My fathers' boss

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My Father's Boss.

There was a very important company gala coming up, a formal black tie event; my father needed a plus one. My mother has been away for the past three months taking care of my grandmother across the country. I was the last person he wanted to take to the event, and the gala was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I am more the type of girl that goes to rock concerts and biker bars. I have always felt more comfortable in a black tank top and split jeans. I could never have seen myself in a gown with earrings; the thought of it was foreign. My father had asked every woman that he knew before he finally came to ask me, that night, while we were sitting at the dinner table.

he paused.

“Yeah, dad?” I looked up at him from my plate of homemade lasagna.

“You know I've got that thing coming up, and mum usually comes with />
I stared at him.

“Well I know it's not your 'scene' but would you like to come with me as my plus one, honey? You’d be a lifesaver,” he asked, knowing I would say no.

“Sure! But I get to pick what I’m wearing and you pay for it, okay?” I told him firmly.

“I will let you choose but I will have the final choice and no drama!” A flash of seriousness crossed his face that I had not seen in many years.

I rolled my eyes and nodded in agreement. We chatted as we finished the rest of dinner discussing different things from what I should wear, to when it was, what it was for, and of course the inevitable how I should act.

The next morning we went out dress shopping, or so my father thought. I knew exactly what I was going to wear and final decision or not I was wearing it. Undoubtedly I was going to get some other new clothes out of him first. He took me to the dress shop my mother gets her dresses from; I looked at him with raised eyebrows with the expression on my face. Of course he dragged me in and handed me the most hideous of dresses before moving on to the next store.

go in here.” I squealed as we passed my favourite shop.

“No Cara, you’re getting something respectable, you are not dressing like your usual Goth self, to be honest, and it looks a little slutty” he scowled.

“Dad! It's not Goth, its Emo!” I stamped my 18 year old foot, as I acted like a spoiled child.

go he sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Hey Cara, looking good. What you in for today? And who is this hunk?” the shop owner greeted me.

“This is my dad! We're looking something respectable. How's business, Roxie?” I rolled my eyes making a face when saying formal.

“Well hello she purred at my father.

“Focus, Roxie.” I snapped my fingers.

“It's good Cara, especially with my loyal customers like you. Oh speaking of all things formal, I've got the very thing that will look perfect on you!” Roxie squeaked.

please.” She guided us to the seating area and scurried off into the back of the shop.

My father looked around in astonishment at the bondage and S and M items on the walls, while I sat giggling at his expression. Roxie came back holding a black leather bustier and full length silk skirt, nodding and smiling.

“This will look A-mazing on your body, come on I'll help you lace it up.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the backroom.

my father called out.

“Be right out, this thing takes time to lace up. Just look around or something but THIS is the outfit. I'm positive!” I shouted as Roxie was starting to eat my pussy in the backroom.

My right leg draped over her shoulder, bustier laced loosely to the navel, my nipples standing proud against the leather in the cold air of the backroom. I held onto her naturally frizzy dirty blonde hair as she licked me like a hungry cat. Hearing her tongue slurp against my smooth skin made me hornier. I could smell the mix of leather from the bustier with the perfume and sweat of us both. My other hand was rubbing my breasts, rolling my nipples as she started to finger me furiously while flicking her tongue across my clit. I played with my nipples tweaking them harder as I started to feel the deep burning heat of climax washing over me.

Ten minutes later I appeared glowing from the backroom wearing the leather bustier with my breasts almost overflowing from the top of it, the black full length silk skirt with a slit to the waist fastened by a diamond gun clasp, and a smile.

“THIS is the outfit for the event!” I squealed to my dad as I twirled around revealing my bare ass to him.

actually okay. I like it.” he smiled.

“No panties Cara! Mustn't have VPL!” Roxie purred as she emerged from the back.

“What the hell is VPL?” my father piped up.

“Visible Panty Lines!” Roxie and I laughed as my father hit a shade not far off crimson on his face from embarrassment.

my credit card Cara. I've gotta go pick my tuxedo up. I'll pick you up outside here in 15 minutes. Be ready,” he said as he rushed out of the shop.

I left the shop with three bags of clothes, a glowing smile and an evil plan.

I was standing in front of the mirror pinning my long amber tresses to one side of my head, letting them flow down over my left breast, leaving my right shoulder, arm and breast completely exposed. I applied my eye makeup in an Egyptian style and put my lashes on as my father knocked my door giving me the thirty minute warning.

I started to hurry as I still had to get the bustier on and laced up. I started with putting my five-inch-heel black patent leather stilettos. I then draped the silk skirt over my hips shifting it into position on my right hip and clasping it closed with the diamond gun, leaving very little to one's imagination. The bustier was loosely laced courteously of Miss Roxie. I slipped it over my head and down over my breasts, pulling them up into position. It took me twenty minutes to lace the damn thing but it was worth it. The girls were out on show and they were looking very happy, almost falling out of the bustier. I thought to myself perhaps a bigger size would have been better…nah. I looked edible.

I fixed my hair as I walked over to the mirror and caught a look at myself; I took my own breath away. I looked so grown up…so sultry…so sluttish…so ME! I laughed as my father knocked on my door again shouting about time.

“Come in, I’m almost ready. Just gotta grab my bag and put my bracelet and earrings on,” I shouted as I finished dabbing perfume in specific places, behind the ears, neck, collar bone, cleavage, crease of the arms, wrists and behind my knees.

he shouted.

“Is that good or bad?” I looked up at him, well down with these heels on.

He stood staring at me with his mouth open.

I started to get impatient.

“Erm…Cara you look beautiful. Grown up. Very grown up. The limousine is outside, are you ready?” he blinked and closed his mouth regaining his composure.

“Yeah, let's go…” I chirped excitedly.

The limo driver had the same look on his face as my father. I guess the bustier works well or is it the skirt? Maybe both… I thought to myself as we sat in silence in the limousine on the way to the hotel for the event.

behave. And no more than five drinks. We know how you get when you're drunk,” my father lectured me as we pulled up to the hotel; he had just made a major mistake.

“Of course Father. I always I smiled a sinister smile at him as the door opened and the driver took my hand to help me out.

My father rushed behind me and took my arm leading me inside, like some trophy on his arm to be shown off and passed around his colleagues.

Let the games begin I thought to myself.

We got drinks at the bar before he took me around to show me off to every single person he had ever worked with. His boss, the main man of the company was the very last person I would meet that night. My father had a sinister plan of his own that was about to backfire majorly and he didn’t even see it coming.

He grabbed the top of my arm pulling me away from the bar throwing me into the direct path of his boss. I landed chest first into him, my hands on his chest, our noses touching, the over powering smell of his heavy cologne and whiskey emanating from him.

“Oh, I am so sorry; I must have tripped over something.” I apologized before turning and drawing my father a dirty look.

“Don't worry about it my dear; I'm glad I was the one here to catch you. What is your name, my love? Or is it that angels that fall from heaven have no names?” He smiled an eerie smile.

“This is my daughter Mr. Johnson. This is he father butted in, smiling widely at him.

“Well…you have a lovely daughter MacDonald. A very nice daughter… It's nice to run into you Cara.” he laughed.

“As I'm sure it's nice to meet you…Mr. Johnson was it?” I held my hand out.

me Jack. Mr. Johnson is my father and what my employees call me. And I would certainly know if you were one of my employees.” He took my hand and kissed it gently. I felt him inhaling my scent, and I smiled.

“May I have my hand back?” I looked over at him with a coy smile and flirty eyes.

“May I have this dance?” he stared back into my innocent looking dusty blue/grey eyes awaiting my response.

I nodded, walking behind him as he led me to the dance floor still holding onto my hand. Everyone was watching our every move, even the people around us that were already dancing. A slow song came on as we reached a space on the crowed dance floor; he placed my hand on his shoulder before he slid one hand around onto the small of my back pulling me close to him. Our bodies moving as one to the beat of the music, we made small talk at the beginning before just letting the music sweep over us and looked into each other’s eyes.

He put my other hand on his opposite shoulder; both my arms around his neck, his other hand ran down my exposed leg and back up round to my perky ass cheeks.

''That little outfit you’re wearing is breaking every heart in here tonight, you know that, he whispered in my ear before licking it.

I jumped slightly, not expecting his strong advancements, raising my eyebrow at him with a little smirk. He smiled back at me as he rubbed his hand over my right ass cheek grasping it before caressing my little puckering star. Everyone knew what he was doing but not one person would say or do anything. It showed me how much power this man really had.

The song ended and his hands appeared where they should have been throughout the dance, at my waist and lower back.

“You know, my love, your father is one of the candidates for a big promotion. I told everyone I would announce my decision on Monday. It would nearly double his earnings with the salary increase and stock options. Maybe you can help me decide.” He whispered in my ear as he held me VERY close in the middle of the dance floor.

“Follow me…” I replied, taking his hand and leading him away from the dance floor.

I went to the bar asking for a bottle of champagne and two glasses, handing the bottle to Jack as I took the glasses from the bartender. I led him to the coatroom pushing the door open, checking no one was inside; I pulled him inside and locked the door behind him. I pushed him against the back wall hard with all my force as I kissed him passionately, my tongue darting in and out of his mouth trailing down his neck.

I looked up at him, teasing; I got on my knees and rubbed him gently with my hands and fingers as I licked my lips smiling.

I quickly unbuckled, unzipped and de-pantsed him before he got a chance to argue or answer my previous question. His cock popped out almost slapping me in the face with its hardness. I took it in hand and stroked slowly as I licked and teased the tip which was already moist with pre-cum. I took the tip in my mouth as I stroked faster, running my tongue over the underside in a zig zag motion. I stopped as he got too excited too quickly and went on to lick the shaft from the base to the tip in the same zig zag motion, covering it completely in my spit before taking his whole cock in my mouth, rocking back and forth slowly.

“OH Cara!” he wailed.

I looked up watching him, watching me.

I caressed his balls, rolling them in my hand as I started to suck with purpose and intention. Working my tongue on the underside of his cock as my mouth took care of the rest; I felt his balls draw up just before he started moaning and grunting loudly.

Spurts of warm, salty watery spunk ran down my throat and I lapped it up, sucking and rubbing, making sure to milk him dry. I pulled his cock out and slapped it across my face a couple of time before finally licking and sucking the tip for the last traces of his man juice.

I sat on the floor looking up at him with a twinkle in my eyes as I wiped my mouth. He was looking back down at me with a smile and a glimmer of love in his eyes. He helped me to my feet before putting his trousers back on, then went on to open the champagne and pour us both a glass to toast our new friendship. The smell of sex and alcohol was overpowering the small coatroom as we stood looking at each other, stealing kisses and caressing each other.

“I have a room upstairs if you want to continue this in private, my angel?” he said quietly, looking at his feet expecting me to shoot his advancements down.

“Okay, Jack. Let me go get my handbag and tell my he cut me off before I got to finish.

“I'll take care of your father whilst you get your bag.” he said sternly.

He took my hand pulling me towards him with such force, kissing me hard and passionately almost ripping my head clean off. We left the coatroom separately, Jack heading towards my father as I went to our table to retrieve my handbag before meeting back up at the elevator as planned.

/> “What did you say to my father?” I smirked as we stood in the elevator heading to his penthouse suite.

“Well…can he really refuse me? After all I can deny him the promotion if I do not want him to get it.” He flashed an evil grin my way as he fondled my ass.

''Guess I whispered while I kissed and nibbled on his neck.

The elevator pinged as we reached the penthouse suite; the sound of jazz music emanated from the lounge, ‘Miles Davis – Green in blue’ was playing as I turned to walk out of the elevator. I was shocked to see Roxie standing in front of us in a silk bath robe, tied under her luscious and perky tits, her damp blonde hair trailing over her shoulders. She was holding three glasses of champagne. I turned quickly looking at Jack then back to Roxie.

“What the hell?” I stammered.

“This is my lovely wife Roxanne, do you know one another?” he smirked, knowing full well we knew each other.

He led me out of the elevator and over towards Roxie to get my glass of champagne. I looked at Roxie raising my eyebrows at her as she submissively put her head down. I sat down on the large sofa as Jack disappeared into another room; Roxie followed behind me, sitting close beside me, running her hand up my thigh. The scent of her freshly washed hair and body washed over me, violet, jasmine and ylang ylang.

“Cara…I did not know. I swear to you. He told me he was bringing someone up, but wasn't specific…if I had known I would have told you,” she sighed as she played with her champagne with her index finger.

“Hmm…I don't believe you; you picked this outfit out knowing I was going somewhere formal with my father. Didn't you think it could be a possibility your husband might be bringing me up here?” I scowled at her.

She looked over at me about to respond when I pounced on her, kissing her hard and fast, taking her breath away. The glass of champagne slipped from her hand clinking as it hit the floor as I pushed her onto her back, our lips still locked in a passionate and fiery embrace. Jack was standing in the doorway watching us quietly as my hand slid between her splayed legs gently caressing her clean shaven, moist, puffy lips, tracing and teasing circles on her thighs and lips.

Jack cleared his throat to get our attention.

Roxie please leave us, you know what you are to do…” He motioned towards the elevator with his eyes.

“Cara, please come into the bedroom, my love,” he smiled holding out his arm.

I walked towards him as Roxie got into the elevator with her robe on; I placed my hand into Jack's hand so he could lead the way. He opened the door into the master bedroom which was like another hotel room in itself; the room was lit with over fifty candles giving it a romantic ambience. A good atmosphere for what we were going to be doing.

He took me to the floor length windows, standing behind me, his arms moved around my waist caressing the leather bustier as he was kissing my neck; I rubbed my ass against his crotch in response.

“Look down Roxie. Do you know where she is going, Angel?” he asked as he nibbled on my earlobe.

is she going?” I mumbled as we watched Roxie walking away from the hotel wearing only that silk robe on the foggiest night I had seen this year.

“To your house, to your father's bed…to fuck his brains out…Just like I'm going to do to his little girl. It will be like he's fucking he smugly pronounced, biting on my neck and rubbing my inner thigh.
I turned to face him, pushing him back and standing in front of him to untie his bowtie, undoing the top buttons on his shirt, pushing the tuxedo jacket off his shoulders onto the floor at the foot of the bed. He stood watching me undress him slowly; replacing his clothes with butterfly kisses and play bites from me. As he stood before me nude, I stepped back looking over at him standing there in all his naked glory, I noticed a trail of ruby red lipstick where my mouth had previously been covering his body.

I walked back over to him, running my hands up and down his chest before slamming them against him, knocking him onto his back on the super king size bed. I pulled my skirt to the side revealing my bald, clean shaven mound as I crawled up the bed between his legs, running my tongue and hands up his thighs and over his already hard cock, teasing him before I straddled his waist. He glared up at me in shock and pissed off because he was not in control in anyway whatsoever. I hovered over his face dangling the lace of the bustier over his mouth as his hands rubbed up and down my silky smooth thighs.

“Untie it!” I demanded.

He reached up with both hands to pull on the laces of the bustier, only for me to grab both arms pulling them up beside his head and forcefully pinning them there.

“BITE IT!” I shouted.

He closed his mouth around the lace, biting on it as I pulled away from him. It started to loosen around my breasts with the pressure.

“Do not move your arms!”

I started to grind on his rock hard cock as I loosened the rest of the bustier until my tits were freed from their restraint. I reached around my waist to unclasp my skirt throwing it down onto the floor before I allowed Jack finally to grab my ass and tits.

“Calm down Jack, we've got all night and I need you to be hard all night!” I said as I got off him and went to the closet.

“Well, what do we have here?” I pulled a pair of handcuffs, restraints and a whip out of the closet and walk over to the bed.

“Arms above your head NOW!” I demanded as I clicked the handcuffs on his wrists and around the headboard.

“Who's been a naughty boy then?” I hit my hand with the whip.

“I have! I've been a filthy, naughty boy!” he cried out and giggled.

I got back on top of him, stroking his hard cock at my slick opening, rubbing the tip back and forth, making it wet and slick from my dripping, aching pussy before allowing him to enter me. I reached between my legs spreading my lips as I guided his fat cock into my tight, wet sex. I slowly lowered down onto him, hearing him let out a low gravely groan as I did. I made small circular rotations with my hips in a clockwise motion, grinding our pelvic bones together as my body got used to his cock and how to make him twitch.

I used the whip to tease his body, running it down his face, neck and chest before lightly whipping him across the chest. I started to bounce on his cock hard and fast, my tits bouncing in rhythm, slapping against myself, echoing around the room. I played with my nipples as I rode him, bringing him to the point of ecstasy quickly. I pulled on his nipples as I bounced hard on him. I leaned down, kissing him hard, our tongue entangled.

me I need it so bad, my angel.” I stopped and sat still atop him as he begged me to send him over the edge.

“No…you have to make ME cum first.” I smirked climbing off his raging hard cock.

I squatted over his face lowering my pussy onto his mouth; he began licking and sucking on my clit before probing me with his very skilled tongue, circling on my clit making me let out tiny screams of joy and ecstasy. I gripped onto his thighs as I began to cum on his mouth and tongue.

I climbed off Jack's mouth, releasing him from the handcuffs and put them on one of my wrists as I climbed onto the bed on my knees. He pulled my arms clasping the other cuff around my other wrist restraining my arms behind my back.

“You are MINE now! I will do as I please with you, and you will like it if you know what’s good for you and your he cackled, slapping me across the face with the back of his hand, my head landing face first onto the bed.

He pulled my hips towards him, thrusting his pulsing member inside me, ravishing me, making me scream out in pleasure and pain. He was holding onto my restrained arms as leverage, pulling and pushing me, hard, fast and rough throwing me around like a doll. He pulled me close to him, slapping my ass hard as he groaned. Warm spurts exploded inside me as he shook and grasped onto my ass and arms. He continued to fuck me, reaching around to my clit rubbing in time with his hard pounding thrusts making me squirm and squeal. I started to go off like a firecracker before I slumped onto the bed twitching as he pulled out of my now highly sensitive pussy.

The smell of vanilla, sweat and sex swirled all around the room as a trickle of our cum ran down my thigh from my pussy as I was released from the handcuffs.

He walked out of the bedroom leaving me lying on the bed spent. I could hear him talking on the phone faintly with Roxie. He was asking how my father performed when there was a knock at the door and a young bellboy appeared pushing a cart with three bottles of chilling champagne, strawberries, cream, chocolate sauce and oysters.

I knew this night was not over, not over by a long shot.

End Of Part I

story by: Sybil_62

Tags: masturbation blowjob erotica exhibitionism job/place-of-work bi-sexual anal cheating hardcore threesome domination/submission bondage and restriction female/female fantasm discipline oral sex older male / female female domination bdsm male domination authoritarian gothic sex story cuckold written by women sado-masochism

Author: Sybil_62

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