Johnny's anniversary gift

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Today was his 20th wedding anniversary; his wife had informed him in the morning before work that he needed to come home right after because she had a very special night planned with an amazing gift. It had been driving him crazy all day long. He was unable to concentrate. He seemed to be lost in a world of thought. So many times he would get pulled back into reality by one of his students saying, “Mr. V. Hey Mr. V.” And suddenly he was in a room of different students not knowing where that one class period had gone. It was not a good day.
Finally five o’clock came and he was off. John grabbed his bag and almost ran to the school parking lot. Often he enjoyed visiting with his fellow teachers in the halls on his way out. No students, noise, or interruptions. Mostly because 95% of his coworkers were women, so he loved chatting with them and taking quick glances at their cute feet. He got to his truck and turned the key. Thankfully the 23-year-old bucket of bolts started up and he drove home.
As he pulled up into the driveway he couldn’t help but notice all the lights were out and the curtains drawn. His mind raced with ideas of what could be awaiting him. His wife had begun their marriage as somewhat of a prude. Considering she was a virgin and very inexperienced he expected as much. But in their 20-year marriage she had come a long way. Still not quit where he would like but at least better. He had no clue what could be awaiting him inside. But there was only one way to find out.
He took his key and slid it into the door. He felt a shiver go through his body. He was so excited the anticipation was powerful. He opened the door and the entire house was dark save a line of glowing candles along the floor leading from the door across the family room and to the hallway. He guessed he was expected to follow them. So he did so. They went down the hall and right into the master bedroom. It was all he could do to keep from running into the room.
So John quietly stepped into his bedroom. There were lots of candles; she loved candles, so did he actually. There were two chairs at the foot of the bed about 2-3 feet from each other. He stepped into the room and heard his wife’s voice. “Take off everything but your underwear and then lay in front of the chairs on your back.” So John did just what he was told. He stripped down to his boxer briefs and laid down about four feet from the chairs. “God how you men function sometimes is beyond me.” Came the normally sweet voice of his wife again. Move closer to the chairs so that your head is by one and your crotch by the other. Men are so dumb simple /> So John scooted into the correct position, he had no clue what was happening. But he was excited to find out. If anyone could see they could tell that too as his cock was beginning to harden, and press against his underwear. He laid down as instructed and waited. After what seemed like a million years he again heard the voice of his wife. Okay here comes your gift. Are you ready?”
“Oh god yes I am. I have been thinking about it all day.” He said trying hard not to sound like a little boy on the way to the candy store.
His wife spoke again. “First is my friend from college, Jennifer, she is tall and gorgeous. Super sexy eyes, soft creamy skin, long dark brown hair, she has been in leather pumps all day without stockings. Where would you like her to sit, top or bottom?”
John was unsure if he remembered Jen. If she was who he was thinking she was super hot. He said, “Top please.” She walked in and stood over him for a second then walked to the chair near his head. She was beautiful; her amazing long hair was just lying on her shoulders. John so loved long hair on women. She was in a sexy purple camisole and panties to match. She had no stockings on and the sight of her smooth skin was just about all John could take. She sat down but sideways in the chair so her legs and feet were parallel with John’s body. So he could not see or touch them. This he figured had to be his wife’s order; she knew he liked to be teased.
Jen was a very tall sensual woman, the type that just drove men crazy, and women too for that matter. She was just an absolutely stunning creature. If John was honest she always made him a bit nervous. Her looks and her personality was so over powering he sometimes feared he would be unable to control his desire to just grab her and kiss her. Needless to say his anticipation of what was to come was overwhelming. So much so that John could feel his cock growing in his boxer briefs.
His wife spoke up again. “As you know there are two chairs. So there is another woman joining you and Jen. Are you ready to meet her?”
John could barely speak his mouth had lost its ability to form words. But he swallowed and managed a very weak and quiet, /> “Okay next is one of my dear friends from work. You remember Marisol don’t you?” Said the sweet voice of his wife.
John feared that his excitement was showing. But now he knew there was no hiding it. He had always had a major crush on Marisol, and his wife knew it. Marisol was a dark beautiful woman. She was of Puerto Rican decent and her hair was long, thick and dark. Her skin was dark and soft. John had only see her feet once before. It was when she had come over to help his wife with a project and she slipped out of her pumps. John remembered by completely transfixed. Her toes were so dark and sweet looking.
His wife continued, “Well she has been wearing black leather boots and sheer white nylons all day. I know how you love the contrast of her dark toes against the white silky nylons.”
John could no longer hide his excitement. His cock was pushing hard against his underwear. He reached down and tried to adjust himself, as it was very uncomfortable. He was shocked by the curt and quick words that came from his wife.
you dare touch your cock!” he had never heard her speak to him in that tone. It made him even harder and the pressure was now greater. He was in heaven.
“Okay then now that we all understand the rules. Do you want me to ask Marisol to come out, or ask her and Jennifer to go home? I can do that you know, ladies this doesn’t seem like it is going to /> John’s begging cracking voice interrupted her. “No please, dear god no!”
“Are you sure?” Came the demanding reply.
“Yes, I promise.” John was a total submissive at this point, totally under the control of these three women.
“Okay then let’s continue, Marisol you may come out now. She entered the room. She had on a silky white teddy with white thigh high nylons held up by garters. His wife knew him and his fetish so very well.
Marisol too sat in the second chair parallel so that her feet were hidden from his view. John’s excitement was now easily visible to all. His cock was hard and standing straight up, pushing the limits of his underwear. His wife spoke again. “So we don’t have anymore misunderstandings I will go over the rules. Any breaking of these rules even slightly will result in both women leaving and your birthday gift will be over. Is that understood my unworthy foot /> John so loved when she called him that. She had often tried to play the dominant role toward him. But her temperament was just not built for it. It frustrated him but he loved her for trying. But this was going well, John was excited for what was to come.
His wife continued. “Rule number one: Your hands must remain at your sides. Rule number two: You must do as you are told, and only as you are told. Rule number three: You will speak only when spoken to and asked for a reply. Any deviations from any of the stated rules will result in the girls stopping and going home. Leaving you to your own devices.” God he loved when she took control and talked this way. “Now do you promise to be a good foot slave?”

story by: Feetie

Tags: fiction humiliation discipline girls domination sex story foot or shoe fetish

Author: Feetie

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