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My name is Jonathan, i never had much of a life so when i was 19 i decided i was going to join the air force, straight out of high school. i got threw Basic military training fine and all but some thing didn't seem right. i had dreamed all my life of joining the military, becoming a fighter pilot, and becoming the best. boy was i wrong, i must have watched to much Top Gun. anyway i became a crew chief for an aircraft but i cant talk about it because its classified so don't ask! anyway i ended up in the northern part of the U.S. freezing my balls off, and barely making it threw. eventually i went crazy and lost everything. i was then discharged. as if that would help. bad news guy if u want to get out of the military and your reading this i suggest u complete two years if u can find away to get out honorably that is. I only served for a year so i was striped of all my benefits. anyway i ended back down I'm my home county in California, San Bernardino, or THE Inland Empire. i was out here for 4 months looking for a job had a girl friend too. but i got tired of her drama and started to stop caring about what was going on between us. i even found a car i was gonna buy for like 500-600 buck. it was a 1985 Chrysler laser. old but i had plans for it. that week every thing started to change i found a car, i found cheap insurance even with my speeding ticket, even a job interview, and i meet her, my dream come true. her name is Andrea i didn't even meet her in person but she changed my look on life and gave me a boost i thought i would never have. it all started on a site called a free web cam site for people to chat on. well her and her sister were drunk and when they add me as a friend to get unlimited chat with them, we started playing truth or dare. i could help but to seize the moment. I don't need to go into detail because there's not much to it. the bad part was i was in California and she was />

Well we started to talk after the day they got drunk. i decide what the hell she's fine and shes got great tits even if shes in Canada ill come see her once in a while. we decided to have a long distance relation ship. i hadn't even left my last girl friend, oh well all i want is the car her pastor from our church is selling so ill stay in contact tell i have enough money to leave. any way i got a site call which is awesome because you can merge all your chat website (the main ones at least), so did she because we couldn't see each other on woome (was band from flashing my tool to much) or Google talk. so we got on and started to video chat.

That's when it really changed we were talking about sex and stuff and our fantasies, well for those of u who understand me its hard telling someone u like incest. so i asked her,"Hey honey"
"Yes baby", she replied back.
"What would you say if i asked u to call me daddy"-me
she replied,"i would have to get use to it"
i told her i loved her and then she hit me with word,"I love you Daddy"
you can imagine how much i choked up it u were into incest as much as me.
so i started to explain to her how i was into incest and i would get into that type of role play because it definitely helped me cum (yes i last pretty fucking long and its not what most guys would want if the only they only managed to cum 3 times while have sex after going at it one hundred times with 4 or 5 dif. women.) she was OK and then i decide to ask her if she wanted to read a incest story from, she said OK so i picked "Daddy got i sent her the link and she got into the idea of me screwing my own daughter i even asked her, honey would u be mad if u cam home to see me in bed with our 16 year old daughter. she said now and i was like i asked her if she was into incest and she told me shes had one once with her older cousin. i was sweet. any how i started to open my fantasies to her like bestiality, doing it in the park, movie theaters, and van. she wasn't into taking a horse cock, she was to afraid being that a horse can kill you, which i understand but it would be hot to see a women be able to take a whole horse cock inside her or just go inside her. she was into putting a corn snake and python in her pussy. i was like well were gonna have to pierce the tail so we can tie some fishing wire, to be able to pull it out she said no we dont, she wanted me to just stick my hand in there and grab it well i guess we should get into fisting if shes gonna have snakes and pony cocks inside her.

Any way about a week later i was called by Little Cesar's for my second interview. i was like OK, its game time. all i got to do is clear my credit and save enough money to get me and my car to Canada. so i started working my ass off. by the time i knew i i was on a airplane to go see her, and my car was on a train to Canada. well i fell asleep during the flight. I'm glad i wasn't driving because it would have been more expensive. but any how. when i got off the plane i was walking toward the entrance when i heard some one scream your here!!!! i turn to see Andrea running towards me. she jumped and i barely had enough time to raise my arms and catch her. she giggled and french kissed me. in my head i was like wow i guess Canadian women really are friendly. Next we got in her dads car. that was interesting because he was interviewing me now. don't get me wrong i totally understand its weird to have some one spend that much time just to go see one person. but its also nice when you find some who wants to share in your fantasies. that he didn't need to know including our snake fantasy. any way later i called the import company i had sent my car threw and they said it would be here tomorrow morning. i was like OK what can we do till then looking for ideas in my head, but there were already a couple in Andrea's head. she quickly ran up to my arm grabbed it and dragged me to her room. she pushed me on her bed and said i have been waiting three fucking months for you what took you so fucking long. as she stripped me of my pants. and then she saw my tool for the first time in real life. all i can saw is it was funny watching her jaw drop. apparently she never really had a guy this big so yeah. then she said, so are you gonna keep you gonna keep your promise and marry me. i was like hell yeah i am. who else am i gonna find to do all my fantasies with. she was like, when is the snake coming? i said it should be here by the weekend. well then i guess we can only make do with what we have she said with a sinister smile, as she removed the last of her clothing. i saw her tits and i was like shit I'm gonna love you. she jumped on top of me and started kissing me. i rolled us over and started kissing her back. then i started my turn on tech. i started to kiss her neck, then i went nibbling on her ear, then down to her upper chest area just kissing it as i heard her softly moan. then i went to her nipples and started sucking, nibbling, and licking like no tomorrow. she pulled my face back up to her mouth saying that's no fair you know of turn on spots that i don't know of. i was like that's my job. and she pushed me off and got into position to suck me off. i was like be prepare my love i leak a lot. i was like omfg i told her to slow down. and then she grabbed my seven inch cock and put it between her breast. and let me titty fuck her. i was like o baby i think I'm getting close to cumming on your tits, then she stopped and said fuck no your not cumming on my tits. there is only one place your cum belongs, she said, as she got up, pushed me back on the bed, and straddled my cock at the entrance of her pussy, and that's inside me daddy! as she impaled herself with my cock. she suddenly screamed in pain. I was like are you OK. and she said yes but of all the guys shes been with i was the biggest shes ever had. most of them were way to small for her to really lost her cherry. she was so tight i was getting ready to pop a load right then and there. and then she said well how do you like my pussy daddy as she rose up and dropped back down with a screaming moan of pleasure. I told her i loved it. then she said wait till you have both me and my sister in bed at once. i was like what? she told me she managed to get her sister into joining us, in fact her bf had just broke up with her and that's when she gave her the invite to join us. she said yes as long as he cums inside me also. they both apparently wanted my children. her sister even got into incest and was quite willing to let me have our daughter that would be made as was Andrea. then i started to grow as my balls tightened up. i looked at her face as she was in shock from how big i was. i rolled us over and started to hammer her while she said cum inside me daddy get me pregnant my period is gonna start this week. with that i grew to my maximum and blew my load all over her cunt wall as she had a major orgasm herself as she arched her back screaming oh yes daddy cum deep inside me. i feel on top of her saying i love you Andrea. she replied back i love you to daddy. we fell asleep together while i was still inside her she got to feel me soften inside her and grow in the morning as i dreamed of our future to />

story by: velcro101

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Author: velcro101

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