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I had just finished having my shower and was in the process of trying to get dressed when I discovered that I had forgotten to do laundry the week before and I had run out of underwear. I piled all the clothes into the laundry basket and headed downstairs to start the first load, of course underwear was the first batch to be done.

Seamus was already in the basement working in his office, so after I started the first load of laundry, I wandered in to say hello. He was surprised to see me in my bathrobe, but once I explained to him that my underwear drawer was empty, he then understood why I wasn’t dressed. We chatted for a bit until the phone rang and he had to take the call.

Meanwhile I figured I would straighten up the fun room, the room that has all our entertainment things such as the TV, video cameras, DVD player and our second kitchen for all our snacks and beverages. With the tidying just about done, the finish signal on the washer went off and I went and threw the clothes into the dryer, cranked it on and figured I had about 45 minutes to kill until I could finally get dressed.

Seamus was finished his business call and was back finishing up some work. I continued cleaning the fun room and was bent over putting the pillows back on the couch when I felt Seamus slide his hand up the inside of my leg and softly brush against my pussy lips, his arm encircled my waist so I wouldn’t lose my balance and he continued rubbing my pussy lips slowly and softly. I reached back to him and discovered that he wasn’t wearing any pants. He pulled me closer to him, his cock rubbing the fabric against my ass. He undid my robe and took it off me and again put his arm around my waist to hold me while his fingers kept rubbing me. His cock was getting harder as it rubbed against my ass and every once in a while he would reach up and pinch my nipple.

Before we went any further, I saw Seamus grab the remote to the video cameras and press record. The cameras were always focused on the couch, so no adjustment to any of them was needed.

Seamus started to rub my pussy again, but this time instead of using his finger, he was sliding his hard cock between my legs as he stood behind me. His hands were on my tits rolling my nipples in his fingers. I reached my arms back behind his neck, arched my back and squeezed my legs together so i could stroke his cock as it slid back and forth. His lips were on my neck, kissing and licking, his fingers tugging and squeezing my nipples, making them grow more and more sensitive, and harder.

His hands left my tits and I felt them slide down my stomach till they reached my mound. His fingers found my clit and started to rub it in circles and then sliding down farther until his fingers found my cunt. I felt his finger penetrate me; slide in easily as I was very wet from his cock sliding against my pussy from behind. I let out a gasp of pleasure when i felt his finger slide in and out of me; he then slid two fingers into me as far as they would go, moving them around inside my hole. This was driving me wild and i knew that I was going to cum. I could feel myself getting wetter and I could hear the slurping of my juices every time he slid his fingers in and out of me. By now my legs had opened and I was kneeling on the couch my back still to Seamus. It was time to change positions now so that the video would catch all the action.

The new position was quite interesting. Seamus lay down on his back and I laid down on top of him. I pulled my knees up and rested my feet on his legs. His hard cock sprang up between my legs just barely touching my pussy. Seamus spread my pussy lips with his one hand and then slid three fingers into me. I grabbed my knees and spread my legs wide so that my cunt opened for him. His fingers slid in and out with ease and my juices were flowing to the point where they were dripping out of me. He slid his hand out and then slid in only the two middle fingers this time, but when he slid them back in he moved the up and down inside me and that’s when the first wave of orgasm hit, each time he fluttered his fingers in me I’d get a rush of cum. My body was pushing hard against his hand trying to get his fingers to go deeper each time he pushed them inside me. It was hard to do with the position we were in, but that too would soon change. After i had had multiple orgasms and there was a puddle of cum all over his cock, it was time to change positions.

Seamus was licking cum off his fingers while I was stroking his hard cock. I slid around and knelt on the floor facing Seamus who was now sitting upright on the couch stroking his cock, keeping it hard for me. I pushed his knees up and planted his feet on the couch. His legs opened wide and there were my prizes,, a stiff cock and those beautiful balls that I love to suck. I pulled my hair back and put it in a ponytail so it wouldn’t fall in my face, and then I dove into his crotch. I sucked and licked his balls, while stroking his cock. His moaning was starting to get louder and I knew that he would need to cum. I grabbed his cock and held it steady and slid it into my awaiting mouth. I could taste the bit of cum on it already; its sweet salty taste was so good. I sucked the tip and plunged my tongue into the slit wiggling it back and forth; all the time my hand was squeezing his balls. I started to nibble the sides of his cock up and down, and then I sucked him into my mouth and stroked his cock at the same time. His breathing was getting erratic and his hips were meeting each of my strokes and sucks. I knew he was going to cum and I couldn’t wait to feel that hot juice all over my tits. I kept stroking him with my hand and once in a while I would suck the tip of his cock. Faster and faster the stroking got, until I felt that familiar tension go up his cock. I raised myself up just in time, grabbed his cock and smothered it between my tits. Seamus reached down and started to pull my nipples to make them go hard. His cream exploded from his cock as I held his stiff member between my tits and rubbed him up and down, feeling his hot cream being rubbed into my chest. My pussy was aching for his cock and I could feel my juices dripping out of me.

We both needed a breather, so I decided to rewind the videos and see what we had caught on tape. Seamus and I watched our impromptu make out session, and it was great, so great that it got us both hot again, and in no time Seamus was rock hard and I was dripping wet.

We started to go at it again, but were interrupted by the phone in Seamus’ office. Normally he would let it go to voicemail, but Seamus had been waiting for an important phone call. Seamus took the call and I took the opportunity to put the laundry into the dryer and set the timer for 35 minutes. I started another load of wash and waited for Seamus to finish his call.

The office door was open so I figured I would wait in the office for Seamus to finish. Seamus was sitting at his desk, so I plopped myself down in one of the chairs across from his desk.

I was still wet from all our playing and I thought I would entice Seamus while he was busy. I sat down and placed my feet up on the edge of his desk. I slowly slid them apart to open up my knees and expose my pussy to the air. The sweet smell of sex was in the air. I parted my pussy lips and slid my fingers into my cunt and stirred up my juices. I slipped my fingers in and out a couple of times and then raising them to my mouth, I sucked them dry. Seamus heard me sucking on my fingers and turned around to face me. I know he was wondering what I was doing, so I thought I would show him. I slid my fingers back into my cunt, pumped in and out a couple of times, arched my back, moaned and then brought them up to my mouth and sucked them clean. Seamus’ eyes widened and a grin came across his face. I kept licking my fingers until they were clean of my juices. My hand slid down to my pussy again and this time I started to roll my clit in my fingers. My lips were wide open and my clit was hard as I kept rubbing it. Once in a while I would plunge my fingers into my cunt and lick the sticky juices off them. Seamus was watching me the whole time and I knew that he was having a hard time concentrating on his phone call.

I kept my playing up and I got so hot that I played with myself to an orgasm. Juice was running down the crack of my ass and onto the chair. Seamus was starting to lose concentration, but was able to continue his phone call. I sat there for a while recovering from my orgasm, my fingers still playing with my clit and squeezing my nipples. As I opened my eyes, I saw Seamus stand up. His hand was sliding up and down his hard dick. He banged it gently on the desk and when he let it go, it smacked him against his belly.

His call was coming to an end, so I knew that things were going to get exciting. I cleared a path across his desk, crawled up on it and lay down on my back, my head positioned under his hard cock. Seamus hung up the phone and moved other items on the desk out of the way so not to knock anything off.

Seamus bent over me, and buried his face in my pussy. My knees spread wide and he looped his arms under my thighs so that he could hold my pussy open. His fingers spread my pussy lips and he started sucking my clit. His tongue jutted in and out of my cunt lapping my juices up. His fingers slid in and out of my hole, getting wetter each time. His cock was in my mouth by the time he had his first finger in my hole. I sucked and licked it, squeezed his balls, sucked his balls, and flicked and bit the tip of his cock. My hands were constantly stroking his cock, plunging it in and out of my mouth. My cunt was so wet and sticky, wanting to be fucked, wanting to feel this stiff hard cock pounding away into it. Seamus kept licking and sucking, flicking and biting my clit, but I didn’t want to explode, I wanted to explode with his hot cock inside me. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and whispered to him to fuck me. He raised up, licked his fingers, walked around to the front of the desk and pulled me onto his hard cock. I wrapped my legs around him and felt his cock go deep inside of me, his hips grinding into me. My tits were bouncing up and down with the pounding that I was getting. I was going to erupt with a huge orgasm and it was close. Seamus pounded faster and faster, harder and deeper. He was close to cumming as well. I wrapped my arms around his neck, he lifted me off the desk and thrust so deep into me that I screamed with my orgasm and at the same time I felt him shoot his hot load into me. He plunged and plunged, squirting each time. I had to hang on tight as my whole body was pulsing with my orgasm. Slowly the plunging stopped and I felt his dick start to soften. We were both feeling exhilarated from the explosions in our bodies. Seamus backed up into the chair and my legs hits the ground and our sex juices drizzled down our legs and onto the floor. Exhausted, dripping with cum, and satisfied, we went back into the rec room and lay down on the couch and fell asleep.

Sometime later in the day, we woke from our nap, sticky with cum, but totally relaxed. We cleaned up the office and put the desk back in order, folded the laundry, and proceeded to jump into the shower where things got interesting again,, but that’s another story for another day.

The End.

story by: author1962

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Author: author1962

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