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Mia locks the door to her car as she walks through the parking lot into the building, eager to get out of the summer heat. Her sandals flapping lazily as she strolls into the lobby, matching her pace to the automatic doors. She takes a look around as she marchs on towards her destination, surprised that the lobby is more vacant than usual but then again it is still rather early.

She checks her cell phone as she steps onto the escalator, texting as the stairs begin their slow climb. She never notices me a couple of steps behind her in her skirt and tank top, carrying her purse in one arm, just two steps above me. Mia pockets her cell phone and I catch her attention with a gasp. Mia falters slightly, her free hand reaching out to steady herself on the railing, as I let out a breathy gasp. I watch her curiously, wondering if she is in pain before I catch the faint, sweet, smell that causes my blood to rush. I look down, trying to imagine what is under her skirt as we near the top. The perfume of her wet pussy teasing my nose, making me wonder what she has hidden between her legs.

I follow her slowly, watching her walk into another hall. I enter behind her, the dim lights and air conditioning a welcome change in atmosphere. I follow her down the hall, glancing about to see who is all in the hall with us. I only spy two bored employees and another person moving towards a office. I walk past her, bumping into her. My hand against her tight ass, lower than it should be as I press up against her skirt, listening and watching her reaction. Smiling as I watch her gasp, biting her lip gently. I stand close behind her. My hand on her hip, my voice deep and quite as I apologize softly in her ear. Begging her forgiveness for startling her like that, while she feels my finger tips leave her hip and slide down to push against her ass again. Pushing my hard on aganist her ass.

" It looks like you can't hold on much longer can you?" I whisper in her ear as she glances up. Look straight ahead, my body blocking my hand as it pushes my finger in and out of her wet pussy under her skirt. Mia glances back at me while she tries to stifle a moan. I lift the back of her skirt up. The air conditioning playing across her bare tight ass as she smiles at me, my fingers grasping her ass cheeks squeezing them rough and hard. " You didn't answer my question, so I will have to see for myself." I groan into her ear again, pushing harder aganist her as she moans " A little louder than she should have. She feels her cheeks redden. As I push her toward a door, her bare pussy lips dripping as she walks into the room. Her mind in a daze as I show her to the door in the back, pussy lips quivering as all she can think about is a release. Trying to fight it as her forehead rests against the wall. Her breathing shallow as I reach under her skirt, pushing two fingers into her wet pussy.

My body pressing against her back, and my hardness throbbing against her tight ass; grinding against her plug. " You have to be quite. You can do that can't you" I ask, and she nods her head. My fingers slowly thrusting in and out of her, my other arm wrapping around her holding her tight to me as her body shudders. My warm hand closes on her neck. Squeezing gently but firmly. Just enough so you know you are mine as my fingers pop out. I hold her firmly, as she is pushed to the edge. Trying to focus as I kiss her neck.

" Do not cum" I whisper in her ear as my hand squeezes a little more, as she gasps her response. Her knees weak as she leans against my strong arms, my throbbing hardness against her ass, grinding as she tries to keep from going over the edge. " Such a good girl." I groan in her ear, feeling me pull away slightly. Catching her breath as she leans forward against the wall, hearing the metallic clink of my belt being undone. I gently push her forward a step closer, as she feels the back of herr skirt sliding up. Her legs parting as the tip of my hard cock slips between her smooth wet pussy lips.

I push forward, the head grinding against her clit, I lift one leg up onto the bench in the room. She feels my hands on her hips. One leaving one side briefly as the head of my cock presses against her opening. Both hands on her hips, trying to remember what my face looked like. Realizing what I am about to do while I slowly push inside her. Slowly sinking inch after inch into her, stretching her around my hard throbbing thick cock. Nearly completely inside her. Her cheek nearly against the wall as she tries to accommodate the last inch of my cock, filling her completely. " You like how my cock feels inside you." I breath quietly into her ear. I slide out slowly, leaving just the tip in as she responds " Yes." As she finishs talking, my cock pushs back in mid sentence. My hands on her hips squeezing, as I thrust deeply into her.

I take her up against the wall, each thrust pushing in deeper, as I rock back and forth, long deep thrusts. I keep one hand on her hip under her skirt. My other hand slides around across her chest, pulling her back against me as I drive upwards; filling her. I squeeze her neck again, whispering in her ear that I am going to let her cum very soon.
My deep voice groaning in her ear, as I push faster and harder into her. Feeling every gasp and stifled moan against my finger tips as I hold her close. Nothing too hard or rough, just firm. Firm enough for her to know that she belongs to me right now.

Feeling my hand on her hip tighten its grip. I pull her back towards me harder, thrusting into her faster and deeper. My breath hot and quick in her ear. " Don't cum yet" I moan louder than before in her ear. " Not until I cum filling you full." I smile as I lean back, watching her struggle to keep control. I push hard and deeper into her, my pace quickening. My hot breath against her neck as she gentle bumps against the wall with each deep thrust.

My bare cock buried completely inside her, as my hand slides from her neck down to pinch a nipple gently. She turns to look at it, my lips on the opposite side of her neck, kissing quietly. Mia gives her response. As she opens her mouth, she feels my hand leave her hip to push against her bare clit. After the second word out of her mouth both of my fingers pinch gently, one on her exposed clit and the other on her covered nipple. I pull gently, teasingly as she feels my cock throbbing deep inside her as she leaves. " Almost" I whisper in her ear. My hands returning to her hips as I take her again. I groan louder than before, more urgently as I take her rough and hard.

" Oh fuck, I don't care anymore" I groan out a little too loud. Mia realizes what I mean as I take her harder and faster, squeezing her tight ass as I drive as deep into her as I can. She steadys herself with one hand on the wall, my thick bare cock completely inside of her, as she completely looses control. Mia cums hard on my cock. " Oh God!" I groan in her ear, holding her against me as I continue thrusting hard and deep into her. Pushing deeper than I have gone before as she feels me tense up. Realizing I don't have a condom on as her body shudders and my thick cock explodes inside of her. My hot wet cum shooting deep inside her, wave after wave. Keeping my cock buried inside her, as I pump every last drop inside her.

We catch our breath for a second as she feels me slowly slip out. Leaving her empty. I place the shirt on the floor between her legs. I lift my shorts up from the floor, listening to her come down from her orgasm, my cum dripping out of her, running down her legs and dripping onto the shirt. Mia pushs her skirt down, I will see you later tonight. Then she hears the door to the room close behind me as I leave first.

Later in the evening Mia arrives at my house. As she enters I come up behind her closing the door. My warm breath against her neck, as my fingers squeeze her hips. The scent of my cologne washing over her, the feel of my strong hands on her again, and the feel of my body against hers becoming her only thoughts. She closes her eyes to enjoy the feeling of my body against hers. Feeling my lust starting to grow against her tight dress, my hand sliding up her tummy, gliding over her firm breast, and gently squeezing her neck as I lean her head back over my shoulder.

" I know you need and want this again." I whisper in her ear as the song reaches a quieter moment. The fingers on her neck squeezing in a tease before I slide back down to her hips. Feeling my fingers press into her more urgently then before, my hot breath on her neck, my lust washing over her. Mia shudders at the thought of my words and my strong fingers. Knowing it is one of her naughty little fantasies she has kept hidden, is being taken by a older man and him having his way with her. The thought of her favorite fantasy taking her back to yesterday afternoon as she feels herself getting wet at the memory and the feel of me against her.

" You want this again don't you," I groan in her ear, bringing her back to reality. Barely loud enough over the music. Not sure of what I said until my fingers start to move down past her hips. My hand urgently on her wrist, trying to keep her from going where she shouldn't. Blushing ss my fingertips find out that tonight again she has come without any panties under her little black dress. Mia looks at me embarrassed, my fingers on her clit as I grind them back and forth. She tries to tell me why we can't do this as I kiss her, my fingers pushing between her wet swollen lips and sinking into her. Her fingernails digging into my arm as I fill her.

My free hand sliding around her tummy, her fingers locking together with mine. My other hand slowly fucking her dripping pussy, in beat with the music as I grind against her. My teeth gently biting her neck. My fingers are sliding in and out in unison with my hard cock against her ass. My thumb on her clit as she starts to feel her cares wash away, the song getting louder as she grinds against my fingers, her nails digging in deep. I pull back, her body suddenly floating out in space, empty and a little cold. On the verge of not caring about anything as she looks back at me. Her hand in mine, as I pull her from the room. Mia starts to regain her senses when we are out back behind the house.

A tangled pathway between the house and garage. I press her up against the brick wall of the house before she realizes what is about to happen. Mia tries to tell me she is engaged and that she can't do this again, her explanation gets cut off somewhere between her virtue and my strong hand under her dress again. My fingers between her legs, grinding against her clit as she looks at me pleadingly; letting a small moan escape her lips. I step up closer to her, the heat and strength of my body against hers as she feels two fingers sliding back into her.

My free hand tangles in her hair, pulling it back as I make her look up at me. Trapped between my arms and the wall as my fingers grind faster inside of her. " What kind of man lets his fiancee out in a little black dress and no panties?" She gasps a response, the orgasm from before approaching. " He doesn't know does he?" I ask, pulling her hair back more as she starts to slip away into her approaching orgasm. Making her look up at me as I pinch her clit between my soaked fingers. Mia's shame and embarrassment covering her face when I ask you. My cologne filling her nose again as I lean into her, my deep voice in her ear, and my fingers pressing deeper inside her dripping pussy. Fingering her in and out, her wetness practically echoing off the walls of the pathway as she starts to lose control. " He doesn't know what a little slut you really are." I tell her. My fingers pushing deep into her, as she realizes it wasn't a question, it was a statement. Her orgasm washing over her as her pussy clamps down on my fingers, realizing it was the truth tonight.

Her legs shaky as she comes down from her orgasm. Catching her breath before she realizes I am telling her to show me what a little slut she really is. Finding herself on her knees in front of a long thick hard cock, realizing it is the first she has seen since she has gotten engaged as it slowly pushes into her mouth. The alcohol and orgasm making it hard to focus, as my hard cock fills her mouth. I groan out, as her hand comes up to touch my throbbing shaft, hearing my lust filled approval as I take a hold of her hair.

Sliding out so she can suck on just the tip, her small fingers squeezing the base. She feels my fingers tighten in her hair, pulling her head back to look up at me. " Show me how much my little slut can take" I tell her, looking down at her as I push my cock into your mouth. Farther and farther, well past the point she has taken her fiance. Her eyes bulging at how brazen I am, feeling another man's cock pulse and throb on her tongue and in her throat. Gaging a bit, her hands on my bare legs, urgent for a breath as I pull out. Savoring her gasp as she looks down at how wet she made my hard cock.

" Such a good little slut" I smile down at her with approval. She knows she isn't, this is just a drunken mistake. A mistake that will be done as soon as I cum for her. Not so bad, just fingering and a mouthful of cum for a brush against her darkest fantasy. Her thoughts interrupted as I slide back in, filling her hungry mouth. Her tongue and lips working against my cock, trying to make me cum. Feeling me fill her again, gaging as she needs to breathe. It is so deep, pulsing. She needs to breathe. Looking up at me questioningly, her hands against my legs, tapping like before.

Mia just sees me smirk. Telling her how good of a slut she is. She realizes it isn't a quick blow job for me. Gasping as she keeps looking at me, catching her breath. My fingers in her hair pulling her head back. Understanding that I wanted more, feeling the strength in my arms and my cock as I start to slide deep in and out of her mouth, knowing I won't stop until I turn her into my slut. Disbelief as I pull her to her feet, pressing her against the wall. "My friends…" she tries to tell me. I chuckle, my body pressing against hers, pinning her against the wall.

" Oh, I think your friends know what you are up to, especially in this little black dress" I tell her, my fingers toying with the hem of the dress. I turn her around, bending her over up against the wall, her forearms crossed as she rests her head against it. Trying to look back at me. Watching me grab the base of my hard cock, grinding it up and down against her swollen dripping lips. Closing her eyes at the feeling, savoring it, knowing the feeling from this afternoon." Do you have a condom, we are tri…." She groans out, feeling the head of my cock teasing her lips, playing at her entrance before pushing into her. Rough and hard, urgently and fast. Stretching her around my cock as I fill her completely, throbbing deep inside of her. I pull out slowly, enjoying the sight of my hard soaked cock before I push back in.

Struggling to hold onto reason, as she feels my strong fingers lifting her leg up, pushing deeper inside of her. Taking her tight pussy faster as I pull her hair back, making her groan as I pin her up against the wall. " This is what you needed tonight isn't it?" Our bodies slapping together faster, my fingers squeezing her leg as I pull her back onto my hard cock.

" You needed to get fucked again like a little slut didn't you" I moan, pulling her hair back harder as she admits to me what she really needs. Feeling me slide in and out again and again. Letting her leg down, making her spread wide as I take her from behind. My hand spanking her bare ass as her dress is pushed up over her hips, her full tits almost falling out with each deep thrust. Knowing what I told her was true, as she grinds back against my thrusts as her orgasm builds

Letting go of her hair, my fingers on her neck again. Squeezing around her throat, not too hard, but firmly. Pushing as deep into her as I can and stopping. Catching her breath as she feels full with me all the way in her. " Fuck…" I gasp, catching my breath. Mia looks at me out of the corner of her eye, knowing I am not in control any more as I slide out slowly, that I am driven by pure lust. Feeling me push into her harder and deeper. My fingers on her clit, rubbing and pinching it. Pulling it as I fill her with my long thick cock. Her moans and pants matching mine.

Mia needs to release. Needs to cum all over cock and show me what a slut she is as I slam into her from behind. So close…" I am going to breed you."
" Please," She responds. On the verge of losing control when she realizes what she just begged me to do to her fertile pussy. The sound of our fucking echoing off the walls of the pathway. Time standing still for a moment. My body tensing up against hers, struggling to breathe as she knows I am right where she is. I should pull out, but she knows she needs to feel me inside her.

Everything comes crashing down as I try to hold her up, her orgasm taking over every nerve in her body. My cock throbbing deep inside of her as I fill her completely. Wave after wave of thick hot cum pumping deep inside her tight pussy as she holds me in deep. Pushing against her, our orgasms subsiding as I catch my breath. My hot wet seed deep inside of her, before I pull out slowly. Her face flushed as she looks back at me. Trying to comprehend how far things went, her pussy throbbing and feeling empty without me. Feeling my hot cum leaking down her legs slowly. Her dress still bunched up around her hips, her heels making her look like a freshly fucked slut.

" I would get the morning after pill first thing in the morning babe." I tell her as I zip up, making sure I am cleaned off as I watch her trying to come down from her orgasm. Walking back over to her as shje watchs me. " Although," I start as I lean against the wall. My fingers scooping up my cum from her leg and pushing them back into her sore pussy. " If you come by for a drink next week, I will know you just need to be turned into my pregnant cum slut." Watching me walk away, knowing that she can't do what I want. Only to find herself struggling to admit to herself that she doesn't want that too…

story by: graylover

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: graylover

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