I'm the only girl wrestler…you know i was mvp.

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At the age of 16 I was not a virgin and nobody knew it but me. I was part of the wrestling team at the highschool, which was a little strange because I was a girl, but nonetheless I was good for a wrestler and good looking too. I was and still am small, and at the time I was about 4' 10" with A cup breasts and a growing ass that was becoming rather protrusive and attention grabbing of the guys. I didn't have a boyfriend because I didn't want one. I wouldn't have any problem getting one at all. I wanted to have sex. The first time was painful and killed me, but that was because I ended up being dominated by my great dane who was packing almost a foot and a half. I guess you could say it was nonconsentual, but a lot of it was awesome.
Anyways, I was good wrestler, there were very few guys that could actually beat me. Nobody on the team could in my weight class which would obviously be the smallest one at 103 lbs. There are 14 weight classes and everyone had a guy and a backup. So there were 28 of us, which is not bad except I was the only girl. I had to weigh in seperately and change somewhere else and sometimes it just became a hassle but thats ok because I enjoyed kicking some of these guys around. Dad was never at home, he was always working abroad for the government, so it was rare to see him other than christmas, easter, and thanksgiving. This was January, so low and behold he was out for almost 3 more months in god knows where. I liked being able to beat these guys and wished daddy could see me once in a while but oh well. I was respected as a wrestler on the team, but not as a female. Guys thought I was good looking and they would crack jokes about me in spandex or how they would like to wrestle with me in more ways than one. I just brushed it off because I could beat the guys who were even one or two weight classes up from me. I had nothing to worry about with these kids. One night we had won a tournament and I was feeling good because we got the trophy and coaches were in a good mood. We went in to the weight room to turn in our singlets and I had left mine on in order for the guys not to have to weight on me so I told the coach and he said go back into the shower room in the back and change and I'll be here when you get back. Well I went in and got undressed and put on some sweats and had my singlet in hand and walked out of the shower and there was nobody around so I went through the doorway and decided to go ahead and pee while I was near the bathroom. I went into the stall and used the bathroom and pulled my boyshorts and my sweatpants back up and headed out. Back into the weightroom I went, only to find everybody sitting around on the weight benches. As I asked what was going on, I was informed that our assistant coach had fallen and the head coach took him to the emergency room and the guys were all to wait until he got back to do anything and that I was free do leave whenever.
Well I wanted to know what was going on with coach and I was going to call the head coach's phone to see if I could get him to tell me something. I realized that I had left my bag back in the shower room from when I changed and that's where my phone was. Well I went back to get it and here comes all the team behind me. They start making jokes at this and that just because I am a girl. The backup in my weight class said that he'd like to wrestle me his way and I said, "Fine, I've beat you so many times before. This shouldn't be an issue." I told him to roll out a wrestling practice mat somewhere and that'd be the end of him. He said no that he was going to do it right here in the shower. At first I was leary but I figured it shouldn't take long to beat him, plus I was getting pissed off at his arrogance. Well we start to square off right there and he stumbles over the drain and I laughed, well he got mad and grabbed me, but I got him to the ground first and here we are wrestling in the shower. Well he flips me over top of him and jumps on me. As he does this another one of the guys comes and shanks me, leaving me on my back in my boyshorts and a hoodie. I was freaking out! I yelled at him but nobody was going to stop him and the one guy that I had a crush on, sort of, was just standing there laughing at me. I was humiliated and couldn't get away. The heavyweight comes over and gets on top of me and gets someone else to rip my hoodie off, leaving me in boyshorts and a bra. It didn't take them very long to have those ripped off either. I can't fight anything at this point because it's useless and screaming isn't going to get me heard.
I told the guys to shut-up and listen, and that if they didn't force it then I would go along with everything. After all, I had been taken advantage of by a dog and was not fun at first until I got used to it. Thinking of that got me kind of excited and my nipples perked up as the heavyweight got off of me. I went ahead and asked how this was going to work and they made me stand up. Michael, the 160 lb. wrestler seemed to be the voice of the group. I guess because everyone knew he had lots of sexual experience that he would know what to tell me to do. So Michael tells me to take off my bra, which I went ahead and did without asking questions. The problem was that I was now cold since it was winter, I had no clothes on except my little white boyshorts and there was no heat in the shower room. So I figured I would tell them I was cold and maybe I could get some clothes on and leave, but they told Michael to get me to turn the hot showers on to steam it up and I was willing to at this point becuase I was freezing. The way the showers spray in the rectangle shaped room, the only place you can stand without getting wet is in the middle. To turn all of the showers on I'm going to either get wet or some won't be on. I turned almost all of them on, that way I wouldn't get wet from the last couple, but that didn't please Michael and he seemed to know exactly what I had done. So then, he stairs at me and says to turn the other ones on and don't worry about getting wet. Reluctant at first I tried to stay dry, but I had to go through one shower to turn another on so I got my back soaked and my boyshorts were just little cotton ones, so now they were looking at my back and could see my ass cheeks perfectly. I got another one on without getting my front wet and then I got the third one on and as I turned around I forgot about the second one shooting water where it was and I turned right into it, thus showing my bald mound through the wet thin cotton. When I look at the guys they are all getting naked. I panic and back into the wall. What was I going to do, they all wanted me and I was scared as I could be.
A couple of the guys had their backs turned to me so I was trying to figure out what they were doing exactly. They all turn around and get everybody to line up, all twenty seven of them in line from smallest to largest dick. Now this sounds crazy, but it's exactly how it happened. Michael said to get on all fours facing the group and they were going to give it to me one at a time. I was freaking out! How is little tiny me going to handle some of these guys?! The first guy came up, he was only about 4 inches and he slid in and it hurt pretty good for the first two pump and then he was going crazy. He was humping so fast and Michael tells him to blow his load in the backdoor, and it took me a minute and just about as soon as I figured out what he was talking about I get a dick in my ass thats shooting cum all inside me. He pulls out and sits there under a shower head and watches as the next guy comes around, he was pretty much the same size. He went slower, but he didn't take nearly as long before I yelled out because I had another dick poked in my ass. My ass had never had anything enter it before and now they were just poking it in once and filling it up with cum. This guy had twice the load that the first guy did.
The third guy was just a little longer but he was super thin, so I didn't hardly feel him as he humped me, I did feel it when he jammed in my ass though. He had a tiny little bit of cum. Number four was the same length with a little wider dick, but at this point I wasn't feeling much. My ass kept contracting back down tight because all the action was in my pussy until they would jam it in my ass and cum. The fifth guy came up and his dick was the same size, they were almost identical except this one was black. This little guy wrestled 112 lb weight class and he humped me so fast and hard I just got mad at him, it wasn't pleasureable at all. He slid in my ass instead of jamming it like everyone else. That was much easier for me with just the head in there squirting into me. Number six was the heavyweight, which was suprising, i thought a big guy would have a bigger one, but apparently not. He kept missing the hole and causing problems so he started jacking off and put his dick head in my ass and came.
Number seven had a smaller dick than the two or three before him, but they said he was a pleaser. He got behind me and worked me good. I got my first orgasm of the night with him. He knew how to use what he had. His name was Joe C. and everybody knew he was a player. Number eight and number nine were just like the first couple. They weren't really big but they did decent. I was really aroused and dripping wet from my pussy and the sweat and steam. Jeremy was the backup 189 lb. wrestler and everybody thought he was going to be the first to get me hurting, but he didn't even get it in all the way and backed out and tried again and had to put it in my ass real quick to get his load off. He wasn't huge, just bigger than everybody so far. He had a premature ejaculation problem I'm guessing because if he wanted to, he could've stretched me. So much for number ten; he was pitiful. Eleven had a needle dick, which fit the rest of his body perfectly because he was just skin and bones. It didn't please me very much. James, Tommy, and Ethan were the next three which did ok, but they admitted that they were all virgins, so they didn't take long to finish and put it in my ass. By this time, my ass was getting sore and if I would've stood up, cum would have poured out of my ass.
Jonathon and Ben were best friends and they were very similar, including their size and techniques. They both took a moderate amount of time on me. By this time I couldn't hardly hold myself up, so I just buried my face in the floor and waited. Michael was going through my stuff at the back of the line and says she needs a break, so hold on a minute. He comes up with my Nalgene water bottle and makes me sit on it and let all that cum in my ass run into it. It's a half-gallon bottle so there was no way to fill it up, but I got nearly half way. Once it was all done, the seventeenth guy comes out, and it was my backup. I thought, oh no he really is gonna finally get me now. He was about 9 inches long and hard as a rock. His cock jutted out towards my hole and he pounded and pounded and pounded. I was getting ready to have another orgasm and he pulls out and cums in my ass. What a jerk! I was frustrated and the next four or five didn't compare, they just didn't know how to use them. My little pussy was sure taking a hit from the 22 cocks that had been through it. It was throbbing and my clit was on fire. Oh I needed another orgasm to free me from this wave of arousal. Number twenty-three wasn't much but he did get me that much closer before he ditched and came in my ass.
Twenty-four was the guy I sort of had a crush on, Eddie, so I knew I would enjoy this, even if it was only for a few seconds. Luckily for me, I had about 10 minutes of him stretching my walls out. It was by far the best sex yet and I had three seqential orgasms from his amazing abilities. Twenty-five just kind of teased at it with his 10.5 incher. I know this because he was proud of it and wanted to tell me that he had measured it several times and liked how big it was. Twenty-six broke me nearly in two. He was a 215 lb. wrestler and he was strong, but not for his size. I capsized and he blew his load in my ass. I thought it would never stop shooting cum into me. Michael made me empty my ass of all the cum again into my bottle and it was almost full. He scared me with his monster because it was 9 inches soft. It hung there between his legs with a head so huge on it that I had second thoughts. He may have been 12 or 13 hard, which is shorter than the Great Dane who raped me, but he was twice as big around and with no exaggeration either. It was over 2" in diameter and I couldn't get my thumb and middle finger around any more than 60% of it. It was huge!
Before Michael mounted me, he told me to get his dick wet, so I did as I was told and sucked on it and licked it good. He got the guys to sit in front of me and have me do blowjobs and I refused. That was the wrong thing to do. He told me that he'd get pictures of this and show them to anybody he felt the need or want to. So how can I contest that. He's already getting to take advantage of me enough and here I am sucking off everybody again. It wasn't that bad giving blowjobs. I had never given one before but I had heard other girls in the locker room talk about it and I did some of the things they talked about, like using your hand too and deep throating. They seemed to all like it, but I didn't know when they were gonna cum so I ended up deepthroating and they'd cum all the way down my throat. Suddenly Michael mounts me and stretches me out so far that I yelled and gagged on Scotty's cock, which wasn't a big one at all. Michael pushes all they way in fast and hard enough and takes my breath away. Two more pumps and I have an enormous orgasm. My legs are weak and he grabs my ass and holds it up and keeps fucking me harder and harder. It's all I can do to suck another cock, but I was afraid of what he said he would do so I kept sucking and deep throating. More cum filled my tummy and it was warm all the way down. I was helpless now because I was getting to big cocks and they were going so far into my throat and Michael was pumping me harder and faster than when he started. Then he reaches around with one hand and rubs my clit. I moaned out and as he pulled his dick back I squirted all over him. He just put it back in me and kept on fucking me. I finally got all the guys to cum again from the blowjobs and all the white stuff I swallowed was making me feel full. Michael was merciless though. I thought I was going to die before he was done with me. He was finally done and told me to turn around. He jammed his dick down my throat and pumped into it more than anybody had yet. His dick was so big around he had to be gentle taking it out of my mouth because my mouth wouldn't open wide enough.
I just sat there thinking I was finally done. Then Michael puts me back in doggystyle and slams his dick in my ass so hard that it tore. I cried and cried for him to stop but he went for another 10 minutes or so before blowing everything else he had into my ass. I started to stand up with cum flowing from my ass in a river almost and I collapsed and pulled myself under a shower to clean it. As soon as I thought it was over the heavyweight drags me by my feet to the drain and Michael says there is one last stipulation. I have to drink that Nalgene bottle full of cum. I just cried again and held my mouth open and up at the sky as my backup came with the bottle and poured it into my mouth and it splashed all over my body and I slowly swallowed it all and he poured more into me and more splashed until the bottle was empty. My former crush, Eddie, picked me up and held me up under the shower and cleaned me up and dried me off. He was being such a sweetheart, considering all that had happened and the fact that I couldn't walk. So he pulls the thong out of my bag and puts it on me and puts my bra and sweat clothes back on me and carries me to his car. It was a short ride back to my house as I was so strung out that I don't remember most of it. He took me to the door and I entered the alarm code to get in and he left my bags in the floor and as he left I hit the button to re-arm the alarm system. I held onto the wall for long enough to get to the couch and that is where I collapsed. The next day was saturday and I recieved a knock on the door from Michael of all people. I told him to wait until I could get to the door. As I staggered around and unlocked it for him to come in, he stood there and told me that he had talked to the other team members and that if we won any more tournaments they could do it again to me. I objected at first and then I thought of how amazing that night was after I was subdued by 27 cocks. He pulled my Nalgene bottle from behind his back and said, "This coming friday we have another tournament and it's a bunch of weak schools so you are gonna need this."
Let's just say that next friday, I had everybody come back to my house, where I had a better suited environment and nobody had to leave until the next day. The coaches never found out and nobody in school knows other than my teammates, who still carried on that ritual until wrestling season ended this past year. I had no problem winning the wrestler of the year award every year.

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