Hotel and beach-1

This is my first fiction guys hope u like it
I just checked into the hotel with my never thought I would have such a good day we went into to our rooms got fresh and then went down to the beach I noticed lots of bikini ridden girls there that I got an immediate boner
After playing around for sometime I found myself getting even more horny and then I decided to go the bathroom at that time I always saw a few hunks there and almost came in my shorts it's not that I was gay and all but I was a bit bi curious I was about 14 in age had 6 inch long dick was 5*10 at the least and was pretty handsome and I was filled hormones and wanted sex a lot
So when was my family was going back to the hotel I told them to go ahead and that's would pee and come back my family said no problem and went ahead
So I turned around and went too bathroom close tithe beach thinking that once I reached there I could jack off so I went into the beach and went to the,at urinal hoping to pee before going in and jacking off
There one of the cubicles was open and a hunk was sitting there it's his eyes closed and was pumping his 9 inch cock with his eyes closed
The angle was such that if he opened his eyes he could see me I continually stared at his cock In wonder whenh finally opened his eyes and noticed me staring at his cock
He grinned and asked hey kid you wanna see it closer? I nodded and went forward to see it when he stood up
He was an impressive 6*3 and his dick was 4 inches thick and was muscular and black I slowly went forward and touched his dick he told me to kneel down and shag it which i started doing he took off my shirts and pants and asked me to suck his dick I refused as I was afraid of having that 9 inch wonder in my mouth
He caught my head and said bitch suck it or I will hit you now I got scared and slowly started licking it and he asked to keep my mouth fully on it he sucked his dick for five minafter which he forced his full dick into my mouth and face fucked me without giving me a chance too breathe for five min after which he bent e down on the toilet and started licking my ass
It felt wonderful as his tongue went in and out my ass he licked for ten min saying how I'm his slut and I m a motherfucker etc I moaned like hell for those 10 min
He then said he was gonna fuck me which i said no ask was scared but he caught me and spanked me until I finally told yes and asked him to fuck me
He kept it inside slowly and then kept his full length inside super fast so I was screaming in pain and fucked for 15 min straight where he slapped my balls and twisted my nipples making me say fuck me harder fuck me more like that
It felt wonderful as he fucked me with his monstrous dick and finally screamed I'm cumming and released it all in my ass he was still shooting as he got out of my ass and made swallow it all
He then gave me a deep French kiss and said come tommrow we l have even more fun and before walking out took my underwear and made me wear a girls panty saying i had to come tommrow if I wanted my underwear back and then left
I slowly jacked off thinking about his cock and his tasty cum and told myself tthat I have to come tommowow and I will when I finally came
I just Slowly wore my clothes and walked back to my room In the hotel thinking how much more fun I can have the next month
When I reached my room my 16 year old beautiful sister was leaning backhand reading a book totally naked
I said jeez sis wear some clothes don't act like a slut
She replied back why do you care ?
I just shook at my head at her and said I'm talking a bath so Im out
She just said hmm fine sure go ahead
So I went in and took a bathtub bath while thinking how good the black guys dick tasted and if tommrow I can again suck it while my sister whose name is penny walked in naked and asked me if she could join me for a bath
I said fine while noticing my sisters beauty for the first time she was 16 had 36dd breast and had a goddess of an ass
She slowly jumped in and we started talking about girlfriends and boyfriends
She asked me directly if I was a virgin
I said no actually what about you?
She ignored my question and said wow your a virgin I thought Kat(my ex girlfriend would want to fuck your six inches wait it is six inches right?
I replied back saying Kat didn't wanna get fucked by me she just gave me a blowjob or two and that's all and why don't u see my six inches for yourself? I said standing up and showing her my dick
Wow she said its huge man she said touching it's head and slowly jacking it
Aww yea sis that feels good keep doing that
Why? You dirty perv want you owns is to jack you off and the she licked it aw it tastes good and then she put her whole mouth around it she licked it for 5 min while I ran my fingers through her dirty blonde hair
It felt great her warm tongue swirling around my dick
In no time I said sis I'm cumming and she pulled out and said on my face and I came hard and launched 5 to 6 strings of cum on her face and her hair
She smiled slowly As she got out of the bathtub and said this will be one fun month

Hey guys this is my first fiction story so I hope you guys like it and please don't be too hard to me on the comments and if u want me to continue it and add girls and few more characters please tell through the comments anyway thanks for reading guys

story by: godlord12345

Tags: fiction first time cum swallowing incest boy / boy sex story

Author: godlord12345

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