My best friend – part one

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When I was nineteen, I was a freshman in college, and had just reconnected with an old friend of mine named Alex. We had gone to middle school together, but then to separate high schools, and hadn’t seen each other too much since. He was a year older than me, and we ran into each other on my second day of college. We were pretty much inseparable after that. We hung out on breaks between classes, weekends, and every other time we had free.
We were both pretty fit and around 5’7”. I had short, spiky hair and pretty pale skin, while his hair was longer and messier, and his skin more tanned. One of our favorite things to do was to play sports in the park, and it always turned into a competition. Whether it was football, soccer, tennis or anything else, it was always a competition. Try as I might, I could never consistently beat him. Only every once in a while would I beat him.
That’s how it all started. We had been hanging out in the park playing tennis, and it had been an intense match. The sun was sweltering, and we had both taken off our shirts. That happened a lot during the summer. After an intense match, I came away with a super close victory, and we sat on the bench next to the court cooling off. We ended up getting into his truck and driving to my house a couple miles away.
We didn’t bother putting our shirts back on once we got there. We just sat on the couch and watched tv for a while while we cooled off. This wasn’t anything new. It wasn’t anything sexual or anything. We were both straight, and it was normal for us when we exhausted and trying to relax. We were both still dripping with sweat, and I got up to grab a towel so we could at least wipe our faces. I turned around to hand him the towel, and found myself face to face with Alex.
up man? Need something?” I asked him.
“Just you,” he said with a smirk.
It was nothing new to make gay jokes like that at each other. We did shit like that to each other all the time. I laughed and tried to step around him, but he sidestepped so that he stayed in my way.
“Come on man, watch it.”
With no warning, he just planted a kiss on me. I was so shocked, so taken aback that it was three or four seconds before I realized what was happening. By that time, he was running his tongue across my lips (I hadn’t parted my lips for him). I pushed him away, appalled.
“Dude, what the fuck?”
“Come on man, it’s cool.”
“No, it definitely isn’t. The fuck are you thinking man?!”
He went in for another kiss, but I was ready this time and dodged him. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me closer to him before I could stop him and tried again. I pushed away, but he was stronger than me. He pulled me in and forced his lips onto mine. Finally, I managed to push him away again, my fingers brushing his nipples as I did so.
“Dude stop it. Come on man, quit.”
But he didn’t. He pulled me in again, more forcefully this time, and dragged my face close to his. He slapped me, hard.
“Quit resisting,” he said softly, and kissed me again.
I didn’t wanna get hit again, so I didn’t push him away. I hoped it I just let him kiss, he’d leave me alone after a few seconds. His tongue started rubbing against my lips again, then he forced it through my closed lips and into my mouth. I felt his tongue roaming around my mouth, exploring it, and I knew what he wanted. Wanting to avoid getting hit again, I started kissing back, though extremely halfheartedly. He began kissing me harder and more fiercely then pulled away and grabbed me through my shorts.
He began rubbing me through my shorts, and I could see his dick growing harder through his. I tried pushing him away again, but he drew back his arm as though to hit me and I stopped. He yanked my shorts down, and my boxers came with them. He pulled me into my bedroom and threw me, wearing nothing but my shoes, onto my bed. He pulled my shoes and socks off and forced his body onto me. He began kissing me still more passionately. He kicked his own shoes off and pulled his socks off, so that he was wearing only his shorts. I was still flaccid, but I could see that he was under his shorts. He got off of me, and grabbed my right leg. He began rubbing my foot against his face, licking it softly, then stuck my big toe in his mouth. He sucked on it for a while, then added another toe, then another, then another until half of my foot was in his mouth and he was sucking vigorously on it. It felt better than I had expected, and in spite of myself, my dick began to harden up.
He removed my foot and grabbed the other one, then rubbed them both against his dick through his shorts. He made me give him this forced footjob for a while, then dropped my feet and forced his body onto mine again. He began kissing me again, rubbing himself against me, his scent filling my nostrils. Even though we were both covered in sweat still, he didn’t smell bad.
After a few minutes of lying there while he kissed me, he got up and told me to get on my knees. I did so, worried about what he would want me to do. He sat on his bed, and told me to lick his feet. I must have made a face, because he kicked me in the stomach. I recoiled and stuck out my tongue. He shoved his foot into my mouth and made me suck on it. The taste wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was actually almost enjoyable if the situation wasn’t so fucked up.
He pulled me back onto his bed and laid me down on my back. He spread out my legs and began licking my asshole. It tickled in a subtle sort of way, and my dick began perking up again, and again, it was in spite of myself. By the time he was done, my dick was fully erect.
“Come on man, stop it,” I said.
He didn’t of course. Instead, he made us switch positions, and made me lick his asshole. Luckily, it seemed like he kept it clean, but I still couldn’t get over what I was doing. Once his asshole was nice and wet, we switched back and he grabbed my dick. He spit on it, and the warm saliva trickled down the shaft. He rubbed it in, making my dick sleek and shiny. Then, he finally pulled off his shorts and boxers. His dick wasn’t huge, about six inches long and average length. He slipped my dick up his ass, slowly at first, then, ever so slowly, deeper and deeper until it was all the way in. He began gyrating softly on it, then more vigorously, and in spite of myself, I enjoyed it. Really, I told myself, it wasn’t gay. It could just as easily have been a woman doing this. It’s not like he was fucking me or anything.
He got off of me and moved his face close to my dick. He licked the very tip of it, and sent shockwaves of pleasure up my body. He then wrapped his lick around my dick and sucked the tip, then went lower on it, then lower, until he had as much as he could handle. He bobbed up and down on it, bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. He must have known how close I was, because he let go just before I exploded.
He went to his nightstand and pulled out a small tube of lube. He rubbed it onto his dick and slid it into my ass. It shocked me and I moaned with pain, even with only the tip going in. I asked him to stop, but he ignored me, and pushed it in further. I cried out in pain, eyes watering, but he went further still. He went in balls deep, then threw the rest of his body onto me. He began fucking me and kissing me at the same time, gyrating vigorously on top of me. I hated it at first, but the longer he fucked me, the more enjoyable it became. Eventually my back was arching and my toes were curling with pleasure. I had gone from begging him to stop to begging him for more.
He slid out and told me to get back on my knees. I did so, almost willingly now, and he shoved the tip of his dick into my mouth. He slid it all the way in, and I gagged. My eyes watered again, but it was with enjoyment this time. I sucked his dick enthusiastically, going as deep as I could. It was wonderful, and he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down even deeper.
He came, unexpectedly. My mouth filled with hot, salty cum, and he pulled his dick out of my mouth and squirted two loads all over my face, in addition to what was already in my mouth. He kissed me again, and transferred the cum from my mouth into his. He then slid my dick back into his ass and had me fuck him again. I couldn’t hold it in, and I came straight into his ass. I shot four loads into his ass and he pulled himself off of me, then told me to lick the cum out of his ass. I did so, and he told me to stick my tongue out. As I did it, he licked the cum off my tongue and swallowed it. By this point, the pleasure had overcome both of us, and we fell, smiling, into each other’s arms. We slid under the covers and began making out, cum still all over my face, and rubbing our naked bodies together, our feet intertwined, our sweat mingling together. It was a perfect moment until we heard a loud throat-clear from the doorway, and saw my dad standing there, glaring judgmentally at us.


story by: jeremymaxxx

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Author: jeremymaxxx

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