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She was just starting to lick her way around a double scoop chocolate cone, there was a red jelly-bean on top and I watched awestruck as she flicked her pink narrow tongue under the bean and draw it through her soft lips. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she licked and sucked provocatively narrowing the ice cream so she could dip the cone into her lovely young mouth. Her eyelids drooped as the milky flavor flooded her mouth, the chocolate ice-cream melting. I’d never witnessed such beauty before. It was doubtful I ever would again. This girl was my dream, everything I’d ever wished for, and she was here to see me.

Suddenly she noticed me and the attention my eyes were giving her and she smiled and approached me.

“Do you mind if I sit?” and even before I could get a word out she plopped down on the bench, right next to me so the bare leg below her skin tight short shorts was pressed against my bare leg.

The ice cream girl smiled. I marveled at her tanned skin and cherry red lips. She was slim but had lovely curving hips and a hot bubble ass. Her titles looked to be about 32, the same size cup as Selena Gomez I thought to myself. They looked oh so firm and her little nipples pointed out in the confinements of her black T-Shirt.

Looking at the teen girl before me now, I could feel her desire as well as if she were leading me away from my safety zone.

She took a long lick from the cone and almost whispered, “Can we go />
my car.” I almost whispered, finally looking her in the eye nearly falling into their beautiful brown.

She took my hand more firmly and lead me to the passenger side which I opened for her then quickly moved around the front of the car and climbed in beside her.

She smiled at me, then took a long lick from the rapidly diminishing cone. “Do you think I’m hot?”

“Oh my, yes I do.” I said with a tremble in my voice.

“Drive down Jackson Avenue, I want to show you something,” again that sensual persuasive voice. I nodded without a word.

As I turned onto Jackson she said, “Pull over here.”

I found a spot pulled over and she said pointing, “How do I look?” I cast my eyes upward to a billboard, and there she was, my ice cream girl, lying out on a beach towel wearing a sizzling bikini, smiling down on me.”

“I’m a model, and I love it that people look at me every day in my little bikini. I think I am pretty fucking hot in it don’t you?” she said with a giggle.

“I think you are so beautiful,” I said looking at her, back to the billboard, Her perky teen breasts were straining against the fabric of the bikini top and I was sure I could see the outline of her nipples. In the picture one of her legs was bent which opened her legs to reveal the gentle curve of her mound, and the soft outline of her pussy lips. I looked back at her, “ You are the hottest girl I have ever seen.”

I was home in moments and parked the car behind my house, my husband wouldn’t be home for hours and my daughter, also eighteen years old was away for the day on a class trip.

I rushed her into the house feverishly grasping her hand. Locking the door behind me I rushed her up the stairs to my bedroom and closed the door.

The girl snaked her arms around my waist, pulling me closer to her warm flesh. Softly, she moved my hair aside and massaged the back of my neck with her moist lips, kissing me gently, but with longing.

“Is your pussy wet?,” she asked, with a naughty grin. I cleared my throat and nodded. It was true, my whole body tingled, but the heat in my pussy was unbelievable, I needed this girl so badly.

She unbuttoned my blouse and bra and twisted my stiff nipples between her forefingers and thumbs . Her hands were cool, mine clammy, and I struggled with the zipper of her tight jean shorts. Impatiently, she batted away my shaking fingers and pushed me forcibly onto the bed. Then she undressed for me, slowly, as if at a model shoot, striking poses first in her jeans shorts, the zipper undone revealing her black panties, then with the T-shirt off, then in her black, lacy underwear. Her body glowed with a natural beauty. It was no wonder the camera loved her.

“I like you,” she told me, smiling at the wet spot that had appeared in my tight cotton shorts.

She asked me to sit on the edge of the bed I willingly complied, squirming in anticipation. Her delicate hands stroked my pussy through the light cotton, which drove me wild. Finally, she unzipped me, and slipped both shorts and panties down my legs.

As I sat there looking into her lovely eyes she spoke slowly and deliberately, “I’m going to eat and fuck your beautiful cunt now, ooookay?” her voice rising with the final word.

“Oh yes, please, oh please.” was all I was able to manage.

She moved with expert precision, to kiss her way up each thigh, looking up at me, a smoldering intensity in her beautiful eyes, suddenly her tongue was inside my pussy wiggling and poking deeper, lapping and sucking up the juices pooled there. I closed my eyes and my whole body shuddered with pleasure, this has to be a dream I thought, for this is my dream girl. Sporadically her head dropping lower to lick and circle my puckered ass hole, which sent me into another level of anticipation. With her left hand, she gently fingered her bare pussy lips and clit, emanating the unmistakable heat of arousal. I groaned as the threat of climax loomed, partly desiring the rush of relief, and partly not wanting this ecstasy to end

My teen lover took a short break, lapping off a large bit of ice cream from her dripping cone. Rather than swallow the ice cream she leaned forward and slathered it over my pussy and clit, the cold ice cream nearly sent me over the edge, and her tongue was immediately busy lapping the chocolate cream from the wet folds of my aching pussy giving special attention to my throbbing clit. The sensation of the cold ice cream and her hot wet tongue were sending tremors through my entire body. Then without warning she pressed what was left of the now soft ice cream into my pussy and clit, letting it melt inside my slit and then suddenly she twisted three fingers into my cunt hole which made slurping sounds due to the mixing of my cunt juice and ice cream. When her hot tongue began flicking back and forth over my engorged clit I knew this teen model was about to make me cum, like I had never cum before in my life.

I began humping her fingers and face uncontrollably, wanting more of her fingers more of her tongue, and then she sucked my clit into her mouth forcing my sensitive nub through a brief opening between her perfect teeth. She repeated this once more, and the third time my cunt button was sucked through the gate of her teeth I exploded– thrashing and shaking uncontrollably. My teen lover managed to hold her fingers deep inside me and keep her lovely lips and tongue on my clit, a second climax hit me like a wave and I was grasping for air, trying to make sense of what was happening to my body. My arched back held its tension for a moment more before I collapsed to the bed in a pool of my own cum and melted ice cream.

It took me a long time to come to my senses, and when I did the first thing I was aware of was that her laughter.

I opened my eyes and there just inches above me was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. It was so tight and pink and so cleanly shaven soft I couldn’t help but bring my fingers up and part the delicate lips. I thought of the billboard, and how these lovely cunt lips were outlined there for the whole city to see, but it was my distinct pleasure to taste them. I put my hands on the girl’s hips and pulled her down until her lovely pussy rested on her mouth. I opened the lips wide and jammed my long tongue up the teen’s tasty tight cunt. The sensation was unbelievable as the model groaned and reached down to squeeze both of my tits, bracing herself so she could grind her young cunt deeper onto my tongue.

I loved tongue fucking her and by her reaction she enjoyed ever moment, as he thighs trembled and she moaned throwing her head back above me. Finally I pushed her pussy back slightly, just long enough to shift my body and bring my right hand between her firm thighs. I rubbed every inch of her pussy with three fingers then without warning slipped my middle finger into her tight teen cunt, which was so wet I was able to get it all the way in with the first stroke. My tongue now lavished attention on the fleshy bud of her clit, pulling the lips aside and grinding my tongue on the slick sensitive head.

I was driving the teen model wild as she pinched and twisted my nipples in response to my finger fucking and tongue lashing.

“Oh fuck you horney bitch you are going to make me cum so fucking good.” The girl was now grinding her clit on my tongue and taking two of my fingers. Her cunt walls were grabbing at my fingers and her whole body began to shake as I thrust my fingers deep into her one last time and nibbled softly on the glistening clit.

She screamed and climaxed, her delicious cum gushing over my face faster than I could lap it up I kept my fingers deep inside her messaging her g-spot furiously and giving her what I got, sucking her small wet clit through my teeth and flicking the trapped bud relentlessly. She came again this time her whole body thrashing above me her whole weight lowered on my face until I could not breathe from the weight and the ceaseless cum that flowed from her teen cunt.

I was finally able to lift her off me and guide her to lie on top of my body, as I gulped air.
A moment later I noticed that my teen lover was asleep. I carefully rolled her onto her back and got up from the bed and reached for my camera.

I reached down and gently parted the girl’s legs and took many pictures of her in various poses I created while she slept. I know I would not likely see this dream girl again, but I would have something to remember her by. Eventually I woke her and let her shower and she called a cab to make her way home.

Before she left she kissed me and gave me her cell number and e-mail address. I tucked them into my purse and told her I wanted to see her again, if that was what she wanted. She caressed my breasts and said, “Yes, that is what I />
My Convent Story

What I am about to relay to you took place in my twelfth year when I was sent away to convent school:

Before Mass today I went to the confessional. In truth, I had to wonder what could I have to confess; there is so little opportunity for sin. I entered the confessional, crossed myself and began to speak. Before I had even finished asking the father to bless me, and stated how long it had been since my last confession, the priest whispered to me through the grille.

“What is it that you have to confess to me? Have you had licentious thoughts?” I was taken aback, and stammered that I had not, but he only murmured that he doubted the truth of that statement. I recalled the book in my father’s study, and I began to tell him about it.

“How did it make you feel?” he asked, “ Did it make your little cunt wet and hot and hungry for a man? I think it did, you little whore.”

For a moment I could not speak. I had never heard a priest speak so. I looked through the grille at the older man whose pale eyes burned in the gloom of the confessional. I could hear the rustle of his vestments as he leaned forward to speak further. “You must tell me, if you do not, how can you truly be />
I leaned forward and whispered back to him. “Yes, father I have had licentious thoughts, which were stirred into full flower by the book I found in my father’s study.”

I could hear him brathing, “Go on,” he said firmly.

“Father the first illustration I saw in the book was of a man partially clothed, shown in profile, his how shall I say />
“His cock, call it a the priest insisted.

enormously engorged and erect while he faced a woman wearing only an elaborate headdress of pearls, her sloe eyes limned with kohl, with her hand guiding it, ur, his cock to I hesitated and the priest responded.

“Cunt, you very well know what it is called, you hellish little wench.” His breathing was heavy now.

“Yes, Father, she was guiding his cock into her cunt. Her legs were opened wide to receive it, the both of them were smiling. The words on the opposite page described how when a man entered a woman he wanted to do so slowly, letting her feel the length of him as he penetrated into her, and how she should tighten the..uh cunt muscles around his cock so as to give them both greater pleasure when he began to stir himself within her.

Father, this passage did not horrify me, it only made me curious, that it created in me an unknown longing, a dark, juicy heat that pulsed between my young thighs. I think of this often Father, I ask for forgiveness now.”

“Did you fulfill it, that lust? What did you do?” he inquired. I could hear the sound of flesh touching flesh behind the grille. Peering through it I could see that he had drawn his cassock up over his hairy thighs. At the juncture between his legs his erect penis rose like a mast, his hand wrapped around the base of it, gliding up its length, over the tip then back down. I could see the vein that ran along it pulsing, the flesh deepening in color.

I felt an answering pulse in my own body, the thick honey-like moisture dampening my pantalets, slicking my upper thighs. I shifted my skirts to move the fabric away from between my legs, and began to press my thighs close together, twitching my hips to stimulate that little nodule of flesh that seemed to ache and pulse with its own life as I recounted my sins.

“Oh father, just then in my father’s study, I did nothing. But Father I did sin, that night in my bed I imagined it, the feeling of a man’s body over mine, the weight of him pressing against me, my legs opening to receive his hard cock. Feel its full length thrust into me. At firsts father I was not sure how to fulfill this burning, but the book described a woman’s organs, how she has a little kernel of flesh, a the book called it that when pressed or stroked would give her release and rapture. Oh Father that night I explored my body in the in my bed and with trembling fevered hands I found this spot.

“Show me what you did, you little slut! I must know the depth of your depravity before you can be shriven,” he said. I watched his hand begin to move faster, his other hand moving below, manipulating the heavy mass of his testicles, stroking the insides of his thighs.

“Can you see me, father?” I asked as I lifted my petticoats above my hips. I spread my thin legs wider to let him see me through the open seam of my pantalets, the heavy garters holding up the black woolen stockings that we all had to wear. I spread the cotton fabric wide, showing him the soft, hairless lips of my cunt, stroking it softly, letting him see the beads of moisture dampening it.

“Oh I can see you, your young wet cunt, and how a little slut like you gives pleasure to herself. ” he said his voice hoarse.

“ Do you like what you see oh I parted the lips of my cunt and hissed, “The book called this the gate of heaven.”

He groaned a resonant yes, as I spread my nether lips wider to show him the passage into my body, the gates of paradise. I began to stroke the clit, feeling the subtle thrilling waves of pleasure building, widening to take in my whole body. Bracing one foot against the wall by the grille I continued to touch my own body, gasping for breath, my lungs fighting against the whalebone stays encircling my ribs as I watched the priest’s hands move more rapidly, jerkily, until a cascade of cloudy fluid spilled forth like a volcano. Behind the first eruption their was a second as I saw his wide eyes stare directly at my cunt. The creamy cluid ran over over his fingertips as he began to groan in time to his motions, my own eyes rolling back as a rapture like the annunciation filled me, bursting through me, radiating outward from my center as my cum rolled forth all over my the bench and floor.

Panting, the priest told opened the grill and thrust his cum covered fingers forward. “Taste your Father and receive absolution my child.”

I leaned forward fluid still leaking from my little pussy and licked at the thick cream, which tasted of froth and salty, I sucked the priests fingers into my mouth and licked them clean

Her closed the grille and said I was to say ten Hail Mary’s and that I was absolved, and to go forth and sin no more. I crossed myself with my dampened fingers, then rearranged my skirts, and left the small, quiet booth and walked out into the pews.

Part 2
After supper, when I had retired to the library to finish my Latin exercises, one of my schoolfellows pressed a note into my hand. Furtively, I opened the folded paper. It read:
“ Did you make a confession today? I am sure we both did, as Father Aloysius could not stop smiling all through supper! Such an irony, is it not, that we must sin in order to be wholly shriven! Tell To tell you the gods truth I find you so beautiful and captivating that I thought of you the entire time that black priest stared at my wet little cunt. Your /> I looked over at the pretty 11 year old girl with brown braids wrapped around her head and pert little breasts, nay just the suggestion of breasts rising and falling on her chest. I smiled at her and nodded. She winked back, then we both dissolved into giggles at the long table. Sister Agatha looked up from the desk and shushed us, which only made me giggle more loudly. The sister’s face hardened under her starched wimple, and she rose in a flurry of black serge, the long rosary clicking against the desk. Margaret’s round eyes widened in alarm and she whispered, “The old crow is taking flight!” Not knowing what else to do, I quickly crumpled the note and put it into my mouth, swallowing the bitter wad of paper just as the nun clamped her claw into my shoulder.
The nun motioned both Margaret and me to follow her into her private office in the library. Sister Agatha paced back and forth before her desk, as we stood before her, attempting to look penitent.
“We pride ourselves here on order and our incorruptible discipline, ladies. I will know the source of your frivolity in the library,” she said, her low voice grating like gravel under a cartwheel. Margaret and I looked at one another. What could we say? That we were joking about the priest who had heard our confessions that afternoon, and our knowledge of his erotic enjoyment of them? Were we to tell her that the confessional was ripe with the scent of unfulfilled lust, and that the very same hands that placed the body of our Lord into our waiting mouths were dampened by his own emissions? That the taste of his seed added a certain piquancy to taking communion? Or that we had come to know that unless our confessions inflamed his desire we would have even harder penance to endure? Hardly that, I should think! So, there we stood, silent and watchful.
“Margaret, you have been with us since you were but a child of 8, but your friend is a recent student at our school. Do not think, young woman, as I will not deign to call you a lady, that I am not unaware of why you have been sent to us. Your licentious behavior is why your family sent you to us for discipline. You couldn’t resist it, could you? That book, illuminated with the most vulgar of drawings, depicting the most depraved acts! The sporting of the sparrow indeed! Was it worth it to you to read the writings of Vatsayana, that heathen pervert! I will not allow you to corrupt other girls in my care, young woman.”

Shockingly Sister Agatha swiftly removed her black garments to stand naked before Margaret and I. “It is I and I alone who will do the corrupting of young girls in this school.”

The sister sat in a char and spread her legs wide, looking at me she said” now you little slut, you will make much pleasure by licking and sucking my cunt and you sweet Margaret will shower your sucking tongue on my nipples. Do you
I felt a blush creeping into my cheeks as Sister Agatha spoke. Margaret looked over at me, a similar flush staining her cheeks. But, even embarrassed as I was I kneeled between her legs looking into a cunt much wider and longer than mine and virtually covered with hair. The nun reached down and parted her lips and then forced my mouth to her wetness. Out of a sense of fear and excitement I began to lick, seeking out her clit, which I found quickly and began to slurp like a hard candy. This sent the nun into shudders of pleasure.
I looked Up to see Margaret sucking tentatively on the nun’s long stiff nipple, and with a groan Sister Agatha pressed her head into her breast while lifting her skirt and driving a long finger into her sweet young cunt. Margaret groaned and began sucking the breast like a suckling child.
My hand made its way under my skirts and into the folds of my already wet pussy. Giving sister Agatha pleasure was intoxicating and I loved the sounds my mouth and tongue made against her wet cunt. I followed the nuns example and thrust two fingers into her gaping cunt hole. The response was immediate. The nun lifted her body off the chair and groaned with pleasure
“More fingers all your fucking fingers you wanton little whore,” groaned the nun as I soon found I could sink four fingers into the wide cunt and it made her clit grow even larger, which I then sucked and licked like a Christmas confection.
I had a perfect view of Sister Agatha’s fingers violating young Martha’s tender cunt and the view made me wet, thinking I would like to taste that myself when we return to our dorms. I began twisting my hand in the nun’s big cunt when it realized if I folded my thumb that would slip in as well, soon my entire hand was surging inside the nun and I pushed down and out making Sister Agatha writhe and groan with pleasure.
Little Margaret was now bouncing up and down on the nun’s fingers and looked prepared tio climax like the women in the book I had red I reached out with my wet fingers and ;pushed one into her puckered ass hole. She screamed with pleasure and pain and came win a writhing mass.
At that same moment Sister Agatha’s foaming cunt grabbed my hand pulling it involuntarily deeper into her cunt then just as quickly pushing it out with a force I never imagined possible as my hand was thrust from her cunt Sister Agatha’s spewed cum all over my face and hair. I had never felt anything like it a virtual shower of female ecstasy I moved closer to her convulsing cunt and another volley of fluid spewed forward landing in my already open mouth I moaned and came with my own fingers, wet with her cum entered my trembling cunt.
This was my introduction to lesbian love and my time at the convent school would never be the same.
It was I who left the next note, placing it on her pillow in the dorm room as her bed was almost directly across the room from mine. She didn’t see it until she was brushing her hair preparing for bed.

On the note I had written: “Dearest Margaret” she excitedly place her brush down and glanced over at me with a look of furtive excitement. As she opened and read the note I became wet with anticipation.

The note read: My little flower weeps dew with every cherished sight of you. Come taste me when the clock is twelve and with trembling cunts let us delve.

The time did not pass slowly but in the interlude I carefully removed my undergarments so that I would be ready for lovely Margaret. Though I was trembling with excitement I did refrain from touching the tiny nub between my cunt lips. I wanted to feel Margret’s slim fingers to taste the slickness there.

When the appointed time came and with the dorm asleep Margaret crept into my bed I kept my back to her almost wanting her to think I was a sleep, Immediately her fingers were on my round ass and then slowly probing between my legs. I sighed and parted my legs for her. The deliciousness of her delicate lips parting my slick cunt lips is was indescribable. She probed my folds until she found my clit and then let her fingers part around it like the flow of a river by a large stone. She slowly rubbed up and down my clit trapped between her clamped fingers. The sensation was so pleasurable I almost called her name out loud in an act of passion and love, As the river of her fingers lavished my clit her middle finger of her right hand entered me with a startling and delicious swiftness that took my breath away. This young girl was more experienced than she let on. Then her mouth was at my neck kissing and her hot breath was raising the tiny hairs there.

“Oh, my love, your cunny is so wet for me. I want to feel it convulse and wet my hand with its sweet juices. I want to taste you on my fingers you beautiful dark angel.”

Margaret began grinding her wet bare cunny into my hip bone so that I could feel its juices run down over my stomach. “ See how wet I am for you my love, see how my little cunny weeps on your soft perfect skin.”

The tension of Margaret’s fingers on my trapped clit grew more fevered. It was like nothing I had felt before and wondered how it was that I had not discovered this method of cunny rubbing. Yet it was her finger how it probed the inner walls of my cunt that had wave after wave of pleasure burst forth from my loins. I knew that my roiling cunt would soon explode and dear Margaret sensed it too. She rode my hip bone like it were a wild steed and the feel of her delicate folds and clit grinding against me sent another wave of pleasure through me.

“Oh my love, I am nearly done for it…” sighed Margaret her hips made three long hard thrusts the length of my hip…she groaned against her teeth as a flood of her cum flowed forth from her trembling cunt lips and over my hip coursing down over my buttocks and stomach. It was more than I could stand I came on my new lovers fingers thrusting my body so hard against her cunt I elicited another wave of climax in her body. We thrashed together for what seemed eternity until our hearts and bodies found peace once more.

Before finding sleep in our separate beds we committed our undying love for each other.

story by: Mafia Bitch

Tags: female / girl fantasy lesbian sex story

Author: Mafia Bitch

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