Iribis, the demon

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He had spent years in study, years in how to summon creatures from other planes of existance useing science. After so many year he had succeeded where no one else could. He figured out how mere words could open portals, he firgured out why these could bind such grand creatures. So many benevolent. So many in possesion of inconcievable knowledge. He said te last few words in the dimly lit room with four cameras pointed all around his target. A circle of salt and a pentagram of salt. An inferno of flame erupted from the circle as an inhuman roar sounded so loud the man fell back. The older German man gave a one sided grin as a massive creature faded into existance before his eyes. It had black skin that looked like burnt charcol. An edged brow pointing down with blood red eyes. It had two horns that rose alittle and then dropped to just above eye level and then went straight outward, shining and smooth. Black at the base and slowly turned white as perals. It's chin narrowed to a point with three jagged edges. It's massive arms were jagged with shell like skin along it's forearms and judded outward three time at the elbow. It's gauntlet like hands were sharp at every point and had fingernails three inches long dripping with fresh blood. It's mouth wide enought to fit the entire mans head inside of it, and enough pointed an jagged teeth to shred his skull to pieces. It's large black wings were too like charcol, withered looking they were dead looking, as if they had not been used in centuries. With a long tail with a large spike at the end the creature spoke with an extremely low pitched voice with a rasp on the tip of his vocal chords. 
"why am I summoned mortal?" his voice was filled with venom.
"you're here to give me information, please tell me your /> "Iribis, what is yours?"
"mine is not of importance as of now. I have summoned you and you must listen to me and follow my commands." he said with an ever gaining confidence.
"this is a deal I do not like, how about this human. You release me and I'll tell you the secret to immortality, all I want is to be set free upon your world." it said with a wicked grin.
"How can I trust you?" he asked,
"A demon is bound by his word." it retorted, it's devilish features curving into a grin.
"a demon?" He asked in a bit of shock, "I believe I will accept your deal, as Lon as this way of immorality will not kill me or imobilize me." he said,
The demon sneered, it's said, pronoucing every sylibil with emphisis.
The salt on the circle blew apart as the demon stepped forward. He placed a hand on the old man shoulder and whispered in his ear. 
Thr old man began to smile evily as the demon spoke. 
The demon stood straight again as the old man turned around with a sneer of his own. He then screamed in pain as a large black spear was protruding from his chest with blood spurting from every side of the wound. 
Iribis had impaled the man with his tail. 
He ripped the natural spike from the man chest as he tried to breath in, his eyes rolling back falling to his knees.   
He spun around destroying all the cameras. The 8 foot tall demon spread his wings, they spread into a magnificent 10 foot span looking more fearsome then they had for years. He smiled wickedly hearing a clicking fro outside. Man, he would eat, woman he would rape then eat. He had not tasted the meat of a human for />
Jasmine strutted down the street in 6 inch black high heels. The brazilian 22 year old worked as a secretry at an office building she had been working at for 3 years now. For her boss she wore a miniskirt halfway up her thighs and fishnet stockings. With boucy black hair that shined her hazel eyes loved to strut her ass. In slang she had an apple ass, smooth and firm. Lucious and plump she also had cherry red lips. Her breasts were also large, a high C-cup, and with a low cut shirt she showed alot of cleavage. Her nails had been filed to and inch long painted red. Also just for her boss' benefit she either wore latex, or leather, today she chose latex. She walked down the street with a small purse with a 9mm glock pistol. She loved alone and actualy like the /> She loved her life at the moment, raises always found a way to her and money kept pouring in.
Iribis using his natural abilities stared at her from a house top, invisible to the naked eye. His eyes nearly popped when he saw Jasmine walking down the street. In ancient times he would take her off and rape her relentlessly in some distant field. But this was a new age. He saw large steel machines flying, he saw a knight of some sort kill a criminal with a small piece of steel that projected small metal pellets. The humans were evolved in technology. He had to stalk his new delicious prey. His long black forked tongue fell a foot past his chinin anticipation.

Jasmine couldn't shake the feeling something was watching her. She developed the skill after three years of working for a dirty minded man. She was close to her short cut. A trail in the woods that she knew of like the back of her hand, one that put her only a black away from her house. 
She took the trail. Iribis smiled as he flew over the trees trying to find her. He lost sight of her quickly. In frustration he roared in the air. He quickly stopped and listened and heard everything in the forest suddenly come to a halt except for one thing, a gasp. The human. 
Every other animal had stopped to wonder what made that horrible noise, and then ran the opposite direction. He followed where the gasp had come from and saw her emerge from the forest leading into an alley way. He darted his wings backward and went in at an angle gaining speed.

Jasmine didn't think bears came this close to civilization, and even if it did, the bear would not go close to a dance club which her house was only a block away from. She was in the alley behind the club and she could hear the loud bass vibrating the building from inside. 
What she didn't hear was Iribis land only 10 feet behind her. But as she walked she had that feeling again. She slowly reached into her purse and pulled her pistol turning around with it in a flash for her wrist to be caught. She saw only black however when she looked. A thick clear hot liquid dripped in front of her and on her face. Her free hand jolted up wiping away the sticky slime. She looked up and saw the demons face staring at her. Something wa poking her chest. She slowly looked down starting to make out the lines of it's broad chest, it's serrated shoulders and glistening abs. Her large chest heaved in fright as she saw it's massive member right below her breasts. A stiff cool brease blew by hardening her nipples. Her arms broke into goosebumps as she tried to scream but a wimper was made with her lips /> Iribis smiled greedily a he pulled the weapon from her hand tossing it aside and lifted her by the throat and pinned her against the wall. His finger ran down the womans bare neck inbetween her large breasts, down the length of her latex covered body to the base of the miniskirt where his finger turned around and hooked under lifting the skirt up. It revealed a black laced G-string. He smiled as perverted thoughts entered his mind. His hand glided down her voluptuous thigh. He sqeezed as she gave a slight moan that was not of free will. 
Jasmine felt it's stinging hot breath on the side of her neck and bare breasts that heaved in the glow of the moonlight. She couldn't believe it but the way it handled her she was turned on. The feel of it's rough hand on her smooth round thigh. It's hot breath roaring against her bare breasts. Her involunrary moan made her open her eyes in disbelief. She was barly able to breath with his hand on her throat that's when she felt the hand on her thigh slowly rise. She swallowed hard as a fingernail slipped under her G-string and tug once ripping it off. It lofted her higher on the wall. She grabbed both sides of the creatures hand in fear and even alittle bit of pleasure as her body betrayed her. She could feel her pussy dripping with /> She couldn't believe it.
She felt the first smooth thing ion this creature enter her. It's long thick tongue entered her shaved soft lips as it's free hand slided up the back of her thigh and strongly grasped her large left ass cheek. She moaned extremely loud as it's tongue flickered inside of her. Her hips began to gyrate as an orgasm came near. After a few more second one washed over her like a flood. Her juices leaked into the demons mouth and it put it's entire mouth over her pussy greedily drinking her vagina like water. 
"you taste divine woman!" it said lowering her to the ground, her turned her around as his tongue slid up, inbetween her thighs licking between her ass cheeks getting her black cherry wet. He brought her ass out a bit laying his throbbing 11 inch member on her back. He let it slide up and down her ass cheeks. 
She had only had anal once. She loved it, but no one would stick it in her ass, but now this monstosity was not only turning her on, not only making her cum, but was also doing her favorite postion. 
The demon kept rubbing around her asshole the was glistening with sweat as was her entire body. She whispered /> "what was that?" he said angerly
"please? Fuck me in the asshole. Like your own nasty little whore fuck me!" she said louder. 
Jasmine could barly believe she said it but she had never been so turned on. 
Iribis evily grinned as her put his head on her ass hole, he thrusted once, and hard and was all the way inside the slut. She screamed in pleasure and pain. It pulled back and thrusted again, it picked up the pace ravishing her ass. She moaned like a banshee in the midnight air. Iribis reached around grabbing the latexx covering her tits and tore off the article of clothing along with the bra. He sqeezed her breasts in his hands as she shrieked in an orgasm. He didn't stop and she didn't want him to. She loved getting her ass pounded like a piece of meat. His hand pulled back as he slapped the womans ass, she screamed in both pleasure and pain as another orgasm washed over her. He pulled out of her turning her around, she immeditly grabbed his dick and started sliding it between her large tits looking up at his slowly licking her top lip at him in a very seductive way, having her eyes half open and her mouth making more of an "O" Iribis was taken back, he had never seen a human act like this before.  He had never been so attracted to human women before. She looked down and put his large cock into her mouth still tit-fucking the monster. He looked up and roared into the air as he filled her mouth with his black seed. The next thing he heard was her swallowing it. She swallowed every last drop. She looked up at him with the same greed in her eyes that he had when he first laid eyes in her. Her was going to kill her, but this one he would keep. He could see it in her eyes that she would never stray from him. He also knew she would never stray when she opened her mouth again to say, 
"I'll do anything you want of me, just promise you'll fuck me again." he smiled as he nodded, a demon always keeps to his word.  

story by: The Midnight Shade

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: The Midnight Shade

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