on and check for any leaks. No leaks and everything was working fine again. Everything except for her bedroom carpet which was soaked from the flooding. Back to my garage again because I had a wet-vac and large fan. I vacuumed up her carpet and turned on the fan across her carpet to try and dry the carpet out over night.
Alison was crying again. How was she going to be able to sleep in her bedroom tonight? She has two other spare bedrooms but this was the perfect opportunity for her to ask if she could stay at my place for the night. I looked at her and said, “Hell, you didn’t have to break your water pipes and flood your carpet to spend a night with me in my home.”
We both looked at each other and laughed with her saying, “It just happened. I didn’t break the water pipes.”
I know she didn’t because it was pretty obvious that the pipes were old and had weak solder joints.
“YA RIGHT” I said. “You just like the way I fuck you and the amount of times I make you orgasm every time we meet.”
“That may be true to a point. I have never been fucked in the manner that you have been giving it to me. You are only the second man that I have ever been with in my life and my ex only cared about pleasing himself not caring if I had an orgasm. Now you are different. You seem to want to make sure that I get 75% of all the pleasure; putting my needs before your own. I have never had it so good with a man and you are spoiling me. With that said let’s hurry up and get back to your place so that you can fuck my brains out. I can hardly wait to see what you are going to do to me tonight but whatever it is, I will never /> It was a little after eight at night now and Alison packed a small bag of over night clothes and off we were to my home next door. When getting there I told her that I had to take a shower and to make herself comfortable. She was sitting on the end of the bed and as soon as she saw me coming out of the bathroom she stood up.
My mouth dropped open and my eyes got as big a golf balls! “Holy shit, you are gorgeous, drop dead beautiful.” She was wearing a shear black teddy that ended right at the bottom of her ass cheeks, black shear panties and thigh highs. It left nothing to the imagination showing everything underneath. My cock immediately stood right out, tenting the front of my boxer shorts.
“I take it you like what you see standing in front of you” she said. “I bought this yesterday with the help of one of my girlfriends just for you.”
Alison smiled when she saw the tent and said, "Looks like someone is happy to see me. Come here big boy. I want to see what is going to be getting into me in just a short while. I want to see it up close and personal." I definitely had no problem with that and had my boxers off before I got to the bed. Totally naked I laid on my back on the bed and look up to see a big smile on her face.

She bent over me and took my engorged cock in her hands. She stroked it and breathed on it as she put her other hand under my balls. She lifted them up and gently caressed them as she slowly jacked my cock up and down till I was so hard it hurt. She looked up at me as she did this with a smile on her. I loved this overly passionate woman so much.

I pulled Alison’s hands from my cock and balls, grabber her hips and rolled her over onto her back. I am a man that always thinks more about a woman’s pleasures more than his own. I wanted to make her feel every pleasure I could possibly give her. I leaned forward, kissed her forehead, her eyes, her ears, her lips passionately and then began to kiss my way down to her neck and then to her breasts. I nibbled the nipples and took one in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. She writhed beneath me and grabbed my head to pull it tighter to her breast. I wasn't content with that however. I pleasured her for a while longer and then began to continue down her body with my kisses. As she felt me move lower, I could feel her breath building heavily.

I moved to her belly, tonguing her belly button and down to her mound. It was shaved smoothly and I could smell the scent of her heated pussy’s fragrance. This was a treat to me. I loved to pleasure her this way. As I moved to her outer lips, I blew my warm breath against her clit. She almost screamed in pleasure. I wasn't any way near through.

I inserted one finger into her cunt while I used my mouth on her clitoris. I nibbled on her clit, I moved my finger in and out encouraging her to become wet with excitement. I added another finger and then another until I was fingering her with three fingers, while my tongue teased her clit. I was rewarded with an intense orgasm that had her hips thrusting into my face while her hands tried to pull me closer to her pussy. She cum so much that her juices where flowing out and running between her legs. I quickly licked it up with my tongue, not wanting to miss swallowing one bit of her delicious honey nectar.

"God! I have never cum like that before. That was a first for me. My ex would never do oral on me but he expected me to do it to him. I knew that you would be great at eating pussy.” She stretched out so beautifully. I could just watch her orgasm all night.

"Come here my stud muffin. Let me show you how much I appreciate what you just did to me." With that, she moved down to put her face level with my penis. She put one of her tiny hands on my cock and moved it up and down the shaft, very slowly. As she did, she looked at me and smiled. She was beautiful and I couldn't believe a woman like this was here in my bed with me. If this was a dream I didn't want to wake from it.

She bent over my cock and took the head between her lips. She moved her tongue over the slit and tasted the pre cum that was there.

"You taste much sweeter than I thought you would."

She moved her lips down my shaft until she had taken two or three inches into her mouth. She pulled back and then moved down again, adding another inch this time. She continued this until she had taken all of me; her chin resting against my balls.
My cock is only average in length. About six inches but it is very thick; so thick that you can’t get your hand around it. Believe me; when I put my cock in your pussy it will stretch you wide open and it will hit every nerve ending inside your pussy walls. If I put a pillow under your ass and bend your legs up to your tits I will hit your womb with the tip of my cock. So you will be very satisfied and multi-orgasmic when I’m fucking you.
She then began to bob her head up and down the shaft while one hand played with my balls and the other encircled my shaft at the base. She began to increase her pace and sucked so strongly that I thought she was going to suck my balls right through my cock. I felt my scrotum begin to contract and I could feel the beginnings of my climax. I warned her that I was about to cum but she just looked me in the eyes and smiled and began to move faster. I wasn't able to stop the explosion that was coming. I blew my load into her willing mouth and she kept her lips locked around me until I was done. Alison had swallowed it all not missing one drop. She moved up and down my shaft once or twice more to be sure I was done and then sat back with a huge smile on her face.

"How was that?" She sat up looking at me waiting for my approval. She looked so beautiful and so vulnerable. I still couldn't believe how great of a cock sucker she was. I said, “You were magnificent. Your ex-husband must have been crazy to leave a woman as wild and passionate as you." I could see her smile widen and the pleasure was clear in her eyes. It was plain to see that her ex-husband hadn't complimented her much on her technique; if he ever did at all.

"Please hold me for a while before we continue. I want more but I feel so safe here in your arms.
I was more than glad to hold her. I love the feel of her warm body pressed tightly against mine and to feel her hard nipples trying to lance into my chest. She had no idea of the effect she had on me. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to and I didn't. Don’t quote me on this but I think that all women love to be hugged after they’ve had an orgasm.

"Would you mind if I got on top? She had already straddled me and I could feel her sex on my stomach.

"I don’t mind at all. I would love to watch you and your tits as they will be within reach while you are fucking me." I grinned at her and she grinned back. She moved down my body so that she was poised above my hard cock. She reached down with one hand to guide me into her as she lowered herself down over me. She slowly allowed my cock to penetrate her slippery wet love canal and stopped to allow its thickness to become comfortable.

"You are so much thicker than my ex," she breathed. “I can feel you stretching my pussy wide, filling me up with your thickness.” She began again and this time took it all. She signed when she had me all inside her and then began to rise up. She pulled almost out and then dropped back down quickly and hard. With her hands resting on my chest, she continued in this way as she slowly increased her pace. As she did, I reached up to caress her tits and watch her beautiful face as she closed her eyes in pleasure. Pulling her down slightly I started sucking on her nipples, alternating between the two so I showed no favoritism.

I was able to hold off with her since I had already cum once before and it was only a short time later that I began to see her expression as her orgasm approached. She began to move faster and faster and I dropped my hands to her hips to help her. She pulled up and I pulled her down. She slammed into me as she shuddered and stopped. I could feel the walls of her vagina squeezing my cock as her orgasm shook her. She bent forward to me and I put my arms around her as she experienced an earth shattering orgasm. She was not even aware of me holding her.

I just held her as she slowly came down back to earth. She pulled away from me and looked at me with wide eyes and an open mouth.

"My God, I have never felt that way before. I didn't know it could be that wonderful. I think you have spoiled me forever."

I just smiled at her with pleasure. "I think you had a lot to do with it. You don't even know how desirable you are and how much you turn me on."

She surprised me by saying, "I know you didn't cum that time so it's your turn to tell me what you want me to do to get you off. You name it and I will do it. You have made me your slut slave forever." She grinned at me and wiggled her hips, making her pussy lips rub against my cock. "What do you want, big boy?"

"How about you get on your hands and knees for me? Would you mind doing that? Doggie is my favorite position." I loved her fine ass and this would be the ultimate for me.

"I've never done doggie before but I don't mind at all if you show me how to do it. That’s another thing that my ex didn’t approve of. I lead such a vanilla sex life with him. I have missed out on too much over the years and now that I meet you I am ready to try anything and everything you ask me to do. Just tell me what you want, dominate me, make me your slut and make me your slave. My pussy, ass and mouth are yours to do with what you want.”

I turned her around and pushed her down to her hands and knees. I told her to get comfortable while I got behind her. I put two fingers into her slit and made sure she was wet and ready. She was very ready. I removed my fingers and took my cock in hand and rubbed it over her lips to wet the tip. I pushed against her opening and let the head enter her. I stopped to be sure she was OK, but she pushed back against me driving me into her all the way till my balls slapped against her ass.

"I think I have the idea. Now let's see how you do it. It's your turn so give it all you have!" She wiggled her hips back and forth urging me on.

I began to fuck her slowly and strongly, pulling almost out and then shoving back in as far as I could. She met my thrusts and gave me encouraging words. I loved this!

"Fuck me hard. Give me all you've got and do it hard. Fuck me with that beautiful thick cock of yours. I want all you've got. Fuck me, slam into me and make me know that I have been well fucked! Make me walk funny tomorrow! I want everyone I meet to know that I was well fucked the night before."

And I did. I gave her everything I had and slammed into her with every stroke. It wasn't long enough before I felt the surge, starting in my balls and forcing its way through my cock and out the slit of my cock into her waiting wetness. It was the strongest climax I could remember. I held her in place with my hands on her hips until I finished. It felt like forever.

I rolled over out of breath and panted like a dog. "You are too much for an old man like me. I believe you could kill me this way but what a way to die."

"You are not too old and you are certainly not going to die. I may, however, die from the pleasure you give me. We have to do that again when you recover." She looked so good lying there beside me. I still couldn't believe this woman. If this was a dream, I never wanted to wake up.

"I'll be up to more after some rest” I told her. “I think I'll take a nap and then we can try some more new things. Would you like to learn some more?"
She said, “As long as you are my teacher I want to learn about everything I have never had and then some. Whatever you do to me, just give me the royal fucking that I will never forget like you have been!”

story by: Unsatisable Senior

Tags: male/female fantasy sex story

Author: Unsatisable Senior

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