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How it all Began Chapter Two

The bus ride home with my coat buttoned tight and me humiliated trying to hide under my seat, was with, incredible thoughts and mixed emotions of sinful public sex, those of being embarrassed by this big animal, and the other of being caught out in this public park naked! The thought had only whetted my appetite for even more kinky and perverse public sex!

I had agreed to a rather risky first meeting with John, but my thoughts and fantasy along with the fact that I was sooo horny,.. and this so over powering had led me to do this! Probably something I should have never done, but I had put all rational thought aside. I had not even seen a picture of John, and of course never even met him in person.

My new online lover/ master for our first session told me to meet him at his house. I was also told not to wear a bra or panties and that my dress should cover as little as possible!

On the way over to his place I had changed my mind several times, but my feet even with trembling legs never slowed down or made any attempt to stop, turn around or go home! I was surprised that the house I was looking for was a big two story thing with a well manicured green lawn and a long circular dive, that was back a way’s from the street. I followed the drive towards the dim porch light, this had left me at his door knocking hesitantly? Standing there in this thin dress and feeling like I was wearing nothing the door opened slowly?

To my surprise I was greeted by a big tall black man impeccably dressed, apparently Johns manservant! He was quite intimidating by not only his size, but how he smiled down at me? Like I was some sort of tasty morsel as he beckoned me in, and at the same time called out to John, saying quite mater of fact, your new slave girl is here! I was then ushered into a large well appointed room, and finally introduced to this name on the computer, and the voice on the phone! OMG! Was he everything a young horny girl would want in a man, hansom and older looking in a mysterious sort of way. He stuck out his hand as if to greet a young niece! Ah! Kay you are every bit as beautiful a young woman as I had imagined, the pictures you sent do not do you justice. Then his firm hands had taken both of mine and easily pulled me up to him followed by an affectionate fatherly peck on my cheek!

I felt so innocent and helpless in his charming presence not sure what to say or do, and could only listen, as John pushed me away saying,.. let me have a really good look at you? It was like a relative that had only remembered seeing a plain youthful girl that had now turned into a beautiful shapely young woman!

Well? As I stood there at first not understanding quite what he meant? Kay If you wish to be my new slave girl, and I am sure you do. The list I sent of your duties must be followed to the letter and my commands!….

This time I thought I was ready, saying with conviction, yes Sir Master! He then said remove your dress, for some reason in the presence of his big black man servant I was hesitant to do so, and just stood there frozen not quite expecting to be asked or do something like this?…But as the words finally sank in. I slowly pulled the dress up over my head and handed it to this big black man. Now standing in front of John stark ass naked in only hi heels, I was trembling with tempered excitement, having no idea what would happen next? He then said put your hands behind your head close your eyes, spread your legs and do not, move!….

I held my breath as his hands touched me, first my breasts softly squeezing them, followed by my nipples impressed by how hard they were, as he pinched one rather harshly, I tried not to flinch! Then his hands descended to my bottom patting it quite lovingly at first as he caressed it,.. followed by an unexpected hard stinging whack! Boy not only was he a smooth talker, his touch was that of a man that knew exactly how to exhilarate a young female's biological senses, and was he ever good at doing it to mine!

This hands on inspection of me, was like some sort of exotic sexual animal being judged as to my worth that left me in a most excited state of anxiety, and incredible sexual

This was nothing compared to what happened next, as in my sex charged heightened state of arousal, was even more breathtaking! John put his arm around my back and pulled me up close to him and with the other reached down between my legs and stuck several fingers into bare camel toe slit that was very wet, and this time kissed me ever so deep and forceful! But this was not the only thing that did me in, as his thumb and fore finger easily found my pea shaped clit now perked and swollen, had squeezed it so hard I almost collapsed! The kiss I can assure you was not fatherly as it quite literally took my breath away! Then he stuck these wet sticky fingers between my lips and said, suck!…

I complied eagerly trying to be submissive and remembering when I had done so to my own only days ago. Then licked them like his fingers were coated with some sort of sweet tasty nectar! He then said good, followed by open your eyes was all he said!

John now standing in front of me was holding leather wrist, ankle cuffs and a slave collar all made from pink expensive leather, the wide collar had a big “K” embossed on it along with several chrome attachment rings!

I marveled that they were so well made, and the fact that they were made just for me. The thought though was of smug conceit as John turned me around and fastened the cuffs to each of my wrists, that I was still holding behind my head! This was followed by the collar which he pulled rather tight making it a bit uncomfortable to swallow, then had gotten down on his knees and fastened the ankle cuffs! Again I was not prepared for what he did next? Still on his knees and me barely able to stand with my legs apart in only my heels and cuffs, he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled the apex of my dripping stimulated cunt into his waiting lips and started eating me! …

The sensation was so fucking incredible I could not believe what he had done! OMFG! As his experienced tongue and lips worked my slit and little pink labia lips up and down! But the best was yet to come as his tongue finally worked its way up and started massaging around my formerly pea shaped super sensitive clit, then biting and sucking the whole swollen clitoris in around his tongue rather aggressively!

This was something that no one had ever done to me, as my old boyfriend would not get his nose anywhere near my naval let alone below it! If Johns grip on my buttocks had not been ironclad my legs would have easily given way! It was all I could do with my heart pounding to hold my hands behind my head, as my elbows were now almost touching! I was helplessly leaning forward trying to arch my sweet bare pussy out against his aggressive ardent sucking in order to receive the full benefit of his lustful devouring of my most intimate tender treasure!

Now riding his face the incredible sensation to my sensitive nerve endings that led from my clit to the ends of my sexual being started slowly, and then cascaded with helpless wild abandon as the first of several mind blowing orgasms rushed from my suckable young body! OMG! If this was sex slave torture,…… I wanted more as my knees finally gave out! John with his man servant's help, held me up on my shaky legs so I could enjoy the last of his intimate attention!… It took several minutes before I was able to stand, still shuddering as the glow of orgasm subsided. John placed my hands behind my back and cuffed them tightly together, then snapped a leash to the ring on my collar. After this experienced I was had, and he could do to me pretty much what ever he wanted to me!

After several more minutes, and making sure I could stand on my own. I was led down a long hall to what was a big solid looking steel door, John had rotated an ornamental knob followed by the door creaking open? I had thought the place was just a basement, and marveled it was of medieval stone decor, and had a deep descending circular stairwell with torch like lights! I was to find out later that his house was built over the remains of an old castle that had decayed and finally disintegrated into ruble, and all that was left was of the dungeon!

Prior to starting down, the big black man servant said will that be all sir, yes James was Johns reply adding, but I will need your usual help down stairs later !

It seemed like forever as he helped me down and around descending deeper and deeper into this dizzying den of inequity, something my sexed up perverted horny young mind could not totally comprehend!

The place had been restored with modern heating and indirect lighting that simulated lit torches and had several sex oriented chambers along with all sorts of sex toys and devices that were used to abuse an torture a helpless naked young women like me! There were several cubicle like cells with steel bars and doors that John explained would be my home if I agreed to stay. The thought of not knowing, or what to expect or to be naked and chained in one of these cells was both intoxicating and terrifying! I was led down a long stone hall and into one of the chambers.

Once there the sight of this place and the diabolical heavy iron rings on the walls and floor along with medieval torture appliances, ones I could not begin to phantom how they were used really scared me! Naked and on a leash with my hands helplessly behind my back John said on your knees slave! It was a bit awkward, but I was able to kneel as I felt the cold stone floor against my bare knees. Once I was down John stared reciting the rules, and my duties as a sex slave? Once finished had asked if I was sure, and did I still wish to endure the sexual use and abuse as a willing slave?

I was more than ready I thought, but was also a naively horny young woman that had no real idea of what awaited me? Then said, with little hesitation yes master I am yours please do to me what ever you wish, I said with innocent convection! John then said louder I want you to scream it out I want you to convince me that this truly is what you want slave! Again I did my best at screaming out the words, as they echoed around the stone walls “I am your sex slave”! I screamed as loud as I possibly could!

I had not noticed as John held my leash that James the big black man servant was now in attendance, and in my semi coherent state of sexual bliss, was surprised to see, as my attention was drawn to him wearing only a black leather hood and chaps! But the real shock was not the dress it was his appendage! Sticking straight out below his dark manly chest was a very large black cock, and I mean a very large one!…

Then John said in a deep commanding voice, “With my attention now back on him”, his big hard cock was sticking out! As a sex slave it is your duty to pleasure and worship the cock ! Please,.. do your duty to pleasure both of these symbols of power and abuse,….and show you are a submissive worthy sex slave!

I had never sucked a cock before black or white, certainly not my old boyfriends weenie little thing, especially these… so big, and given a choice between two gigantic ones was, I had to admit was quite breath taking! But I had no choice and hesitated as both were directly in my face and almost touching my sweet young lips! John with sinful self assurance, said…. well Slave Kay, we are waiting? My mind raced as Johns white cock was every bit as big as his black This was where sexual fantasy and the reality of my dirty sinful little mind, one of being a submissive sex slave would be put to the test!

My first thought was which one? I was a young innocent looking dark haired girl, but I had the most nasty and perverted sexual fantasy's, that no one knew about, this was my advantage, and because John was my master the decision was quick and easy! I had heard other story's from my girlfriends about over sexed young girls who were called slutty little head hunters, ones that loved to suck cock, and others that had helplessly endured harsh brutal face fucking! This was my thought along with the lingering effect of orgasm, as I opened my mouth and tried to aggressively plunge Johns big cock head down into my mouth and force it in as deep as I possibly could down my throat! At first I was amazed how deep I had been able to get the meaty thing in?….

This sinful gesture would show just how naively stupid I was about such things! I immediately realized that this,…. was a big mistake! And instantly gagged,…then tried to quickly pull away. But it was to late, John had easily put one hand on the back of my head that held me helplessly, and commanded me to suck! Suck I could not do, as it was all I could do just to breathe, and in a panic with all my might I tried to free myself, but being naked, and on my knees with my wrists helplessly behind my back left me with no possible way to escape the predicament I had willingly placed myself in!..

At first I thought I was going to die,.. as my eyes got bigger and bigger tears started to form in stark terror! My lungs started to burn and my chest was heaving as I helplessly struggled, just barely getting enough air through my nostrils to keep from passing out, I did not know how long it was? Just as I thought he was going to relent he pulled back a little, that allow me some air,….Then he did the most sadistic thing I could have ever imagined? With his other hand,… he had pinched my nose closed! This had only added to my oxygen starved brain fade as I helplessly squirmed for all I was worth! But the perverted breath play was so erotic and euphoric it only heighten my desire for even more perverse sex especially in my naked stimulated genitals!

Just when I thought for sure I was going to pass out, and with the world starting to turn gray… But John knew exactly how close I was to turning blue from lack of oxygen, and slowly pulled out a little at a time! Once his big bulbous dick head slipped from my tender lips, I was quickly hyperventilating and could not get air into my lungs fast enough, as this had left me gasping and gasping! Finally I was able to catch my breath and breathe much easier,.. when John said, good very good Kay! After what I thought was a near death experience, I realized it was some sort of a perverted compliment, of my ability to survive this form of sadistic breathless cock sucking sex play!

But what I did not realize? It was only the start, as Johns big hard cock with him
holding my head tight, was forced down my throat again followed by the word suck!.. With him now helplessly face fucking me! After the first brutal gagging it was much easier as my mouth and throat had seen its first stretching a condition that would be repeated numerous times over the days to come? Again I was amazed at the first throat stretching, and how it had made it easier and easier to get the thing down? Back and forth I went with my nose helplessly against his pubic hair one minute,… then only the big cock head in my mouth the next, that left me able to suck it!

In only minutes I was literately blown away with an explosion of warm gooey cum the likes of which a naive young girl like me had no idea one man could store up and ejaculate! Naively not knowing quite what to do at first I had tried to swallow the stuff, but it was so much that this was just impossible! Then he had pulled his dick free of my lips with a sinful sucking pop! Letting the last of his warm discharging sperm hit me directly in the face!

After the shock of such a distasteful thing,.. blinking and barely able to see with cum in my eyes , I did what I thought a good slave would do, and tried to lick and suck as much as possible from his bulbous cock head, my red lips, and into my mouth sucking it down! I was rather proud of myself, and had not realized I was not quite done with this perverted face fucking experience!

As I blinked several more time trying to see ? When I was finally able, I realized a big black cock head was now,..easily forcing its self between my red lips and filling my mouth as it slid farther down into my already stretched and abused throat! This was followed by a repeat of the face fucking I had endured only moments ago from my master John, only this was harsher and even more sadistic and with more aggression?… Big black forceful unrelenting hands held me, ones that rocked my head back and forth faster and faster as my face was fucked harder and harder just like it was a sweet young pussy! It seemed bigger or maybe it being black gave that impression, I thought it would never stop as an even bigger load of cum shot into me and gushed down into my helpless throat!

It was so much more than Johns, I was having a hard time and could swallow no more, once he had pulled the big black meat free I looked like a wide eyed chipmunk with puffy cheeks, but instead of nuts they were both full of warm cum! Not knowing quite what to do? I burped several times with so much in my throat and stomach, John my master who had been watching easily solved my dilemma, by saying good girl Kay,… as he slapped me hard on the back causing me to helplessly gulp down and swallow way more of the cum than I ever thought I could!

Moments after this still burping up cum I was helped up onto my shaky legs still wearing my heels. I heard the unseen door of a metal cage clank open followed by a chain rattling, and the next thing I felt was a dog,…as I tried to back away,.. he buried his snoot in my wet over stimulated sweet young pussy! And was now happily licking away,.. as the sinful guilty pleasure of sexual stimulation quickly returned! OMG! It was the same dog, apparently John had been the dogs unseen master? I heard him say lovingly here you go boy as he pushed my bottom forward with a firm hand so that the dog could easily enjoy my bare juicy folds, with little resistance! The incredible perverted sensations became overwhelming as my knees weakened I found myself actually pushing forward trying to help the dog do me!

I was totally helpless as this big brute of an animal had his way with me, and another nasty sinful orgasm raced out of my perverted sexed up young body!

I was then lifted up by both John and this big black man, and placed on a wooden horse,… no not a toy rocking horse. But one that was made special for a young horny woman like me,.. to ride! Brutus was not happy to have my dripping cunt pulled from him, but his, and now my master trying to comfort his loss said, don't worry boy you will get more of her later? This had shut his whimpering up at least for the moment, but left me wondering what else the dog would do to me?

This sadistic horse gave the words erotic sexual perversion a whole new meaning, it had two dildos one of firm rather large life like silicone flesh color and the other of slick looking black silicone a bit skinnier that was sticking up from the peak, a bit taller than the other? The taller slick looking black one was carefully aligned with the tight pink ringed sphincter muscle of my virgin asshole! Once the pointy end had started in they let go of me,.. and by only my weight alone I slid slowly down,.. my decent was slowed slightly as the shorter flesh colored bigger dildo easily interred my sopping wet dripping pussy the result had firmly impaled me on this diabolical polished wooden dildo horse!

My natural reaction had tried to slow the decent by squeezing my sphincter and pubic muscles as tight as I could, but all this had done only made the sinful violation of my virgin butt hole and slit even more perversely erotic!

Both John and his big manservant readied me for my torturous riding ordeal, as they went about securing me to this diabolical perverted sexual appliance! The polished hard wood with its sharp peak was, what my most tender flesh rested on! Setting on it at first was not to uncomfortable. It had spread my legs wide so that some of my weight rested on my inner thighs, but mostly on my stimulated pussy as the dildos were up inside of my virgin tunnels, that no longer gave much resistance! This left my legs hanging helplessly dangling down over each side. I had now discovered what one,.. of the numerous pieces of hardware hanging on the wall was for! James had removed one of the iron shackles from the wall ? Then had slipped my heels off, and had first clamped the heavy iron shackle around one of my ankles followed by the other! This had connected both of my ankles helplessly together, but had also added and additional amount of weight, that held me down even tighter against the wicked horse! John had encouraged me to squeeze my pubic muscles and find the most comfortable position I could on top of the sharp hard wood! But this, as he knew was now almost impossible!

At about the same time James the big black manservant was busy attaching glass pumping tubes to my small breasted perky little nipples? Doing so one at a time, that had hoses attached to a vacuum pump, I heard the thing start up that quickly sucked my tender nipples forcefully into the tubes! The sensation was wonderful no one had ever sucked on my nipples before, and now a machine was doing it to me! This had distracted my thoughts away from my genitals for the moment as I heard the pump motor strain and cycle as it pumped away so aggressively!

OMFG! The next most terrifying and incredible arousal that happened was John, who had the third small glass tube, and was fingering and fumbling around my pink little labia folds looking for my clit? That was no longer pea sized from all of my stimulating orgasms, but was slippery and slimy from my almost constant dripping discharge, and had held the end of the open tube over my clitoris as the unrelenting aggressive vacuum pump did its thing, only this time it was sucking on my clit!

My clitoris over stimulated and pea size to begin with, now much bigger that was starting to endure this sucking clitoral abuse as the pump gave its all…. I could hear the motor strained again and again as it cycled. I could feel my little nipples become longer and bigger by the minute, but this was nothing compared to my now dark cherry red tomato sized clitoris,.. this sensation had me begging and screaming in sexual ecstasy! But I had no idea what I was begging for? As my over sexed over stimulated young inexperienced mind could not comprehend the difference! Not knowing whether what was happening, was good or bad?..But I can assure you that thinking back, it was so fucking gooood!, Very good!

The feeling of the sharp wooden peak was uncomfortable, and no matter how much I squirmed, there was no way I could easily get relief from the hard wood cutting into the apex of my tender flesh! But I did not care as more chains were snapped onto the rings of the tight pink collar and ratcheted up tight! The results had pulled me up straight, but had also given my stimulated pubic tenderness some welcome relief! With the tight chains holding me James, the manservant fumbled with the glass tubes that had easily stretched my virgin nipples to twice their normal size, had released and removed them…They were almost buzzing with an incredible perked up sensation!

Then thinking nothing else could possibly be done to abuse me, I had not realized the dildos impaling me, had at first slowly started to move? They increased in speed as I was rhythmically fucked in my virgin ass and pussy while helplessly on this diabolic wooden horse,.. fucking machine!….Up until this point I could see and feel every sexual sadistic thing they had done to me, but this ended when a blindfold was placed over my eyes that allowed only the feeling and my imagination, that increased the total sensation and experience to the very height of my taunt sexual being?

The tight chains held me erect as John pulled the glass tube, rather harshly before releasing it from my over stimulated clitoris! Then had taken my pussy folds and with a liberal amount of crazy glue, had made sure my pink stimulated labia lips were spread out over each side of the horse, and stuck tightly to the polished hard wood! My bluish purple original pea sized clitoris was now almost three times its original size and was sicking out sinfully exposed, more than ready for sadistic sexual abuse! Then before I realized it John had taken one of the Hitachi big powerful vibrators and with an open spoon like forceps attachment had clamped it snugly around my super sensitive over swollen clitoris,… and turned it on!

OMFG! Every sexual nerve ending in my body was instantly, like I had been hit with jolt after jolt of of lightning! My pubic muscles, inner thighs shuddered and shook, and my love tunnel tightened and convulsed numerous times! I felt like naked impaled rag doll on the end of some sadistic masters wiggle stick and could do little to alter the outcome as several more stimulating helpless sexual mind blowing releases easily escaped and ran down each side of the polished wooden horse! This and the Hitachi kept up its sinful sexual abuse off and on for the rest of the evening as best I could remember?

I was his, and I loved it. I was glistening in sweat, exhausted, thirsty and in constant pleasurable agony from the two motorized dildos that worked me over unrelenting, as soon as one was coming out the other would go in. These slow rhythmic dildos that were fucking me along with the vibrator had started late last night, soon after my arrival now after almost eight hours of constant penetration!

I was used shattered, and bound with my pink little labia lips glued to the wooden mounting horse and now blindfolded I had no escape but to endure, not that I wanted to anyway. I'd lost count how many times I had cum it had started quickly and I don't think it stopped all night, my pussy was burning in pleasure and stimulation and every slight moment triggered waves of horribly abusive pleasure, that reeked through and across my whole body. When the blindfold was removed and He was standing there, my New Master, John who I had only met at the beginning of what was the best weekend of my life.

I knew what he meant, it was a question as well as a symbol. To give up my old boring life at home and become his full time slave, to live with him and his man servant and be used by them, I had though hard over the past ten hours and was ready to give my answer what will it be as a young over sexed woman?

So what do you think should she or should she not become Johns willing sex slave?

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