Hot spanish nights – part 1

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These are the continuing misadventures of my cyber wife Robyn who is a very busty blonde with an insatiable hunger for horny guys. She is a 5' 4" green eyed blonde with 36, 25, 35 figure and DD cups. This fantasy story is the start of our Spanish Holidays in our ‘Around the World in 28 Shags’ Series.

None of my stories are intended to offend in any way but are very deive and hardcore and cover many areas of fantasy.

Please do feel free to leave comments, both positive and negative which are all welcome or email me on with your comments or thoughts.

I hope you enjoy.

Hot Spanish Nights – Part 1

The flight to Malaga had been uneventful albeit noisy. It appeared to be full of either young men on stag party weekends or a few young couples devoted to each other. There was one group in particular that looked young and in their late teens, four of them being Asian, with one black who looked older and a white teen boy. But only were they rowdy on the flight, they were also cheeky and cocky and they were sitting next to my wife and I!!!

We had tried our best to ignore them, sipping ice cold beers looking forward to arriving in the sun but as they flight progressed they were becoming more rowdy. As usual I had seen many of the groups of boys and men ogling at my wife’s gorgeous figure on the flight particularly those that were sitting alongside us, some of whom couldn’t seem to take their eyes off my wife’s big fat breasts. As usual she had dressed for the weather we were expecting in Spain in skin tight denim shorts, sandals and a low cut green top which hugged her magnificent 38DD breasts.

Eventually the flight landed and as I had booked direct with the Companies we did not need to wait for any travel reps, instead we broke away from the other passengers and the young rowdy men as we went directly to the taxi stand, having collected our bags, and instructed the driver to take us to the Sol hotel where we were staying in Torremolenus. Around 15 minutes later we were checking into our one bedroom apartment that overlooked the large pool and grassed areas in the centre of the complex. Huge palm tress adorned the gardens and cast long shadows across the grass and pool area. I immediately cracked open two ice cold beers and we sat on the balcony watching the evening draw in. The hotel was quiet as the sun died in the evening sky and we were enjoying the peace. But, as we might have expected, the peace and quiet was suddenly broken by the familiar ramblings of the group of young men we had encountered on the plane. They were obviously in a three bed apartment in the same block, in fact as it turned out it just below ours. I had a feeling that this may not be such a quiet relaxing week after all.

Robyn and I watched as they sauntered along with path gallously making remarks and comments at whatever they saw that appeared even mildly funny to them. All were dressed in football tops, with a selection of Man Utd, Liverpool, Celtic and Newcastle. They were talking loudly about how they would have loved to join the ‘mile high’ club especially with that blonde with the fucking huge tits! Robyn immediately smiled at me and I saw her cheeks redden slightly. The noise disappeared momentarily until a balcony door opened in the apartment directly below us and we heard them again clearly now as their loud voices rose up to where we were sitting relaxing.

There was a lot of laughing and joking and the familiar sounds of beers cans being opened. Then the talking started.
“Fuck Arshad, you see them udders?”
“Man, they was /> “You would’ne naw what te dee with them Man!” Came a Scottish voice, “But I wid!”
“Fuck off, Mo Mo!”
“Ha Ha! I bet she could teach us though!”
“Benny would love to do them, wouldn’t you Mate?” There was a laugh.
“Benny would’ne know wit to de wi em, as he’s a virgin boy!” More laughing followed. “No, I’m not!” Came a younger voice protesting his disagreement against the last remark.
“Or a poof!” There was an embarrassed silence and a door being slammed as someone left the balcony below clearly in a huff.

I smiled and Robyn giggled softly at their conversation but I could see in her dazzling green eyes that her mind was racing. Now, was it her eyes, I pondered, or the fact that her nipples were out on stalks?! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

The young men quietened down after a while and went their separate ways for a drink . Robyn finished her beer and said she wanted to shower and get dressed for the evening, so I sat on the balcony reading a book as she entered the apartment.
I knew she had been shopping before the holiday and I knew she had been waiting for an excuse to wear her new red body. I watched over the top of my book as she did up the three studs at the crotch having eased her curves into the tight outfit, but what I didn’t know was that, having heard the men talking about her in such a lewd way, she was already experiencing a slight tingling in her pussy which was definitely moist now. Slipping on a red blouse and leaving it open at the front she reached into the case and picked out black lace top seamed hold-up stockings. My cock jumped as I watched her, but I pretended to read!!!

As she sat on the edge of the bed and rolled them up along her gorgeous legs her mind was buzzing with the thoughts of the boys and how she hoped that we might run into them later, although she thought best not to mention this to me, well at least not yet. Deciding that a black skirt would look best with her tight red top she chose a short one, but not too short so as to show the lace tops, unless of course she wanted to later. She finished her outfit with black stiletto’s and stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. I walked in and kissed the back of her neck softly which made goose bumps appear on her body as she giggled softly.
“Do you like the way these heels look with the stockings?” She asked, knowing exactly what the answer would be. But I could tell her thoughts weren’t really on what I might like, this outfit was more for the new group of admirers. I nuzzled into the back of her neck and placing my arms around her waist I looked at her reflection in the mirror.
I whispered into her ear. “I think you look like a dirty little slut!” She laughed out loud at my last word and pushed herself backwards into me.
“Oh goody!” She replied with a smile before turning to kiss me. just what I wanted to look like!” We kissed hard and passionately, our tongues entwined, before I broke away with a grin.

“I need to get ready babe,” I pleaded, “finish your drink and I’ll be ten /> I went and had a cold shower!!!! Returning to her I was wearing black trousers and a black open necked shirt and had aftershave on. Smiling I lifted Robyn’s shoulder bag to give to her and it fell open and her 7” black vibrator fell out onto the floor. I laughed with surprise but, embarrassed, she ran over and placed it back inside her bag with a cheeky grin.
She started to explain, “I, um, forgot it was there, yes, I forgot!”
I grinned at her knowing she was making that up and realising I had rumbled her she smiled innocently. “I just thought we could have fun with it on /> “You mean you could have fun?” I sniggered.
“No, Peter!” A naughty grin appeared on her face. “We could. You and I, with it!” On saying this she pulled me to her, her hands on my bum cheeks and jabbed a finger into my clothed bum crack as she smiled up at me. I laughed out loud and kissed her again, still smiling.
go to dinner and see what the evening brings!” I suggested and we left our apartment heading for the bar.

Robyn’s heels clicked on the marble floor as we made our way down to the restaurant and once we were allocated a table we ordered a bottle or red wine. Several men glanced up and, much to the annoyance of their partners’ many took a second glance at the gorgeous curvy blonde on my arm. I smiled proudly to myself!

We ate, and drank and talked and laughed and drank more, before deciding to move through to the bar to finish off the night. As we entered we noticed there were only a few people left and the white boy from the group was sitting on his own nursing a coca cola. I nodded in his direction and my wife smiled sweetly looking at the lone figure at the table. Without prompting she approached his table and asked him if he wanted to join us for a drink. He readily agreed and followed her back to a table I had chosen, looking out over the sea. The moon was full and shining on the rippling water as we chatted quietly. Benny told us that he was 18 and had come on holiday with his cousin and their friends. He admitted that he wasn’t enjoying it so far due to the argument earlier. Robyn patted his knee and reassured him that these things blow over and she was sure that things would turn out okay. He smiled innocently at her but his cheeks suddenly flushed with embarrassment as I said,
“So tell me, Benny. Are you a virgin?” We all laughed before he looked over the table towards me.
He finally admitted. “But I have seen girls tits before!” He glanced briefly at Robyn’s before looking away shyly then up at me. “But I also, um, I had a boyfriend too!” He stammered.
We both assured him that this wasn’t a problem and that the world is full of different people. He looked happier as we parted company before retiring to our apartment.

The room was dark and we had left the balcony door ajar to allow air to cool the room. Lying naked alongside Robyn in bed I smiled as my hand came to rest on one of her full breasts and I felt the warmth of the soft flesh permeating up through my fingers.
“Robyn, would you like to have Benny?” I asked quietly. “Be his first real woman?”
She snuggled into me with a purr and simply replied, that would be nice!” She paused and folding her fingers around my semi-hard cock she looked at me in the darkened room. “And what about you? Would you like him?” She ventured.
“Of course not!” I giggled softly but she felt my cock jump in her warm hands. “You naughty man, Peter!!” She giggled loudly, and I giggled too as I felt her fat breast tremble in my hand.
“Before you start”, I said, “I saw that look in your eyes when you heard them talking about you!” I felt her nipples start to harden again under my hand.
I pointed out.
I squeezed my hand to emphasise the point and she giggled again before turning to face me and planting her full soft lips down onto mine.

The horny group of boys on the balcony below were noisy but as my lips and tongue trailed down around her soft mountainous breasts and engorged nipples and she started to moan the noise below seemed to quietened down.

There was hardly any noise from them now as they were clearly listening to my moans and groans as my wife wrapped her fingers around my thick hard cock sliding her lips up and down the shaft in preparation for me to fuck her hard. They also heard her moaning and groaning as I ate her pussy with my tongue and teeth fucking her hole with my tongue and fingers as she gorged on her own breasts with her hands, squeezing hard on the nipples, before sliding them delicately into her own mouth licking and sucking on her nipples as I brought you to the verge of cumming.

And they definitely heard her cries and screams of pleasure as I fucked her hard in the doggy position, my hard fat cock sliding in and out of her tight wet hole and they heard my gasps and moans as I came deep inside her, just moments after she had reached orgasm, her pussy muscles tightening around my hard shaft and drawing my cum out.

They were quiet now, listening intently but one by one they disappeared discreetly to wank in secret to their private thoughts of the busty lady on the plane and what they had just heard her do. Although at this point, they didn’t know it was one and the same person, but they were soon going to find />
To be

story by: PicturePainter

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Author: PicturePainter

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