Stepdaughter laura: chapter six

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Stepdaughter Laura: Chapter Six

It's been a few months sense Laura has been here at the house and to be honest, I kind of miss having her with me. She has sent a number of sets of photos, the last two sets included another female as well.

It was Thanksgiving day after noon and as was my routine I was at my computers. On Laura's computer the screen saver of her naked photos was running as I went though e-mails on mine.

“Have eaten anything Pop?”

I jumped not hearing Laura come in, “Oh, you startled me baby.” Reaching for the hem of her skirt, “Not sense />
desert for later Pop,” she was smiling, “OK, go ahead and remove my panties and we'll go eat some where.”

“You know there isn't much open today.”

not a problem Pop. I have a place for us to go already.”

After I had her panties off, as the last time she was with me but, she had me put on the panties I just took off her. The crotch was damp and sent a tingle though my cock as it added some pre-cum to the sky blue panties.

As Laura drove to our destination, I occupied myself by playing with her pussy slipping my fingers in and out. I froze with two fingers inside her as she pulled up to a guard house of a gated community. With my hand sitting where it was, the hem of her skirt was at her waist leaving her crotch exposed.

“Good evening Jim.”

“Miss Laura, good to see you,” he had a big smile on his face.

“This is my />
leaning in, “Nice to meet you sir,” his eyes fixed on the point my fingers disappeared. “Don't let me stop you from your fun Miss Laura.”

I started fingering her pussy.

“You sure do have a hot stepdaughter sir.”

“Well, she is her mother's />
He handed Laura a pass then opened the gate and let us in. Laura pulled into a driveway a few blocks away. I was a little surprised when Dan answered the door.

“Good to see you two. Come on in.”

Susan came in with drinks for us. She wore a skirt that ended about half way to her knees. The top two buttons of her blouse were undone reviling the top of a black lace bra.

“Laura, can you help me put the food on the table?”

“Sure Susan.” Laura left with Susan.

Dan and I sat in the living room talking about different topics waiting on the girls. It was about an hour later when we were called to the table.1

I was introduced to their two children, Danny and Sally.

Dan had Laura sit to his right with Danny next to her. Susan sat at the far end with me to her right with Sally between her dad and I . With the side length of the table as it was Danny's chair was right next to Laura's. The same was true of Sally's and mine. I noted that Danny's left hand stayed below table level most of the meal. Sitting next to Sally, I watched her dress ride up time she moved until I could tell she was pantie-less. As we ate, neither Dan nor Susan seemed to pay little interest to the actions of the kids.

“If you will excuse me, may I use your bathroom?” I was about to unload in the panties I was wearing.

Sally quickly spoke up, “I'll show him the way.”

“Aright dear, your excused,” Dan said.

Stopping in front of door Sally said, “Here you go.”

“Thank you Sally,” I stepped in and pushed the door to.

I hadn't got in good until Sally was at my side with her dress off, “Let me help you with that.”

Before I could stop her, she had my pants unzipped and my cock in her mouth.

She had been at it about ten minutes when Susan showed up.

“Save some for me dear.”

I looked over to see Susan as she slipped her bra off then her skirt leaving her completely naked. I couldn't hold back any longer and unload down Sally's sweet throat.

“That sure was good desert, you should try some mom.”

“I'll clean up what you left baby but I want mine some where else.” she took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom, leaving my pants and panties on the bathroom floor. Sally was right behind us.

I don't know how long we were going at it, but I filled Susan's pussy twice and Sally's once.

As I went to retrieve my pants and panties Susan told Sally, “Go and get a clean pair of your panties for him dear.”

Sally trotted off and moments later returned with a pair her canary yellow bikini panties. When we rejoined the others, they were in the living room sitting on the sofa with Laura between Dan and Danny.

We said our good nights then Laura and I made our way home. It wasn't until we were undressing that she saw that I was wearing a different pair of panties and I saw that she was missing her bra.

We spent most of Friday shopping. She of course went without panties and she had me wear the panties given to me by Sally.

Back at the house that evening I was checking e-mails. There were three from Dan. The first was an hour long video of Laura and Danny. One video showed Sally sucking me off in the bathroom and then in the bedroom as I filled both Susan and Sally's pussies. The last was a video of Laura naked on the dinning table as Dan and Danny filled her mouth and pussy.

Saturday went pretty much as Friday, shopping daring the day and our nightly routine. She and I spent Sunday morning fucking. Laura finally left just after lunch so she could make it back to her house before dark. After she left I went to put on a pair of my underwear only to find that, once again, Laura had taken all my underwear and leaving her panties in their place.

To be continued

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