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I leaned against my locker talking to kacie from my English class. it was the period after lunch and we had eaten together. the bell woke us up from our conversation. I quickly checked I had the right books and took off for next period which was across the building. it wasn't a class I wanted to be late was math I couldn't do algebra if you paid me but I didn't mind looking at ms. parker's backside as she wrote problems on the board. she was 28 and it was her second year teaching here at my school. my whole schedule as a senior was pretty easy except for her class so I was surprised I was doing poorly finally got there and tried to slink into my seat without being noticed but it didn't go well. she turned and gave me a glare but I just sat down and took out my books. I looked at her as I doodled in my book. she was average height with dark brown hair and nice tan skin.her tits were really nice the perfect size not too big not too small perfect she had one of the most gorgeous asses ive ever seen a perfect bubble and long toned legs. I loved the perfect view I had as she wrote on the board, she finished writing a problem on the board and announced she was going to hand back the tests. she went around and when she got too me she bent down to put it on my desk I got a nice view down her shirt. I was snapped back to reality when she said I think you're having trouble with the material I would like to speak to you after class. as much as I wanted to spend time with her this wasn't the way knowing that the next step after that was calling my parents.the rest of the class passed without incident. I walked up to her after she said she wouldn't tell my parents but I had to come to her for after school tutoring because she didn't want to fail me I said I would be there and left. the rest of the day passed without incident I showed up to room 24 at 5 o'clock just like she asked. she was sitting in her chair with her glasses on she looked really hot. she looked up when I came in and said have a sea.ti sit right in front of her desk. she said to me what is the problem? I said ive never really understood math. she said do you know you're in danger of not getting a diploma I said I knew and it worried me. she furled her eyebrows for a couple seconds. Kevin would U wanna make a deal that would be our secret and if utake it ill pass U. I nodded sure sounds great
she came over and sat on the desk right in front of me she said Kevin if you fu ck me until i cum ill pass you. I blinked a couple times I was dumbfounded I was being asked if would rather fail math or fuck the hottest teacher i'd ever seen I blushed a lil and said that would be a really good deal ms. parker she smiled well kevin what are u waiting for? i stood up and looked at her she had her glasses on and hair down i waked over and rubbed my hand on her leg she ran her finger down my chest take off ur shirt i happily obliged she started undoing my zipper as she looked up at me she dropped my jeans and smiled at the bulge already in my pants. i looked at her and started unbuttoning her shirt i got it undone and opened it don't take all my clothes off ok? in case someone walks in u can unhook my bra from the front i did and pushed it aside her gorgeous tits were right in front of me her nipples were tiny but i went to rub and squeeze her tits pushing my fingers together around her nipples. she let out a little bit of a satisfied moan she pulled up her skirt to reveal a red thong which i pulled off her pussy i could see she was a little wet already and slid my finger in i pushed it in and out and she smiled and said i don't want ur finger i smiled i dropped my boxers as she laid back on the desk i got on and lifted her leg in the air as i slid in she moaned deeply and started to fuck her hard mmm that's it kevin i massaged her tits as i pounded her she urged me on to go harder with deep moans and her pussy squeezing my dick she closed her eyes and moaned hard as i pounded her she seemed really close to cumming when she said wait baby pull out she rolled over and popped that gorgeous ass up in the air i grabbed it with both hands and she had been so wet my dick was dripping and i slid it in hard and she screamed with pleasure as i pounded her i slid my hand into her pussy soon her oh gods and moans got louder deeper and more often soon she clamped down and moaned so loud as she was cummin hard i pounded her and didn't let up and i could tell she liked it soon she was panting with my dick in her ass she turned around and said that was so good i have a present for you sit up here she said as she got on my knees and swallowed my dick in one gulp she went up and down cleanin it off with her mouth and jerking it with one hand im gonna cum ms. parker i know kevin she said and didn't let up i started to cum and she didn't skip a beat and swallowed it all she stood up wiped some off her chin and started buttoning her shirt that was a lot of fun kevin don't worry about the diploma she gave me a big kiss on the lips she fixed her skirt took her briefcase and left the next day in class she winked and i had to really try not to have to run to the bathroom and jerk off i wish i had failed a test earlier in the year[

story by: killermoves

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Author: killermoves

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