Magical hearts chapter 11

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In our last chapter, we had designed a plan to create a magical Keep, one capable of shrinking down to size of a dollhouse, using the enchanted keep to return our people. Beforehand we were going to return the soldiers of a failed invasion, this would do two things provide a final test for the enchanted keep as well as move them to their homeland.

Personally, I did not know if I trusted the Ruler of Izmira to do as we wished or keep his word. He could easily play the situation for the best possible outcome, knowing their plans failed before they were at a stage where any possible benefit could happen by going to war. He simply pulled back, punishes the parties that failed him, begins is planning a new.

The world knew us as the source of star silver, both weapons and armor. What the world really did not know that was because of our alliance with the dwarves and elves. Those alliances took centuries to develop. No one attacking our kingdom more than likely would ever achieve an alliance with either party.

Magical Hearts chapter 11

We had the Keep constructive, a full ten days of intense magical construction. We had yet to enchanted and decided to wait for the full moon, as it is just a little easier to do in the full of the moon. As large as this thing was, we would welcome anything to make it easier.

Justin and Selena had been working on a spell to allow them to do what Isabel and I do naturally. The two of us grant our energy back and forth between us. The one casting can tap into the energy of the other, making even the most difficult enchantments much easier. If there spell worked, the two of them could also grant as their power. That might make the difference on such a large item to be enchanted.

We search our libraries, and no one has ever attempted anything on this scale, even the houses are new. Although, Justin and I have heard rumors were a mage enchants wagons, we have yet to see one. For all I know that mage may be on a different world, we mages have been known to travel between worlds. If he is on a different world that is too bad, I would really like to see a magical wagon.

During our search, I find my tomes, spell books that he had written. He has several unique spells and enchantments, a cup that neutralizes poison, a lightning bolt spell that will bounce between your enemies, damaging each until it reaches your final target, a variation of the standard fireball spell, five times as destructive and with an area effect much larger. As I look closely, I find not only my writings, but also the writings of his father and grandfather. Apparently, magic runs in our family quite strongly, missing generations occasionally. That seem to be true all the way back to the high King, at least three of his children and wife wielded magical powers.

Isabel and I set about learning some of these new spells, the chain lightning spell, and fireball variation both could be very handy if we ever have to do battle. Some of those spells were quite simple to learn, others proved more difficult. Isabel and I both mastered the chain lightning spell, although, the variation on the fireball is out of our grasp so far.

Father had allowed us to bring tomes back to Fox for us to study.

After we had returned to Fox, we set the houses up, it looks like a small village now, all we needed was a blacksmith, and couple of shops, a few more houses. You would think you were in a real village. We now had three houses in a barn, perhaps if we will make another house for Ben and Ruth. Now all we needed do is make some wide high outer walls and we have the start of the Citadel.

Isabel and I were taking a long break, a walk in the empty countryside. We were in the process of resting up until the full moon. This is the first time Isabel and I have been alone and unguarded other than in our rooms. It feels nice to walk outside, with us being the only two around. Beside a quiet brook Isabel and I lean against a tree, actually I am against the tree Isabel on my lap leaning on me.

Ben and Ruth are calling for us. Apparently, we have visitors. Isabel stands and helps me up. As we cross the meadow, Isabel to something that is not much like a proper Princess, she jumps on my back wrapping her legs around my waist she kisses me on the neck and says, “Give me a ride />
I chuckle and say, “It would be my pleasure, my love.” If I reminded Isabel that she was royalty, she hated it. Nevertheless, she also knew that I did not mean it in the royal fashion. I took to interchanging lady, and love when I would referred to her, or my angel. The latter had become a common way of referring to your love when you receive the blessing of Aphrodite.

Ben chuckles seeing me with Isabel on my back, although Ruth asks, “Isabel did you hurt your ankle or />
Isabel giggles before she says, “You know how men get when you are with child. I cannot take a long walk without him coddling me.”

With a chuckle I say, “I know better than that, my Angel. You are the one that jumped up there.”

Chuckling Ben says, “You two are enjoying being here, you’re acting too much like your old selves. Unfortunately, your father just showed up with a bunch of his dukes.”

Isabel groans as she slides off my back complaining she says, “I guess they want me to dress up too.” Isabel and I have taken to were comfortable attire here on Fox Island. Much like her old clothing, we can get out of wearing, how Isabel put this, overdressed snobbish attire expected that royalty is always in.

Ruth giggles and says, “The people here today will not mine.”

Ben just realized what Isabel said so he asks, “Isabel are you pregnant again?”

Isabel giggles and says, “Ben you say that like it is a bad thing.”

Ben taken aback spammers, “That no, Princess sorry. I do not />
Ruth slaps him on the shoulder, Ben turns to her and she says, “What if I am pregnant? Are you going to be so tongue tied?”

Ben’s face shows his shocked excitement and ask, “Ruth are we?”

Giggling Ruth says, “You say Julius and Isabel are contagious, first people fall in love around them, they glow like them, now they are going to have kids just like them.”

Ben scoops up Ruth in his arms, he spins around as he shouts his excitement. In the distance, I see six of Dad’s guards running towards us. Chuckling I say, “I think we need to explain what is going on.” I point to the six armored men.

Ruth moans, “I was supposed to let Mom know first, but here comes Dad.”

I point out, “I hope your Dad can be trusted to keep a secret, after all he is here.”

As Ben chuckles, Ruth says, “Enchanted Fortress that were going to take our enemies home in no problem. That his daughter is pregnant with his first grandchild, not a chance in the world.”

Laughing at the two, Isabel and I say simultaneously, “Your />
Ben jokes, “Just wait to we spar tomorrow.” We all laugh, and I wave to the running guards to let them know everything is okay. They still walk toward us and we come together, Isabel walks beside me, but Ben still carries Ruth who he refuses to let down to walk. Jokingly Ben says, “If the Princess can be coddled by the Prince so can you by me.”

Charles, Ruth’s father and a friend and Knight of the King, asks, “Ben, why are you coddling my />
Ruth begins, “I am supposed to tell Mom first. Sorry Daddy.”

Charles laughs, “It is okay. Maria is here too. She is with little Patrick.”

Ruth gives her father look and says, “Daddy if you know please do not tell her till I get the chance.”

Joking he says, “Enchanted fortresses no problem. That you are pregnant with my first grandchild not a chance in the world, that I can keep that secret more than fifteen minutes. You got your timeframe young lady.”

Ruth gives been a look that says put me down or sleep on the floor for the next week before she says, “Ben put me down, we have five minutes to tell Mom.”

The other five Knights chuckle as Ruth pulls Ben away at a run. As we near the Keep one of the Knights asks, “Did you really make that and only ten days?”

I look at Isabel before I answer, I say, “The Princess Isabel and I formed all the stone and wood into the shape you see now. The gods created the stone and the wood.”

Charles chuckles and holds out his hand, each of the Knights hand him a gold piece. Charles says, “I knew you would not take full credit.”

Giggling Isabel says, “It is not like we created it out of nothing. No more than stonemasons and carpenters could have done given enough time.”

One of the Knights says, “Prince and Princess you are too modest, it is a great achievement. I have went through the Keep. It is amazing to think it was stone and Driftwood not so long ago.”

I say, “The construction was only the first part. We have yet to enchant it. When we can do it as the houses, bring them down to the size of a toy. I will accept your complement then.”

The same Knight says, “That would be a wonder to behold beyond any I have witnessed before.”

Charles chuckles, “If any could accomplish what you speak of it would be you my Prince and />
My father stands in the open gate of the Keep. He is giving Ruth a hug. I am happy to see my father realizes that his family is more than just his blood relatives. The people that love you and you love are family too. Charles chuckles, “The King has always treated Ruth like she was his niece.”

With a smile I say, “Did you not say that you love father like he was your brother, if so, that would make you my uncle just as surely as if we shared our blood. Love has more power than blood.”

Charles began, “I am sure you are correct, but please do not make me a noble.”

Isabel giggles, “Now you know how I feel, I thought I was wedding a wizard.” Isabel looks into my eyes with a mischievous smile she says, “Who was the son of a farmer, ex-slave and my hero with the sweetest words, and what happened he turns out to be the missing Prince.”

The six Knights chuckle as we finally reach my father. He slaps Charles on the shoulder and says, grandpa, I hope this does not mean you are going to retire on me.”

Charles looks at me, smiles and says, “Brothers never retire.”

We put father, the Dukes and the Knights in the keep for the night. Dad is just as impressed as his Knights, Jeremiah and Claire, along with Duncan the Duke of Edmonton now recovered, his wife Annette and Carissa. We bring food from our temporary homes, into the main dining room and share an evening meal. Magical lights brighten the interior of the Keep. With no windows, the keep would be dark otherwise. Because it solely designed as a defensive building, it has no windows, and a limited amount of exterior doors.

After dinner, Dad, Duncan and his wife Annette, Jeremiah and Claire, join Little Patrick, Isabel and me on a quick tour of Fox and Hound islands. This far away from everyone we feel safe enough to leave our guard, I am sure it would not make them happy although we are far from helpless.

We check our outer guards. We have two watching the bay on the West end of Hound and the other on the East end of Fox. Four guards report all is quiet, although they were little surprised to see their King. We brought them dinner, a job we normally allowed one of my guard to do. Their job is to watch for ships, and give a report of any that past. Both have constructed a hidden campsite on small hills that overlook the bays and give a good view out to sea. The one at Fox is actually using the remains of an ancient building.

Like the weeks before, all is quiet. Our family and friends have arrived to witness the enchanting of the Keep. They realize we do not plan to do it for another two days, but hearing us talk of the island how peaceful it is they chose to join us for a short time.

After making a circle above the islands, we returned to our campsite. Again, we spotted no ships on the horizon. No one is coming to disturb our peace. We land on the southwest tower of the keep, we watch the sunset as the shadows of the hills finally block our view we retire for the night.

Next day is pleasant, although our guards seems to be a little irritated at our disappearance from the night before. They are definitely unwilling to allow us out of their sight. I finally pull Ben over to the side and apologize, “Ben I am sorry, we should have told you that I was taking Father on a tour the />
Ben reminds me, “Julius, I am obligated to follow your orders you are my Prince. Please do not forget I am also your friend, I worry for your safety whenever our friends or I cannot watch your back. You have only two eyes, and so does Isabel although the two of you seem to always gaze upon the same thing.”

I chuckle bowing to him and say, “I understand my friend, and I would not have you faced danger if I was not at your side too. However, this is a quiet place with no raiders, or other dangers to find us. Moreover, you know well the ones I was with our far from helpless also.”

Charles chuckles overhearing us, “You two remind me of someone else who had the same conversation last night.”

Dad holds Charles by the shoulder warmly, “They too remind me of those two. Perhaps we should go for our breakfast and allow those two friends the privacy we had.” The two, Knight and King, friends walk away chuckling.

With a chuckle I say, “If I had grown up in the Castle, I would probably refer to him as Uncle Charles. Ruth would still be one of my dearest friends, and married to my other dearest friend and playmate. Is it time for our match this />
Ben chuckles and says, “Yes, it is time for your lesson today.” For some reason I am very uneasy about the way he said that. Ben has been my sword instructor for nearly two years, since shortly after I was christened Prince. Ben a weapons master of some renown has been a patient teacher. He was somewhat impressed I at least knew how to hold a sword and dagger. Under his tutelage, my skills have greatly improved.

Charles and my father watch on from the front porch as they eat their breakfast. I now use the star silver long sword, and dagger found the day before my wedding for combat. I give a bow to Ben and he returns it. We have our practice swords, long sword and dagger. Like many mornings before our other comrades join us. As Ben and I circle each other, both ready to begin the dance only waiting for the other to take the first step. Ben throws something new into our practice. He begins saying, “Have you ever thought what it would be like if you did not have us at your back in combat?”

With that, Bill rushes me, his practice sword swinging and a high art, only his footsteps and Isabel’s warning makes me aware of the attack. I sidestep at the last instant, and use my long sword to trip him. Bill and Ben are a little surprised, as Bill lands in the sand.

My other comrades recover faster than Bill. George from my back rushes next; I step into a dance they do not know. I spin and thrust, sidestep, parry as Bill rejoins the fray, Samuel steps in and I sweep his attack aside, as I spin around the dance continues to change as more my companions enters the fray. I land far more blows than what they expect. After ten minutes is back now to Ben and I. Perhaps it is the shock of the day. Ben never expected I should do so well against a group. However, for once I get the upper hand, and land the killing blow if not for practice swords.

Justin laughs from the porch. With a smug grin he says, “Perhaps I should have told you he trained with the dwarves. They are not great with swords Ben. You should let Julius use an ax />
I reach my hand out to Ben pull him back to his feet. For once, I think I really impressed not only Ben but also father and his guard. I explained, “The dwarves never train one-on-one, it is only six or eight against one. Anytime they battle, they are greatly outnumbered, that way they are accustomed to fighting multiple />
Father chuckles and says, “Julius your grandfather had me train with an elfin weapons master. I can see some elements of your style that are similar to his. Perhaps I should see if he could come for a time, both Ben and you could learn much from him.”

Ruth giggles from the sidelines. She chose not to join in on the fray. Isabel and her walk in, Isabel to me, Ruth to Ben and Ruth kisses Ben first, Isabel and I wait. When Ben’s bruises heals, his eyes widened realizing it was not Isabel and I. Of course, they share the glow, and I am not sure if it is the goddess or the ring we enchanted, it really does not matter to Ben.

Isabel and I kiss, and our other friends come close to receive the healing. Bill chuckles, “Too bad that does not work on pride as well.”

I ask, “Bill did I take you by surprise? Bill nods his head yes, along with the rest of my companions. Therefore, I explain, “Justin was in the dwarf’s lands for at least six months out of the year every year since I was nine, until two years ago I trained with the dwarves. I also never fought one-on-one; even in the few times as a child, I always fought more than one. I was always the outsider and the gang of locals would pick on me because of my, well once they found out I had been a slave once.”

After a deep breath I continue, “I needed to learn how to use the sword and dagger more effectively. Fighting one opponent was also new to me. Something I still need more practice doing.”

Ben chuckles and says, “Perhaps your father’s right, the Elfin sword master is who we should be training with, I know that last move you put on me would have killed me on the field and yet I saw no way of avoiding your attack.”

Jeremiah chuckles saying, “At least I am not the only one to underestimate Julius.”

Charles says brightly, “Truly, he is his father son.” Dad begins to laugh and as always, his laughter is contagious.

Having had enough of sparring for the morning, we have our breakfast before going for a run, today father and the Knights join us. Isabel and Ruth as always seem to move ahead of us without effort; both women carry nothing heavier than a dagger. If we forced to run, I would wish to carry nothing heavier. We can make our escape once clear enough to call the carpet. Father and his Knights surprise the six younger of us, as they easily keep up, until the end where they overtake us.

Father and the Knights are breathing heavy as we round the house, Isabel and Ruth more or less has caught their breath. My comrades and I join them on the porch, Dad between his breaths asks, “Did I surprise you Julius?”

Between my heavy breaths I reply, “Yes, you did, Dad.”

Charles is a little quicker to recover and says, “If we surprised you, you are to blame. Your healing has given us back our knees.”

One of other Knights chuckles and says, “As well as our ankles and backs. Age hurts sometimes, thank you and the />
Isabel pulls into me and we kiss. As always we glow, part of me always thinks Aphrodite for her blessing, for Isabel in my life, for the protection she gave me, and then to reunite me with my father. I know there is yet thinks to do, I still carry the memory of that terrible night. I would do whatever the goddess desires.

The rest of the day goes by peacefully, although my father’s Knights share some of the stories they have. I learned more of what my father went through during the time I was missing from his life.

Without his normal duties to keep them away, father tends to keep his grandchild with him. He and Jeremiah play with their grandson. It is easy to see how much they love each other. The two grandfathers would literally do anything to make their grandson smile. Include getting down on all fours allowing him to ride their backs.

When you think of it is odd, a King and the Duke allowing their grandson to ride on their backs, not too much different from any grandfather or father. Charles looks to Ruth and says, “I pray we find a place where I can play with my grandchild just as my />
Duncan says, “This place seems to be a bit magical by its own accord. I have not seen my friend this happy since Julius you were a baby. Charles perhaps you should look to see about coming back. Julius possibly can make a house that you can use, with the use of a carpet this would be a great place for a retreat."

I smile and say, “I am happy my father is enjoying himself. This last two years has both been joyous and stressful. We had done much to re-stabilize the kingdom. Many have fallen to greet. Duncan, I fear our efforts only led to your assault. When we removed their source of slaves, they assaulted you to replace one. By their records, only one ship escaped with slaves some forty in number from your city. We will get our people back.”

Duncan smiles weakly and says, “Perhaps this is why this place is so magical, I have forgotten all that while here. It felt good, but I do not regret you reminding me. You rescued me, and for that, I am grateful. I had not the chance to thank you properly earlier. You and your father have proven to be not only my King and Prince, but also true friends to my family and myself. Know this, I will always be at your disposal whatever I have is yours with just a word.”

I smile and shake his hand. I say, “Duncan I appreciate your pledge, and if I have need I hope it is not so great to give you a regret in making it. I fear this affair is far from over, and may yet lead to a war.”

Duncan’s eyes widen and he asks, “Surely not over a few…” Duncan rethinks his words quickly and asks, “Would it not be better to mourn the few we lost, than give up more lives trying to recover those already dead?”

Duncan’s beliefs held by most of the world, most kingdoms accepting the losses of a few villages to Raiders, this is a dangerous world. Most kings would not go to war to protect a few of their citizens, but I believe father and I are not the average. I recap what I know, “Late this spring Izmira sent two ships with orders to pick up a hundred and twenty of our people for their slave markets. The Princess and I intercepted the ships and destroyed them. In so doing, we not only rescued the hundred and twenty that would be slaves, but their families that the Raiders would kill. If we can stop the Raiders from coming to our shores, we may finally be able to recover from the Orc war. Two duchies now lay in ruins, the third is just a fraction of its size it had before the war.”

Continuing I say, “The attack on you, give them Edmonton to use as a foothold. This is not simply the Raiders, but a prelude to invasion. This island here once held the city. Perhaps five thousand people another thousand spread out over the two islands. Raiders eventually destroyed this kingdom taking all its citizens. This kingdom has been dead for nearly two hundred years from what I can tell. The Raiders begin coming to our shores shortly after they finished with this />
Seeing Duncan’s realization I sadly continue, “They had been no mention of this land in our records for the last two centuries and before that only an order to stay away given to our sailors. Just a decade before then, they were a major trading partner with merchant ships sailing from and to the mainland to sell many goods for as long as anyone could find a record.”

Duncan visibly shaken says, “The Raiders are merely a diversion, a way to test our resolve. They take our people for what evil purpose I do not know. You believe they needed more, to fulfill what plans they have.”

I say, “We captured one ship, the Andrea two years ago, this year they sent two ships that we destroyed, and one ship returned our people, and forty of our people they stolen plus the hundred and fifty soldiers they left. Yes, this is a slow invasion they are too far across the ocean to do it quicker. Nevertheless, it would not surprise me to see their warships on the horizon one day.”

Charles says, “They no longer have Edmonton perhaps it will stop.”

I say, “I believe you are correct. We interrupted their plans before they could arrive at a point where they feel success would be worth the effort. If they had managed to get a few more hundred men and we had not managed to retake Edmonton, we would not be standing here today. Perhaps on a battlefield, think the goddess we are not.” Charles and Duncan both shake their heads realizing the truth in my words.

I smile and say, “We have a chance to end this peacefully. If our plan works, they believe we are too strong of an enemy to anger. Leaving our shores in peace, but we must be vigilant and not allow a single ship to again take our people unchallenged. We will place this fortress, after our use, on one of our coastal islands, denying the use of it to the Raiders. Build keeps or just watchtowers, attacked the ships as the Princess and I did. Prevent them from taking our people for whatever kingdom that would allow our people to be sold as slaves.”

Father had separated himself from little Patrick and Jeremiah seeing the seriousness of our talk he come within earshot to listen. He walks up to me, pulls me into a hug, and says, “Son I am proud of you. Your plan may keep us from war and stop the Raiders. The coastal islands we will fortify to watch our coast, we may need carpets to patrol but you should easily be able to provide those. We will ensure that never again any of our people are enslaved and taken from our shores.” I smile at my father’s words. It feels good to have a father who is proud of me.

Isabel giggles and says, “If my father-in-law would allow me to take my husband I would like to finish the walk we started yesterday.”

Dad releases me, and pushes me to my wife. As I walked toward my wife, Ruth holds Ben’s arm preventing him from following. Ruth whisper something in his ear before he grins, and then ways us on. Isabel again jumps on my back, and I ride her across the meadow, a stream rests at the base of the western hillside, a small path partly overgrown is across the brook leading up the densely forested hill. We followed the path up. Just across the top of the hill, a flat rock sets looking out through a hole in the canopy with a view of the sea. This place is breathtakingly beautiful, where the sunlight can reach the ground wildflowers grow. In that place, Isabel looks even more beautiful to me.

Isabel says, “Before the sun sets my Husband and our glow can be seen, make love to me in this place.” With that, Isabel waves her hand and our clothing immediately falls into a pile on the edge of the stone. It only takes a couple heartbeats for my manhood to finish hardening, by that time Isabel has jumped into my arms.

Looking into my eyes, she uses one hand to guide me to her opening. She wiggles and pushes down to get me to enter her wet pussy. We both enjoy the feeling of her surrounding me. Isabel and I moved together, I help her raise as I withdraw, help her control her dissent as she became fully impaled again. We continue for fifteen minutes or more, Isabel shakes through her orgasm several times, her breast rub against my chest, bouncing with every dissent. Isabel finally throws her head back and howls as a strong orgasm takes her. As she contracts around me, I thrust in as hard and deep as I can. I erupt pushing my seed deeply into her.

We had started slowly and then build up to a very quick pace reaching a climax before the sun kissed the horizon. Isabel and I hold each other as we watch the sun sinking into the ocean. Before we lose all the light to see the path, Isabel and I dress and we walk the path back to our house here on the island.

Arriving we take a bath, and then join everyone for dinner. My father-in-law catches us at the door. He asks, “If I could bother you to kiss your wife, my poor back is not as young as it used to be in your son is getting />
We can hear him sigh as we kiss. There is a second sigh this one for my father. Apparently, he suffers from the same effect my son gave his other grandfather. Charles chuckles and asks, “Is that better my King, my Duke?”

My Dad laughs saying, “Blessed the goddess it is.”

Dinner is good, more so because of the company. We make an early evening, and take little Patrick to bed with us the poor child was exhausted and fell asleep before dinner was even finished. As always Little Patrick was the first awake, as the light of the false Dawn filled the house. Isabel takes our son to the restroom, and then we bathe together and dress for the day ahead.

Juliet takes Little Patrick at breakfast, so Isabel and I can concentrate on the enchantment of the Keep. Justin and Selena had mastered there spell to share their power with us. They cast it first and Isabel and I begin the enchantment on the Keep. The Keep is as we had created only holding the furniture that would be stored with it. The entire Keep begins to glow, from the top of each tower to base of each wall, as the enchantment runs its course the keep shrinks, is finally the size of a dollhouse when the drawbridges completely up. It was surprising that it did not take as long as I feared, and did not seem to be even as difficult as the first of the houses.

Isabel and I place her hands on the miniature drawbridge, the Keep glows as it begins to expand. Isabel and I have to step back quickly to stay out of the way. Only in a matter of moments, it is full size again. We bring the horses from the barn we have created. Bringing them into the Keep’s corral, we test the keep for the first time with something a life within. We had tested the houses with a rabbit. This would be a first for something this large. I hope that nothing goes wrong.

Isabel and I again miniaturize the Keep. The horses seem to pause, some in mid stride. They remain unmoving as the King, and Knights along with all our companions look on. Once it miniaturized, I pick it up and turn it. The Keep is quite a bit heavier than the houses, however still what one man can lift easily. We again enlarge the Keep and have to move out of the way quickly again. The horses are unharmed, and seem to be totally unaware of what have just occurred.

Justin does is discovery spell, his eyes widened before he says, “The Keep will last far, far into the future. The walls will never be able to be breached. Only when the magic is expired within the keep will finally crumble into ruins.”

The Knight who had said we are too modest, I found that his name is Jonas. Jonas says, “Truly a wonder of magic. Even the horses are not frightened. I watch one run across the corral, it stride froze and then carried forth without stumbling. That enchantment is truly a wonder to behold.”

I give Isabel a hug, before I shake Justin’s hand. Selena gives Isabel a hug, and then she hugs me as well. Father slaps me on my back and says, “Jonas spoke true, that is truly a wonder to behold. I have never seen an enchantment attempted on such a scale.” Looking at Justin father adds, “Many a master wizard, even with the help provided him would not been able to accomplish so much. Do you not think so my friend?”

Selena move beside Justin as he says, “True my King, Isabel and Julius when you return to New Cowan you will need to purchase the robes of a Master Wizard. From now on, your title is to be Master Wizard Crowned Prince Julius Cowan and Master Wizard Princess Isabel Cowan.

Isabel and I bow to Justin and Selena, and they return our bow. Laughing father says, “We are going to pull this off, this was the critical step in your plan. Bless the goddess. Our people will soon be home, our enemies will know our power to be greater than their will. A protracted war will not follow into your kingship my son.” It seems our comrades agree, and they shout a cheer.

A mist forms and out steps four elfin wizards, hundreds of years old but not looking more than a few days over thirty for a human. Looking around the senior wizard stepping up to Justin questions, “We felt great magic, unlike any other in the past. Who is the welder of such power?”

Justin speaks my title, extending his hand as he bows to me. “Master Wizard High Prince Julius Cowan, and Master Wizard Princess Isabel Cowan.”

One of the other Elven wizards taken aback says, “Power so great in one so young for human that we felt it nearly three thousand miles away.”

I worried if they felt it, perhaps so did our enemies. I suggest, “Perhaps, we should retire inside to complete our />
The senior wizard agrees, “I too feel unfriendly eyes, perhaps I may help.”

We step back as he begins to draw a symbol, it began to glow as it expand in the air. A scream heard once the symbol cover the entire area. Whomever that had been watching can no longer see what is occurring here. He says, “We are now safe from unfriendly eyes.”

I smile and say, “Thank you master wizard.”

He smiles and introduces himself. “I am Grandmaster Wizard Sparrow. Please just call me Sparrow it takes too long constantly being addressed with my full title.”

Isabel and I give him bow and I say, “I would much prefer Julius myself, and my wife Isabel.”

He extends his hand, I shake it and he says, “Well met Julius.” With a smile he asks, “Now that we are safe from unfriendly eyes could you />
Isabel and I simply walk over to the Keep and place our hands both sides of the drawbridge. Again, the castle glows, as it shrinks down to the size of a toy. One of the wizards starts to object, but Justin stops him by saying, “The horses will be />
I lift the keep, turning to face us yet again. The four elfin wizards’ eyes widened, as I waved them back and Isabel and I start the process of enlarging the keep. When the keep is again its full size, the horses snort and move around as if nothing had occurred.

The one who started to object, asks, “Sparrow how can such a thing be, any enchantment that stops time always kills.”

Sparrow looks to me and I explain with a smile, “What if the enchantment did not stop time, merely cause it to move very, very slowly. Once miniaturized the horse would take a hundred years to run across the corral. Nevertheless, it did not stop aging.”

Sparrow’s companions are opened mouth with shock. Sparrow himself recovered quickly and says, “Truly a wonder of enchanting. Perhaps it is time, that we share our knowledge many among my race believe you had nothing to add to our knowledge. However I find that is not so.” His three companions now recovered from their shock nod their head yes, agreeing with their Grand Master.

We start a long discussion, Justin, Selena, Isabel and I with our four new friends. After introducing him to father, we exchange a number of spells and enchantments. Including the one where we share power, the new enchantments for the crates, and pantry. We give them demonstration at dinnertime. Sharing in the food prepared more than two weeks before. They were as impressed with that as they were with the Keep. Flying carpets was also something new to them.

Sparrow shared the methods of blocking people from spying on you, by them using a crystal or mirror to observe what you are doing. They had a better mirror enchantment, one that allowed you to use multiple mirrors, and by use of command-words choose which mirror communication occurred. He even shared how to create a staff, something the Elven wizards have never shared before.

We had arranged for a second meeting, he was going to come to New Cowan on the winter solstice to share more spells. We agree to share with them the process of making a Patrick’s miracle pantry, and our safeguards we placed into them. We even gathered enough driftwood; too create a pantry for them. Allow them to observe our process. After all, they are our allies, and to share this enchantment would assist them as greatly as it has us.

Before Sparrow’s protection spell ended, we packed up the houses, barn, and the keep and placed them on the carpet. Father and the Knights took them back to New Cowan. Our Elfin counterparts were little more than surprised that the houses were the same. They watched in wonder as we cleaned the area, and returned it back to the state we founded in, except we left the horses. This would be a good place for them to spend their remaining years.

Once we completed our work. Sparrow says, “Perhaps humans have truly changed. We always hoped you would be kinder to our world. You show greater respect to it than your ancestors did.”

I smile and say, “It is not just our world. It belongs to our children and their children. Humans have shorter lives; perhaps we only gotten to the point where we realize that.”

Sparrow and his companion smile he says, “Even though, we have the time to contemplate such things even among our people few see that. You are wiser than most.”

Isabel and I kiss and we glow as always, sparrow’s eyes widened and his hand is quickly to his left shoulder. His companions look startled, as they too grabbed body parts. Once we break, Sparrow asks, “What is this magic you have not shared? It may be as great as any other you shown.”

Isabel is always quick to state, “It is the gift of the goddess Aphrodite. Not a spell or enchantment that we can teach.”

Sparrow smiles sadly and says, “It is been a millennia since any of our people were gifted by the />
Ruth now adds, “Prince Julius and Princess Isabel share with our people their gift, every Wednesday when they are in New Cowan they are in the temple of Aphrodite, they set behind the screen that allows the glow to pass through it. They tried to hide their identity but all know who the messengers of the goddess are. They will not allow tribute demanded, saying love is to be given freely.”

Sparrow chuckles and says, “Perhaps they are wiser than you know, the goddess would withdraw her gift if it was abused.” Isabel smiles in return. The elves cast the spell to return to their home with their pantry in hand. The field exactly as we found it, the horses having wondered on. We leave Fox Island on the carpet with our companions and set our course for New Cowan.

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Author: Hard93

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