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By Blueheatt

…. When I was a teen I overheard my dad and uncle talking on the back patio one night. My bedroom window was open and they didn’t realize it was right behind them. They both had plenty of beers and they were talking about some prick teaser girl.

Dad: “I love prick teasers girls, it’s such a challenge to take them up on their flirting and teasing and watch them back down when I pin them down to ’Are we gonna fuck or not?’ Linda (my mom) was the best. We met in school.”
Uncle: “She was good, sis like to tease me and I let her get me hot because I liked it. She was all talk until you came along. I remember watching you making her so hot she would get pissed as her prick teasing was not working on you. She would tell me: “If that asshole touches me I’ll have his ass in big trouble!” I said: “Sis, does he make you hot?”
Sis: “Hell No, I have plenty of boyfriends and I sure as hell don’t need him.”
Uncle: “I think you have the hots for him and won’t admit it, don’t you sis…admit it…he makes you all gushy inside and makes your pussy wet.” She would then stomp away giving me the finger all mad.

Dad: “Those were fun days. I would stand real close to her in school and tell her things like ‘I heard her vagina had spider webs in it from getting no sex‘, and then quick walk away. She would get so pissed she would chase me down and say: just love to find out, wouldn’t you, geek boy…well that’s never gonna happen!” She would be breathing hard, yet smiling. I would say: “Who says I would want to find out?…my girlfriend is already broke in and I make her so hot, she pee‘s her pants. No spider webs on my I would hold up my middle finger and then sniff it. Her blood would began to boil she’d get so pissed.

…That kind of talk always made her hot against her will, and she hated and loved that both, she told me after we were married.

…I was fascinated by the ‘secret talk’ I was hearing about my mom being a prick teaser.

….I knew first hand about my mom being a teaser. I guess it was her nature to tease guys with her horny comments and touches. I have a older sister Sara just like her. Teasing, little feels and suggestive sex talk were nothing new to me. I tried to ignored them both as I was growing up. Now I was getting a track record on mom’s start of all this. As they talked my semi-drunk uncle talked about when mom and him were young. It seems that mom’s dad liked to be sexually teased and encouraged her to do it to him. She got attention this way and she found out early what made him horny. This worked on all boys and men she soon discovered.

….Old habits die hard as mom loved to come on to me, her own son. I wasn’t into getting horny over my own mom or my was growing up and things were changing. I was now getting erections when they both fondled me a lot. I couldn’t help it and somehow they could tell and increased the fondling. I had a girlfriend then, but she was no match for the arousing I was getting at home. I discovered jacking off. It felt good but I soon discovered if I fantasized about sis and mom, it felt way better when I had a cum.

….I continued to listen as dad and uncle got drunk. Dad ask uncle: “Did you ever feel up sis when you were little?”

Uncle: “Do you really want to know?”

Dad: “Hell and sisters sometimes ‘mess around’ use to feel my sisters little tits. She never told on me, but threatened to.

Uncle: shouldn’t be telling you messed around some.”

Dad: “No me about it.

Uncle: knew how to make me real horny and get a hardon. I was in my bed one night when our parents were out late. She came in to pester me. She had on a little nightie and was flashing her ass at me. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. My hardon went right against her pussy as she panicked. I said: “Your going to go to far one of the times sis.” Her look of panic went slowly to a smile. She said: “Do I really turn you on that much?” I pushed her off of me and ignored her. She must have felt rejected and slowly laid down next to me. She was breathing heavy on the back of my neck as she snuggled up to me all quiet. Now I felt sorry for her and turned towards her.

know a bunch of mushy stuff went on. My hardon went right between her legs and you know….we messed around a bit.”

Dad whispered: ya fuck her?”

Uncle: a few times I guess…pass me another beer please.”

Dad: “So she was getting sex from you at home and not from anyone else?”

Uncle: me, when she met you. You kinda looked like our dad and I think she liked that.
Uncle: When did you first fuck her?”
Dad: “In the back seat of my car one night, she finally gave in. That was one hot night. What about your dad, did she ever fuck him?”

Uncle: “She won’t ever talk about that, but I bet she did, I just have the feeling. I heard them whisper once and dad said she did the finest strip for him he’s ever seen. She said: daddy!, Sam’s asleep right over there on the couch!”) I pretended to be completely asleep, but I peeked barely and saw them doing some bare skin feels on each other. He felt her bare tits under her nightie and she had her hand down his pajama bottoms. What does that tell ya.”

….I was in shock at what I was hearing. My mom when she was younger was having sex with her brother and most likely her dad.

The pieces were coming together on why my mom acts the way she does and the influence on sister Sara. All this was having quiet a influence on me as a teen. I was already at the age when mom and sis were giving me hardons. My dick was wanting to do taboo things to them both, and I realized I was… not…fighting the idea. I had a sexy mom and sis I fantasized about fucking and now I find their fondling of me was causing me to searching for way to have sex with them…both. The mere thought was making me very horny. Dad and uncle both thought it was when mom and sis made feels on me and everyone giggled. It got so they ignored them when they fondled me.

….I gave in to sis one evening. I was horny to start with from them feeling me up. Mom and dad went to bed early and sis and I were watching TV. We happen to stand up at the same time and here she came after me to cop a feel. This time I returned the feel on her. This was just what she wanted and that started it. She had on her robe. I said ’fuck it’ to myself and felt her nice tits. She pulled me in the kitchen where it was dark and we went at it. She had her hand down my pants so fast I got a hot charge in my instant hardon. Her tits felt wonderful and now I fondled her and felt her hard nipples.

Somehow, she wasn’t my sister anymore but a hot girl I wanted to fuck bad. The taboo excitement set in both of us and we got real passionate with each other. I had never been this horny with my girlfriend. Sara felt so damn good as I let my hand down to feel her pussy. She spread her legs and let me finger her for the first time. She was wet down there and moved her hips as my finger slipped in and out of her pussy. She would jump a little when I would run my finger over her clit. It felt good to fondle her for a change and see her get turned on.

She was breathing hard and whispered: never been…., this…. hot mom and dad will be going out….will to my…room ..please />
….Well, this was kind of a switch. I felt the power over her now. I whispered back:
….She didn’t know what to think now. I pulled my pants down enough to let my big hardon flip out. I squatted down and rubbed it on her pussy. She gasp and whispered: god sam!, right here!”) She was so excited she was shaking. I said: here />
….She spread her legs apart more as I began to slip my hardon in her hot pussy. Sam…oh she said. Her back was against the refrigerator and we started in. I pulled her legs off the floor and up and around my hips. I gently laid us down on the floor and it was fuck time for our very first fuck. She moaned. I said: (“shhhhh Sara!”) (“…I can’t help it sam, it feels so good..”) in a moaning whisper. We both got this savage feeling of to quickly fuck as fast as we could. This was sneaking a forbidden fuck and we were going to have it. We locked our arms around each other and hurried to ’get it’.

…Sara had to hold her hand over her own mouth as my cum was about happen. Damn…she could fuck good and I unloaded a mega cum in her as she squealed and climaxed big. This was way over the top from my girlfriend. Sara squirmed and moaned and dug her fingers in me. We couldn’t stop to listen for anyone hearing us, fuck it,….. it just felt to damn good to care.

… I thought. Her robe was cum soaked in the back from our wild fucking. She just kept slowly squirming as she gasp for />
/> seems we have a turn of events. All that sexual teasing of Sara’s brother Sam had built up in Sara, and now she had herself very drawn to Sam. She just hadn’t expected Sam to take her up and her sex play so excitingly fast. It was quite a thrill to her to suddenly have Sam take her in the kitchen and instantly have their first sex right on the floor. Her mind was in a happy daze as she thought back to that exciting night….but now what? ….would it be just a one time thing?…Sara wanted more of Sam….a lot more….and Sam?…how did he feel having incest with his sister? It seems someone else has some thoughts about all this…

…I heard a noise down stairs. I quietly got out of bed and peeked. There was only one light on besides the TV with the sound off. Then I saw Sara being laid down by Sam in the kitchen. Oh My God…Sam has his hardon in Sara on the floor. I quietly watched as they began to really got it on. It’s quite a shock to see your son and daughter fucking like two animals. How long has this been going on? My god this is making me horny watching them. I just felt a big wetness in my panties. I can’t help it, this is making me really excited. I should be appalled, and not not happening. I wonder what Sara is feeling about now, he’s sure not forcing her, she’s got her arms around him and legs too. I better get my shaky legs back in need to calm down, damn I’m aroused. How does Sam feel in you Sara, that question keeps going thru my mind. I’m thoughts myself. I’ll just go to sleep and forget about all of this.

… Who am I kidding? I like thinking about what I just saw. Maybe I’ll try and wake dad up and get some sex of my own.

/> …so it seems ‘mom’ got a peek at her son and daughter having sex. She couldn’t wake dad as she was all aroused, so she let her fingers do the satisfying …but her thoughts were only taking her to a low yield she thought of the forbidden deed…of Sam and her doing….. the un-thinkable. She too didn’t realize how her flirting, fondling and sex play with her son had built up a woman’s desire to want something she was never suppose to have…..

…Sara in school, and mom at work, felt happy with their inner secret in their minds. A nice dampness between their legs was a reminder of what had happened, they both liked that feeling, />
…Any guilt feelings about having sex with Sara Sam had were countered by knowing every guy has his limits…., and after all…he had been sexually teased and fondled by not one, but two sexy women in his own family. He had just scored with his sexy more to />
/> …The risk of being caught made our ’sneak fuck’ awesome. The excitement of ’hurry!, before someone our peak all the higher. Now to do some of my own. What could dad say if he caught me coping feels on sis or mom, they had been doing it to me for a long time. I’m betting he’ll just chuckle and ignore us. Time to test this.

….That evening dad and I watched TV as sis and mom got dinner ready. I got up and strolled into the kitchen. Sis was setting table in her cheerleader uniform, mom was wearing her short skirt from I went behind the wall to the living room and went over to Sara. She said: “It’s not ready yet Sam.” and smiled big. She reached around to feel my ass, as usual. Mom watched, came up behind me as she had to join her in a joint quick fondle of me.

…. I quick reached up both of their skirts and felt their pussy’s. Both their eyes snapped wide open as they began to giggle. mom whispered…but didn’t back up at all. Sara’s wide eyes were on mom and after the initial jump just stood there, feeling my butt along with mom. Mom leaned back to check on dad…who had fallen asleep in his chair with the TV on. I’d never seen my mom aroused before. Her face was grinning and she was breathing hard. Sis was excited too as I felt both of there hearts beating strong as I went down their panties for some bare skin. Two wet pussy’s, one for each hand. My heart was thumping away along with theirs too. Mom, out of breath whispered that her food might burn and stepped back. Sara stepped back and they both adjusted their panties. They continued fixing dinner as I smiled at them and left. I went and washed up for dinner as my fingers had that wonderful pussy smell on />
….That was the beginning of a lot of sneaked mutual fondling. Sara and I quietly planned our next sex in a soft bed.

…Mom changed. She wasn’t into quick feeling and groping, now it was slowly rubbing her pussy up again my crouch tight as I felt her big tits. She got instantly aroused and had to walk away so she could compose herself around dad. She was very nervous around me now and her hand trembled a little when we felt us up

/> …I wonder if really know how hot he makes me. I have these little jitters around him because I really don’t know what’s going to happen next. I know him and Sara are having sex now and dad is always tired and just ’not in the mood’ it seem like these days. I’m so horny my fingers are tired from rubbing my pussy in the shower and secretly at night. The thought of Sam and Sara having sex is driving me to somehow make her share him with me …but this ‘mom’ thing is fast getting pushed out of my mind.

I’m a woman, he’s a guy, we have hot feel up sessions but can’t have sex because I happen to be his mom. I’m putting that ‘mom’ thing on We’ll just somehow have to agree to keep it all secret. Just thinking about having sex with Sam is making me wet…right />
/> time came for mom. It was a Saturday morning. Sara was at a ball game, dad was gone to the auto races and Sam and mom were

…Mom walked up the stairs in her robe with some laundry. Sam came out of his room and walked down and took the clothes to help her. He was just in his boxers and went into their bedroom. He set the clothes down and then stood up on the bed and began to jump up and down. off the bed, ever since you were little I have told you not to jump on our bed.” mom said. “I’m bigger now mom. You can’t make me get off.” a defiant Sam smiled and said.
…. “Oh, you think so.” mom said, as they both stood with hands on hips. Mom was getting hot flashes with all this and slowly stood up on the bed to confront him. She could see his semi-erection showing in the front of his boxers. Sam was looking at her tits as the robe was now half way open. He thought: I love to look and feel those tits.” Mom thought: …look at that young body of his. This would be a good time to do a little wrestling with him. I would sure like to mom Sam‘.

….She lunged at Sam as they both went down on the bed giggling. He let her get on top of him as she held his arms down at the wrists. She leaned over in his face and said: get defiant with me Sam.” …then she felt his erection lump against her pussy. She slowly let herself down on him to enjoy the feeling. Sam began to pull her robe apart between them. They were now skin to skin at the chest. She had on no bra or panties. Sam began to kiss around his mom’s face. Mom couldn’t take that and began to melt on top of Sam. She slowly reached down and pulled his boxers down until she felt his erection flip up against her wet pussy. Sam moved it up and down slowly between her legs and on the under side of her pussy. Her legs straddled his… as it felt wonderful. as she reached down to rub on her own clit. Sam helped her remove the robe and his boxers completely. His hand went down and felt her pubic hair and joined her fingers in rubbing her sensitive clit. They began to gently rub it. Mom buried her face in his neck and began to softly moan. She felt his hand placing his erection at the entrance to her pussy. She slid back to let it slip warmly in her. They both paused to relish the feeling.

She was going to let it happen. Sam began to thrust in her as she joined him in slow fucking. She felt what she had longed for now and a million great feelings were setting in. They began a rhythm of their own, fucking, panting, moaning in their own world.

/> ….this was it…I hadn’t had feelings like these since my first sex with his dad. There was tremendous lust stored up in me and now I was going to have it satisfied. He feels better than his dad did in those early days. I thought nasty thoughts of: ’fuck mommy sam, fuck mommy hard and make mommy cum…fuck mommy deep and with hot sexy passion. Don’t hold back anything now….yes!, good and deep…feel my whole body sam…take me to the top ..take me..’

/> knows just how to move her pussy and body. What a hot fuck she is, I just never />
….I have to cum now mom…I can’t stop it…oh my />
/> …Sam grabbed her hips and pulled her deep into him…. as he lost his breath. Cum shot out of him and into her as he moaned. Mom yelled and shook with the euphoria slamming into her body and mind. Sam just kept pumping his cum in her as he felt her body shake. “Ohhhh was all she could squeak out as she quit breathing for a few seconds. Their shaky hands went wild feeling each other. They felt the warmth of their togetherness as time meant nothing. They were now plugged in to each other and it was now set for the future.

…The rest of the day they couldn’t get enough of each other, the feels and licks and sudden bursts of ‘we have to fuck again‘. In the hallway, living room or anywhere the passion struck them. Her robe would open and in went Sam, one more time. As time passed to quickly they shared a shower. It was like no shower they had ever had. They had to stop and compose themselves as Sara and dad would soon be home.

….Sara came home first. She smiled as she looked at their two faces and she knew something had happened between them. Sam had to delay Sara and him getting together as he recovered. Dad came home, ate and went to bed.

They now planned their
…If you drove by their house, you would never know what really goes on behind those dark closed drapes…..

story by: blueheatt

Tags: fiction incest sex story

Author: blueheatt

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