John and leah; roommates or more?

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It started when we were in college Leah and I had always been good friends, we’ve known each other since we were in kindergarten. Although we lost touch through high school and junior high school we got reacquainted through our first semester of classes. We had English 101 together and always wound up talking.

It was a little odd though when one day her roommate bailed on her though. I had just my girlfriend of three years and was looking to branch out on my own. Leah was always there to comfort me as a friend and she offered me the spare room at her apartment. I happily accepted but wanted to lay some ground rules out.

“We should set some rules encase one of us has someone over or something, I’m pretty sure the other one would want a heads up you know,” I told her.

She just laughed and said “What do you have in mind? The old sock on the door trick.”

“No that’s ok, text the other one before hand that way we know when we need to get another place to stay that night, sound fair?”

“Yea sure, although I don’t see myself having many />
Now Leah wasn’t unattractive by any stretch of the mind, she was a short girl around 5’4” and maybe a little bit above average build not “fat” at all that’s for sure. She had cute medium length dirty blonde hair and very perky lips. This girl was your average girl, a couple of boyfriends over the years but she was often on the bad end of them, having been with three cheaters in the past. She always wound up coming back to me crying and wanting to talk.

I’ve never had any feelings for her other then friendship and she always seemed to feel the same way about me so this little chance encounter came out of nowhere.

Well it happened one Saturday night, we had been living with each other for nearly six months at the time. I had a very busy work schedule and was always on call, hardly ever able to get a lot of sleep so I decided to take a couple days of vacation off so I could catch up on sleep. Well Saturday came along and I was asleep in my room the next thing I know I’m getting a text message at one in the morning.

The message was from Leah she must’ve forgotten about my vacation time, “On the way to the apartment with a see you tomorrow” it read.

Damn I thought to myself how the hell was I supposed to find somewhere to go now…I just want to sleep. I wrestled with myself for awhile trying to think of any friend that would let me come over at this time of the night but eventually just said screw it I could just sleep and she doesn’t have to know that I was even here.

I rolled over and about ten minutes went by before I heard rustling at the door, there was a giggle, it must’ve been Leah, and she had a date with her as I heard a male voice with her.

I laid in bed trying to fall back asleep but couldn’t help but overhear the entire conversation happening in the living room just outside of my door.

say we take this to the bedroom,” the man said slyly.

Oh great I thought, now I have to listen to this new jackass take advantage of her for a couple hours….can I please just fall asleep, please!

I heard them move off the couch and head into Leah’s bedroom. Phew, I thought, now time to get to sleep.

I slowly start drifting off to sleep, until a few minutes go by and I start hearing something. I drowsily open my eyes to find out nearly twenty minute shad gone by and I lift myself up to figure out what the sound was. I keep hearing it, almost rhythmically and then realize, it’s a bed!

The sound of Leah’s squeaky bed going back and forth as my roommate was having sex was really irritating. I didn’t want to listen to this, I just wanted to get some god damn sleep! I threw a pillow over my head to try and drowned out the sound but then it came, the loud moans coming from Leah.

I could hear her moans, long and tender, at first it was almost disgusting but then for some reason it became erotic. I heard the moans and all I could picture was Leah’s body moving up and down, up and down moaning,

What the hell! I can’t think about that she’s my friend stop!

“Oh Leahbug your so tight!” I hear the man say, as I snap back to reality. Leahbug? what he calls her…

Eventually I got to sleep, something about the long rhythmic pounding was like counting sheep and slowly made me drowsy.

I awoke several hours later and exited my room, I was hoping to sneak into the bathroom for my morning pee before Leah and her boyfriend made the walk of shame. As I got out though I noticed Leah’s door was open and she wasn’t in her room, I was safe.

I started to make my way to the bathroom when I heard the watering running.

I thought to myself she’s taking a shower and I’m about to piss myself here. I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to knock on the door. I knocked loud but there was no answer, she couldn’t hear it over the water running…I tried again and still no answer…

I started to turn the knob slowly as I opened the door. And there she the clear slightly fogged up shower curtain I saw Leah’s silhouette, water running down her curvy body, what a sight that I already had morning wood or else I would’ve just shot up right then and there.

As I entered I cleared my head trying to get the image out after all she was just a friend, what was I thinking.

I said loudly.

“Shit John what are you doing in here?” she said startled trying to cover herself.

“Sorry Leah, I really gotta pee, I was knocking forever out there!”

“John I’m showering, can’t you hold it.”

I walked over to the toilet around the corner as she was still in the shower covering herself, I kept my eyes off her trying to be polite.

“John! What are you doing?”

“Relax, we’re roommates we’ve seen and heard worse, right Leahbug!” I said slyly, not really realizing what slipped from my lips.

She looked at me quizzically, it must’ve occurred to her that I had been home the whole time.

“Just go back to showering,” I said as I start to pull down the front of my shorts to relieve myself. “Relax, I wont peek if you don’t.

What did I just say? Am I hitting on her? My mind raced as I started to relieve myself. I started thinking of her body as my head slowly turned to look at her body through the fogged curtain. It was so luscious, her curves were perfect, voluptuous in all the right places, slender in the right areas and perky too.

“Are you almost done out there, this is kinda she said as I woke myself out of my trance.

I said shaking out the last bit then pulling up my shorts. “Are you going to be finished soon, I’ve gotta shower before I go.”

“Why don’t you just come in, we’ve seen and heard worse haven’t we,” she said mocking me from earlier.

The thought had crossed my mind but she was joking, right? I turned to wash my hands as she turned back to her shower. My eyes kept straying towards her as my thoughts went back to the sounds I heard from her bedroom last night. The moaning was so hott I couldn’t control myself. Why was she turning me on so much, I’ve never felt this way about her before.

I felt the stirring in my pants, my dick was still rock hard staring at her through the curtains but I couldn’t control myself anymore. I wasn’t thinking right anymore, atleast not with my “upper head”.

That’s when I made my move! Her head was down and water was splashing on it, er eyes blocked so I quickly stripped my shorts down and snuck into the shower.

She loudly screamed as I opened the curtain on her. “John what the hell are you doing!”, she was in a panic trying to cover her body, one hand holding on to her breasts as the other covered her crotch. I held no shame as I stood naked in front of her, my 7in cock flowing freely in the air.

“You said I could come in,” I said coyly.

was a jo..joke,” she stuttered out, I couldn’t help but notice her voice trembling as her eyes were glancing up and down my body. We had gone swimming and even seen each other getting dressed once or twice but this was a completely different situation.

“Well I can leave if you want then,” I said starting to turn away.

“No!” she said boldly. I had her, I thought to myself. This is really happening!

We just stood there for what seemed liked hours not saying a word, not trying to stare at each other but we couldn’t help but look, it was only seconds.

“Are you going to just stand there and block all the hot water?” I said breaking the silence. She smirked a little and took a step back letting the water hit my body. Now I’m not really muscular or anything, I’m a rather average guy if you’ve read my other stories and adventures you’d remember I’m only about 6’3” a little over 200, now I tower over Leah’s small body. I stood letting my body be seen by my roommate who I had never had sexual desires for until now.

I stepped forward letting the water reach me as Leah watched. My hands reached out as I grabbed the soap and I started to lather my body, first my arms, then my chest.

“Can you get my back?” I asked.

Leah said still trembling but coming out of her trance.

“Can you get my back, please?” I asked again.

she said grabbing the soap out of my hands.

I turned around and she started to lather the soap on my back and shoulders. The feel of her hands on my body was such a turn on, I was in heaven, energy surged through my body as I just wanted to turn around and mount her like a lion but I just let out a little sound escape my lips.

Her hands ran down my back and shoulders, at first it was just washing but gradually it became massaging and led into caressing. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I turned around and without any warning planted my lips on her.

At first she didn’t accept it, more out of surprise however, and as I kept my lips perched she kissed me back, my hands went to her hips as I kissed her passionately. Her hands trembling in the air finally dropped the soap as she placed her hands on my back.

Pulling me into her, my dick smashed and twitched between our bodies. My hands left her hips and started running up her body as I kept kissing her, my tongue pushing its way through her lips as she accepted the protruding member into her mouth.

She let out a moan as my hands reached her breasts. My right hand massaged her chest as my left hand moved down to her ass pulling her close to me. Her hands grabbing my shoulders tighter.

I picked her up by her luscious ass and pushed her against the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist as my dick twitched between our bodies. My lips moved down her neck as she let out little moans. I stopped for a second and looked into her eyes, she looked at me biting her lip and then just nodded. That was all the motivation I needed as I positioned myself and slowly entered her.

A gasp left her lips as my cock slowly entered her pussy, the feeling was magnificent, I hadn’t been with a woman in a couple weeks, I hadn’t made love in months since my ex. But I was going to enjoy this time Leah.

As I held her in the air my thrusts pushed her into the wall, my body pumping rhythmically into hers. Both of us out of breath, kissing and grabbing at each others bodies. It was pure ecstasy in the air.

Our moans filled the air, along with the slaps of our wet bodies meeting. I pounded into her faster and harder making her moan loudly biting her lip. She started to tense up as I could tell her orgasm was coming. I pumped faster and her body shook violently into mine as her head hit my chest muffling her moans. That was all I could take and I erupted multiple spurts deep inside her, filling her with my cum.

We stayed still for minutes, me just holding her in the air, our bodies connected catching our breath.

“That was amazing,” she said breaking the silence.

“I don’t know what came over me,” I told her as she slipped out of my grasp onto the floor once again.

“I don’t care, I’ve never felt that good before,” she said looking in my eyes.

I just looked at her and brought her into a passionate kiss and she kissed me back, our bodies held tightly together by our arms.

“I guess we better get out of here,” as we both looked at our hands, our skin pruning up, we had been in there for a long time.

She shut the shower off as I exited and handed her a towel. I started drying myself off the whole time watching her do the same. Leah opened the door and started walking out of the room the towel wrapped around her body, she was heading for her room.

So that was it, I thought to myself…sex and leave…

And then as she kept walking she dropped the towel and seductively said, “Are you coming or what?”

Like I was going to turn that one down…I dropped the towel and ran after her catching her and throwing her on the bed, her giggles filling the apartment.

To be continued…?

story by: onlyyou1

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Author: onlyyou1

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