I am curious (thirty-four)

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I Am Curious (thirty-four)

So I'm lying here in my darkly lit little room, flat on my back, legs spread and taking dick. It's really late and I'm pretty tired but the five guys doing me aren't and now I hear one of them calling his friends so I guess I can expect a few more guys and this will probably turn out to be an all nighter. My bed is wet under my ass because the cum loads keep, well, coming. Not that I'm complaining. I mean, I really like life a lot more when I have a dick pumping into me, and I'll take 'em all, one after another for as long as they want.

I tell a couple of them to like suck on my tits too so they flip me over and now I'm on my knees with a hard one fucking me deep and fast while both my tits are mashed into two guys mouths under me, sucking and squeezing hard. God, that feels good, and then I feel one of them pull my head up and I've got a god damned huge dick down my throat. Still not complaining though. There's a knock on the door and one of the guys says to come on in and I can't see how many there are but it sounds like a lot, and then I feel a dick push into my ass so now I've got three dicks doing me and two mouths sucking me. What more could a girl want anyway, right.

Turns out the guys keep calling more friends and the all nighter turns into an all dayer too and I keep taking dick and sort of wonder how I can do so many guys without it like hurting or something, but it never does, well, maybe sometimes like when I've got two dicks in my cunt and another in my ass, sometimes that hurts but, you know, the idea of it makes the pain go away and I can't help but moan my appreciation I have for these guys doing me so good.

The all nighter/dayer keeps on going. The guys feed me while I'm on my hands and knees, so I'm eating a burger while this monster dick is fucking me hard, and I'm like loving the burger but I'm more excited when he tells me he's gonna unload his cum in my cunt. Sex is definitely better than food.

When I get really tired, so tired I'm just about asleep, they put me on my back and pull my legs wide, and do me like that for a while so I can doze off and I don't know if I actually have a dream, but I'm thinking about my daddy and one time I visited him. I remember being 28 or so and I'd been visiting for years and I was pretty unhappy because he didn't seem to want me anymore and I just wanted him so much. But this one time when I visited I was surprised that my mom was away for the weekend, seeing her cousins or something, so it was just me and him.

And I remember being asleep and then waking up because my tits were being sucked and there was my dad, moaning and sucking me and telling me how much he wanted me just like the old days, and then he was inside me, just fucking me so good, the way only daddy can do and make me feel like that. And I took him eagerly, moaning and crying, sobbing really as he pumped my cunt and came inside me, and I really didn't want him to leave me so I told him to stay inside and do me again, so he did and it was the most beautiful thing.

We fucked most of the night, couldn't get enough of each other even though my daddy was a fairly old guy. He left me before dawn and I slept so well, and I think I dreamed about us fucking like that, and when I woke up daddy was drinking coffee in the kitchen and when he saw me he told me to bend over the counter and he moved behind me and I felt his breath on my neck and felt him stroking his dick and then pulling my panties aside and then he was in me and he was fucking me hard and he grunted each time his dick pumped into me and even though we'd fucked all night, he came in about a minute which was much too short for me.

We had coffee then and my uncle showed up and looked me over. I wore only a t shirt and cum filled panties, and I saw him lick his lips and remembered the times he'd fucked me and even though he looked a lot older than my daddy, I didn't care, and my daddy was seeing this and told my uncle to go ahead and do me if he wanted 'cause he'd love to watch, so he sort of moaned a little and quickly bent me over and his dick was hard when he shoved it into my cunt, and he pumped in and out a few times and I heard him sigh and I looked over to my daddy and he was jacking himself while he watched.

My uncle didn't last long and I heard him sort of gasp when he was ready, and right before he came, he drove in deep and stopped and I knew his cum was squirting into my cunt and, god, that was so good, and the minute he pulled out, my daddy said to me not to move and then he was in me again and pumping hard and slapping my ass, and the only sound was the squishy sound of cum being pounded deep into me and I felt my uncle's hands on my tits, squeezing them hard and just watching my daddy fuck me, and then my uncle started stroking himself and I knew he was gonna fuck me again which made me feel hot all over.

My daddy fucked me for about ten minutes before he unloaded and as I thought, my uncle did me again too and it took him a good long time and I remember looking at my panties on the floor where my uncle had thrown them and I could see glistening cum on them and thinking I really had to visit my daddy and my uncle more often. When he pulled out, my uncle slapped my ass hard and told me he'd always loved my cunt, that it was a great cunt even if I was getting a little old.

When they were both done my daddy told me it was time for me to go back to L.A. I cried a little and told him I wanted to stay but he said no, I had to leave because he had things to do and anyway my mom would be home later, so he called me a cab to take me to the bus station and he didn't even give me a hug goodbye and I wondered if I'd made him mad somehow and I didn't see how but I was kind of sad because I do love my daddy so much.

That was a long time ago though and except for one visit where my mom was at home and my daddy snuck into my bedroom for a quickie fuck, like in and out in three minutes, or so it seemed, I haven't spent any quality time with him. My uncle's done me a couple of times on holidays at his house, out in the shed like the first time, always bent over, always from behind, doing me deep while he grunts. My uncle has a good dick but not as good as my daddy's.

So maybe I was asleep but I think the guy on top of me woke me up because my body is rocking because he's fucking me so hard. It's good though, really good, fucking me the way I should be fucked. I start moaning a bit and he laughs and calls me a slut and fucks me even harder, asking me if I like his dick and I say oh, yeah I like it and tell him to do me harder which makes him come while he's yelling something or other and fuck, yeah, I like that.

I'm starting to wonder how long a girl can fuck but by then the number of guys has dwindled and there's only a few left wanting a go, so I take 'em all and they wander out, and I'm really tired so I'm just going to drift off to sleep. Fuck the wet sheets, fuck the copious amounts of cum. I turn a little and it's slippery and I almost laugh but I'm too tired.

I'm not sure how long I've been asleep and I don't feel that great now especially since I'm all alone, but I'm hungry and as I look around and see a few crumpled up dollar bills on the floor, I remember that I've got to make some money too. It used to be easier to make a living taking dick but after age thirty it's kind of a bitch. I don't think I'm old, and I'm not exactly fat, maybe a little chunky is all, and like that's what happens when you swallow all that cum, and my tits are still big even if they don't stand up so much, well, not very much, but still. I don't know what guys want especially since I'm so willing. So I've got to get up now and shower and put on a thong and a short skirt and get the tits lifted up as high as I can and go out and get serious about some money.

My room rent isn't much by Hollywood standards but still, it takes a lot of blow jobs to get it together, and burgers aren't exactly cheap around here or booze which I need a lot of. Well, I like it, okay. In fact I think a little drink would help start my day and get me in the mood. So I'm swallowing some sort of crappy whiskey some guy left and the damn door opens and in walks cousin Joey. I ask him doesn't he know how to knock but he just looks at me and shakes his head and then tells me he can see what I've been up to.

I shrug and take another swallow and he starts telling me that my tits are saggy and that I'm fat and like what happened to me anyway and I tell him to go fuck himself and he chuckles and tells me he'd rather fuck me especially when I'm already a cum filled slut and he moves quick then and grabs the bottle from me and takes a drink then holds it to my lips and tells me to swallow and I take a long swallow and I'm starting to feel mellow again and in the mood, ya know, and then Joey's all over my tits, squeezing and sucking 'em the way I like and then he bends me over the little sink and slaps my ass and spreads me wide and chuckles and tells me I must have had one wild party 'cause I'm dripping cum and then he's in me.

Joey is rocking my body with that big dick of his, going deep with each stroke, pumping me hard and slapping my ass, and damn, the guy has stamina and he's goes on and on and keeps fucking me until there's a knock on the door and Joey yells to come in and there's my god damned building manager looking for rent and he comes in and starts drinking the whiskey while he watches Joey fuck me and pretty soon Joey is finally done, dumping his cum deep while he moans and then he's out and the manager tells me he'll take $20 off the rent if he can fuck me so I wiggle my ass and he's in me.

When the manager is gone after taking all of a minute to get off and after telling me he needs the rent today, Joey tells me to clean up and make some bucks and not to forget that I owe him some money and to get going with that and he leaves and I take a shower, and put some makeup on and think that, really, I still look pretty good, still pretty in a tired looking kind of way, and so I'm going out to see what I can do. I take a couple of good long swallows of whiskey before I leave.

Damn, the hallway is so musty and I do wish I could move somewhere nicer but I don't know if another manager would give me a bit of a rent break if he couldn't fuck me, so I'm just gonna stay where I am. All the boys know where I am here even though they don't want to actually pay to fuck me. What's a girl to do anymore.

Hollywood Boulevard is busy as ever and there is way too much competition out there, not that I lack for male attention. So I'm parading around and a car full of what looks like high school boys drives up and that really brings me back to the good old days when I did most of the boys in my school. I'm shaking my tits a little and the guy hanging out the window grabs onto them and jiggles them while his friends laugh and egg him on so I lean over so they can get a really good look and one of the guys says to open my mouth and I do and they all say, yeah, this is a good one, and the guy in the window asks how much to blow all of them and there look to be six or seven and tell him I'll do a group for $200 and he laughs at me and he tells me they'll give me a hundred twenty five for all of them and do I want to or not and so I get in the car.

I'm in the back seat and the guys tell me to start so I'm on my knees and I start sucking the dick in front of me while he feels me up and he's real easy and pours his cum down my throat in about two minutes. I move on to the next guy and do him pretty fast too, god, that guy had a big load and it's god damned dripping down my chin.

We've just been driving around. I don't know where but the car stops while I'm sucking the third guy and when he's done the door opens and another guy pulls me out and tells me to get on my knees. We're in a park or something and no one's around and I'm starting to ask what the deal is but then there's a dick in my mouth and the guys like pulling my hair while he fucks my mouth hard. He's making me gag and the guys are all laughing and then he comes without any warning and I feel the hot cum filling my mouth and I swallow fast.

The guys have lined up and when I try and tell them it's gonna cost more to do 'em all twice they tell me to shut up and suck and then I feel a finger in my cunt while I'm sucking a big old dick and someone's pulling my tits out and I'm being pushed down on my back, and I feel hands pulling my legs apart and then the guy I've been sucking pulls my thong to the side of my cunt and puts his dick in me and fucks me while guys hold my legs on both sides, and it feels so damned good and I'm breathing heavy and moaning and they're all saying look how much the slut likes it and then the guy comes and the next hour is spent fucking all of 'em and moaning happily through the whole thing.

When they're done I tell them to take me back to Hollywood Boulevard and that they owe me for both the bj's and the fucks and they tell me they have a bonus for me. When I get out of the car they throw some bills at me and before I can count it they drive away and I find they've only given me a hundred and I want to cry now but I know I can't and so I go into a restaurant and use the restroom to wash their cum off of me and to look cute enough to fuck again.

When I leave the restaurant a guy beckons to me from an alley and go over to him and he says he wants a blow job and to follow him and I tell him it's gonna cost him fifty and he looks at me and smirks and tells me I'm old and fat and he'll give me twenty and I say okay and follow him and when we're behind a dumpster he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down on my knees then unzips and pulls his dick out and strokes it then tells me to open up and then to suck him hard and so I do that and he grunts and fucks my mouth and comes fast so I'm happy and throws a twenty at me after he zips up.

So I've done thirty or so blow jobs and I'm tired, really tired and decide to head to my favorite bar and have a couple of drinks after a long hard day. I've got my rent and a little extra and hell the night isn't over yet. My day is different than yours so it's around midnight and there's about two hours to have some fun and get nice and drunk and maybe do a couple more blow jobs before I head to my home sweet home.

The bartender knows me and frowns when I come in but I'm gonna ignore him and just relax so I order a double shot and then another and wonder where are the guys that should be buying me drinks. I have my answer a minute later when a dude gets up behind where I'm sitting and starts moving against my back until I feel his hard dick rubbing me. He order two double shots from the bartender and I think, finally, and so I smile at him while he pinches my tits and asks if I'd like to join him at a booth in the back of the bar.

I shrug and tell him why not and he orders more drinks and now I'm in this faux red leather booth. The bar is packed but it's still semi-private back here and once I sit down on the inside of the booth, the guy pulls a tit out and starts sucking it right there and I'm leaning back against the wall now and letting him because it feels really good. I can't help but moan when he pulls out the other tit and sucks it too and now I'm almost lying down and the guy is spreading my legs. There's just enough room for him to get between my legs. He leaves his pants on and pulls out his dick which is hard as a rock and I can feel him lining up while pulling my thong so my cunt is open and then he's in me and fucking me very quietly right there in front of everyone. I mean, the bartender and people in front can't see but the people around us can.

After just a minute or so I see guys watching us. A couple of them are now sitting across from us just watching and the others are coming closer to get a better look and the guy keeps going, doing me hard and when I moan too loud he slaps my face and tells me to shut up 'cause he doesn't like noisy sluts, and for some reason this really turns me on and I spread my legs as wide as I can while he keeps slamming that big dick of his way into me and I hear some guy tell a girl that she should let him do her like this and she says she's not a slut like I am.

Someone tells the guy to hurry up because the bartender's looking this way so the guy goes apeshit and fucks me faster and I hear the groan and know he's coming in me and I really think I can feel it squirt into me. It's a big load anyway 'cause when he pulls out I can feel the stuff running out of my cunt. He pulls out right away and tells me to sit up while he puts his dick back in his pants. I hear the zipper and then the guys tell him good job and they're asking me if I want to give seconds and when I tell them for a price they all laugh and wonder how much an old slut is worth.

I look at the guy who fucked me and ask him what he's gonna do for me and he smirks and pulls out some change and puts it on the table and then gets up and leaves. I yell after him telling him what a fucking cheap dick he is and he turns around and smirks again while everyone laughs. So now I'm telling them I'll let them fuck me but they have to pay me up front and I stand up and start to walk toward the bar. There are hands all over me, fingers in my cunt and a guy's sucking a tit, so I stop and tell them to stop and put my tit back in and continue walking and head to the bathroom and right before I get there, one of the guys grabs me and pushes me against a wall in a little hallway that leads outside.

He tells me he'll pay me but only if I'm a good fuck with a good cunt and I tell him I have a world class cunt and he spins me around so I'm facing the wall and then his dick slides into me and he's pushing on my back to get me to bend over more and then he really fucks me, hard and fast and a minute later he's done and pulling out and I tell him to pay me and he throws a five on the floor which I pick up because I don't always fuck for free and all and when I stand up again there's another guy and his finger's in my cunt and he says, me too and I tell him I want twenty and then he's in me and this is really reminding me of high school.

When the guy's done he hands me a ten and tells me to be grateful and I'm still bent over and feel cum dripping down my legs and then there's another dick doing me and the guy tells me there's a line that wants to do me and maybe we should move it outside, so he fucks me and when he's done he pushes me out the back door and yells next while he holds the door open. He puts a bill down into my tits and another guy's in me now while I'm trying to hold myself up with my hands on the wall and they keep coming and finally they're all done.

When I check my money I see that most gave me a ten, and I know that some left me nothing. I console myself with the knowledge that at least I've got the rent and I'm really tired now so I'm gonna head home and I walk slowly, cum dripping and trying to stay in the shadows. When I get there I try to be very quiet 'cause it's really late but damn if the manager's door doesn't open while I'm tiptoeing past and he's standing there in the doorway, smirking, looking me up and down and asking for rent money, so I stop and count it out for him minus the twenty from this morning when he fucked me, and he says he'll give me another twenty off for another fuck right now if I'll do his friend too and I'm so damned tired but it's always hard for me to turn down dick and especially dick and money so I'm sighing but saying ok and he's telling me to come in and as soon as the door closes, he's bending me over and he's in me.

His friend is pretty drunk and after I take yet another cum load from my grunting manager, this old guy's in me and while I hoped he's come fast, he didn't and like ten minutes later the guys slapping my ass and squeezing my tits while he fucks me, and rocking my body hard until he finally unloads and I feel his cum squirting into my cunt. I get my twenty and hurry to my room because I want to sleep. I am so tired and maybe I can dream about my daddy after such a long, hard day.


It's a few weeks after my 35th birthday and I found out from Joey today that my daddy died about a week ago. My uncle told Joey that daddy had a heart attack one morning and that was that. I don't know what to think or what to do. It's not like I saw daddy all the time but I loved him so much and now I'll never get to tell him that and I'll never feel him inside me, fucking me so good, loving me so much, and I'll never love any man like I loved daddy. I have never really cared about another man and I never will. They can fuck me but daddy will always have my heart.

I'm pretty drunk now. I've pulled out every bit of booze stashed in my room and have gone through a lot of it. I'm so sad because daddy's gone and no one even bothered to tell me. They said it's because I don't have a phone but I don't believe it. I think my mom was jealous of me because she knew how daddy loved me. Fucking, jealous bitch. I can't think of anything to do except take a lot of dick because that will make me happier than I am right now. I am so alone.

I'm going to Joey's apartment because at least I know he and his friends will fuck me and I want it easy tonight, no working, just fucking. I think I could take on a shit load of the dicks in Hollywood right now. I deserve something. I've only fucked once today and that was Joey doing me after he told me daddy was gone and while I was crying my eyes out. He seemed really turned on by that for some reason, but one fuck is not enough.

I can hear the noise from inside Joey's apartment when I get there. I've had so much to drink and I feel a bit wobbly. I probably don't look great because I've been crying so much but I don't really care and anyway guys don't really care about beauty, they just want into my cunt. When the door opens, it's Joey and he tells me to come on in. The place is wall to wall guys, most of whom are cheering on a guy fucking a girl with her legs spread wide on Joey's couch. The guy is drilling her and saying he's gonna come, and there is clapping and yelling while the guy groans and goes deep while he pumps his cum into the girl's cunt.

When the guy's done he pulls out and another guy's got his dick into her and she's telling him to fuck her hard. Joey asks why I'm there and I tell him I want to party so he pulls out a tit and sucks it for a second and then yells that he's got another live one if they want some variety. He yells out that it's his cousin Lola and that I'm good to go and then I feel a finger in my cunt and my other tit is pulled out and someone's sucking on it. Someone says I'm kind of old but Joey says that I may be old but I've got a great cunt and just look at those tits while he squeezes one, and then someone's pulling my shorts off, and then my thong and guys are debating where to do me, so Joey puts a blanket down on the carpet and I'm on my back now and a few guys are pulling my legs open and then I see a guy stroking his dick 'til it's nice and hard and then he lines up and he's in and pumping fast and god, it feels good.

While the guy fucks me, another is on his knees straddling my face and I see his dick and he's telling to open up so I do and then he's in my mouth and starts drilling in hard and it's nice to have two dicks in me, doing me so good. My eyes are wide open while the guy fucks my mouth and I can sort of see a bunch of the guys have their dicks out, stroking themselves while they wait to get into me and I get that familiar tingling in my cunt just wanting them so much.

Someone's asking Joey if I can do all these guys and Joey laughs and tells him he should only know. After the guy comes in my mouth and pulls out I yell out that I'll do all of them, just watch me and there's laughter and another guy's in my cunt, grunting and groaning while he fucks me and squeezes my tits hard. My body's rocking now and I yell that I want a drink and then someone's pouring whiskey down my throat and I tell them to keep it coming, the whiskey and the dicks.

They're all laughing now. A few guys are still fucking the other chick but there's a circle around me now and I'm the star. I ask for more whiskey and this time I take several long swallows and then they're changing things up and there's a guy under me now. I'm lying back down on him and his dick's in my cum filled ass. My legs are being held and I feel a dick slide into my cunt and then another one and I tell them to put one in my mouth too and now there's four and I'm in my happy place, four dicks fucking me while the guys clap and cheer us all on.

This goes on for a while and I keep swallowing whiskey and it blends so well with cum. I feel another load shoot into my mouth, swallow hard and lick my lips. I hear Joey and a couple of others on their phones calling their friends to party with us and know I'm in for some good times with unlimited dick. Maybe I'll set a new record and that would be nice.

Dicks cum and go and sometimes I'm on my knees, sometimes my back and a couple of times they managed to get three dicks in my cunt. The night goes on, guys leave, new guys arrive. They're fucking the other girl too. I think she's doing a line of blow jobs right now. They like me more though 'cause when she's done with them they come over to me and jack off and squirt their cum down my throat.

Somewhere, maybe towards dawn, they tell me to get my fat ass up and bend over and they fuck me like that for a while. I kind of like it 'cause now guys are bouncing my tits and sucking them and that always turns me on while I've got dick in me. They're putting at least two in me all the time and it goes on and on.

A big guy with a giant dick picks me up and holds me by the ass while he reams me and I feel a dick push into my ass and I'm a sandwich for a few beautiful minutes as I'm bounced up and down on two long dicks. The other girl has had enough and I see her leave while I'm sandwiched. She looks at me and smirks and someone slaps her face and tells her not to smirk at a real slut like me. I see her shrug and slink out. Fucking jealous bitch.

Night has turned into day and I have no idea what time it is but I'm tired now and starving and I complain that I'm hungry and that just gets me a few extra cum loads down my throat and the guys tell me to swallow and enjoy. Joey's back after sleeping for a while and I see he's counting money and he shows me and tells me thanks for paying him back and I tell him to get fucked so he slaps me and tells the guy in me to fuck off 'cause he wants to fuck his little cousin Lola the way I like it.

While he's in me he asks if he's as good as my daddy and I start crying and Joey laughs and fucks me harder and slaps my ass and then he asks if he's as good as his daddy and I tell him no and he slaps me again only harder and drills into me then pulls out and slides into my ass, pumping hard and fast until he comes in what he calls my cunt whore ass. One more slap and he's out and someone else is in.

It's dark again and I think I've slept a little but the dicks keep doing me. Someone says it's almost dawn and Joey is telling the guys to wind it up because the party has to end. There's like only about ten guys left and they all do me one more time in one form or another and then everyone but Joey is gone and I'm on my back on the floor, legs still spread and wishing I had a dick in me. I beg Joey to do me one more time and he tells me only if I clean up and shower first so I get my ass up and do what he says.

When I come back, Joey's counting his money and he takes a look at me and says I look better but that I really am fat. He tells me to come over to him so I do and he grabs both my tits and starts sucking them then tells me to get on my knees. He pulls his dick out and he's hard and I open up and he's in my mouth and it brings back memories of my first blow job, except for daddy, way back when cousin Joey put his dick in my mouth at my birthday party out in the back yard.

I suck him for what seems like forever and then he pulls me up by my tits and turns me around and bends my over and he's in my cunt and then my ass and he alternates and fucks both my holes and when he gets close he pounds my ass and I hear him groan and know his cum is in me and I'm sad when he's done and pulls out.

I get dressed and want to know if he'll give me a ride home and he tells me he's busy and to get my own fucking ride and I ask him if I get a few bucks and he says no because I owed him and when I complain he grabs my arm, opens the door and pushes me out then slams it in my face. I feel so sad and don't know why he's so mad at me and I miss daddy more than ever. I hitchhike and get a ride from an older guy who tells me he'll give me a ride if I suck him so I do and before I go home I go to a restaurant and get some food because cum alone is not enough and when I get home there are a couple of guys waiting for me who want to do it.

I tell them $75 each up front and they look at each other and one of them tells me it's too much for an old slut but they'll give me $40 each and I'm too tired to argue so I tell them to come in and they're on my tits right away and then they're in me taking their sweet time fucking me and when they're done I tell them to leave but they say no way, that they get to fuck me twice for that much money and one of them slaps me and pushes my legs apart and starts fucking me hard, really hard, and I can see the other one's jacking himself and then he's telling me to open my mouth and his dick's in my face and then his cum is rolling down my throat while the other guy's coming in my cunt.


It seems like forever since daddy died but it's only about six months. I'm almost 36 and still waiting for my big break in Hollywood. Like, didn't Marilyn Monroe die when she was thirty six? I think I might have a porn roll soon, sort of a Debbie does Hollywood, at least that's what the guy told me. He's some producer or something and has a nice shiny Mercedes and I met him on the Strip and gave him a blow job while he drove around the hills and he invited me to a party at his house and told me that if I entertained the guys there he'd think about giving me the starring role and that's something a girl can't turn down. So, keeping my fingers crossed. I figure the party was an audition and I know I passed 'cause I fucked every one of his friends all night long.

I see Joey when he wants a quick fuck or when a friend of his does and I'm on the Strip most nights doing blow jobs to pay the rent and almost always when I come home there's guys waiting for me. Guess I still have a great cunt some guys tell me they like chubby girls and speaking of chubby, I guess I am a bit of that and my tits may not stand up like they used to but they sure are bigger now and they get a lot of attention.

It's really late and I'm on my back on a bed in a house in the hills where there's been a party going on for a couple of days. A guy is finishing and shooting his cum over my belly. I'm being picked up now and lifted onto a guy under me. His dick goes deep into my cunt and he fucks me and my tits are bouncing and then both of 'em are being sucked and I'm moaning now, and someone is pushing me down and there's a dick in my ass now and then another and I'm full up and feel happy.

I hear the guys saying there's a girl in every bedroom and I guess that they're being auditioned too but damn it, I better get the porn role. The guy promised. I'll just give the best performance I can and hope I get it. It's sure not a bad way to audition and whatever happens I'll never complain about doing so many guys.

A couple of the guys from the party gave me a ride home when the party finally ended and they're here now and they've been fucking me, taking turns and now I hear my door open and there's a few more coming in. I tell them to shut the door and lock it and ask them all if they want to fuck me and they all say for sure. My life is just one party after another. One of them says that David will be here soon and I wonder who David is but just then there's another dick inside and I moan to make him happy.

I hear a knock on the door but don't pay attention because I'm pretty well occupied with two dicks in me doing me hard and when they're done and another guy's in me I notice a new guy just watching and talking softly to one of the other guys, and the guy looks over at me and says ok to David, and David doesn't even want to fuck me because he just leaves.

A guy brings me a drink and makes me swallow it. It's really good and pretty soon I'm feeling very mellow and telling the guys to keep fucking me and they do and I drift off because I'm pretty tired and now I'm waking up and there's some guy fucking me but it's different and I don't know why until I see that my arms are pulled straight out at my sides and tied to the bed I guess, and I can't move them and there's something around my ankles. My knees are bent and there's something under my ass lifting it up and the guy's unloading his cum in my cunt.

There's another guy in me and I can see that this isn't my bed, or my room. I'm somewhere but I don't know where and I start yelling about where am I and a guy slaps my face hard a couple of times and the guy in me groans and comes and someone says to tell David I'm awake and then I see David and he's smirking and undoing his zipper and pulling his dick out and he gets in between my legs and puts it in me and, fuck it, the thing is big and he's doing me hard and fast and saying how now I'm all his. When he's done he wipes his dick off on my thighs and pats my face before slapping it and he's telling me to be a good girl and enjoy.

Someone makes me swallow another drink and I hear David say that my face is getting puffy so maybe lay off the slapping for a while, and someone says who cares, she's just for fucking anyway and I hear David laugh and tell him he's right, that I'm only there to entertain and not for show anyway and a couple of guys cheer and say they like slapping whores when they fuck 'em.

I'm trying to struggle but can't move my arms, only my legs, just a little, and I'm fading and now a guy's telling me to open and then his cum is filling my mouth and another guy is fucking me and David is saying there's a good crowd tonight so we can keep her very busy so I know I'm gonna get all the dick I ever wanted and think I might as well enjoy it since there's nothing I can do about it anyway

It's getting darker in the room and I think I'll just go to sleep and maybe I can dream about daddy, about when he loved me. I sort of wonder, am curious when this will end. Am I a slave now and the thing is I don't really mind the idea and I ask the room in general if there's enough dick to do me forever and a few guys laugh and say not to worry 'cause they'll fuck me 'til I die.

They're rolling me over now, undoing my arms then pulling them tight again and tying me down, and something's put under my belly to prop my ass up and they put a nice soft pillow to lay my head on. I feel two dicks in me, both my holes are full and a guy pulls my head up by the hair and fucks my mouth for a minute before coming. I feel a couple of cum loads squirt onto my back and feel a third dick in my ass and then they start coming, one after the other, warm and pulsing deep in and I'm feeling sleepy as I feel two more hard dicks inside me pumping fast, going deep while more cum squirts onto my back and I say goodnight to daddy and think of the way his big dick felt inside me when he loved me and just before I fade out I smile thinking about how good it felt when his cum went deep into me, way deep into my cunt and my soul.

story by: darklust

Tags: blowjob cum swallowing anal hardcore males / female fantasm group sex prostitution sex story written by women

Author: darklust

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