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I noticed her immediately. Her radiance, her smile…her very promising posterior. I knew exactly who she was, but it seemed unreal. Jennifer Lawrence. My first desire is to go and talk to her, but I need an excuse. I was only at this party to talk up my first screenplay, and I have no reason to advertise it to an actress.

I go for it anyway.

I shuffled awkwardly between some people and made my way to her. She just stood there holding a drink. Then, she looked up at me. I manage a smile.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey yourself," she said. She doesn't seem terribly interested in me, but I guess she has plenty of admirers.

"Big fan of your movies." God damn the music is loud.

She smiled at me. Aaaaaand there goes all my material. I guess I should just leave before I–

"You look really hot in that dress," I heard myself say a bit too loud. She made one of her weird faces at me, so I laughed. Yeah, just joking, I'm not creepy.

"You look sharp yourself, stranger." Okay, good. She didn't get offended. I extended my hand.

"I'm Jason." We shook hands. All I could think was that Jennifer Lawrence was touching the hand I use to masturbate to her.

There was a very awkward pause.

"So what brings you–"

"Do you wanna get drunk?" she asked suddenly and bluntly. I almost laughed. But she was clearly serious.

So Jennifer Lawrence and I did so many shots I lost count and before I know it, we were outside with a few other people. I barely remember what the fuck was going on, but I think James Gandolfini was there.

And I'm fairly certain he's the one that brought out the acid.

Lights. Laughter. The smell of her hair as we walk arm in arm causing trouble. It's cliche to say, but it was literally a blur. At some point several hours later, Jennifer and I were lying on the ground at the zoo.

"Whoa," I said.

"Yeah," she says. I sat up on my side, staring at her. Needless to say, she's really fucking hot.

"We should have sex." I'd never been so brave. Probably the drugs.

"You already said that."

And so, in front of the monkey cages, I pulled Jennifer Lawrence's dress down, revealing her smallish but firm breasts. I attacked her mouth with mine, things once again blurring up in a flurry of tongue and saliva.

She tasted like strawberries.

I squeezed her soft tit with one hand and undid my pants with the other. I pull my dick out and stroke it a bit, but God knows it's already rock hard. I unceremoniously pushed the bottom of her dress up to reveal her pink panties, with a noticeable wet spot on the front. I rubbed her slit through the thin material before she lifted her round ass off the concrete and slipped put of her bottoms, revealing her cute pink pussy. Breaking the kiss, I venture between her smooth, pale legs and shove my face in her crotch, my tongue already out in anticipation.

She tasted like strawberries.

I lapped at her sweet nectar like a starving animal before directing my attention to her little button, flicking it with my tongue while fingering her tight hole. I tried my best to please her and was rewarded with her squirming wildly and pushing my head between her legs. She let out a soft moan.

"Please fuck me right now," she said loudly in the family establishment where I'd lost my first tooth almost thirteen years prior. Not wanting to keep a pretty lady waiting, I got on my knees and directed my painfully hard member to her warm cunt. I looked into her eyes as I penetrated Jennifer Lawrence's tight, wet pussy. Her breaths were loud gasps as I pumped slowly at first, savoring the tight squeeze. I began to speed up, my legs slamming into her, making obscene POP noises, her thighs rippling with the force of my body slamming into hers. Her gasps became moans, which became screams, which only fueled my ravaging of her wet cunt. More than once, she screamed that she was cumming. I swear I felt it, her insides tightening even more until I felt I as being literally grasped, followed by her release.

Finally I felt that familiar sensation in my loins that, under normal circumstances, would signal me to slow down and figure out where I plan on ejaculating. But this time I didn't care. I just fucked her even harder.

"I'm gonna cum," I warned her. She just said "uh huh" and enjoyed the ride. "I'm gonna pump you full of my hot load!"

"Pump your fucking seed into my guts!" she shouted, her voice becoming hoarse. After a few more violent thrusts, I shot string after string of warm semen into her body. I almost blacked out in ecstasy. My head buzzed with pleasure. After what seemed like hours, I came down from my high enough to pull out of her with a PLOP. As I lay next to her, I remembered very suddenly that I'd neglected to use any kind of protection. I figured this once wouldn't hurt.

As it turned out, that was how I got Jennifer Lawrence pregnant.

Six months pass.

Of course, none of my friends believed that I'd fucked Jennifer Lawrence. No one on /tv/ believed me either. I began to regret not taking pictures.

I don't remember anything after the amazing sex, but I woke up on a park bench, with Jennifer nowhere to be found. I was hungover like crazy, but my first thought was of her, and whether I'd managed to give her my number.

As time would tell, I most certainly did not.

In the next month or so, I finally got my screenplay greenlit. A while after that, production began, and I couldn't have been prouder.

I hadn't been on set for more than a few minutes before I saw her.

Jennifer was talking to the director, wearing a bulky coat. She had apparently been cast as the lead in the movie. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. Suddenly she looked around the room, and our eyes met. She had quite a naughty look in those eyes. The director saw me as well and pointed to me, probably saying the writer now," but she paid him no attention. She started toward me, a smile spreading across her face. When she reached me, we hugged like old friends rather than strangers who had shacked up half a year ago. While we embraced, I noticed a strange amount of… Jennifer in her stomach area, but I ignored it.

"So you're in my movie?" I asked her.

"I'm the lead actually," she said proudly.

I said. Then, whispering, "care to celebrate?" She smiled but then looked troubled.

"Jason, there's something I need to show you." I began to worry.

And with that, she dropped the bulky coat, revealing not only a sizably swollen belly, but breasts larger than I remember. Her tight top ended just above her belly button. I tried not to show my shock.

"Is it..?"

"Yes. She's yours." I nearly fainted at that. What kind of an asshole was I? Leaving this poor girl alone with a baby on the way?

"What do you want me to do?" My voice was shaking a bit.

She slowly leaned close to me, so close that her mouth was almost on my ear.

"The hormones from the pregnancy…are making me so fucking horny." I seriously considered fucking her right there in front of everyone.

"My first threesome," I said, patting her baby bump. She giggled.

We exchanged contact information, promising to fuck around some more. We got on with the preparations for the film. Luckily my duties were fairly minor that day so my erection wasn't a distraction. It gave me plenty of time to watch Jennifer walk around, her massive ass bloated from the pregnancy. No one else seemed to notice her extremely erect nipples and the tiny wet spots on her top. I thought of nothing else all day.

That night, I received a message from Jennifer reading "We need you on set. Come around back." I took some wine with me and drove back to the soundstage, which now had no cars parked around it. I went around to the back, as the note said, and found it to be unlocked. I walked down some dark hallways before finding a set we'd be using tomorrow, one meant to look like a living room, and found the light switch. When the lights turned on, an image of perfection smiled up at me.

Jennifer Lawrence lounged sexily on the couch, dressed in a see-through blue baby doll with nothing underneath. Her "pregnancy boobs" would look massive on her little body if it weren't for her swollen stomach. Her nipples were more erect than I'd ever seen on a woman, and two twin wet spots stuck to the inside of the fabric. Her usually shapely thighs were now thick, leading up to her lovely hips and, though I couldn't see it right then, her beautiful round ass. She rubbed her extremely pregnant belly with one hand, using the other to prop her head up. She smiled with just the corner of her mouth, her eyes screaming for someone, anyone, to fuck the shit out of her.

So I did.

More specifically, I played with her huge breasts while making out with her, our tongues wrestling, saliva wetting our cheeks. I rubbed her belly, which was surprisingly sexy. I reached around and squeezed that delectable ass before giving it a hard spank. I kissed down her neck, making my way to her swollen tits. I kissed the nipple of her left breast through the fabric and tasted something sweet. Without warning, I pulled the babydoll up over her huge mounds and began to suck her tit, her rock hard nipple feeling an inch long in my mouth. Before long I felt her milk squirt into my mouth, little jets hitting my cheeks and tongue. I tasted a bit like store bought milk, but thinner. Ultimately, it was delicious, because it tasted like Jennifer.

"Fuck yeah," she moaned, "suck my fucking tit, drink my milk." I was playing with her other breast when it began to squirt as well. I directed my attention to her right boob, the left leaking onto her belly. I basked in her sweet flavor, loving the depravity of the act. I tore myself from her breast, which sprayed a bit onto me. I rubbed her huge belly with both hands, planting multiple kisses on it as I did so. I put that baby inside of her.

I kissed down to the pussy I hadn't seen in so long, but didn't linger. Instead, I urged her onto all fours, her massive stomach nearly touching the ground. I gazed at the most gorgeous ass I'd ever seen. I'd been an admirer of her hindquarters in the past, but the pregnancy was effective in making it rounder, bouncier, juicier. I gave it another hard slap, with a resounding POP and a whimper from Jennifer, sending ripples across her thighs and legs. That lovely sound of skin meeting skin. I grasped her soft globes with my hands and spread her cheeks, revealing a tight little asshole. I licked her pussy from behind, my nose in her asshole. She responded with that familiar rough breathing. Surprising even myself, I shifted my attention to her asshole, licking and kissing her wrinkled anus. She opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of it. Once I'd managed my tongue inside a bit, I lubed up my hard member with saliva and poked at her virgin asshole.

"I-I've never really done that before…" she said softly. I responded by thrusting my hard cock a few inches into her warm ass, resulting in a grunt of pain. She tried to steady herself while I slowly pushed further and further inside the tightest hole I'd ever entered. She whimpered some more, and I almost felt too guilty to continue. Massaging her ample butt from behind convinced me otherwise. I finally inched my way as far as I could go, my cock buried to the hilt. My crotch was pressed up against her supple ass and thighs. I slowly began to pump in and out, resulting in further cries of discomfort from poor Jennifer. I reached around and kneaded her tits like dough while I slowly built a rhythm. I felt our baby growing inside of her huge tummy, then sped up my thrusts. She still sounded like she was in pain, but I was in heaven. The warm clutch of her ass was perfect. Ignoring her grunts, I began to fuck her at a more unforgiving pace.

"Ohhhh God. Fuck! Fuck my ass! Pump your load into my fucking ass!" she screamed, finally warming up to the ravaging her anus was receiving. I reached beneath her and began rubbing circles on her clit, which definitely did the trick for her. She began to make those familiar animalistic moans that I'd dreamed about for months as my thighs POPPED against her lovely ass. A sound similar to a rapid-fire spanking bounced off the walls of that empty building as our lovemaking grew more intense. Jennifer cried out to a deity who shall remain nameless. I felt her cum on my hand, which I raised to my tongue. Just a delicious as I remembered.

"Please please fuck my pussy!" she begged. Always the gentleman, I slid my dick out of the warm folds of her anus and made to put it directly into her cunt, but she turned around and pushed me onto the floor. My cock stuck straight into the air. She climbed up on top of me and started to impale herself on my throbbing member. It fit easily into her pussy, like it belonged there. Her ass was amazing, but nothing could compare to the silky smoothness of Jennifer Lawrence's pussy. To this day it's the best pussy I've ever been in.

I rubbed her soft legs and stomach while she eased herself onto me, her velvety folds caressing my length. She steadied herself on my chest while she tried to pick up speed. Getting the hang of it, she moved faster and faster until I was no longer fucking Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence was fucking me.

No longer needing me for support, she moved her hands to her swollen tits and squeezed them, pinching her nipples. She moved faster still, her ass smacking violently against my legs, her pregnant belly not affecting her balance in the slightest. Her breasts bounced so wildly she had to hold them in place. Then, right before my eyes, she took a tit in her mouth and started sucking the hard nipple without slowing down her fucking at all. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste of herself, and I could barely believe my eyes. She massaged her other breast, which began to leak a little. I put my hands on her lovely hips just to give my hands something to do, but she was moving so violently that it became difficult. I felt a trickle of warmth on my chest, which was joined by even more on my cheek.

Jennifer's tit squirted in little sprays that landed on my face and torso. I made sure to catch all I could in my mouth, swallowing her delicious nectar. A surprising amount coated my face and neck area. When the eruptions ceased, she took her other tit out of her mouth and I felt her pussy tighten, following by an increase of wetness on my cock. Just as suddenly as she came, I pumped jet after jet of warm cum into Jennifer Lawrence's pussy for the second time that year. It took me by surprise in its timing and volume. Jennifer just sat on my softening dick, struggling to catch her breath. When she regained the strength to move, she climbed off my cock slowly and lay down next to me. I turned over and kissed her, sharing some of the milk I'd saved from her tit between us. It ran down our faces like watermelon juice and pooled on the floor.

I realized that the hardwood floor was now a receptacle for our various bodily fluids. I was pleased with myself for creating such an assortment of semen, saliva, and milk from Jennifer's breasts. I examined her body, which seemed to get me aroused again. She took notice and groped my member roughly before stroking it slowly. I got to my knees, letting her follow me, and then to my feet, while she stayed on her knees. She stroked my cock and looked up at me with those beautiful eyes. Then she cautiously kissed my head before taking me into her mouth. She maintained eye contact as she bobbed her head up and down and did some fancy stuff with her tongue. The cock in her mouth had been in her ass and her pussy within the last hour, and she loved every inch of it. Her pretty mouth sped up and she moved her head back and forth, driving me crazy. I was going to cum soon.

She played with my balls with one hand and used the other to compliment her sucking with firm strokes. My hands were on her head, stroking her lovely hair. I felt a familiar sensation in my loins. I think she knew. For the second time that night, I spurted several ropes of my seed, but this time into the warm and divine mouth of the girl I'd impregnated. I thought she would swallow it, but I was actually more aroused by the sight of Jennifer Lawrence letting my semen drips down her chin, onto her tits, and onto her pregnant belly. She never stopped staring at me with those gorgeous eyes. She opened her mouth and showed me that there was still quite a bit of cum pooling on and around her tongue. She closed her mouth, swallowed my warm load, and opened wide again to demonstrate. What a goddess.

We fucked twice more that night, finally calling it quits when we almost fell asleep on the couch. I was putting my clothes on when I realized that people would be sitting on that filthy couch and walking on that nasty floor. I enjoyed the thought of them unknowingly making contact with our juices. We left the building and promised to keep in touch, going our separate ways.

And that's how I met your mother.

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