How i became my fathers cum slave [part one]

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"Oh, Ama," my father called from the living room.
I sighed and closed my book, getting up to go to the living room. "Yes, father?"
He was sitting on the couch in just his boxers per usual and was no doubt watching some kind of porn. He did have the headphones for the TV right next to him so it only made sense.
"Could you go get your brother for me? I would like to talk to him about /> I looked at him incredulously. "Are you kidding me? Why couldn't you have just called for him instead of me?" I scoffed but turned to go get my brother anyways. I was always happy to look into my brothers room. He for some reason had his walls plastered with pictures of me in weird poses. Normally you would think I would be mad at my brother for taking pictures of me while masturbating but it actually really turned me on.
Getting to his door, I knocked, my nickname for him ever since I could finally undertsand japanese enough to know it meant older brother, and that it turned him on. "Father want's to talk to you about /> "OK," he replied, "I'll be out in a minute."
I couldn't help a small giggle, knowing perfectly well he was jerking off. But I didn't push it and went back to my room. I continued to read my book, looking up when I heard him walk passed my room. I had kept my door open and he smiled in at me as he passed.
A couple hours later, I was starting to get tired. I closed my book and was just getting up to turn off my light when someone turned it off for me. It had gotten dark outside so no light came through the windows and all the other lights in the house were off. I looked over at the door and called out, "Hello? Is that you oni-chan?" All I could make out was the shape in the door way. My father and brother were built similarly so I couldn't distinguish the two very well. But he started to walk into my room.
He sat down on the edge of my bed and smiled. I could tell that it was my brother now. I smiled back at him. My smile faltered slightly however when he started rubbing my leg. I was certain I was blushing. I hadn't worn panties since it was a bit warm. I pulled back slightly and grabbed his wrist.
"Oni-chan, what are you doing?"
He trailed his fingers of his free hand down my cheek and smiled again. "Just lay down and relax," he said, gently pushing my shoulder to lower me down onto my bed.
I looked up at him, a little embarrassed but also very aroused at what he was doing. He had started rubbing my leg again but was now letting his hand venture up further to just lightly touch my pussy lips. It felt really nice and I was already starting to relax. I closed my eyes and just let my brother massage my legs.
After a few minutes, I felt him pulling my arms above my head and a rope securing my wrists together. I tried to pull away but he was too strong. He just shushed me and let his fingers trail over my neck. My neck was definitely one of my weakest parts of my body. My brother had only found this out from when I had brought home a boyfriend and he had been licking and kissing my neck while I allowed him to do whatever he pleased with me.
While my brother was tying my wrists to the headboard, I could feel myself starting to get really wet. I had never gotten this turned on from just this kind of thing before. Once he had my wrists secure, he started to slide off shirt. At first I started to smile. He wouldn't be able to get it off completely since my hands were bound. But then i remembered that I was wearing a strapless top. He could easily slip it over my slim body along with my skirt and completely expose me.
I must have made a sound expressing my realization because he chuckled and slowly pulled my shirt down to my stomach to reveal my perfectly round C cup breasts. He admired them for a minute before he continued and slipped off both my shirt and skirt. He set them down nicely on my dresser before going to sit in a near by chair. I looked over at him, a bit confused. That's when the shape of my father came into the door way.
My eyes widened and I started pulling at my restraints. I didn't want my father to come near me when I was like this. Especially if he had been recently watching porn. I new how my father could get. I had seen him go after my mother before she left. I was still confused to this day why she didn't take me with her. Maybe she thought that since I had my brother, I would be fine. But she hadn't known at the time that my brother was in love with me.
My father walked closed to me and I could now see that he was naked. This only made me scramble up towards my head board. I looked out of the corner of my eye towards my brother in hopes to get him to help me. But he had also gotten undressed and was now sitting there naked with a huge erection. I didn't remember him being that big… Oh how I wish it was him who was going to penetrate my sweet virgin pussy instead of my father. Though maybe I could coax my father into allowing my brother to be the one to penetrate me.
This gave me a brilliant idea.

story by: CuteNekoSlave12

Tags: female / girl fantasy incest domination/submission bondage and restriction sex story

Author: CuteNekoSlave12

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