Home alone for five days

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It was the beginning of the summer, and I was amping up for an amazing summer of hanging out with friends, and having a great time. Almost every single one of my friends decided to spend their summer in other counties though, something my mom wouldn't let me do, no matter how much I begged. She worked a lot, so I got left home almost the entire day, she had built her own company which consisted of a lot of traveling and me being left home alone. I really didn't mind being left home all that much, besides the fact that the only person I really had to keep me company was Adrianna our maid, who spoke little to no English. She also was only there every other day, from noon until seven, when she was there though she usually cooked me lunch and dinner, and cleaned the entire house. I had just turned sixteen a couple months ago, I had gotten my license which gave me a lot of freedom, but my mom hadn't bought me a car yet.

One day, a couple weeks into the summer my mom came home from work, she informed me that she had to go to London, and Hong Kong to deal with a huge warehouse manufacturing mistake that was made. She would be gone for five days, and her business partner Brandie had to go with her, so I was going to have to watch Brandies thirteen year old daughter Brianna. I hadn't seen her in probably two years, before my mom and Brandie started their company they were best friends, they both didn't work, so I grew up being around Brianna a lot. Once my mom and dad divorced, my dad moved to New York, I see him once or twice a year when I go to New York. My mother and I stayed in Los Angeles, so sending me to his house while she travels doesn't really work. The next morning I woke up to the sound of people down stairs, not a sound I am used to since I am always home alone. I got out of bed and walked down the stairs, Brandie and my mother were in the foyer talking and there was a driver in a black suit taking my mom’s luggage to the car. She saw me and beckoned me to come over to them, I was half asleep, it was 8:30 in the morning and I am a dick when I get woken up early, something I usually apologize for later.

“Anthony we are leaving, Briana is sleeping in the guest bedroom in the west wing of the house, love you and here.” she reached into her purse and handed me a set car keys.
“What are these?” I asked.
“Keys to your new car, have fun, be She kissed me on the cheek gave me a hug and got into the Escalade waiting outside for them.

I walked outside and sitting in the driveway was the car I asked her for when I turned fifteen, and was so disappointed I didn't get on my sixteenth birthday. She had gotten me a G-Class Mercedes Benz, I opened up the door it had white leather interior, and dark wood detailing. I ran into the house ecstatic, but hungry, and it wasn't a day that Adriana came, so I had to cook for myself. I made myself a bowl of cereal, and started watching a recording of the Lakers game from the night before. Briana walked into the kitchen in pink shorts that you would sleep in, and a white tank top, I totally forgot that she was even at the house. She looked so much different than when I saw her last, when she was 11 years old. She had blonde hair now instead of light brown, she had blue eyes, she was about five foot six inches, she had boobs now, probably around a C-cup, and an amazing ass!

She sat down at the island and poured a bowl of cereal, it was kind of awkward since we hadn't talked in or seen each other in two years, and I was sitting there in my boxers with no shirt on. I had brown hair, I was around six foot tall, brown eyes, I had abs and I was toned, I wasn't huge like a bodybuilder or anything but I worked out at least four times a week with my trainer. I told her I was going to go take a shower, and if she needed anything that I would be done in about ten minutes. I walked up the stairs into my bedroom, took my boxers off and took my shower. Running through my mind was how much Brianna had changed, and how fucking sexy she was now. When I got out I walked into my bedroom and I didn't have any clean boxers in my room, so I walked down stairs to the laundry room, with my towel wrapped around my waist. All the clothes in the laundry basket were mine, so I just grabbed the entire laundry basket to take it to my room, Brianna was still in the kitchen. When I was talking through the kitchen I was using both hands to carry the laundry basket, because my mom insists in having fucking twenty pound antic laundry baskets. I walked past the fridges and my towel fell to the ground. Brianna’s mouth dropped open, because I was standing there in front of her butt ass naked with everything hanging out. I dropped the basket of clothes and reached for my towel to cover myself. She kind of jumped up out of her seat and was in shock, I told her how sorry I was for that happening and went to pick up the laundry basket again.

"I kind of liked it though." She reached back and took my towel off
"uhhh" I was absolutely speechless, did this sexy ass thirteen year old just make a move towards having sex with me?

My dick started to get really hard, as she got really close to me, my dick slid in between her legs and she kissed me on my neck, then on my lips. I slid my tongue into her mouth and started making out with her in my kitchen. I was a virgin I hadn't ever had sex before, I hadn't even had a blowjob before, I had gotten one hand job by my ex girlfriend when I was fifteen. She started to moan as she slide back and fourth on my dick, I could feel her getting wet through her shorts. I picked her up and carried her upstairs, threw her on my bed and got on top of her, I pulled her shorts down off her and threw them. She had a sexy pink laced thong on that said "try me". I slid her tank top off and started sucking on her tit, every time I would move my tongue she would let out a moan. She grabbed my dick and started rubbing it, then I got on the bed on my back and she got down and started sucking my dick. I wanted to cum in her mouth so badly, but I wanted more, I wanted to fuck her right, I wanted to cum inside of her. I grabbed her hair and started pushing her up and down on my dick, she sucked on my balls while rubbing my dick with both of her hands.

I laid her on my bed on her back, and slide her thong off, she had a little bit of pubic hair but not a lot, I got down and started eating her pussy out, it tasted so good. Her grabbing my hair and pulling me deeper into her pussy felt so good. She was moaning and saying my name. I started fingering her while licking her clitoris, I wanted to cum so bad just eating her out, I got up, opened her legs, lined my dick up to go into her pussy. I started pushing in and the look on her face was scared but ready, it wasn't warm, it was hot, I started fucking her, it was the best feeling I had ever felt in my life. She was in pain I could tell she was a virgin and there was a little bit of blood but not a lot. I started kissing her all over and sucking on her tits, she was scratching my back and pulling me deeper into her from my ass. I couldn't take it anymore I started to erupt and she let out a scream and grabbed onto my tightly. I rolled over onto the bed next to her and took a deep breath thinking, what the fuck just happened?

"We are using a condom next time." she said calmly.

story by: I.am.mr.anonymous

Tags: fiction young first time teen male/teen female virginity teen oral sex sex story

Author: I.am.mr.anonymous

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