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This is my first story so I would appreciate all comments and feedback on it. Keep in note these characters are fictional and incest is illegal. Do not read if you are against incest stories. I don’t give a shit if you put in the comments how incest is bad. For everyone else please enjoy and feel free to provide constructive criticism on my story.

“Fire the torpedo!” The captain shouted, seconds later a piercing hot piece of metal shot out of a cannon straight into the enemies fuel tank. The ship burst into flames and slowly descended out of the sky, crashing into a heap on the ground. It was their first fight, and their first victory. No one could be blamed for wanting to celebrate. After the fight everyone assembled into the galley for a long night of drinking and a bit of partying.
The airship was a mach two desert hawk and was meant for close combat, this meant very close quarters.This is relevant because, recently the law banning women in the Air Force had been repealed and thousands of women had signed up to serve for their country. Laura however, had signed up hoping to be free from the dreary existence that was her life. A chance to live life as she pleased and perhaps find a man (or two) along the way. However, her plans were derailed after a shift in the system. She was put aboard the S.S. Pride of Azhuria, which happened to be the same ship as her brother. Her brother then set forth from that moment on to watch over her like a hawk stopping any chance of intimacy with any other crew members. Tonight however was her night to break free, to have fun.
Laura was 5’6”, weighing 124 pounds and with a nice, rather full C cup. She had a lithe yet supple form which made her drop dead gorgeous. Her brother John was 6’2” which put him just below the maximum height to serve in the airship division. He was thin but not lanky and had a very intimidating form, which was useful for scaring off anyone who tried to get close to Laura.
Laura decided that the only way she was going to have fun was to have a couple drinks first. However, after 3 drinks she was very tipsy and on the border of drunk. By the time it was late in the night she was quite drunk and started getting reckless. Around the time she had gotten this drunk most of the decent men and women on board had long since left for bed. All that was left were a few men scattered among the tables playing poker or enjoying one last beverage before retiring for the night themselves. John was still there as well, sitting in a darkened corner wearing his typical long black coat.
It was eleven o’clock and Laura wanted to be noticed. So using her logic, which was by this point severely off because of the alcohol, Laura in one fluid moment pulled her shirt off, tossed it into the air and shouted, “Hey guys, take a look at me”. This of course got the attention of the seven or so men still in the room. All of them now openly leering.
This is why John had stayed. For he knew that this moment was going to happen at one point. He quickly sprung up, grabbed the shirt that now was on the floor, quickly wrapped it tight around Laura’s chest and moved her as quickly as he could out of the galley and into the hallway heading towards his room where he knew they were unlikely to follow. John’s roommate was unable to be in the room due to his injury during the battle.
As soon as they entered John turned on the lights, and locked the door. Then roughly sat his sister on the bed. However his sister was so drunk she had no realization that john had stopped holding the shirt in place and now the shirt was on the floor. Her breasts now fully exposed to the cool night air. John for the most part did his best to avoid looking at his sisters breast as he half asked/half shouted “What the hell is wrong with you?!?” Laura could tell that John was angry at the exhibition of her tits. Yet at the same time she could distinctly see the swelling of another part of his body.
“Well I never have any fun, you are always stopping me from meeting other men and giving me a hard time when I try to do something for myself.” She replied.
“Well maybe if you weren’t always making yourself a target like you were just then, I wouldn’t need to do that” John retorted. “I don’t feel comfortable with you roaming the halls in search of your quarters, so in the meantime while you sober up, you will stay here for the night.” “There would be no cock tonight” she thought to herself. She then said aloud “But I don’t have any of my stuff, what am I supposed to wear to bed?”
“Be resourceful, either way you’re not leaving here tonight.” John said. He then pointed her to the bunk two feet away that belonged to his room mate. “You will sleep there until morning, then when you are all set you can go back to your room.”
As John double locked the door and turned off the light, Laura removed the rest of her clothing, in order to keep it fresh, or at least more fresh than it would be. Then climbed into the bunk. Laura thought back to John’s swelling cock, and how horny she was at that moment. Now to be fair, Laura had never thought about her brother in this way. She had never thought about him as a male, more as just a being. But the more she thought about it, the more she was turned on. Then she heard a faint rustling coming from her brothers bunk.
“Are you okay?” Laura slurred slightly concerned. Her brother thought, but aloud mumbled, “Ya I’m fine”. going on over there?” She said as she tried to look over through the darkness. He stammered trying harder to hide the erection he had. When laura looked over, she finally made out through the darkness a 6.5” erection. She really wanted to use it. Have it go inside and make her feel good. She was drunk and horny and at this point she just wanted to fuck something or someone. So she reached over with her arm and gave it a good tug. “What are you doing?!?” John asked, not sure if he should stop her or not. After all it felt quite good. “Helping us both out.” She replied as her hand started moving up and down on his erection.
John was having a really hard time deciding whether or not he should stop her. On one hand it was incest, and wrong. On the other it felt so good and she would probably not remember any of it. Finally he decided to let her continue. Then she stopped. John thought “Well at least things won’t get any further out of control.” Then he heard the shifting of bed springs and then the moving of his cover, finally he felt the tight wetness of his sister going down on him. It took all of his control not to cum right then and there. He lost all thoughts of right and wrong.
Laura decided to start off slowly moving up and down, wanting to last as long as she could to achieve a good orgasm. That being said she couldn’t really regulate it. She would go fast, then slow, then fast, then slow, trying to orgasm. God it felt so good! Then she heard her brother mumble something but she wasn’t sure what.
John was getting close, but he didn’t want it to end too soon. So he mumbled quietly he was getting close. Finally he started to feel his balls tighten and he said louder, “Sis I’m gonna cum!” To this she panicked because she realized at that moment he didn’t have a condom on. The bunk was too short for her to quickly dismount and as she tried desperately to dismount, she felt the penis shake, then release it’s entire load straight into her vulnerable womb. “Oh God!” He said as he shot stream after stream. Until finally he has softened up enough to let her get off.
“What am I going to do?” she cried, realizing what was likely to follow. “I don’t know” He replied before turning over to rest. She went back to the bunk, and spent the rest of the night wondering what she was thinking.
The End?

story by: PrivilegedReader

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Author: PrivilegedReader

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