His property part three

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The next few days, Max just let me alone and let me recover and think about our encounter. He was older than I and I got the feeling he was training me to be a full fledged cock whore. After three days had passed he informed me that we were going site seeing in the desert. He had rented a four wheel drive truck and we were going to pack a picnic lunch and just go driving through the desert. He had mapped out a place we would spend the night out under the open stars, just the two of us. IT sounded wonderful and refreshing as I loved the desert and always had.
We packed up our food and supplies and were about to get ready to leave when he came in and laid a few things down on the bed. One was a very strange looking thong like device he told me to put on underneath my hiking shorts. He watched as I rather sheepishly complied to his wishes. Next he ordered me to remove my bra and stand up before him while he placed two lightly weighted nipple clamps on me. As I was turning away from him to step back into my shorts he asked if I would like to see what the device would do. Without further warning he turned it on and strong vibrations surged through my cunt focusing on the sensitive area around my clit. My knees buckled and I sagged to the bed as the first wave of a powerful orgasm hit my body. was all I could manage before he increased the speed and the feelings intensified leaving me twitching helplessly at his feet. Max smiled to himself and turned the device off. ya like that?” I still couldn’t quite focus but I think I smiled and mumbled something. not through yet, he said as he reached in the drawer and pulled out my harness and butt plug. “Put this on too,” he ordered . He watched with a supreme look of lust and satisfaction as I lubed up the plug and stepped into the rig. He pulled the adjusting straps up good and snug and squeezed each of my butt cheeks in his hands before reaching to push the anal dildo deeper into my ass. I stood there in his arms naked except for the adornments he had demanded that I wear as he kissed me. I could feel every inch of his hard muscles through his clothing. “Want another demo? He asked as he turned the vibe on low. My clit engorged with blood was getting more and more sensitive as I moaned and humped his thigh. I wanted him to take me right there but I knew he wouldn’t; he just wanted me so hot I’d agree to do anything while we drove around.
go,” he chimed and turned abruptly and headed for the truck. I managed to get my clothes back on and follow him out locking the door behind me. My tee shirt was tight and anyone that looked could see the nipple clamps and weights. They tugged and joustled on my chest as he took pains to hit every bump and pot hole in the road. With each rough bump we crossed the clamps and butt plug reminded me that this was not going to be any ordinary ride. I knew he had something planned and was beginning to sweat as much from anticipation of what he wanted as I was from the heat of the Las Vegas sun bearing down on us in the open cab of the truck. Soon however, we left the confines of the city and were rolling out across the desert towards Pahrump. The day was hot and there was not another car on the road. I wanted to tan so I took my tee off and relished the feel of the wind hot on my bare breasts. Max kept running off the road stealing glances at my naked tits. Occasionally he would reach across and cop a feel. The combination of being topless in broad daylight and exposed to any eyes was keeping me horny. My pussy was sopping wet and I wanted Max to fuck me right there. I slid down into the seat and undid his zipper and took his fat cock out to play with. I held his dick in my hand and licked up and down the sides like I was eating an ice cream cone. Finally after several groans from him I slipped the fat head of his dick in my mouth and began to suck it, swirling my tongue over his pee hole and around the ridged sides where it joined his shaft. he gasped as he eased up enough I could pull his balls out of his shorts too. I began licking them and gently pulled the loose skin of his sac with my teeth before sucking first one nut then the other into my mouth. I loved watching his cock throb in mid air as I did this. His precum glistened on the throbbing head as I continued to suck his balls. “Get naked,” he ordered without slowing down one bit. I slid my shorts down and turned to him and opened my legs teasing him with the sight of my shaven cunt, lips open and slick with my desire for his dick. He sucked two fingers into his own mouth and shoved them into my eager pussy. He held his hand still as I shamelessly thrust myself onto his hand, fucking back and forth, getting myself even hotter for his waiting prick. “Fuck me,” I ordered as I pulled myself off of his hand and slid naked across the seat to straddle his dick while he raced down the highway. I reached beneath myself and grasp his cock as I shifted down into his lap. The strap from my butt plug harness made my pussy opening narrow and tighter as he thrust hungrily up to meet me. This was the first time we had had sex since my gang bang and I was aching with want. He plunged into my cunt and I pushed down onto him, bucking and twisting to increase sensations for us both. A truck load of teenagers passed going the opposite direction and announced their appreciation of the scene with a loud rebel yells and honking their horn. Max kept on fucking me unperturbed by the witnesses. Emboldened by my lust, I caught the driver’s eye as he passed and held his gaze as Max thrust into me. I could see the boy’s lust as he looked from my eyes to my bouncing tits exposed for him and his buddies as we fucked broad daylight down the middle of the hiway. It was magnificent. Max took his hand off the steering wheel just long enough to turn on the vibe. It’s high pitched whine could be heard over the roar of the truck engine and the wind as it sent chills deep through my clit and pussy. Even Max moaned as the little machine savagely hummed against my mons and clitoris. I grabbed Max in opened eyed surprise as the beginnings of my orgasm took ahold of me. My cunt walls convulsed and clenched Max’s driving cock as he jammed it deep into me before unleashing his load of sperm. “It’s too much, “ I screamed over the roar of the truck as I came. I thrashed around so that I almost made us have a wreck as I kept knocking Max’s hands off the steering wheel. He finally could grab the remote and turn the vibrator off. I slumped up against him unable to move and uncaring who saw. Max pulled over and held me as I gasped to catch my breath. Finally I moved off his dick and slipped back into my seat. “Can I put my clothes back on?” better, he laughed, “or that truck load of boys behind us may be incited into a full blown riot. They’ll be jerking off for years thinking about the show you just put on.” I glanced over the headrest on the seat and sure enough about forty yards behind us sat four teenage boys completely still and silent in a truck behind us. I grinned and waved at them as Max pulled back onto the highway leaving them in our trail of dust.
We drove on the rest of the afternoon admiring the beautiful red rock formations and the qiet emptiness of the open desert. As the sun began to set, he pulled down a dirt road that ran adjacent to a long winding stand of scraggly looking trees. “Where there’s trees, there has got to be some water.” Sure enough, we found a small pool of water that was fed by a tiny trickle flowing from the rocks above. How about we camp here? Excellent as it really was a beautiful spot.
We unloaded our sleeping bags and started a small fire to cook over then explored the pool to see if it was free of snakes and we could swim. It was and we couldn’t wait to go skinny dipping. We dove off the rocks and into the cool water and dunked each other and kissed and generally had a great time. We were cuddled together leaned up against a rock as the sun set. Beginning to feel the coming chill of night, we stepped out of the water and dried off . I slipped into one of Max’s oversized flannel shirts which fit me like a dress and began to cook our hamburgers as he stretched out on the sleeping bag and drank a beer. As the moon came up we ate and talked and enjoyed the immensity of the night sky. Beer always makes Max horny so soon he was making passes and flirting with me.
“Hey, little girl, got anything on under that shirt?” He asked as I stood to walk towards him.
Slowly to tease him, I hiked the shirt up just enough that he could almost see my pussy but not quite. ‘Under here? Why don’t you look for yourself.” I stood over him and pulled the shirt up and off leaving me fully naked and glowing in the moonlight. I straddled him and positioned my open slit right above his nose wanting him to eat me. He cupped my ass in his hand and buried his mouth in my cunt, licking and pulling on my clit and outer lips. I kept my pussy clean shaven all of the time now as that was his preference. He sucked and pulled down on my labial lips before sticking his tongue deep in my tunnel to fuck me in and out with it. I squatted down more to allow him a deeper access and arched my hips forward wanting him to fill my cunt with his tongue. He reached up with his hand and stuck his fat fingers in my mouth. I sucked them greedily, moving my mouth up and down on them to match the rhtym of his tongue in my cunt. “ooohh baby” I moaned and humped further down on his mouth, holding his head by the hair. “Yes, baby. You’re gonna make me cum.” I exclaimed as felt my vaginal walls start to expand and contract. He pulled his fingers from my mouth and pushed them between my cunt lips deep into my pussy. I could feel them jabbing against my cervix and moaned even louder, as I ground my hips downward in a circular motion. As I came Max sat up and moved me to the sleeping bag. He laid me down on my back and I spread my legs wide to help him get his dick into my open waiting cunt. He slicked the head of his cock with spit and began rubbing his dick up and down my slit, teasing me with it. I begged, “put it in. I want you to fuck me.” He grunted as he smacked my clit with the head of his cock. He rubbed it up and down my slit a few more times before plunging into my tunnel. I raised my hips to meet his thrust and squirmed under him in pleasure. God, his dick felt good. Max sat up on his knees with his cock encased in my fuck sheath and let it soak while he looked down at me, savoring the sight of my erect nipples in the moonlight. “I love you you know,” he said, as he began to rock back and forth in my cunt. “I love you too,” I replied as we were locked together. “Nah, you just love my dick. I’m just convenient for you.” “Yes, you are,” I answered, “and, yes, I DO love your dick, especially when it’s in me like this. We began to move against each other increasing our rhythm and pace and depth of our thrusts. His breathing was becoming ragged as he pounded faster and faster, his cock head slamming hard into my cervix. His balls slapped against my ass hole as I arched my ass higher and higher to meet his dick. With a final growl, he slameed me hard upon the ground and shoved his fat throbbing fuck meat deep as he could get it. I felt the first wave of his cum splashing against my cervical opening. It was hot and sticky and sent me right into an orgasm. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him tightly to me shoving my finger in his tight asshole. I masssaged his prostate and he sighed and moaned as more and more of his ejaculate spurted out of his pulsing cock and into my womb. When he was through, he slumped down on me af ew seconds before rolling carefully over onto his back. He kept me positioned so that I was still pronged on his cock as he held me close and kissed me. I still could feel his cock throbbing in me as the big head of it nestled against my cervix. I kept contracting and relaxing my pussy muscles to keep his cock semi-hard and in me.
Max trailed his hands up and down my spine before grabbing me by the ass and pulling me pussy down on him hard. He ground his dick up into me and told me to suck him clean. I grinned at him before sliding off and down to get my hungry mouth around his slimey cum covered cock. He tasted so good of both of our cum mingled together. I sucked his head clean, then moved to the shaft and licked and cleaned him there good before proceeding to his balls. “Tongue me.” I slipped lower to accommodate his wishes and licked and tongued his ass. He held his balls up and out of my way as I worked my tongue in and out of his anal opening. His moans intensified as I thrust my tongue in ever increasing depth into him. In and out, in and out, I kept my tongue busy darting in to tease his ass and prostate. I looked up to see his cock hard and jutting up against his body in the moonlight. He had never looked so good to me as he did that night. I got up on all fours and offered him my ass. His teeth gleamed in the light as he smiled and moved to spit in his hand for lube. He jammed his dick in my cunt to get it more lubricated from our previous fucking and made several good pounding strokes in me before pulling out and switching his attention to my asshole. “I love fucking your ass. It’s so tight.” “MMMMMM, I love you fucking my ass. Your dick is so big and hard. It makes me feel so owned.” He got up from behind me and went and got my vibe. I quickly pulled it on and nestled it up against my aching clit. He repositioned himself behind me and turned the vibe on. Immediately I clinched as I felt the vibrations shaking my insides in rhythmic pulsations. Just as I clinched he shoved the fat head of his cock through my anal opening. Slowly as the vibrator thrilled us both, he worked his dick into me inch by slow inch relishing in the sensations and pre-orgasmic contractions I was having. “Ready for full speed?” he asked as he flipped the knob over to extra high. I felt like a bolt of electricity had shoved through my groin. I began to tremble uncontrollably as he groaned and fucked deeper into my ass. He plunged hard and fast, doubling his rhythm and force. The vibrations sending me into orbit was turning my ass into a vibrating gloved hand jacking his dick off deep in my body. “Ohhhh baby,” he kept repeating as his sweat dripped down onto my back covering me. ‘Yeah, fuck. He thrust and fucked and pounded me harder and harder. I could not stand anymore. The remote controlled vibrator with its high toned scream was bringing forth an eruption from deep within me. I began to squirt my cum and buck against his body. He continued to slam his dick into me finally reaching his limit. he growled as his cock pulsated and spewed his semen filling me with spunk. He continued his steady fucking while his cock throbbed and shot stream after stream of cum. He filled my anus and then it ran down my legs sticking us together in our exhaustion. The rest of the night we lay together under the stars in a deep and exhausted sleep.

story by: lemonjuice

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Author: lemonjuice

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