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Well it all happens when 2 people who are attracted to each other with out knowing!
On a sunny Tuesday afternoon and regular conversations about life and work turns to a more sexual nature.
Let me start off by saying that I work in the auto parts industry so there is always men around but none you really want to date, marry or have a sexual encounter with!
The new store manager is a funny caring guy that is easy on the eyes and very understanding I could get lost in his blue eyes and captivating smile. I noticed him the first day he was there and introduced himself to us all. I'm kinda shy and not very confident in myself or my looks. No I'm not dog ugly but not a model. I have long dark hair, blue eyes and I'm kinda thick. A co-worker of ours looks at the new schedule and popped up and said that he wanted to fuck me on a night we were closing together and I looked at him and told him that wouldn't happen in his best dreams. I later mentioned to my new boss that he would have a better chance of getting into my pants then my co-worker did. And that's when it all started he texted me and asked how good of a chance? And I asked why he wanted to know? He said I'm extremely curious? So we text to each other a lot over the next few days and we talk explicitly on sexual things and how much he likes pussy and wanted to see and taste mine so I sent him a pic of as he called it "the good stuff" I shave and nair any hair from the waist down. So there is no hair and you can see everything in a pic. He told me that it was awesome and he wanted it! the next day any chance he got he would brush against me and cop whatever feel he could, not knowing that he was making me hotter and hotter every time! All I could do is blush and smile all day. As he was leaving he pulls me into him and kisses me and I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter the more he did he then works his hand down the front of me and feeling the good stuff through my jeans he undoes the button and zipper to get a feel of it and realizes that I am soaking wet and is excited to see the effects he was having on me. All I could think about is how much I wanted him to take me and satisfy me and himself right there but the risk of being caught was to high so he decides to change the schedule so that we would be alone in the store together on Saturday morning! Saturday morning came we got into work did the paperwork, met the delivery man with our load of freight for the day. Once all the boring stuff was done we had some play time before we opened. He said "I honestly thought you were going to back out on me I thought you might be scared". The look on my face said I wasn't scared and he liked that. He pulled me close kissed me and rubbed his hands up and down my body. I was in absolute heaven because I felt wanted and sexy. We then started scouting for our place that we would have our fun. We checked out the office and the break room. We decided on the break room, and use the table. He looked me up and down and stripped the clothing from my body. As I stood there naked in front of him, he looked at me with a devilish grin. Then taking in his mouth one nipple then the other. I closed my eyes enjoying a man enjoying my body. He took his shirt of and continued to kiss me. He laid me down on the table and looked at me and told me "you have a pretty pussy has anyone ever told you that?" I answered "no". He took off his pants and pushed his rock had dick inside me and almost a shocked look came over his face as he was getting his grove he said "I didn't think it would be this tight" I answered with "I told you I wasn't wore out". I guess having two kids would make men think that. As we got into a groove he noticed that when I'm really enjoying myself I bite on my lips. He also commented on how nice my boobs bounce. They are not really big I'm a solid d cup. At some point he stops because we heard a noise thinking omg we are caught but it was the truck driver finally leaving the parking lot. So we go back to what we are doing this time he bends me over the table and hits my pussy from behind for a few minutes. I lay back down on the table he starts to eat my pussy and with in a few minutes my whole body is shaking in pleasure that sent me into a very satisfying climax. He stands back up and goes back to pushing his rock hard dick into me this time more aggressive and faster as he gets close he asks if I had my tubes tied and I have he says "good cause I'm going to cum in you" he finishes inside me and I can feel the release. All and all we had a very hot morning and I'll never be able to look at the break room table with out smiling and thinking of this awesome and REALLY HOT encounter at work! I'd like to thank my boss for such an incredible encounter and also for helping me write this with his input on the details and such. This is my first one so please be kind in the comments. I hope you enjoy reading this as I had a whole lot of fun doing it thanks so much love Kelli

story by: Kelli Greene

Tags: true story sex story

Author: Kelli Greene

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