Jeanette chapter 6

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We snuck out the house, it wasn't hard with my mom getting drunk and my dad out of town. Thank god he wasn't here. Oh my god! I still didn't know what scared me more. That I had been using my mom's replica of my dad's dick to orgasm for weeks and fucking my friend Cynthia with it. Or that deep down I still wanted to sneak it out of my mom's room to use again!

We walked a few blocks. Cynthia trying to make sense of it and make me feel better for using my dad's dick to get off. The more she talked about it the worse I felt about it.

"Let's just talk about something else," I said stopping her.

We walked a little more not talking. We were back at my street, close to Tommy's house. His father had finally given up on me and left the house to his wife and Tommy. He moved out, the divorce wasn't finalized yet but we all knew that Tommy and his mom would be staying in the house.

I didn't want to see him either. Even though he didn't found out about my involvement with his dad which lead to the divorce. I had even managed to avoid his mom for some time now so hopefully she would forget the picture she'd seen of me sucking off her soon-to-be ex husband.

How stupid I'd been lately. Sucking off my friend's dad, seducing a married teacher, then sexually experimenting with Cynthia, my best friend (well that hasn't turned out bad at all) and using my mom's toy! I shouldn't have used it to begin with, it wasn't mine.

We started talking and walking the opposite way from my house. After another few blocks we were getting close to Cynthia's house.

"You want to stop by and see how Joe is?" I asked.

I knew she wouldn't want to see Aida right now. Aida was upset at Cynthia for spending the night at my house more often lately. Cynthia couldn't explain why, at least not to Aida. How would that go? 'No it's not what you think Jeanette just likes to eat me out and fuck me with her dad's toy dick.' I was saved from that line of thought by Cynthia.

"He just got grounded, besides he hardly wants to see me anymore. It's only when we're at school that he really talks to me." She said sadly.

"You think he's cheating?" I asked, then instantly regretted it.

She was quiet as we walked by two more houses. "Yeah, I do. I haven't caught him but I just have a feeling he is, right now even."

"But if he's grounded?" How could he be cheating right this moment I wondered.

"Well maybe not right this moment! I mean he's seeing someone I'm sure of it." She said quickly, I felt like she knew more about it but she wasn't going to say, instead she continued. "He got grounded for staying out late, but it was a night he didn't see me! So who was he seeing?"

I tried to think of some girls from school. Lots of girls liked Joe. He was nice and strong and kind of smart. Not to mention, thanks to Cynthia letting it slip, I knew he was good in the sack too.

We were both caught off guard when two boys walked down a walkway to us.

"Hey." The first said. He sounded familiar. Oh yeah, Mark the stereotypical quarterback. Good looking, cocky, womanizer.

The other spoke a little quieter, two doing out here?" He was a football player too. He was cute, not so buff as Mark and from what I remember not a jerk either.

We talked to them for a little while. Mark acting like Cynthia and I should both fuck him on the spot. Pretty standard behavior for him. "Well, we got to get going home now," I prompted, pulling Cynthia with me.

"Hey! Come on! You can come in my house if you want?" Mark shouted, unnecessarily. We were still only a few feet from them.

"Maybe we should walk you home?" Jake asked.

"I'd like that," Cynthia said.

Ugh, Cynthia we'll never get rid of Mark at this rate I wanted to say. Jake caught up to us and Mark walked slowly behind. Jake talked softly to me and before I knew it Cynthia had slowed down and was walking alone with Mark.

When we got to my house I thanked Jake. I even gave him a little kiss on the cheek, as thanks. Mark and Cynthia walked up slowly. Jake backed away from the door, ready to leave.

Cynthia smiled at Mark. He took that as an invitation and walked in right behind her. "Uh, Mark?" I asked pointing outside.

But Cynthia lead him in to my room. I stood stunned. Jake came back up, "maybe we shouldn't leave them alone together?"

"Yeah," I agreed.

I locked the front door and went down the hall to my room. The door was closed but not locked thank goodness. When I walked in they were talking by my bed, Mark glared at me and Jake.

Jake and I sat on the floor next to the bed. We all talked for a little while. But before long, I noticed Cynthia and Mark weren't talking. When I looked at them they were kissing, his hands all over her back and butt.

I wanted to tell him he needed to leave. She had a boyfriend, well then again she said they had some problems and weren't official, maybe I should let her.

I looked at Jake, he smiled and said, "I liked that kiss you gave me. Think I could get another one?"

"Really? Is that your pickup line?" I replied.

He looked sadly at the two on the bed making out. Cynthia was making me feel like a shrewd old lady. I leaned in and kissed him right on the lips.

He kissed back and the kiss kept going. I wrapped my arms around him and he began the same slow hand slide Mark was using on Cynthia. Slowly his hands went lower on my back.

As he reached the top of my butt I broke the kiss to look at Cynthia. She was watching me too as Mark was kissing her breasts. Her shirt was lifted up and her bra pulled down.

I looked admiringly at her beautiful breasts as Mark's hand squeezed one. Jake must have seen because he squeezed my butt with one hand while the other moved around to my front.

I wanted to stop but Cynthia was not close to stopping and I wouldn't be left unattended to. I lifted my own shirt off for Jake. He happily pulled at my bra to access my small tits.

I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. I was very self conscious of my baby bumps. I wanted to pull my shirt back on but Jake was playing with my nipples. The tingling feeling he was causing made me feel hot. I pulled him on top of me as I lay back on the floor.

I could feel his stiff dick through his pants. He lifted himself up to kiss me and press his rock hard staff against my pelvic. I opened my legs and let him grind against me.

His breathing got heavier. He was grinding faster but our jeans were rubbing me hard. I pulled at his pants and he seemed to understand, as he stopped grinding long enough to pull his pants off. While he took his off I pulled my pants off too.

I took the time to look at Cynthia. Her and Mark were still making out. He seemed content to grab her ass and squeeze her breasts.

Jake lowered himself back on top of me. My legs open around him. I got a better feel as he rubbed his cock between my legs. Only the cotton of my panties and his boxers keeping that nice hot meat out of my ready hole.

I was really enjoying this now. He felt good there. I could feel my panties getting wet from my leaking pussy. I was so horny now. He liked me and was very interested in my body. He made me feel so sexy with his lust for my body.

As our rhythm picked up I thought I should have taken off my panties too. I wanted his dick now. Oh damn I needed to slow down ,I didn't even know Jake that well but I wanted him to fuck me.

Then I heard them. Cynthia and Mark had finally stopped making out. Now they were having full on sex. I could hear him grunting as he pumped her.

Hearing them made me want more. "I want to see it," I said.

Jake got up and pulled down his boxers. His dick was standing straight out pointing at me calling to me. It was probably about six or seven inches. More interesting was the shape of it. This was all torpedo, no ridge around the tip that I could see in the dim light. The tip had a weird sort of point to it.

I didn't miss a beat though, I sat up and put his hot rod in my mouth. It was hard but had a certain squishiness to it.

I pulled him out and looked at his cock again. It looked different than the others I've seen. I put my hand around it, the length was about the same as MrC but it was a little thinner. I worked my hand on his shaft. As I pumped my hand down to the base the skin moved and exposed a small pointy tip. As my hand worked back up and the tip was covered by skin.

I moved the skin again and licked at the tip. He moaned and I held the extra skin back while I licked the top of his dick. I sucked it into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it.

His hand went to my hair and I worked faster. Sucking him in deeper. My head bobbing back and forth on his staff. I looked up and he was breathing heavy and watching Cynthia and Mark fuck.

I wanted him to look at me. Not her. I sucked him harder. Pumped his shaft with my hands then pooped him out of my mouth. I licked down his length and sucked his balls into my mouth.

He looked down then. I pulled on them with my hand and mouth. He started to shake and his balls lifted against my tugging. I quickly sucked his tip into my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Jake grunted.

His hot cream began shooting into my mouth. It had been a long time since I tasted the salty hot cum of a boy. I drank his spunk. I milked his cock and sucked all his teen juice, swallowing it down my throat.

He had a lot of cum. I couldn't believe how much there was. I must have swallowed six gulps of the his stuff. I could feel some leaking out the corners of my mouth.

Finally the streams stopped. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his dick clean. He tasted good, I missed the smell and taste of a real cock.

"Damn that was good," Mark said getting off the bed. I saw him as he pulled up his pants. "Come on Jake, we got to get going."

Jake pulled his own pants on. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over me, I didn't like the way Mark was looking at my small tits. He sneered as I dressed as if I was supposed to let him look at me.

As soon as Mark was dressed he walked out with a belated, "see you two at school."

Jake leaned down and kissed me on the lips. he said heading for the door. He looked at Cynthia, she was still naked, uncovered on my bed. He turned back to me and quickly said, "you wanna go out with me?"

I was stunned. Was he asking because I gave him a blow job or because he wanted me to fuck him? I had no answer for him, I didn't expect him to go steady with me or me with him.

"Think about it? Please," he asked as Mark made enough noise by my front door to wake the dead. I nodded and he ran to catch up with Mark.

"Wow, one BJ and he asked you out! Joe has had a lot more and still hasn't asked me!" Cynthia complained.

"Well… I'm not sure you can say much, what if Mark asked you out because of tonight?" I asked. "Do you want him too?"

"Mark? No way. He's a jerk, never want him as a boyfriend. You see how he just left as soon as Jake was done. He liked watching you suck Jake."

"Ew. Then why did you let him have sex with you?" I asked curiously.

"Well, Mark's the best looking guy in school, now I can say I've been there done that and it's not all that great." She laughed.

"Well I think I know why you don't want him now, I saw him before he put his pants on," I giggled and Cynthia laughed out loud.

"Come on, there's more to sex than a boy's size," she replied still laughing. "But in Mark's case the size definitely doesn't help."

After a little more giggling about size she asked me, "how was Jake? He was better equipped than Mark."

"He has skin on the top of it. Have you ever seen that?" I asked.

"You mean he's She shook her head. "I've never seen one before. I didn't really see much of his because it was shoved down your throat!" She started laughing again.

"Why are you laughing at me? I wouldn't have done that if you hadn't been spreading your legs for Mark!" I retorted.

"Jake was working between your legs first!" She said shocked.

"Yeah, we both had underwear on!"

"Oh shit, I didn't know that." She looked ashamed of herself. "I wouldn't have let Mark take me if I knew that. It's all Joe's fault! If he'd just ask me to be his girlfriend I would be so />
"I know, I'm sorry. You want me to get some people to kick his ass?" I offered, half joking.

She smiled at me. "Thanks, but I'll deal with him my way. You're a good friend />
"Thanks, you are too. Every time I'm with you I get lucky one way or another," I laughed.

"Ugh, shut up!" She said laughing and making a hurt expression. "Not from me, not any more… Unless you're nicer to me."

"Oh please, I'm so sorry!" I exaggerated.

She smiled and flaunted her breasts to me. "That's more like it," she said standing up making a show of getting dressed in her pajamas.

While she showed off for me I licked my lips and winked at her. Let her know I liked it. I waited till she was done to get up and dress too. She watched me, even made a few sexy comments about my ass, I half turned so she could see it better.

We went to the theater room and watched a movie. By the end she had fallen asleep next to me on the couch. I covered her with a blanket.

I wasn't tired yet. I flipped a few channels and couldn't find anything to watch. Sitting bored I began thinking of Cynthia and Mark having sex earlier. He was cute. I started imagining what he must be like.

As cute as he was I just kept hearing Cynthia's comment about Joe being better. I really wanted to know what he was like… Imagining him here now I started to get hot. Why was I so horny? Oh right, I didn't have an orgasm with Jake. He got his but I didn't get mine.

Damn that Mark. Ugh thinking of Mark made me lose some of my sex drive. He had become a turn off to me. I tried imagining having sex with Jake.

I imagined after sucking his dick I let him stick it in me. I started to touch myself. Oh, Jake. Fuck me, I'd have said. He would have taken off his boxers and grabbed my panties and yanked them off me.

I wish things had been like that, it had been a long time since I had a real cock in me. Without thinking I got up and walked down the hall. This was my routine, whenever I needed dick I'd get the toy one from my mom's room.

I walked in, her lights were all on. She was on her side half sitting half laying in her bed, still passed out. I walked around opened her lingerie drawer. Moved some silk and lace clothes aside until I found it.

I grabbed it, closed the drawer slowly and ran out the room. I went straight to my bed. My pants and panties dropped to the floor almost before I was in the room. I leaped into my bed and I took a moment to get comfortable.

Then I imagined Joe. I skipped the boring how it came to sex and started with him touching my breasts. I pulled my shirt up to rub them. Even alone, my insecurity wouldn't allow me to dwell on him touching my tits too much. So I moved down to my slit.

I needed this, my pussy didn't get enough attention from Jake. I rubbed the big dick toy against me the way Jake had been grinding against me. I could feel the difference immediately. This massive toy rubbed all of my slit and much more but the heat was missing.

As I imagined, Jake became Joe and he wanting me so bad he'd thrust it in me. With that I pointed it at my slit and crammed it in. Damn, it needed some of my juices on it first. I pulled it out and rubbed some of my wetness around the shaft.

I crammed it in again. This time it went deep in me. Oh yes! That's what I wanted Jake and Joe to do! I wanted them both now? I pulled it in and out several times. Then thought, oh if I'm with two guys I need to do something for the other.

I pulled it out of my pussy and rubbed it against my face while I licked my own cream off it. Oh yeah, Jake liked this when I did it for him.

I put it in my mouth and sucked it a few times. My weeks with this toy I had learned how to swallow the full length of it. I was enjoying the thought of taking two guys. Oh damn what a slut, I thought.

My pussy was getting cold and lonely without the big cock. I popped it out of my mouth and slid it slowly into my needy hole.

I worked it faster and faster. This is what I needed! Oh yes. "Oh yes!" I called, out loud. I closed my eyes and imagined Joe leaning over me ramming his huge cock into me. My body started to quiver.

It became increasingly hard to pull the toy out of me as my hands no longer responded to my mind. In the end I settled for wiggling it while it was deep inside me with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. The motion reminded me of when MrC would cum inside me.

I could feel my juices dripping down the crack of my ass and onto the bed. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" My hands stopped moving altogether. My legs twitched and my body shook. Each convulsion pulsed through me starting at my stuffed pussy.

After the spasms stopped I lay there trying to catch my breath. As my breathing slowed I heard it echo… No that's someone else!

I called, praying it wasn't my mom. I slowly started to pull the toy dick out of me.

"I woke up alone, I heard you and came to see if you needed help…" She replied quietly as she turned the big light on and started walking in. Then she froze looking at the toy. "Your using your dad's dick?!"

My mouth went dry. How could I have forgotten? "I didn't remember," I told her quickly pulling it the rest of the way out. "I wasn't thinking about him!"

"Who were you thinking about?" She asked smiling.

"J-, oh it doesn't matter," I said stopping myself from saying her boyfriend's name.

"Jake! You like him?" She asked excitedly. "Are you going to date him then?"

She seemed to like that idea, and I really didn't want her to know of my desire for Joe. "I think so… I'm not sure though."

"What? He's a nice boy. He'll treat you good, I know it."

"But he's friends with Mark," I said heatedly. I hated Mark. Always had really, not sure why. Guess it was his cocky attitude or the way he treated girls.

She looked away a little, maybe embarrassed for what she did. Or perhaps she was just think of him. After a few minutes of quiet she spoke up, "well? So what about Mark. Jake likes you and maybe he won't even want to be near Mark if you're dating him."

I couldn't think of any excuse not to. Looks like I was going to get a boy friend. "What about us?" I asked, hoping she'd want me single to please each other as we had these past few weeks.

"Hey, if Joe ever asks me out maybe him and Jake will start hanging out and we'll double date." She beamed excitedly with that thought.

Not if he found out about Mark. Joe would not like that. I hadn't seen him much the last year and a half or so but I know boys don't like their friend's sloppy seconds. I couldn't tell her that now, she was on cloud nine.

I got up and put my clothes back on. Cynthia picked up my dad's replica cock from my bed and held it. "Maybe I can still use it too." She said, it had that hint of a question though.

Looking at it now I couldn't stop thinking it was my dad's. I wanted to tell her no, that she was discussing wanting to get off on my dad's dick. I just used it to get off, though. "Why not? We've used it this many times. Besides its not like it's actually him just a copy of his stuff." I tried to justify it. I almost believed myself as I said it.

She smiled and looked back at it.

"Here, let me have it. I need to put it back in my mom's room before she gets up," I told her.

"I'd be surprised if your mom gets up before noon," Cynthia laughed. "Can I use it really quick? I'll clean it off and put it back when I'm done."

How could I say no now? "Uh ok." She kissed me as a thanks. I put my hands around her and and pulled her to me for more kissing.

She pulled me with her to the bed. I liked where we were going with this. She pulled off her shirt and I lunged at her amazing breasts.

She pulled at my clothes and I helped her get them off. Then I pulled at the rest of her clothes. Finally, both naked together. She pushed the toy penis into my hands. I knew what to do.

I lowered it between us and held it like it was attached to me. This was now my dick and I'd fuck my friend with it. I rubbed the enormous tip against her slit and she leaned back, opened her legs and grabbed my shoulders.

That was signal enough for me. I pressed it between her pink lips. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip. I waited a second then pressed deeper. Her little hole resisted for just a moment longer. I was about to pull back when suddenly it slipped in, deep in.

"Oh fuck!" Cynthia cried.

Now I worked it in and out a few times slowly. As her juices built up on the toy I began pumping her faster.

"Oh yes! That feel so good," she purred.

She was getting comfortable with it now so, I pulled back and rammed her hard. She cried out and I kept fucking her little hole with my massive toy dick. I was enjoying this as much as her I think.

I loved watching her tits rock as I pumped her. Damn she had a nice round pair. I grabbed one and squeezed it while still holding the toy in the other hand. I wasn't about to ease up on her pussy now.

I kept up my rapid pace. She was moaning more and more. For this I wanted both hands on the toy. I pulled it out and thrust all the way in then held it there.

"I'm cumming," I said, wiggling the big toy cock around trying to simulate the effect of a man cumming inside her.

"Fuck yes, I'm cumming too Mr. Anderson!" She cried out as her orgasm took her. I felt her body trembling around me. I held still while her orgasm subsided. She lay panting for a minute longer.

When her breath finally returned to normal I cruelly yanked the toy out of her. "What the fuck was that?" I asked getting off the bed.

"I…" She stammered. "I'm sorry, I just-"

"That's it! This is over!" I said pointing to the replica of my dads cock. "You can never use this again!"

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't help thinking it was your dad," she pleaded. "I mean, I never thought of him like this before your mom told us what that thing was."

"But you were getting off thinking my dad was-" I couldn't say it.

"I know I'm sorry. Here let me clean it and put it back," she offered.

"Ew! No, you can't even touch my dad's fake dick." I said angrily. I walked over to my restroom and cleaned the toy of girl juices. I couldn't help thinking about it then either.

Oh my god I was cleaning off my dad's dick! Wiping slick teen cream from my fathers long thick veiny cock! I hurried up and grabbed a towel to dry it. I walked out to my mom's room to put it away where it belonged.

Standing there looking down at my dad's replica dick I couldn't stop thinking how I enjoyed it too. As I turned away from it I felt juices sloping out of my wet pussy. Oh god damn it I wanted his cock again!

It took all I had to turn out the lights and close the door. Back In my room Cynthia had a slew of new apologies.

"No, it's ok. I understand. I enjoyed using it too but that time is over for both of us now." I said, meaning every bit of it.

story by: Krejik

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Author: Krejik

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