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We arrived before midnight. The fairgrounds were well lit. Rather than sleep in Bobby M.’s van once again, I asked if I could set-up tonight. Bobby M. thought I had a good idea. After checking and marking our sites, we dragged all our gear from the truck and together we had finished in less than an hour. Looking around the fairgrounds, I mentioned to Bobby that this place seemed much larger than Falmouth. He acknowledged and said that another troupe will be sharing the lot with us. Interesting, I thought. I didn’t know carnival owners shared lots.

I didn’t see my new found friends from last week; perhaps they would be in later. Bobby asked if I wanted to go to a poker game over in the grub tent. There didn’t seem to be much else happening at the moment so I went along.
About an hour later, and not having much luck playing with these ‘pro’ players, I excused myself and left. I got the impression they were trying to relieve me of my earnings from my first week on the job. That was not going to happen.

Corrine and Carla still had not shown up but my buddy Andy had finished setting up his kiddie rides and saw me leaving the mess hall and shouted if I wanted to explore the town. I still wasn’t tired; the excitement of being on my own and being in another strange place was keeping my anxieties on high. We were only a quarter of a mile from downtown and it was an opportunity to see what was there.

Actually it wasn’t the best idea to go strolling in a strange new town at 2:20 Sunday morning; there weren’t very many people out and most places had long since closed for the evening. Andy and I did get to familiarize ourselves with the terrain and after an hour’s leisurely walk we had seen enough of mostly nothing and hoofed it back. Fatigue was starting to catch up to me and bed sounded like the best option.

“See ya tomorrow, Andy. Good night!”

I crawled into my bed for the rest of the morning. It seemed that only a moment had passed when I heard much commotion on the other side of my canvas walls. Even though I thought it was still early, I decided to get up and get dressed. When my eyes were finally open enough to see my watch I realized it was much later than I had imagined. I exited the rear of my palace and strolled across the back lot to a gas station rest room to freshen up a bit. Next door to that there was a small coffee shop and I opted for a fresh cup of coffee and an English muffin. After savoring every bite, I started thinking; this was the first time I wandered off without an escort of sorts. It was relaxing and I enjoyed this brief time. I was deep in thought about the unbelievably fabulous adventures of my first week and was looking forward to a whole summer of new experiences.

shouted Andy from the doorway. “Your mom and dad are here; I told them I would run over and get you.”

I said. you know where to find me?”

“I got my ways” was all he said.

My peace and quiet was over for now. It was important that my parents knew I was in good hands and not to worry about me being away from home. I told them that my boss kept an eye on me all the time; I lied only so my parents wouldn’t worry. Actually the only time I saw him at all was during working hours and payday. I liked the fact that he backed me up and assured my mom and dad that every thing was fine.

They brought more snack foods and soft drinks to hold me over until next week. They also took my laundry home to wash. I told them it wasn’t necessary. I assured them there were laundry mats in every town, but they insisted and I didn’t put up much of an argument. Enough said; I had clean clothes and a tent full of snacks. What more could a kid need! With plenty of snacks, I didn’t need much cash to carry around, so I gave my parents a couple of hundred to put away for me. I still had plenty to cover me for the week and a lot less to lose if I attended another poker game.

We drove to the far end of town and walked around. Mom wanted to do some shopping in some of the many boutiques along the strip. For me, this was quite boring, but my mom appreciated my company as she went from shop to shop. Dad decided one shop was enough and walked back to the car and waited. Dad missed out on a treat; several doors down we found an ice-cream kiosk advertising It was getting hot and humid and a double scoop of dark chocolate was just the thing I needed. Mom opted for butter crunch and we sat under a large umbrella table and savored every lick.

Totally refreshed, we strolled lazily back to the car and headed back to the carnival lot.

“See you next week,” I said as they headed for home.

I was looking around the grounds and more precisely I was looking for my favorite electrician and the three women that shared his life. They were no where to be seen. The lot was fairly quiet, being Sunday, and most people had gone off to do their own chores and pick up supplies for the week. I was a bit disappointed and for the first time I felt abandoned. The carnival was more than twice the size of last weeks. I met with my boss as he returned with his wife from a shopping trip of his own.

Bobby M. told me that another troupe had joined us just for this week. Hyannis is the largest town on the Cape and carnivals are a big attraction here.

“Do you know what happened to Joe and his family?” I asked.

“I haven’t heard anything. They’re probably out shopping. Sundays are the only days when people can stock up with supplies; especially people with />
“Okay, maybe I’ll catch them later.”

I thought about going back to the main strip, but the more I thought about how little there is, except boutiques, I decided to find Andy. We explored another route; not even a decent pizza shop. Moping our way back, I spotted a couple of college age girls in a red Ford convertible filling up as we cut through the gas station lot.

Suffering from boredom all day, I thought I would have a little fun with the two gorgeous babes. One blonde and the other pure honey blonde; both perfect. Most of my shyness had dissipated after last week’s initiation to the real world. I walked up to the car and introduced myself and Andy. They were very friendly and struck me as the type that was out for fun and having a good time. I asked if they were going to the carnival which they knew nothing about.

They hadn’t planned on going. They asked where it was and I offered to show them if they would give us a ride. We pulled out of the station and before they could get up to full speed, I said, “Here we are!”

“Why didn’t you tell us it was just 200 yards down the road?”

“I’m sorry; I just wanted to be with you a few more minutes.” Blushing, I added, “You both are so very beautiful, I wanted to look at you just a bit longer.”

They giggled and smiled and said they might come back.

It was worth a try, I thought to myself.

I got a bite to eat and got ready for the evening. The place was huge; there must have been over eighty concessions with foods and games. The lights flickered for an instant and I immediately thought of Joe. Still no sign of him or of his harem. It was a long busy night and sleep was on my mind.

I had just crawled onto my cot when I heard my name being whispered.

“Bobby, it’s me, Corrine. We got in late and didn’t bother to open tonight. We went shopping in Boston all day. I saw you from across the midway just as you were closing and wanted to come over and say, HI!”

“Come on in! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to be with the show this week.”

There I was in just my shorts with a raging boner.

Corrine opened the flap of my tent and approached. My cock was very visible from the lights at the gas station facing the back of my tent. Corrine was also back-lit and I could make out the braless outline of her boobs through her thin sleeveless blouse. As she put her arms around me for a welcome to Hyannis kiss, my stiff bone stabbed her right in the tummy.

“Oh, Bobby, you are glad to see me!”

“You don’t know how much I’ve thought of you all day, />
She broke her embrace quickly and said she didn’t have much time, but she did say the one thing I was hoping for.

“Bobby, something has to be done to that before it hurts someone!” as she knelt before me.

I just stood there not knowing what to say. Corrine grabbed each side of my shorts and in one quick motion pulled them to my ankles. Her arms reached around my thighs and her hands came to rest on my butt cheeks. She leaned forward with an open mouth and I felt her moist hot lips engulf the head of my throbbing tool.

Slowly she licked all around my head painfully moving her lips past my head and onto my shaft. She licked round and round and then gripped my cheeks and held me tight as her hot mouth engulfed most of my weapon. Firmly she squeezed and sucked my swollen log with her slippery mouth.
Up and down its length, I felt shivers of ecstasy shooting through my groin.

All I could say was, “Oh, Corrine I can’t hold back much longer.”

Hearing this, she acknowledged by sucking and licking harder and faster. My hands went to her head; her hands squeezed my butt. I could barely feel her finger moving toward my asshole. My hips were bucking as she devoured the full length of my turgid cock.

I made sounds that I never knew I had in me. My balls were ready to erupt. She sucked; I held her head and pumped. She knew I couldn’t hold back. And at that instant she drove one of her fingers into my puckering pulsing anus.

My sac was overflowing; ready to explode deep into her throat. Her finger was drilling my hole like a mini jackhammer. It felt like the head of my cock exploded in her mouth. Torrent after torrent of slippery sticky cum filled her throat and mouth.

I’ve never came that hard in my life. Whatever she did, it was the best. She pulled my softening cock from her throat and with it came a long stringy strand of saliva and sperm filled semen. Drippings from her chin and my cock covered the front of her blouse.

It seemed like hours had passed, but it was just mere minutes. I wanted to reciprocate, but Corrine insisted she had to get home.

“Bobby, there will be plenty of time. Maybe tomorrow. I have to go. Good night.”

All I could say was, “thank you and good night.”

I lay back down on my cot. Cock still oozing its last few drops of cum onto my thigh. Thinking, “Am I in Heaven or what! Ah, what a life!”

I closed my eyes and that was all I did on a warm summer Monday in Hyannis. What a great way to start off a new week. It can only get better.

story by: Pete R Bishop

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Author: Pete R Bishop

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