Julie, part 4

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Part 4

An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy) (Note: Continuation of a very long, sensual
story. There are three more parts after this one.)

Harry woke up again and looked at the clock, it showed
eight twenty five, he stretched and sat on the side of
the bed a minute before going to the bathroom. He felt
sticky so he washed his cock and slipped on a pair of
cutoffs. He went into the kitchen to turn on the coffee
pot but it wasn't prepared so he chuckled as he
remembered Julie was kind of busy last night and was
most likely tired and forgot it.

He got it ready, turned it on and went to the bathroom
to brush his teeth shutting the door so Julie wouldn't
be disturbed. When he finished he went to the bedroom
and glanced at her but stopped before going out and
looked closer. She was lying on her side with one leg
bent and the other straight; he could see her ass and
part of her cunt. Both were red and her ass cheeks were
also slightly red.

He understood the first two but was surprised at her
butt, it was obvious that she had been spanked and he
knew that he had contributed to the red cunt and ass
but not the butt. He wondered if Jimmy had forced her
or had she asked him to, for he knew she loved to be
spanked while fucking and she would go wild and cum for
a long time. If she didn't ask for it how did he know?
Then he smiled as he remembered all the times they had
lightly spanked her and she would twist her ass as she
got hotter and hotter, Jimmy must have known more than
they thought he did.

He walked softly around to her face and looked at her
closely and saw her pillow was wet in small spots from
tears and then he saw the gold chain attached to her
nipples. Her nipples looked larger than normal when not
aroused and he realized that the chain must keep them
aroused. Did she cry from the ass spanking or the chain
or was it both, what the hell went on last night? Harry
went to the kitchen perturbed. He got some coffee and
dropped a piece ice in it to cool it and took a big
swallow as he went to the front door to get the paper
which they only took on Sunday.

As he went out looking for the paper he saw a strip of
cloth lying on the entry near the wall, he picked it up
and saw that it was a strip of a towel that had been
cut. He shook his head, got the paper and went back
inside; he put the strip in the trash can but then took
it back out and put it in the laundry room on the
highest shelf under a box. He was pondering these
things but wasn't sure what to make of them.

He heard the toilet flush and knew Julie must have
awakened, he decided to take her a cup of coffee and
just see what she would say and play it cool. Entering
the bedroom he heard the shower running and he went on
in the bathroom. Julie was in the shower, he set the
coffee on the counter.

"Good morning sweetheart, I was trying not to wake you,
brought you some coffee, did you sleep well?"

"Morning baby, you didn't wake me I just woke up,
didn't rest well just kept waking up, I think I walked
in the mall following Emily and Sarah to much, it made
me to tired to rest well. How are you feeling?"

"I feel like I need a kiss from the woman I worship,
can you spare one?"

"Oh baby, I haven't brushed my teeth and it tastes
awful, you wouldn't enjoy it. Can I bring you a good
one when I finish that?"

"Ok, but don't take to long I feel weak. Want me to
start anything for />
"No, let's cook together after we have some coffee."

"Ok, hurry."

"Are you hungry now, baby?"

"Only for your lips."

"I'll bring them also."

Harry turned and saw the gold chain laying on the
counter but didn't look at it so she wouldn't see that
he noticed it and shutting the door returned to the
kitchen. He sat down at the counter and thumbed though
the paper but it was mostly bad news about disasters
and crime, he turned to the sports section and studied
the stats of the baseball teams. Julie came in the
kitchen, she was dressed in shorts and a blouse which
was buttoned all the way, her hair was wet but not
dripping and he could see she had oil on it to make it
shine. She walked to him and gave him a good strong
kiss and he put his arm around her and they hugged and
snuggled for a while.

"Oh Harry, I love you so much. Why are you up so early?
You should have slept late and rested, you are going
all the time, today is Sunday and you could lay in bed
until I got breakfast ready."

"Love you too, baby, don't worry, I got plenty of sleep
and I don't plan on doing any work today. I am just
going to lay around and eat, nap, and watch baseball.
Maybe I can find time to love on my sexy wife four or
five times."

Julie's face blanched slightly, quickly she said, "But
baby, it's Sunday and, you know, that, well, it's

Harry noted all her facial expressions, "Sorry honey, I
forgot. Just habit, strike the last part. It was
selfish of me, hell you work as hard as I do maybe even
harder with your job and all the house work. No
commitments today, you are free as a bird. Why don't I
cook breakfast and you rest?"

"Because I want to cook with you, just because I would
like to recuperate today doesn't mean I don't want to
be with you. I miss the times we used to have sharing
little things, even things like buying groceries and
washing the car; we never have time anymore just to be
"Me too." Harry took her in his arms and kissed her and
they hugged. "What do we cook for breakfast; I can bake
a real good bowl of cereal and even boil milk,
Julie laughed at his joke and said, "Why don't we have
bacon and pancakes and lots of syrup."

"Sounds great, I will start the bacon and we'll cook it
real slow so we can smell it a long time."

"Ok, I'll get the pancake mix and get started it needs
to set a few minutes and get thick for thick pancakes.
Oh I better go wake Jimmy and tell him to shower and
get in here. Be right back."

Not waiting for Harry to say he would do it, she
hurried to Jimmy's room. Harry waited until she was
turning in the hall and he went to the master bath and
checked the counter, the chain was gone. He went back
to the kitchen and got out the bacon and a frying pan.

Julie hurried through the door of Jimmy's room and
found him under the sheet and shook him with one hand
as she put the chain in his night stand.

"Jimmy get up quick and get a shower, we are fixing
breakfast. Make sure your bed is made up it's a mess,
baby. Hurry!"

She went back to the kitchen and Harry was peeling off
bacon and placing in the pan, she got the mix and milk
and started mixing the batter.

"Was he awake?"

"No, sleeping like a baby."

"Well he needs some rest to I guess."

"Anything interesting in the paper, baby?"

"Nope, same old stuff." Harry noticed that she changed
the subject and his suspicions were strengthen that
something happened last night that she didn't want him
to know about. Or she didn't want to talk about.

As they worked on the breakfast Harry turned on the
radio on top of the refrigerator to lighten the mood
and give them a break from talking. The bacon was about
ready and Julie had half the pancakes cooked when Jimmy
came in, Harry gave him a quick look and didn't see any
thing suspicious.

"Good morning mom, good morning dad."

"Morning baby." "Good morning son. Did you sleep well
any sore muscles?"

"A few dad, my back is a little sore. Slept like a log.
Boy that bacon smells good; I could smell it in the

"It will be ready in a minute and the pancakes are
nearly finished, baby would you set the table and get
yourself a glass of milk and we can eat."

"Got it mom, dad do you have any projects today?"

"No, we all rest today and store up energy for tomorrow
and a new week of slavery."

"Great, I'd like to go to David's after lunch and play
a new game that he told me about if it's ok."

"Sure son, you told us last night and we gave you
permission, />
"Just wanted to make sure."

In just a few minutes every thing was ready and they
sat down and ate, talking about the things they had
done or saw, Harry and Jimmy discussed baseball and
Harry asked if he was going to make the team and of
course he said maybe. Harry asked if he needed any help
or extra practice at home and he said no the coach was
teaching them. Julie ate and listened to her two men
discussing things and as always was amazed at how well
they got along.

Harry maintained the role of head of the family but
always managed to do that and still be a buddy to Jimmy
and she realized he did the same to her except of
course he was her boyfriend. Then she realized that
Jimmy was also somehow able to be her master but also
be a loving son. He could fuck her half crazy and make
her do anything and still call her mom and make her
proud he was her son.

"Are you ok, Julie? You seem a million miles away."

"Oh, I'm sorry I got caught up in listening to you two
and then got to thinking about how wonderful it is to
have time for a meal and not have to hurry. Just be a
family that loves one another and can be together
having a good time with just each other. And I was
thinking about how much I love both of you. You know
how women are."

want you to be any other way either, would
we, son?"

"No absolutely not, how did we get so lucky that we got
the perfect mom, dad?"

"I have no idea but I just say thanks and go on loving

"Ok, stop that now, I'm not going to bake you any
cookies just because you brag and lie. I want some more
coffee, want some />
"Sure fill me up again."

"More milk Jimmy!"

"No thanks, I'm really full, those pancakes were
delicious and dad's bacon was great."

Julie filled their coffee cups and started to clear
away the dishes but Harry caught her arm and said, "No
way baby, we will take care of that you read the paper
and enjoy your coffee. There are some interesting
articles on baseball records that you will love."

"Thanks guys but they will have to wait. I need
bathroom time and then dry my hair."

As she started towards the bathroom Jimmy and Harry
said in unison, "Don't forget to flush."

Julie did need to go to the bathroom but also she
needed a little while alone as she was getting very
emotional. She sat on the toilet as she thought about
all the events that she had experienced in such a short
time and wondered where they were leading. She had
thought that the emotional roller coaster of her teen
years were all behind her and she was a different
person, in charge of her life and extremely satisfied.
But suddenly it was crushingly revealed to her that she
never had been in charge, she was always being led and
like in her teens completely unaware, and like in her
teens totally in love with her life and didn't ever
want it to change.

She shed a few tears but maybe not in sorrow as much as
in relief to finally understand why she wanted to be
loved emotionally and sexually constantly. She now
understood why she got excited and horny when Harry
would tell her to go braless and in a loose blouse so
men would see her breasts in the stores or bars, she
would tell herself that it was because she loved him
but really it was because she loved it! And she would
wear next to nothing around the house because she loved
to see him horny and wanting her, and flash her body so
men and sometimes women too would get that look in
their eyes that told her they would love to fuck that

But the bad part was or maybe it was good, she loved
it! She knew she didn't want it any other way, that she
wanted Harry and Jimmy to make her do things. She was
excited just thinking about David and pretending to let
Jimmy make her let him fuck her! She wanted to give
Henry a picture of herself in a very small bikini just
to see his face and his cock get hard. She wanted Mr.
Hale to make another pass at her and she would give him
just a little more each time until he couldn't stop and
would take her and fuck her. That's what she was taught
to do, that's what she was trained to do and she loved
every minute of it, that's what she wanted to do now
and forever.

Julie finished her thoughts and her toilet and took
another shower, dried her hair and fixed her face, she
felt better. Just as she was dressing again she heard
Harry outside the door asking if she was okay and could
he come in. Of course she said yes and he closed the
door after himself.

"Was getting worried about you sweetheart, are you ok
"Yes baby, I'm ok please don't worry, if I have
problems you know I always come running to you. You are
my rock. I should be honest with you, let's go sit on
the bed and talk a minute."

Harry hugged her and they went to the bedroom and sat
down. Julie turned to look at him squarely and took a
deep breath.

"I don't have a problem but I am a little emotional
this morning. Sometimes things overwhelm me and I so
full of emotions that I want to cry, not because I'm
unhappy or afraid just don't have any other way of
getting it out. All the love from you and Jimmy last
night just fills me up and I can't get relief just by
saying I love you or doing special things for you and
if we have more sex it doesn't relieve me it just adds
more emotion."

"I start thinking about how much I love the two of you
and how hard you try to make me happy even almost to
the point of injury and I know that I want to much from
you. But I get caught up by something in me and I want
more and more and both of you give and give and I get
so full of love for you that I just want to lay down
and die while I'm so happy. I guess that's doesn't make
any sense at all does it?"

"Maybe it does sweetheart. Maybe some of the things
I've been trying to tell you and not doing a good job
of it, help to explain it. Remember a few days ago we
were discussing you making out with a woman and I
mentioned that it was alright to tease men and flash
your tits and flirt?"

Julie nodded.

"Remember I said you were a highly sexual woman. Well
that means I understand that you might find men
attractive and you might want to dance with them and
feel their bodies against you and let them hold you
close so they can feel your breasts. It's easier for a
man to understand that than a woman because men have
that desire also as you know, but woman suppress it
better than men because all their lives they have been
taught to not do those kind of things.

"Men are taught the opposite, go out and get the woman
and enjoy her, sweep her off her feet, take her body
and use it for pleasure. Then when he finds the one
that he really wants the door is locked and marriage is
the key but he has to adjust now because marriage means
no more hunting no more sweeping no more taking."

"Some men adjust well others never adjust, but they
never lose that desire to look at women and wonder what
would she be like, and get the urge to give it a try.
Doesn't mean that he loves his wife less just that he
would like to have that feeling of freedom again and
answer the call of his genes, can I still make a
conquest. If he does he doesn't really want it then.
The thrill of the chase is what he wants, catching it
is not so important after that."

"I understand that Harry but what has that got to do,
how does that fit in with my emotions and being so full
of love that I go crazy?"

"Well that's where the explanation gets so hard to do,
but I'll try as it is important, plus it's hard to
explain something you don't understand yourself. Let's
try an example, when you were young you loved your
parents and thought that they were the only people you
would ever love, other people were just other people.
But as you grew and matured you had playmates and maybe
developed a love for them, different kind of love but
still love.

"Later it was a crush say in junior high and it was
different also, when it was over another took its place
and sometimes many others. Then came a similar love but
it was even more different and affected you stronger
and if it failed the hurt was bad, it was a possessive
love you had to have that person and wanted them to
feel the same about you.

"Sometimes that grows into a deeper love very
satisfying and fulfilling, it consumes your whole life
and becomes your life, but you still love your parents
that did not change and did not lessen. Now stop
thinking about people and think about situations. Say
you love to play tennis and play it all the time but
life changes and now you don't have time to play and no
place to play but it doesn't mean that you don't still
want to play and your desire to play may be stored away
in your subconscious but it is still there and the love
of playing is still there.

"Many men go through life thinking that if things had
been just a little different they could have been a
major league baseball player but they got married or
they had to help support the family. All though their
lives there is that haunting thought, what if, and if
they don't have an outlet it can cause depression and
anger. Most find an outlet by watching games like I do
and yelling at the umpire, some by trying to make their
children into super athletes so they can live their
dream though them, some by coaching and working with
kids' By: Willie Riley leagues."

"But though all that the desire is still there but it
is let out and doesn't become a problem for most."

"But Harry!"

"Wait baby one last thought and then you try to relate
it to your life and desire, ok. Remember the first time
I asked you for a date? We had been out of school all
summer and I had worked at the construction site with
cement. Well while we were registering I saw you with
your friends talking and laughing and I thought wow she
sure did change over the summer. Your breasts were
larger but so were many other girls', your hips were
rounder, your hair and skin tone was beautiful but so
were many other girls', you seemed to be maturing and
becoming a woman but so did many other girls.

"But there was something about you that was different
from the other girls something just seemed to beam out
of you that I can't describe but it hit me right in the
gut or heart I don't know. All I knew was that I had to
get a date with you before twenty other guys gobbled
you up if I was to have a chance at all in getting to
know you."

"In blunt language baby, I wanted you, bad. Other guys
saw it or felt it also, you remember how they called
you and tried to entice you away and how I was so
desperate to try and get all your free time committed
to me so they couldn't get a date? Baby I still see or
feel that something, you still have it and I know that
Jimmy feels it too he doesn't know what it is that
draws him to you like a magnet but he feels it. And
other men see it or feel it I see it in their eyes all
the time when you are walking in a store and I'm just
walking with you or waiting for you.

"The only thing that I can think of is that it is an
emotion inside you. Love is a emotion, desire is an
emotion, most all that we are is a emotion. And somehow
that emotion radiates around you, remember if we keep
emotions bottled up they can destroy us there must be a
outlet. So you need to try to discover the desire in
you that is locked away and let it out and you may be
the only person that can."

They sat in silence for a while, Harry looking at her
and she at him, both were thinking.

"I can't think of any thing to help clarify what I have
said and I am afraid that I couldn't do a very good job
of explaining. I'm sorry."

"It's ok honey, you gave me something to think about
and I feel better just sitting and talking. It helps to
know that someone cares and doesn't say oh she's just a
woman let her cry it out. I'll think about it and see
if any thing pops in my mind. Let's not ruin a good
Sunday discussing it, let's drink coffee and goof off."

"Sounds like a winner to me. I'll let you have the
funnies first."

"Oh wow, I'm queen of the house today. Wonder what the
servants are going to fix for lunch?"

"No lunch, everybody can fix their own />
They moved to the living room and Julie noticed that
the clock showed eleven forty nine and she wondered
where the morning went.

"Guys, is anybody hungry? It's almost noon I can fix
you a sandwich, I'm not hungry."

Harry said, "Not me I'm still stuffed from />
Jimmy returning from his room with the phone, "No
thanks Mom. I'm not hungry either, I'm going to David's
in a few minutes but I'll be back before dinner."

The phone in Jimmy's hand rang and he answered it, "Yes
Ma'am, it is. Yes Ma'am, hold on. Mom it's for you. I'm
gone, bye."

Julie took the phone and said hello.

"Julie it's Sarah, I'm sorry to bother you. But I need
to talk to somebody, can you talk?"

Julie started walking to the bedroom and the TV was
starting so she shut the door. She heard a strain in
Sarah's voice. "Sure Sarah, are you alright? You sound
like you're sick."

"No I'm not sick, I just feel depressed and, and oh
Julie I'm so lonely, can you come over, I need you."

Julie heard her voice breaking and answered quickly.
"Yes, I will come as fast as I can, baby. Do you need
anything, medicine, food, or something to drink?"

"No, I just need you. Thank you, oh god, thank you."

"I'll grab my bag and tell Harry where I going and I'll
be on the way. You try to relax, ok?"

"Yes, I'll try."

Julie said bye and hung up. She went to the living room
and told Harry that Sarah was sick and she was going to
get some stomach medicine and take it to her and she
would call after she found out how bad she was. That
she would stay with her for a while. He said ok that he
would be watching the game or napping, to call if she
needed him. Julie kissed him and gave him the phone,
went to the bedroom and got her bag and waved as she
went out pass him.

She hurried to the car and was on her way in seconds,
about a block up the street she pulled up beside Jimmy
walking and beeped at him and he came to the car and
she told him to get in and she would drop him at
David's. On the way she told him the same story about
Sarah. He patted her thigh and said that he wished he
could kiss her. Julie said you can give me a good bye
kiss at David's, a mother/son kiss. He smiled and said
that's better than nothing and did as they stopped and
he got out.

Julie was trembling, not from the kiss but from knowing
that he would be telling David about next week and the
pictures and oh god. Julie shook her head and drove on
to Sarah's wondering if what was wrong with Sarah was
what she hoped it was, that she was lonely and horny,
not sad and depressed from their love making Saturday.

Arriving at Sarah's apartment complex she rushed up the
outer stairs and to Sarah's door and knocked just as
Sarah opened it. She had been waiting at the window.
Sarah took her hand and almost pulled her inside. Julie
could tell she had been crying. Shutting the door Sarah
tried to say something and smile but then threw herself
against Julie and just sobbed holding her tightly.
Julie hugged her and rubbed her back and smoothed her
hair, poor Sarah just sobbed with a moan and her body
shook as she held on to Julie as if she was afraid that
she would never see her again. Julie was overcome by
her friend's sadness and she was misty eyed also as she
continued to hold her and pet her. Finally she began to
back towards the couch and slowly made it and sat down
pulling Sarah into her lap and rocked her like a baby.

It took nearly five minutes for Sarah to get it all out
of her and she quieted and put one hand on Julie's
cheek and held it there. Julie pulled her up on her
shoulder and kissed her cheek a few times until Sarah
turned her face up and they kissed on the lips holding
it a long time and when they broke it Sarah let out a
deep long sigh. Julie kissed her some more and pulled
her tight against her breasts then eased off and kissed
her more. Wiping the tears from Sarah's eyes and face
she began to talk hoping to find out what had happened.

"Sweetheart, what happened I thought you were so happy
yesterday, you are not feeling guilty are you, about us
making love?"

"Oh no, Julie it wasn't that. I was happy I loved being
with you and Emily, it was more fun than I've had in
years, and I was happy this morning and thought about
us making, love and it was so good and then I-I got to
thinking that I might not have or get another chance to
be with you any time soon. And I felt sad and then
maybe I wouldn't ever get a chance, maybe you and Emily
just felt sorry for me and I made a fool of myself and
you wouldn't ever want to be around me again. I got
depressed and got to thinking crazy things and I guess
I just fell apart and I just had to call you, hoping
you wouldn't laugh at me and tell me I was a just butch
bitch wanting to taste pussy."

Julie put her hand over Sarah's mouth; "Stop, I don't
want to hear anymore, you're tearing my heart out,
baby. I can't stand to see you suffer like that. But
maybe it is good that it happened, you called and I
came and all your fears were wrong, all the crazy
thoughts that fear caused were wrong and all the
sadness, the fear, the depression, and the panic were
for nothing. The fear caused you to doubt and then
wouldn't let you call until you got desperate enough to
fight through it and called. Can you see that?"

"Yes, I can see it now, you are here. I see everything
better when I'm around you. I'm not afraid when I'm
around you and all my worries seen not to matter then,
but when I get alone they come back bigger. What can I
do? I'm sorry that I'm such a whiney baby, and that I
called you away from your family but I can't seem to
help myself."

"That's ok, I told you to call me and if you hadn't I
would have been hurt. It's ok to have doubts but you
can't let them control you but let's not talk about
those things just now. We need to freshen up and have a
few laughs and get ourselves in a cheerful mood. Do you
feel strong enough to go with me to the bathroom and
wash our faces and try to look radiant again?"

"Yes, but you always look radiant even with my tears
wetting your face."

"Ah, that's my friend Sarah, always building me up and
I believe you until I look in a mirror. Come on, look,
I was in such a hurry I didn't even tie my sneakers.
Let's get bare footed!"
They went hand in hand to the bathroom and it was small
so they were close together and when Sarah bent to get
a wash cloth from under the vanity she was almost
against Julie's legs and she leaned forward and kissed
her thigh.

"Ooooo, Sarah sweetheart, don't do that, you'll be in
trouble right quick, I'm kind of sensitive in that
area, if you remember. Or did you remember and did it
on purpose?"

Sarah got the cloth and kissed her again this time
higher and on the inside of her thigh.

Julie grabbed her arms and pulled her up and against
her body hugging her tightly, she reached down and
lightly spanked her butt, "You are being a bad girl and
I may have to spank that beautiful ass."

Sarah wiggled her hips and pressed against Julie until
only clothes was between their cunts. Julie spanked her
lightly again and Sarah squirmed closer and rubbed her
tits on Julie's. Julie turned her face to her own and
asked in a whisper.

"Sarah are you hot, do you need to make love?"

"Yes badly, I'm sorry."

Julie spanked her again and said: "Hush that, don't
ever be sorry for something that wonderful. Don't you
realize how great it makes me feel that you want to
make love with me? To share your self with me and let
me share my body with you, that's a great feeling to
know someone wants you in the most intimate way that
two people can be with each other, enjoying and being
enjoyed. Can I strip you and admire your body?"

"Oh yes, anytime. And then I will do you."

"Yes anytime."

"How about tomorrow in the teachers lounge?"

"No! Your teasing me aren't you."

"Yes, I just wanted to see you smile, you have such a
beautiful smile."

Julie moved Sarah back against the counter and took the
cloth from her and wet it with cold water and washed
her face.

"Oh, that's cold."

"I wanted to wake you up so you will experience the
shock of passion that hits you when I suck your

Sarah trembled when she heard Julie say that. Julie
washed with one hand and the other began to unbutton
Sarah's short gown.

"Sarah, what is this that you are wearing? It looks
very old and been washed a lot of times."

"I was wearing this at a pj party when they told us one
of the girls had been in a wreck and was dead. I always
get it out and wear it when I feel sad. I wear it a lot
since I was, was />
"Well maybe we can get to a point where you don't ever
want to wear it again, and we can have a decent burial
for it."

Julie put down the cloth and using both hands had the
gown off Sarah in a flash. She was naked except for the
thong Julie had bought for her the day before.

"Well, I see you are a faithful member Co- President
Sarah. God girl you look ravishing in that thong have
you looked at yourself in the mirror? I thought so
that's one reason you are horny isn't it? Don't be
ashamed, it makes me horny to look at you also. No
don't start on me yet, I want to see the back, turn
around, wow look at that ass. You're blushing. I've got
to touch it just a little."

When Julie put her hand on Sarah's ass and rubbed it on
both cheeks, Sarah grabbed the counter with both hands
and her head fell back with her hair flowing down her
back and she leaned forward causing her breasts to
stick out and her ass thrust out in the rear. Julie
stepped close and reached around to her breasts and
squeezed them moving from one to the other, she
whispered in Sarah's ear for her to spread her legs.
Sarah moved them apart and moaned as Julie's hand
caressed her cunt.

"Oh Julie, that's so good, I'm going to mess up my
thong please take it off don't let me soil it, I want
to keep it forever."

Julie removed the thong and laid it on the counter and
placed her hand back on Sarah's cunt and slid a finger
inside her. Sarah came like a rocket and shuttered
moaning and twisting against the counter. Julie
continued to caress her breasts and stroke her cunt
until Sarah was completed finished climaxing. She
straightened her head and then let it hang forward as
she stood leaning on the counter with her legs spread
and her body trembling.

Julie told her to turn around and she did looking at
Julie with eyes shining with adoration. She was about
to say something but Julie put her fingers on her lips,
they were covered with Sarah's juice. Julie rubbed her
lips getting them wet until Sarah opened her mouth and
sucked Julie's fingers, licking them as she sucked the
nectar from them. Julie removed them and Sarah licked
her lips to get the small amount on them.

Julie returned the fingers to Sarah's slit and inserted
them on the clit, Sarah opened her legs and closed her
eyes sighing. Julie leaned down and kissed her left
nipple sucking it into her mouth, her other hand
grasped the right nipple and pinched it, Sarah moaned
loudly and she rose on her toes as passion again flowed
though her body. She leaned on the counter top and
placed her hands on each side of Julie's face and
caressed it as Julie sucked and pinched her nipples.

Sarah was able to last longer this time but she was
moaning and pulling Julie against her breast and began
to beg for more and harder, she was shaking and her
climax was building and she wanted to scream with joy
as the release neared and the relief she had sought all
morning was nearer and nearer. Julie swapped nipples
with her mouth and Sarah twisted her torso to give it
to her eagerly.

Julie sucked the nipple hard taking a lot of breast in
her mouth and licking the nipple, almost lashing it
with her tongue, at the same time she added an
additional finger and slid the two into Sarah's cunt
all the way to her knuckles. Sarah's body stiffened and
she began to jerk against the fingers as she felt the
climax rising in her cunt and felt the first convulsion
hit her. She rocked against the invading fingers and
mouth and continued until she had peaked and slowly
came to a satisfied ending. She pulled Julie's head
away from her nipples and up to face her and kissed
Julie's lips with passion trying hard to convey her
love with her lips.

They stood plastered together, Sarah naked and Julie
clothed. Sarah on her toes and kissing Julie standing
before her with two fingers still in her cunt. Finally
they had to break for air as both were breathless.
Sarah immediately removed Julie's top and bra pausing
just a few seconds to rub Julie's magnificent breasts
and stroke the nipples, then she went to her knees and
unfastened the shorts and peeled them and her thong
down to her feet. As Julie stepped out of the clothes
Sarah placed her hands on Julie's hips and stopped her
from moving away and she looked at the perfect cunt so
close to her lips and leaned forward towards it.

"Sweetheart, you don't have to do that I'm alright with
just a caress."

"No, I must have it, Julie. Please don't deny me, I
loved it yesterday and I want it again and again,

"Yes baby, I give you my body, you can do anything to
me that you desire and I will love every minute of it.
Take me baby."

Sarah's eyes were glued to Julie's cunt and when she
heard ' I give you my body" she whimpered and kissed it
with an open mouth and continued to kiss the lips,
slit, and even where the thighs joined her torso. Julie
began to tremble as Sarah had done as the young blond
made love to her cunt. She was losing the strength in
her legs and felt like she would crumple to the floor.

"Oh sweetheart, I can't stand much of that without
falling, let me lay down and you can have me until I
pass out."

She picked up Sarah by the arms and they went to the
bed and Julie lay down moved to the middle of the
mattress and spread her legs. When Sarah climbed on the
bed Julie guided her to put her legs on each side of
her shoulders and then reached and grasped her nipples
and pulled her down with Sarah's face at Julie's cunt
and Sarah's cunt just above Julie's mouth in the
classic sixty nine position.

Without hesitation Sarah resume her kissing of Julie's
cunt and added her tongue to lick along the slit and
she was rewarded to see the clit she wanted start
rising through the folds of Julie's cunt. Julie moaned
as she also felt her clit hardening and she pulled on
Sarah's hips until she could reach her cunt with her

When Julie's lips touched Sarah's cunt she raised her
head from Julie's cunt, squealed and then sighed a long
deep sigh as she forced her legs apart to lower her
cunt to Julie's lips. Then she lowered her head and
continued her kissing and licking. The only sounds
heard were of sighs and occasional light smack of lips
parting from wet cunts, Julie's face was getting
drenched from the secretions of Sarah's cunt and Sarah
was sucking on Julie's clit and rubbing it with her
tongue. Neither of them could stand much of this and
they began to rock and hunch up and down as the passion
rose and then peaked as they came almost at the same

As they slowed to a less hectic pace and just lay
kissing and licking, Julie heard Sarah murmuring to
her: "Julie, I love you, you can't imagine how much I
do, or how I feel right now. I want to be like this

"Sarah, don't talk now, just turn around and let's hold
each other and enjoy being together as we feel the
sensations that we just shared with each other."

Sarah obeyed and she kissed Julie's lips as they
settled into an embrace.

"How do you like your own taste />
"I could eat manure from your lips and it would be like
honey to me."

"Oh yucky, Sarah. That's sweet for you to say but it
sounds />
They lay together kissing and exploring each others
body giggling when they hit a ticklish spot and
sometimes just looking at each other. Sarah kept going
back to Julie's clit and rubbing it with a finger and
some times she would look down her body and could see
the tip protruding from her slit.

"Sarah, you're keeping me worked up on purpose aren't
you?" Sarah smiled and nodded. "Baby, are you still
horny, you came three times. Don't you need to rest?"
Sarah shook her head.

"You don't mind do you Julie? I'll stop if you want me
to but I want to make you cum, you are so beautiful and
when you cum the passion on your face is so wonderful,
you just shine like a halo of beauty was surrounding

"Sarah, you make me more beautiful than I am, really
you do! Your eyes are clouded with your need for
someone to love you and I love you so you think I am
beautiful. But I'm glad you think so because it feeds
my ego, makes my head swell, and don't dare tell anyone
but my nipples get hard whenever I think of you naked.
Girl, you are beautiful! No, I don't mind, in fact I
really want you to keep me hot, that is the best
feeling there is to be hot and someone playing with
your body bringing you close to climax and then easing
off and starting it again. But there has to be a
certainty of full satisfaction not just leave you
hanging. Do you agree?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure that I ever had that feeling. It
was always on the bed, or back seat, or couch and stick
it in and fuck until he came and then it was over until
next time. Yesterday was the first time anyone ever
kissed my cunt after fucking it or even touched it.
That was the first time that I ever felt like I was
desirable after sex. We stayed naked and walked around
naked and you and Emily touched me and kissed me and
cleaned me with stuff running down my legs, and oh god
Julie, I want that so bad my heart just wants to

"Sarah, you have it, don't agonize over something that
your mind thinks might or could happen. Enjoy what you
have and let it lead you on to even better things.
Think about that but let's not waste time discussing it
for discussion doesn't get very far, you need to get
out and see and experience to make />
"Julie, were you serious when you said your nipples get
hard thinking of me?"

"Yes sweetheart, you don't want to believe it but you
are beautiful and sexy and I want you to be just like
you are now, naked and happy and right beside me so I
can play with your breasts and rub your nipples. I
wouldn't lie to you Sarah, and I say you are beautiful
and you need to believe it and start letting people see
it too. Now shut up and get me hot again, I want to cum
for you so you will continue to think I am />
Julie pulled Sarah to her and kissed her passionately,
breaking she whispered to Sarah, give me your tongue to
suck, take me and use me, make me your slut quivering
all over for you to satisfy my passion. Fuck me like a
whore, treat me like I was your sex slave, I am here
for you, I give my body to you for anything you want it

Sarah whimpered on hearing Julie's submission to her
and she kissed her passionately and feeling her clit
harden as she continued to rub it she grasped it
between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it. Julie
moaned and arched her hips upward offering it to Sarah
and bent her knees while sliding her feet towards her
ass opening her cunt and crotch to Sarah's wishes.
Sarah could feet the heart beat in Julie's clit and she
squeezed a little harder and heard Julie whimpering and
say: "Yes baby, yes, take me, take me, make me yours."

Sarah grabbed a pillow and pulled it to Julie's head
and placed it long ways from her head down her back,
propping her up a little. She kissed her lips and down
her face and neck and as she neared Julie's tits Julie
arched her back offering her nipples to Sarah's mouth.
Sarah sucked the nipples she admired and felt her own
aching with passion, she was watching Julie's face and
knew she was enjoying the sensations and she swelled
with pride that she could bring joy to Julie and also
that she could have this beautiful woman for anything
she wanted.

And she had a goal that she wanted and she sucked both
nipples hard until she thought they would explode and
then licked her way down Julie's stomach while moving
her body down until she reached the top of her slit.
Sarah slid her body between Julie's legs and now her
mouth was just over the goal she wanted, the clit she
held between her thumb and forefinger. As she stared at
it and felt it pulsing Julie reached and slid the other
pillow down to her hips and raised them placing the
pillow underneath them, elevating her cunt for Sarah.

She whispered to Sarah. "Yes baby, anything you want,
take it."

Sarah slowly released her pressure on the clit and
Julie moaned loudly as the blood rushed in it causing
it to swell. She placed two fingers at Julie's cunt and
moved them into the hot wet opening as far as possible.
And rotating her wrist so the ring finger would be at
Julie's asshole she slid it in also. Julie hunched
against the invading finger and it went in easily and
Sarah worked all three fingers in and out. She double
fucked Julie's cunt and ass and watched her face as
expression after expression flowed over it. Julie's
hands went to her nipples and she rubbed and squeezed
them as she undulated her body to help Sarah fuck her.
Julie opened her eyes and saw Sarah looking at her. She
smiled at Sarah and pursed her lips in a kiss.

"Sweetheart, that is so good, I can't describe the
feeling. It's just />
Sarah smiled at her and then lowered her lips to her
goal, the clit standing proud and jumping each time her
fingers went in and out of Julie's cunt and ass. She
first kissed it gently and then slid her lips along it
back and forth, next she put her lips around it and let
it slid from one side of her mouth to the other as she
moved her head. Julie whimpered when she first felt
Sarah's lips on her clit and she continued as she felt
and watched Sarah making love to it and the intensity
of her sound rose. Sarah played with her clit as she
worked her fingers in and out for a full minute or
more, she was delighting in the sensation she was
receiving and the sound Julie was making. She eased her
tongue forward until the tip touched the tip of the
clit and let it rub across. Julie's whimper changed to
a low series of />
"Oooohhh baby, you're going to kill me, oooohhh my god
it's so good I can't stand it. Baby, baby, baby,
oooohhh, yes, yes, take me baby. Ooooohhhhh, oooooooo,
Sarah, the spread, I'm going to mess up the spread.
Ohhh baby. It's coming sweetheart, I'm cumming. Oooooo
fuck me, fuck me, baby, fuck me."

Julie convulsed and almost went wild as she was hit
hard by her climax, she tried to remain still but her
body jerked and trembled almost with a mind of it's
own. Just when she thought it was over and beginning to
wane Sarah sucked her clit into her mouth and rubbing
with her tongue all over it and sucking hard while she
increased the rapidity of her finger fucking of cunt
and ass, she felt another climax rising. Julie knew
this would be a bigger one as the pain in her stomach
was worse and moving fast to her cunt and she thought,
oh no I hope I don't pass out it would scare Sarah to

"Sarah baby, you're going to make me cum again. I love
it, but if I go crazy don't worry I will be ok after a
while, oh my, oh my fuck me baby please fuck me and
fuck me for ever. I love you, your killing me but I
love you, don't stop fucking me."

Julie's climax hit her and Sarah knew it because she
froze and just lay there trembling and jerking as she
convulsed time after time and Sarah continued to suck
and fuck her as she had said and Julie just kept on
cumming and cumming. Her stomach was knotted into rows
of muscles like a wash board and her legs were moving
like a butterfly's wings as she lay rigid, trembling
and her head thrashing from side to side with her eyes
closed and her mouth open. Sarah was amazed at how long
she came and her arm began to tire and her mouth needed
a rest. Cum was pouring from her cunt each time Sarah's
fingers were retreating and her finger in Julie's ass
felt as if it was being pulled from her hand.

Finally Julie began to weaken and her muscles relaxed a
little as her convulsing became less frequent and she
would lay quiet of a few seconds and then jerk as a
small one would happen. She appeared to be asleep so
Sarah slowed her sucking and fucking, finally stopping
altogether. She kept her fingers still embedded and her
lips around Julie's clit but no longer sucking or
licking. As she watched Julie's face she saw a faint
smile come over her and she looked so pleasant just
like a small child sleeping.

Sarah removed her fingers from Julie very slowly and
then released her clit from her lips and rose to go for
a wash cloth. When she had cleaned herself she returned
to the bedroom and crawled up beside Julie and snuggled
to her placing Julie's hand on her thigh near her cunt
and her own hand on Julie's cunt cupping it and then
closed her eyes and soon was asleep contented. Both of
them slept for almost a hour and Julie was the first to

At first she didn't know where she was but she turned
her head and realized that she was with Sarah and not
Harry and the hand on her cunt was Sarah's and her hand
was on Sarah's thigh brushing her cunt. She remembered
that she sank into that darkness that she often did
when highly aroused but she didn't remember them going
to sleep together.

Julie was concerned as she remembered all the things
that Sarah had said about loving her and wanting to be
with her forever. She realized that she would have to
channel Sarah's desire to love and be loved in another
direction soon preferably to a man or better to men.
But where and who? Meanwhile she had better get Emily
involved and try to remove herself as the sole lover
from Sarah's mind.

Julie realized she needed to go to the bathroom, she
raised up and Sarah's hand cupping her cunt was moved
by her action and Sarah woke up and looked at her.

"Are you ok Julie? I fell asleep."

"Yes sweetheart I'm ok. Oh no, I messed up your spread
Sarah! It's all wet and I'm a mess too!"

"That's ok, it's washable and needed to be washed
anyway. Let me get the wash cloth and warm it and I'll
be right back."

"Thank you baby, but I need to go to the bathroom and
can't wait long. I'll just hold it and run."

Julie put her hand over her cunt and swung off the bed
and started for the bathroom. Sarah was right behind
her and turned on the hot water to warm the cloth.
Julie realized that the toilet was in a open space and
she would have to take her leak in front of Sarah but
had no other choice. She tinkled in the toilet for a
long time and Sarah begin to giggle, Julie told her
lightheartedly to hush and Sarah giggle more. Soon they
both were giggling and Julie said she was embarrassed
but there was nothing she could do about it, they
giggled some more as the tinkle stopped and started

"This is the last time I go to the toilet with you
around. From now on I will just drown first. Thank
goodness that is finally over. Toss me the wash cloth

"No. You come here and I will do it for you, just like
you did for me and Emily."

"But I remember the trouble it caused don't you? Do we
want to take a chance, aren't you tired and want to

"No, I want to clean you, come on now."

Julie wiped with toilet paper flushed it all away and
went to Sarah standing at the vanity with the mirror
behind her. Julie looked at her self in the mirror and
muttered that she looked like a race horse that had run
five miles in the mud.

"You look beautiful to me. I didn't mean to go to sleep
but you looked so lovely laying on the bed that I
couldn't resist in laying with you and cuddling next to
you. It felt so good that I just lay there a moment to
enjoy it and next thing I knew you were getting up."

Sarah turned Julie around and knelt in front of her
with the warm wash cloth. Julie looked at her and Sarah
looked at her, neither spoke, finally Julie spread her
legs and leaned back on the vanity and waited.

"Julie, if you don't want me to do this I won't. I want
to but I shouldn't embarrass you if you don't want it.
You are to nice to tell me but if you will just shake
your head I will give you the cloth."

"I want it Sarah, it's just that I fear that it will
make me horny and when I get hot I forget everything
except getting relief and I will beg for it. But I want
to feel your hand rubbing me there but don't kiss my

"That's a hard promise to make Julie, I want to kiss
it, I want to suck it, I love to make it hard and
protrude. I want to rub my lips on the end of it, and
lick your cum as it drips from you, I love you, please
Julie can't I kiss it just a little, please?"

"Oh god Sarah, don't do that, you tear my heart out
when you tell me that. I can't refuse you anything. You
can have it baby, yes, yes you can kiss it, you can
suck it, do anything you want. But clean me first and
let me sit down or lay down I get weak when you take it
in your mouth. Oh, I can feel it moving, it's coming
out hard for you, watch, baby you're got me horny for
you again."

Sarah looked at Julie's cunt as she stood with her legs
spread at the vanity and the lips were slowing opening
like a flower blooming and then she saw the tip of the
clit extending outward as it slipped from between the
folds of the petals and rise to the very top of Julie's

"That is so beautiful, you have the most beautiful cunt
I have ever seen. How do you make it open like that and
the clit rise up and out? And it gets so hard in my
mouth and I can feel your heart beating through it. Oh,
I love it, I want it so bad. Don't hate me Julie I
can't help myself."

"I won't hate you, how could I hate you when you bring
me so much pleasure? Baby, I don't make it do anything,
all that is passion and when it starts it won't stop
until I get fucked and cum. If I can't get fucked right
then I have to go around hot, horny, and suffer until I
do. You have made me hot just by wanting me, I can feel
it somehow, I know when someone wants to fuck me and
love on me and it makes me hot. You started it, telling
me what you wanted to do to my clit and now it's to
late, I have to have you and I will promise and give
you anything just to get relief."

"I'm sorry Julie, I didn't know, I don't mean to cause
you pain but I need to make love to you. I don't
understand why but I want to love you until you are
happy can you understand that? Help me to understand,
it's tearing me to pieces."

Julie was thinking fast and furiously, she needed to
give Sarah some answer that would help her to begin to
see a path towards a normal life again.

"Baby, if I try to explain it to you will you keep a
open mind and realize that the answer may not make
sense now and it might require you to do something that
you don't want or afraid to do?"

"Yes, I'll do anything you tell me to do."

"Let's go to the living room and sit and talk but first
we need to drink something, we need to keep our
hydration level up. Give me the wash cloth and you get
us some water in the kitchen, ok."

"I've got some cokes in the refrigerator. Want one
instead of water?"

"Sure, not as good for you as water but tastes a lot

Sarah went to the kitchen and Julie cleaned her cunt
using cold water hoping that it would cool her down
enough that she could think about what and how to tell
Sarah that she needed a man' cock but mostly his love
and one that she could trust but she had to get out and
look for one. Finishing she went to the kitchen and
leaned on the counter while Sarah got some cheese
crackers to go with the cokes. Gathering the drinks and
crackers they ate and drank standing at the counter and
suddenly Sarah began to giggle. She would look at Julie
and giggle covering her mouth to keep the crackers in.

"Sarah, what's so funny, is there a witch's wart on my
nose or />
"Heavens no, I'm sorry but suddenly it struck me that
we are standing here eating, drinking, and we're naked
as the day we were born. And it feels so right, like if
we were dressed it wouldn't be normal we would be
acting in a play or soap opera. I'm crazy, think so?"

"No you're not crazy, I think it's because we feel
comfortable with each other. Like sisters who like each
other and share a bedroom and bath all their growing up
years. So it feels natural to see each other naked and
touch without guilt. But there is a difference, when
you kiss me on the cheek or lips there's a sudden surge
of passion and if you are clothed and I see a flash of
thigh when you sit down and cross your legs it's the
same. I don't think sisters have that but I don't know
what the difference is."

"Oh Julie, do you really? Do you really want me?"

"Yes baby, really. God, you have to realize that now,
you have to know it. After all I've done to you and you
to me. All the ways we made love, all the times you've
made me cum and me you. You have to believe now or you
never will."

Sarah walked closer to Julie and put her hand on
Julie's arm. Her eyes were troubled as she looked at
her and her lips trembled slightly.

"I believe Julie, but then I get doubts and I get
panicky and I almost go crazy thinking up weird
fantasies that would make you love me. Am I crazy? Do I
need professional help? Last night was the first time
in over a year that I slept all night long without some
pills. And I woke up feeling so good that I had two
wonderful friends that I could love and trust and they
loved me. And then, well I told you that, I'm sorry."

Julie took the last two crackers and stuffed one in
Sarah's mouth and put the other in her own then took
her hand and they walked to the couch. Sitting down
Julie pulled Sarah down and made her turn and lean so
that she was laying across Julie's lap in a reclining
position with her head on her shoulder and their
breasts pressed together. Julie's arm was around
Sarah's back helping support her and Sarah put her feet
on the couch and drew her knees up. Both were holding
their drinks and being careful not spill any and not
let the cold bottles touch themselves.

"Sarah listen carefully and don't make up your mind
right now, think about what we going to talk about then
see if you believe or agree and then we can work from
there. And I mean don't decide today think about it for
a couple of days and we can discuss it again, promise

Sarah nodded her head.

"You just said how good you felt because you had two
friends that you could love and trust and that we loved
you also. Right? You said first that you could love and
then second that loved you. I think that it is very
important that you said it that way. You see when you
discovered that you had been betrayed you not only lost
someone that you thought loved you but you lost the one
that you loved and you lost the trust that you had in
believing that your love was important. Emily and I
both love you and you say that you believe but you have
doubts that keep sneaking in . Why would you think up
things to make me love you if you believed that I do?
Don't answer."

Sarah had opened her mouth but shut it. Julie leaned
down and kissed her lips and eyes.

"Don't talk, don't think, just listen. I think the
reason is not that you don't believe, but that you have
a very strong desire to get back what you lost. I don't
mean that sorry ass you were married to but get back
the feeling that you had of having a person that you
could love, trust, marry and devote your life and
yourself to and that would have that same feeling for
you. Someone that would share your hopes, dreams, and
devote themselves to making you happy because they
valued your love. Deep inside your mind that fact is
being covered up because you fear being hurt again but
your subconscious keep stirring you up because it is
feeling the desire and wants you to fulfill it."

Julie could see tears filling Sarah's eyes and her lips
were tight as she fought the sorrow welling up in her.
She hoped that she could maintain her own feelings and
not start crying also.

"So you see, maybe you are confusing two things which
are really separate from each other, the feelings that
you have for Emily and I, which we share with you, and
the strong desire to find a man that sees your beauty
not just physical beauty but the beauty that I see in
you, that you are full of love and would never hurt him
and want to share his life if he can return that love
because that's what you want more than anything else in
the world.

"Emily and I love you and we enjoy being with you
because you are fun to be with and I must be honest
with you also, you are a hot sexy girl and you turn me
on full blast. But that has nothing to do with your
desire hidden inside you, we can love you until we are
old and gray and most likely we will, but it won't ever
replace the need inside to have a loving and be loved
relationship with a man. Our relationship will always
be just a temporary relief, but as we share it we can
hopefully lead you into that which you really need. And
we can always be there to help you, protect you from
hurt, and keep you going forward.

"But we can't unless you think that is what you want,
you must be willing and you must be brave for there may
be or I should say there definitely will be others who
will lie and do anything because they just want to jump
your bones and don't care for your feelings at all.

"Now all I want you to do is just let this settle in
your brain for a few days and we will talk again and
see how you feel. Then we will decide which way to go
from there. Remember this is only what I feel inside, I
may be wrong and if you think so then we won't do it.
But no matter what we decide I will still love you and
will be with you which ever way we go."

Tears were on Sarah's cheeks and when she blinked her
eyes more would roll down. Julie wiped at them with her
hand and rubbed the wetness on her breasts.

"Sarah please don't cry, everything will work out if
you don't try to hide yourself. You have to much to
offer not to let others see the real you. Also it makes
me sad to see you cry and hurting when I can't do
anything but hold you."

Julie hugged her tighter and turned her body so they
were face to face and put both arms around her and
Sarah did the same and Julie rocked her like a child
and put her cheek against Sarah's. They stayed this way
for about five minutes just holding on to each other.

"Sarah, are you ok baby? Do you still love me or do you
wish me dead now?"

"I still love you, maybe now more than ever. I wish
what you said wasn't true, I could be happy being your
lesbian lover but I know that you aren't lesbian and
really I'm not either but you make me happy and I would
be whatever you wanted me to be."

Julie smiled and turned her face up and kissed her.

"Would you cut your hair like a man and get a tattoo on
your biceps that said Momma's boy?"

Sarah opened her eyes and looked at Julie and suddenly
broke out giggling.

"You're putting me on again, I love my hair and I don't
have any biceps."

"Sarah, you know what I want you to be?"

"Tell me please!"

"I want you to be yourself, you're so beautiful and we
can have so much fun together, shopping, eating, going
to the movies, and driving men crazy. And we can just
sit and talk about anything or nothing, and have our
moments like we had today and yesterday when we can't
get enough of each other, and just go through life as
close friends and be happy seeing each other happy."

"That's sounds so good! I want that right now, just to
have you and Emily as friends and share with you. I
guess that's what I miss the most not having anyone
that I feel special about and can just do things with.
I haven't had that since high school."

"Well, you have it now even if you don't want it. When
Emily and I make friends we bug them to death. That's
why we don't have many friends. Do you feel better

"Yes, as long as you are holding me I feel wonderful.
Julie I can feel your heart beat through your breasts
and mine. It's like we are just one person with two

"That's a strong heart beat, must be ten inches of tits
between us. Do you want to clean up and then go home
with me, we can cook and putter around the kitchen and
just enjoy being together plus I would love to have you
there. Sometimes I get a little tired of just listening
to talk about sports and cars and work, could you?"

"Oh, I would love to, I get bored just sitting around

"Ok, want to take a shower />
"Sure, but first I want to make love to you, might be
the last opportunity today. Is that ok? Or are you
completely turned off now, with me blubbering every
other second?"

"Sarah, you have a one track mind, just like I do!
Always thinking sex, every thing else is just a filler
until the next session. Of course it's ok, I love it!"

Sarah disengaged herself from Julie and rolled to the
floor and was between Julie's legs in a flash. She
spread them apart and looked at the beautiful prize
nestled in Julie's crotch. Her hands went to Julie's
hips and pulled them to her and the edge of the couch.

"Oh no, it's gone, it went back into hiding. Now I
going to have to lick it out and kiss it back into full
strength before I can suck it for you."

Sarah leaned forward and kissed the cunt and ran her
tongue up the slit pressing the tip into it slightly.
Julie moaned softly as she felt her clit awaken and her
stomach throb.

"Oh god, Sarah, you drive me crazy doing that. Oh how I
love for you to love me there. I haven't had much
experience with oral love except with just a couple of
men and while I loved it, nothing compares with you."

"Do you feel my love for you?"

"Yes baby, there's no mistaking it and you are going to
see my love and passion for you shortly."

"Is it coming out for me to suck?"

"Yes, please don't say that anymore, you will make me
come before we get started."

"I want you to cum ten times so I can suck it from you
and swallow it all. Oh yes, it's beginning to open just
like before. Oh how beautiful, I want it, I want it."

As Julie's cunt flowered open and her clit rose again,
she closed her eyes and leaned her head back for the
clit was throbbing and she was straining to stop the
ache as it slid down to her cunt. She knew that she
would cum shortly just from the anticipation of Sarah's
mouth around her clit and the increase of pressure when
she sucked it. But she wanted to wait as long as she
could and have the intensity build up in her before she
exploded. As Sarah leaned forward and her tongue
touched Julie's clit Julie suddenly rose up and
grabbing Sarah by the arm said to her. "Wait baby, come
with me to the bed, hurry."

They hurried to the bed and Julie threw herself in the
middle and pulled Sarah to her and reversed her so that
they were in the sixty nine position and pulled her hip
and leg towards her mouth and planted it directly on
Sarah's cunt. Sarah was confused but now understood and
she moaned when she felt Julie's tongue enter her cunt
as deep as possible. She immediately wrapped her arm
around Julie's beautiful ass and pulled herself along
her bent leg and clamped her lips on Julie's throbbing
clit and began to suck.

Within ten minutes both had climaxed and lay kissing
and licking each other's wet cunt. Five more minutes
and they were both moaning and building towards another
giant cum. This happened again and finally they lay
still now face to face and breasts in hands and lips
kissing lips, there was no talk just kissing and
smiling at each other.

Sarah began to tweak Julie's nipple with her fingers
pulling, pinching, and rolling them as she kissed her
lips and Julie realized that she intended to get her
hot again and then she would move to her cunt.

"Sarah, sweetheart, we've got to shower and go or there
won't be any dinner tonight and two men will be
wondering why we look so tired and fucked out. I love
what you are doing to me but common sense tells me all
things have to come to an end and we need to reach that
point now. Could we save something for next time?"

"I know Julie but it's been so long since I was
sexually satisfied like this that I just want to keep
doing it and doing it. But you are right, I'll go and
get the shower ready, you rest and I'll yell when it's

"Can I use your phone to call Harry and tell him to get
the steaks out of the freezer and start them thawing?"

"Sure it's in the living room, do you want to be first
on the toilet? I'll wait here so you can have some
privacy if you won't go all day this time."

"You're asking for a spanking, girl. No I don't need to
go now."

Julie went to the phone and she called Harry and told
him that Sarah was feeling better and that she was
going to bring her home with her for dinner to make
sure she was eating properly and about the steaks. He
said he would get the grill ready and he could grill
while they prepared the rest of the meal.

Julie went to the bathroom and met Sarah coming to tell
her everything was ready for their shower. They got in
and bathed each other and played around with the
washing of breasts and between each others legs and
rubbed their nipples on the other's nipples laughing
and enjoying just being naked and having fun without
any guilt feelings. Julie noticed that Sarah's nipples
seemed to be longer and she commented on them, Sarah's
answer was that it was Julie's fault for making her hot
and she would have to pay for that next time they got

Julie told her about the girl's night out and Sarah was
delighted, but she said she hoped she didn't have to
wait for five days before she could see Julie and Emily
again alone. Julie told her maybe not but be patient
they would all have to suffer. Then Julie said they
needed to get out and get dressed, that the water bill
would be outrageous.

Chapter Twenty One
On the way to Julie's house they chatted about
different things and Sarah kept rubbing Julie's leg and
when Julie didn't say any thing she began to rub her
bare stomach and then breasts outside her top. About a
block from the turn onto the street where Julie lived
Julie pulled into a fast food drive in and around to
the back and pulled in a secluded parking place. She
turned to Sarah and smiled at her.

"Baby, I love your hands on my body but you are getting
me hot and soon my shorts will be damp and what am I to
do when we get home? I can't go inside and introduce
you to Harry with my nipples poking holes in my top and
my shorts wet with moisture running down my leg. And
don't say your sorry, that you didn't know, you know
how hot I get when you play with me and you want to
keep me hot and wanting you. Please leave me some
decency, my husband wouldn't be amused to find us in
bed making love while he grills steaks. Please?"

"I know, I just can't help myself, and you're right I
was trying to keep you wanting me, I love to see you
looking at me with that look in your eyes. I've been
wanting some one to want me for a long time and now
that I have you I just want you all the time and want
you to want me all the time. Plus you wouldn't let me
wear a bra and the material keeps scratching my nipples
and they are hard as rocks and I am horny as a horned
frog. I don't think I have ever been this horny in my
whole life. God, Harry and Jimmy are going to think I
am a sex maniac they will hide under the bed to get
away from me."

"Serves you right you teasing little imp. But you
should look pale, remember you have been sick with a
stomach disorder, try to look frail and blue around the
lips. That smothering look in your eyes has got to go
and that wetness in shorts better look like pee by the
time we get there."

Sarah gasped and spread her legs looking at her crotch
but didn't see anything. She looked at Julie and saw
she was laughing.

"That was mean Julie. You almost gave me a heart
attack. And look at me, these shorts are way to short
and way to tight, go back and let me change. The thong
doesn't hide much in the front and nothing in the back
and the string tickles my ass every step. How am I
going to look sick?"

"Sarah we went through every pair of shorts you have
and those are the only ones that look good on you. All
your others look like you went to a school for camp
fire girls and all the leaders were old dowagers who
quoted Shakespeare before meals. And you promised to
give them to charity and get you some like this pair.
"But that was under duress you were kissing me and
pinching my nipples and I would have promised any thing
at that moment."
"Just to get me to stop, huh."

"No just to get you to keep doing it, you know that!"

"Anyway we have to change your image of yourself and to
others, and clothes are the best way to start and
casual things are the best starting point. Then we will
work on your image at school. You look very
professional there and that is good but we need to get
you in dresses above your knee and show a little more
skin like some cleavage. We want to make sure that you
get an offer to come back next year."

"But what if there isn't an opening? I can't teach
music, sports, history, or anything other than
literature. Mr. Hale made it clear that he didn't
expect to have any thing other than to fill out this

"Sarah, we may have to help Mr. Hale change his mind.
Ok? Just leave that to me, I will tell you when to make
a move and what to do, just make yourself attractive so
he will start noticing that you are more than just a
good lit. teacher. Let's go home before they call the
cops. Behave it's only a few more blocks."

Sarah slid over against the door and smiled at Julie as
she said in a soft voice, "Not nearly as much fun."

Julie smiled at her, shook her head, started the car
and continued home.

Arriving at the house she blew the horn and led the way
to the door. Harry was waiting on the entry just
outside the front door and she gave him a kiss and
introduced him to Sarah. She saw his eyes narrow as he
shook Sarah's hand and welcomed her ushering them

"Sweetheart, I ran into a problem with the steaks they
were all frozen together and if I thawed them to get
them separated and only cooked four the other two would
ruin even if I froze them again. So we will have to
cook all six and have the others soon. And also Emily
called and I told her where you were and that you had
just left there so she wants you to call her
immediately. Are you feeling better now, Sarah?"

"Yes, thanks to Julie bringing me some pink stuff and
watching over me, I feel much better now and since she
told me how good your steaks are I feel hungry."

"Harry, why don't we ask Emily and Kurt over for dinner
since we got two extras and it would be nice to get to
know Kurt, I have never met him."

"Sounds great, we could even have a some wine and beer
while we are grilling and give me a chance to talk to
someone about something besides air />
"Come on Sarah, we will go to the bedroom, she will
have a million questions and you don't want to discuss
your stomach contents in front of />
"Yow, I'd rather not discuss it all."

So Julie and Sarah went to the bedroom and Harry
watched two swinging beautiful asses going away and
mumbled to himself something about double heaven. He
checked the steaks and started getting the ingredients
together to prepare the marinate. Julie and Sarah shut
the door and sat on the bed, Sarah smoothed the covers
and looked around the bedroom.

"This is a beautiful bedroom and the bed is so nice and
comfortable and sturdy too. I would love to have a bed
like this but it is wouldn't get much use. Bet this one
could tell a lot of stories."

"That's two spanking I owe you, just keep on and you
won't be sitting at your desk for a whole week! …
Emily where have you been? Yes she's ok, she's here
with me at my house, no she wasn't throwing up she
wasn't,, Emily,, I'm four questions behind, take a
breath and I will fill you in but some will have to
wait until later. No she was just depressed but I had
to tell Harry, yes, really, around noon, talking
mostly, she is ok I tell you, wait, wait, Emily wait!

"Hush a minute will you! We are going to cook some
steaks on the grill and just hang out, why don't you
and Kurt come over, we got enough for everybody and we
can run the men outside and talk. Yes, yes I'm sure.
Here talk to Sarah and if you will stop talking she
might could tell you />
Julie handed the phone to Sarah and whispered to her
that Emily was upset so try to calm her down and ask
her to come and bring Kurt and a bag of salad the ice
berg kind, don't take no for a answer.

Sarah said hello and then listened for a long time.
Julie pointed to the kitchen and went to help Harry. He
was still mixing the marinate and soaking the steaks
with it and added stuff as he smelled it.

"God, I missed you baby!" Julie said as she put her
arms around him and leaned on his back. "I wouldn't
make a good nurse I got upset when I got there and saw
how pale she was but realized that mostly she was
scared because she doesn't know anyone. I had stopped
and got some pepto and it settled her stomach and she
lay down on the couch and rested and got better. She
actually went to sleep for a while."

"I missed you also, and was getting worried that you
stayed so long and didn't call. But she looks ok now.
Hard to believe she is a teacher, she looks more like a
student. Is Emily and Kurt coming over?"

"She's talking to Sarah now so I don't know but I asked
her but she has to talk to Kurt. Maybe they will, would
be nice to have a cookout and sort of like a party
wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, it would be nice to talk to someone besides the
guys at work. I get tired of talking about A/C all the
time. You said he was an account executive didn't you?"

"Yes he works for some investment firm in their branch
office. Maybe he's a baseball fan and then the two of
you can talk all night. By the way be nice to Sarah,
you're always nice, but be really nice; she had a bad
experience with her marriage and doesn't trust herself
with men anymore."

"Hey babe, it won't be hard to be nice to her, you
didn't tell me that she was a hottie. I'm not so sure
about the three of you hot babes having a night out
anymore. There isn't three hotter looking women in the
whole state, if the three of you go prancing around
town there will be riots and killings all over the

"Well, is that a compliment or is there a note of
jealousy in there?"

"Both, sweetheart. Makes me wish I could be incognito
and pick up all three of you."

"All at once? That sounds like a death wish. If I was
first I'll kill you when we finished so no one else
could ever know how wonderful a lover you are."

Harry opened his mouth to answer but Sarah came out of
the bedroom and stopped quickly seeing Julie pressed
against Harry's back with her arms around him.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Come on in Sarah, I am just rewarding Harry for being
such a good husband and also a good grill cook. If I
give him a hug he is willing to do it more often.."

"Yeah, baby you know what I like! Come around and I
will show you the proper way to marinate steaks, Sarah.
I am glad you felt well enough to come over and hope
you will feel comfortable and make yourself at home.
It's always nice to meet Julie's friends and it is
double nice to have such a beauty as yourself here.
Julie mentioned that she had just met you and how nice
you were but she didn't tell me that you were also a

"Oh wow, Julie, I am going stay here all the time if
this is the way I going to be treated. I will have a
swelled head in no time with compliments like that,"

"Harry only tells the truth Sarah, you are beautiful.
What did Emily say?"

"Everything, she was talking a mile a minute to me and
to Kurt at the same time but apparently he said ok and
they will be over as soon as they get the salad and
some strawberries for />
"Oh that's great, how long does the steaks need to
marinate and cook, Harry, so I will know when to start
the baked />
"I can hurry the cooking to about an hour and they need
to marinate at least thirty minutes, so we should be
able to be at the table eating in a hour and a half.
Come smell this marinate ladies, I have out done my own
self this time."

Julie and Sarah smelled the sauce and made the
appropriate remarks and then watched as Harry coated
each steak on both sides and placed them in a glass
dish and poured the rest of the marinate over them. He
put them in the refrigerator and said he would shower
before the Johnson's got there.

Sarah asked Julie if she could help with any thing and
Julie said to look in the pantry and get six of the
biggest baking potatoes and wash them and fork them all
around so they would be ready for the baking.

They discussed what to cook for a veggie and finally
decided on small limas with green peppers and almond
shavings, Julie opened the cans and started them
simmering and got the peppers and almonds. As she
turned from the refrigerator she was surprised to see
Sarah leaning on the counter looking at her with eyes
shining and a big smile on her face which looked
contented and happy.
"Sarah, you look so beautiful and happy, you have a
wonderful smile and your eyes are sparkling, I'm going
to kiss you but don't get carried away."

Julie walked towards her and Sarah met her half way and
they kissed.

"Julie, I had forgotten how wonderful it is to share
with some one in little things like preparing a meal
and just doing things together. And you and Harry are
so wonderful, I feel like I belong here. I wish I could
have known you long ago maybe I wouldn't have suffered
alone so long, I haven't felt like this since I left
home, you know, felt like I was part of a family. Oh
how I envy you, so beautiful and a great husband and
you have to be proud of Jimmy he is mature and
intelligent, just like you and Harry."

"I didn't realize that you knew Jimmy, does he have a
class under you?"

"Yes, I teach his class in Early American Literature
and he is all A's. But I didn't realize it when I first
met you, Emily told me Friday. Obliviously you make him
read for he is better than most of the boys, and even
some of the girls. It's a joy to have a student like
him in the class."

"Harry and I try to explain to him how important it is
to have a good education and grade point average so
that he can go to college and have a career instead of
a job. I hope it's working, I'm sure you see boys that
all they want to do is get out of school and go to work
and make money and don't realize that they will have to
work all their lives to just make a living."

"Yeah, it's so />
"Get back to work, you temptress, before your body over
powers me and we wind up on the floor."

They were both laughing when the bedroom door opened
and Harry came out in a pair of low slung jeans, golf
shirt, and boat shoes. Almost at the same time the
front door opened and Jimmy came in. He stopped in
amazement at seeing Sarah. Julie was glad to see his
hands were empty as she had feared he would come in
with a camera and Harry would ask why. Then she
reasoned that would not happen for when the camera came
it would be accompanied by David and she felt her
nipples harden.

"Hello Jimmy, don't panic I am just here on a social
visit not to advise your parents about your grades for
they are />
"Hello Mrs. Bell, I was just surprised to see you. You
look extremely nice today, it's a pleasure to see you.
Mom told me that she was going to see a good friend
named Sarah but I didn't connect the name to you."

"Sarah is going to have dinner with us along with Mr. &
Mrs. Johnson who should arrive shortly so if you need
to shower, do it soon as Dad may need your hand in
grilling the steaks. Did you have fun at David's house,
did you thank his mother for her />
"Yes on both accounts, I learned a lot about computers
from David and his mother was nice and made some
cookies for us. I think I will shower, dad and then
help you if that's ok. It's really getting hot
Julie went back to preparing the peppers and almonds to
add to the beans later, Sarah finished forking the
potatoes and arranged them in the baking pan, and Harry
went to check the grill outside and make sure it was

Jimmy was already in his room getting clothes and
preparing for his shower. He inspected his shorts and
found some cum spots on them, he had to dress hurriedly
at David's house after they finished with David's
mother. He looked at the pictures he had hidden in his
pocket and immediately his cock began to harden, the
pictures were of David's mother laying on the couch and
floor in various poses naked, in each one she was
smiling sometimes small smiles and other ones with her
teeth showing as she smiled broadly. Obliviously she
was enjoying the attention of the two boys as they
posed her and played with her body.

Julie and Sarah chatted as they worked in the kitchen
and when they were just about ready they heard the
doorbell ring. Julie went to the door and it was Emily
and Kurt, she ushered them in and they all introduced
each other, then Julie called Harry and he came in to
meet Kurt. Emily produced the salad and the girls went
to the kitchen and the men went outside with the steaks
and started the grill. Kurt came back and said he was
to pick up two beers, Julie showed him the refrigerator
and a lot of breast as she squatted down to get two out
and turned without rising and gave them to him.

As soon as he was outside Emily hugged Sarah and kissed
her then did the same to Julie and wanted to know every
thing that had happened. Sarah explained she had told
her over the phone, she was simply depressed and Julie
came over and they made love and she was okay now.
Emily looked dubious and looked from Sarah to Julie and
finally said ok smiling.

"Emily, I thought that Sarah was best off if she got
out of that apartment for a while so I asked her to
come home with me and also she needed some solid food
in her. Then we called you. Where have you been all

"We rode down to a little lake that someone told Kurt
about and had a picnic and went swimming, lay in the
sun and just talked. We were there about four hours,
can't you see how red I am? Used a whole bottle of
lotion and drank two bottles of wine, ate up all our
sandwiches and a ton of chips. It was so much like
being a teenager again that I almost thought Kurt was
going to propose and I was ready to let him take my
cherry. There wasn't anyone there but us so we didn't
have to be careful about how much or little clothes we
had on."

"Emily, don't tell us any more! Sarah and I will get
jealous plus Jimmy is back there showering or dressing
and teens have big ears when it comes to hearing things
they />
"Where is this lake, is it public or private. Is it
good for sunning and swimming, how much does it cost?"
Sarah finally got in the conversation, she was moving
in closer to Julie and Emily as she felt more like she
was part of the group now.

"Well, it belongs to one of Kurt's bosses, he had
intended to build a house there and had the lake built
and sand hauled in to make a beach, planted trees but
his wife didn't want to live that far from a big city
so he just holds on to it. He told Kurt that he would
give him a key to the gate if he would check on it a
couple of times a month. So we went to check it out and
decided that it was the perfect place to have a picnic
and fool around."

Sarah looked at Julie and back at Emily. Julie touched
her arm and said, "Don't ask her anything else, baby,
she's a wild woman."

Emily laughed and stepped close to them and reached out
and rubbed a breast of each of them. "I'm sure wild
about getting you two in a secluded place, god, you
don't know how sexy you look! Sarah, I can see your
hard nipples when you move and they make ridges sliding
around in that top. I'm so jealous, you two have been
loving on each other and I need at least to touch you
and kiss those nipples. Can't we go to the bathroom or
Julie said in a firm voice, "Control yourself, girl,
you are hot as a firecracker. Stop playing with our
breasts before we get hot and horny also." But she
didn't move away nor did Sarah.

"I />
"Make her stop, Sarah."

"I don't want to." Sarah was leaning into Emily's hand
and her back was slowly arching to push her breast
towards Emily.

Julie grabbed both of their hands and said, "Come on
but we can't be long."

They went to the bedroom and Julie closed the door and
locked it. When she turned Emily was unbuttoning
Sarah's blouse top and pulling it open to expose her
breasts. Julie walked behind Emily and pulled her top
out of the shorts and up and over her breasts which
were encased in a French bra. Julie reached around her
and pulled the cups down under her breasts and then
rubbed the nipples.

"God, Julie look how beautiful Sarah's breasts are, and
those nipples are little rocks."

"Julie made me come without a bra. It makes me hot and
I wonder if men can tell."

"I bet she made you come without a bra and cum without
panties and cum with nothing on at all."

"I didn't mean that, Emily! Help me Julie!"

"You are in the hands of a wild beast, Sarah. There's
nothing anyone can do for you now, accept your fate.
You weren't eager to get away a minute ago."

"Oh no, I'm going to die happy." Sarah said as Emily's
lips closed over her nipple.

Emily was bent at the waist to get at the succulent but
hard projection and Julie ran her hand over her ass
squeezing each cheek, Emily moaned in her throat from
that and Sarah's fingers which had found her nipples
hanging beneath her. Emily sucked then changed nipples
and sucked the other and suddenly stood erect.

"Oh stop, I can't take that without wetting my shorts,
I'm sorry but honestly I could feel it starting, I've
got to go dry. I'm sorry I shouldn't have started
this." She hurried to the bathroom unbuttoning her
shorts with her tits bouncing above the bra.

Sarah said, "Wow, that was quick."

"She is a very sexual woman, she gets going fast, you
and I do also, don't we?"

"Yes, I'm turned on now. But you didn't get any relief,
let me suck your nipples."

"That won't give me relief, Sarah, just make it worse.
Thanks but I'm better off than you are, for now you are
turned on and no relief, for a while anyway. Go
straighten up and wash with a cold cloth, I'll check
the beans then we'll make the salad. Leave the top
button undone show a little cleavage, for me ok?"

Sarah smiled and said for you anything, and went to the
bathroom. Julies returned to the kitchen and checked
the beans which were doing ok and switched them to
simmer,. She turned the oven on so it would be hot for
the baking and then she leaned on the counter, and was
thinking how quickly Sarah was coming out of her self
imprisonment. Must be that she really wanted to get out
just needed some encouragement, she mused. And wow, how
Emily had changed from a to a sex pot
almost overnight and she could understand why, Kurt was
a handsome man.

Jimmy came out of his bedroom dressed nicely and
looking fresh. He asked where everyone was as he
approached, Julie told him. He walked straight to her
and placed one hand on her ass and the other gripped a
breast as he kissed her lips.

"Baby, you shouldn't do that, we have company and to
get caught would be embarrassing plus it's Sunday and I
need a day to rest."

"I know mom but I miss you so much, I didn't realize
how long a day would be when you want something real

Julie stood motionless looking into his eyes as he
massaged her ass and squeezed her breast.

"Everything is all set for tomorrow, David will pick up
his gear and ride his bike down. We should have all the
pictures taken in an hour."

"Oh baby, do we have to? I know I promised but it
scares me."

"Don't worry I'll be here helping with the pictures and
then I'll run them to David's and download them and he
will show me how to crop them when he gets there
"Afterwards, give me a kiss and I will go help Dad and
Mr. Johnson."

Julie moaned quietly as electrical sensations coursed
through her body at her thoughts but she gave him her
lips and placed her hand on his that squeezed her
breast and squeezed it to make it squeeze harder. Jimmy
went outside and now Julie was in worse of a confused
state as she experienced desire and fear, anticipation
and dread, and other emotions she wasn't sure about.
All she knew was that her nipples were hard and
beginning to ache and she wanted to be fucked by
somebody, anybody"!

Julie went to the refrigerator and got the carton of
wine and filled three glasses. She was replacing it
when Emily and Sarah came into the kitchen.

"Well look at this would you, Sarah, the Coles go all
out to entertain and honor their guests, wine no less."

Oh, I love wine, it is so cool and fruity going down
and then it numbs your nose and you don't care what
happens anymore."

"Grab a glass ladies, and lets get to the nose numbing
as fast as possible. Anyone want to make a toast?"

"I do." "I do." Came in unison from Emily and Sarah.

"Sarah was first go ahead, girl."

They all raised their glasses until they touched and
looked at Sarah who said. "Here's to love."

They all drank and went hmmm. Then they turned to Emily
and touched glasses, she said, "May we love each other
as long as we live,, or at least until our tits touch
our knees."

Julie and Sarah burst out laughing, tried to drink the
toast but Sarah got choked and Julie sprayed hers all
over the counter, just as they were winding down, Harry
came in the door.

"Hey, can't leave you alone for five minutes, all three
of you are drunk, and out of your minds." Harry opened
the refrigerator and grabbed two beers and a coke.

"Harry, you and Kurt drank those beers already? And
you're calling us drunk?" Came from Julie.

"Hey we had to pour most of them on the fire to keep
the flames down."

Emily jumped in with: "Oh I'm sure you and Kurt poured
beer on the fire. You know like in a pig's eye. We
would eat charcoal before you two wasted a drop of

"Mumble on you bunch of droopy eyed wino's I should
take advantage of all three of you in your stupor and
steal a kiss."

"Well, come on hunk and find you won't have to steal
anything, it's free for the taking."

"Harry covered the distance to Emily and wrapped his
beer less arm around her and gave her a big kiss dead
on the lips. Sarah was staring in amazement and was
frozen when he spun to her and bent her backwards as he
kissed her. Next he set the beers on the counter and
said I need both arms for this one as she is special
and wrapped Julie up and kissed her a long time holding
her against his body.

Finally Emily cleared her throat and said: "Guys, hey
go find a bed will you."

Harry let Julie up and she just stared at him wondering
about the passion in that kiss. He went to the door and
called out to Kurt, "Kurt, better get in here, the
girls are drunk out of their minds and giving away
kisses, come and collect."

Kurt came to the door and walked inside looking at
everybody, "Are you kidding?"

"No joke, start with Julie and go around ending with
your wife."

Kurt looked at Julie but he hesitated as he wasn't sure
if this was real or a cruel joke on him. Julie solved
his confusion by stepping into his arms and leaning her
head back and closing her eyes. He didn't delay any
longer and kissed Julie and parted from her lips so
slowly the others heard their lips parting. Julie
opened her eyes and smiled at him and whispered wow.
Kurt now had his confidence up and he went to Sarah and
as he put his hands on her waist she put her hands on
his arms and rose on her toes tilting her head back and
closing her eyes ready to be kissed and he did a good
long one. When he stepped to Emily she smiled also and
they clinched like to lovers that were separated for

As Kurt and Emily began to separate she said,
"Sweetheart can we go home and come back before the
steaks are done?" "No way we'd never get back in less
than a week." He answered.
From the doorway looking in, Jimmy asked, "Can I get in
this game?"

"Of course baby, come here and give me a big kiss."
Jimmy went to Julie and she kissed him on the lips and
hugged him against her body.

"Thanks mom." He turned as if to leave and Emily said,
"If you promise to never tell a soul, I would like to
give you a kiss also." Jimmy answered as he approached
her. "I promise, I promise, I promise." Emily kissed
him on the lips also and he stepped back and said,
"Dad, I think my heart stopped."
Harry responded. "Only one cure for that, kiss Sarah
quick and start it back up." Sarah smiled and held her
arms out for him and he kissed her a little longer than
Emily and a little harder. "You're right it worked.."
There was a small silence which Julie broke quickly.

"All right, now that you have sobered us up, get
outside and don't come back until the steaks are done.
We have work to do."

And Emily added, "Plus more wine to drink, scat you tom

As the men headed for the door, the girls heard Kurt
say to Harry; "Damn just when we were having fun."

Julie told Sarah to wash the salad greens and break
them up for the bowl as she put the potatoes into the
oven. She told Emily to put the almonds and peppers
into the beans and stir it just a little and not to
stir hard and bruise them. And then to get the dressing
out of the refrigerator.

"See how bossy she is Sarah, imagine being married to
that. She will tell you how to brush your own teeth and
fuss at you for using the wrong hand. Sarah, you're
throwing the stems in with the greens, what's wrong are
you ill?"

Sarah smiled and said, "No, just blown away, I haven't
been kissed by three good looking men at the same time
in my whole life. It just about short circuited my
brain. I'll be okay in a week or two."

"Let's finish our wine and get some more. Julie you
sure know how to have a cook out!"

"It wasn't me that started it, you shouldn't ever
challenge Harry, he doesn't let a dare lay around
without answering it."

"Yeah? I bet you dare him every night of the week."

"Sarah, don't pay her any attention she goes crazy when
the alarm goes off and stays that way until midnight.
Seriously have you mentioned to Kurt about the girls'
night out? I have it set for Fridays, can that work for

"Sure, all I have to do is tell him the night. What are
we going to do?"

Sarah spoke quickly: "I want to have a pool party, I
promised one and Julie got the recipe for the burgers
so I want to do it. You have done so much for me so I
would like to contribute something. Can I, please?"

"Sounds great to me, what do you say Julie?"

"Sure but you have to let us help you with some of the
food. What about the other residents, will they mind if
we cook out at the pool, can we have drinks, how about
music. You will need to check all that with them and
let us know."

"Yeah, are we going to go swimming or are we just going
to cook and eat, if we get in the water will bikinis be
acceptable, we don't want folks dying when they see
Julie in a tiny bikini."

"Emily control yourself now, you know I don't wear tiny
bikinis I only swim in the nude."

Sarah giggled and said, "Oh god this going to be fun, I
may get my rent free this month."

They downed their wine saying 'to Friday night' and got
busy finishing the salad and potatoes and heating some
rolls. Put everything on the counter and poured
themselves another glass and chatted about who would
bring what, what time, and yes they must get wet and
wear bikinis. They were animated and laughing, Sarah
was opening up more and telling funny stories she had
read, Emily somehow knew all the gossip at school, and
Julie told them about the presentation she had to do
for Charlie Hale and she completely forget her concern
about tomorrow's scheduled photo session until Emily
said she would bring her camera to record the cook out.

The men trouped in with the steaks and after getting
everyone's drink preference prepared they filled their
plates and ate. There was lots of talking and laughter
and the steaks were delicious. Sarah was eating like
she was starved and the wine loosen her up so that she
giggled at everything said. She also forgot that she
was braless and that she had left the top button undone
at Julie's request and she flashed every one when she
got up and brought the salad back to the table and
everyone asked for just a little. She would give them a
small amount and bend forward to put it on the plate
and her breast would slide almost out of the shirt top.
When she got to Harry he purposely asked for a small
serving and then said maybe just little more and then
just one more leaf, no the smaller one on the side.
Finally Julie kicked him under the table.

After dinner and the cleaning up by the girls they
realized that the men had turned on the TV and had
found a baseball game and they were watching and
telling stories about their days at bat. Jimmy was
right there listening and eating up every word said.

Emily whispered to Julie and Sarah, "Lets sneak out
they will never miss us"!

"We don't have to sneak, we'll just tell them. They got
a full stomach, beer, and a game to watch. They don't
want us for anything unless they run out of beer or get
hungry and they won't get horny until the game is over.
Hey, guys! We are going to run Sarah home and stop for
some ice cream and coffee so we don't disturb you with
gossip. Be back after a while."

"Ok, check the refrigerator and see if there is enough
beer in there and add some for emergency. Have fun"!

"Yeah, have fun just don't spend any money, thanks
goodness it's Sunday and the stores are closed."

"Jimmy, sweetheart don't believe any thing they say, it
is all just bragging. Bye."

"Wait you can't leave unless you give us a kiss what
kind of hostess would that be!"

Julie went to the couch and gave each man and Jimmy a
kiss on the lips and she put a little extra into Kurt's
and Jimmy's but Harry didn't notice as Emily had a lip
lock on him and she was running the tip of her tongue
across his lips. She continued down the line and Harry
took Sarah's hand and told her how good it was to meet
her and please come visit anytime and then as she
leaned down and her breast slid into the opening of her
shirt he laid a long and passionate kiss on her. Kurt
was next and he also gave her a good long one, then
came Jimmy's turn and he did a good job on her lips
also. Julie noticed that all three of them were
beginning to show a budge in their shorts, she noted
that Jimmy was worse than the others.

The three ladies left as the TV was being turned up but
the guys were strangely silence, but they knew what the
topic would be as soon as they were out of earshot.
Emily pointed to her car and they were in and backing
out of the drive in nothing flat.

Sarah was in the middle as usual and she lay her head
back on the seat.

"Wow, that wine really packed a punch, I am dizzy even
after eating all that steak."

"Julie, you had better give her a little air we don't
want her to get car sick. No not the window, loosen her
shirt so she can breath."

Sarah: "I can breathe ok, I not going to be sick."

Emily: "Hush beautiful, you aren't a doctor. Julie and
I know what to do to prevent heart attacks. Hurry
Julie, she is starting to turn pink"!

Julie opened Sarah's shirt all the way to her shorts
and pulled the lapels open to her shoulders all the way
exposing her breasts and stomach."

Sarah looking at Julie as she did this and then looking
down at her tits and seeing the nipples hard and pointy
said in a low voice, "Oh my god."

Julie rubbed Sarah's nipples and rolled them between
her thumb and forefinger. Sarah moaned almost a groan
as she quickly became aroused. She said begging: "You
won't leave me like this will you! Please don't put me
out like this. I want to go with you."

Julie: "Baby you know we aren't going to put out at
your apartment, we left because we want to be alone
with you. We want to make love to you, we want you so
hot that you will cum like a cannon. I know you are hot
now with those men kissing you and you know that they
were looking at your tits and it made you feel good to
show them to them, didn't it?"

Sarah: "Oh yes, it made me so horny, I'll sorry I
shouldn't have but I couldn't help it, please don't be
mad at me."

Emily: "We not mad at you, it made me hot to see your
tits sliding around in that shirt and almost falling
out when you bent over the table. And now when I get
home Kurt should still be horny and I can thank you for
that. Did you really enjoy doing it, showing off your
tits and seeing the lust in their eyes and knowing they
would fuck you if they just got a chance?"

Sarah: "Don't make me say that."

Julie: "It's important that you tell us and tell the
truth, because then you will have faced the fact and
can answer the questions that we discussed this
afternoon. Did you?"

Sarah: "But they're your husbands and Jimmy's your son,
oh no, don't pinch my nipples oh, oh, oh, yes, yes I
enjoyed it, I wanted them to see my tits. Oh thank you,
that hurts so bad my nipples are so sensitive tonight."

Emily: "Tell us everything, Sarah."

Sarah: "Oh Julie, lick it again, that feels so good,
please, yes both of them. Oh yessssss. I wanted, wanted
them to… to… look at me and want me and they did
and when they kissed me I knew that that I wanted to be
fucked by a man. I could feel their cocks getting hard
and Jimmy rubbed it against me and if he had pulled my
shorts off I wouldn't have stopped him, I couldn't have
stopped him. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me."

Julie: "Does that tell you anything about what we
Sarah: "Yes, that I have been lying to myself that I
hate men and do not ever want one again. I want a man
just like I want you."

Julie: "Good, now that you have determined the truth we
can start to work on it, and we will start Friday at
the cook out."

Sarah: "There aren't any men at the pool. I am the only
young person living there."

Emily: "I saw men there />
Sarah: "Those are old men, everybody is retired, except

Emily: "Men are men no matter what age they are, right

Julie: "Of course, and who better to practice your
skills on than a bunch of old men and if one of them is
available so much the better. They are reliable, safe,
and know how to please a girl, and you don't have to
worry about them calling you up drunk and horny wanting
to fuck at three in the morning."

Emily: "We're almost at the ice cream shop but I assume
that we are going to come back for the ice cream."

Julie: "Lets stop and take it and some coffee with us
to eat at Sarah's, we can let it melt and dribble it on
each other and eat it off of our nipples."

Sarah: "Oh that sounds fantastic. I want to be first
and lick you and Emily."

Emily announced that they were there and turned into
the drive and parked away from the building so the
lights wouldn't shine in the car. Julie grabbed her
hand bag and said be right back. When she opened the
door the interior light came on and Sarah grabbed her
shirt and closed it quickly. When the door shut she
looked at Emily who smiled and nodded and she opened it
again and turned towards Emily. Emily looked at her
tits and nipples and reached over and rubbed them.
Sarah closed her eyes and put one hand on Emily's leg
running her fingertips over it.

"I hope it doesn't take long I am boiling inside

"Julie kept you hot didn't she?"

"Both of you keep me hot, I get that way just thinking
about you and where we going and what we are going to
do. I want you so bad, I want to finish what we started
earlier, am I crazy? I want you and Julie but also I
want to feel a man in me."

"I think you are as normal as anyone else, we explained
to you that we love you and want you but we also have
husbands that we love and want to fuck. So if you are
crazy so are we. Do you think we are?"

"No, I think you are />
Sarah let her head rest on the seat and she was just
enjoying the sensation of having her breasts rubbed
when Emily said that she was going to make her nipples
harder if she didn't mind, Sarah smiled and nodded her
head. Emily rubbed Sarah's nipple with her finger and
Sarah cooed softly, but then Emily thumped it hard and
Sarah jerked and as the pain intensified she grabbed it
and huddled against the seat. Emily called her name and
Sarah looked at her with tears in her eyes, and Emily
kissed her. Sarah was confused and when Emily said the
other, she just looked at her unbelieving that she
expected her to give up the other.

Emily continued to look at Sarah and kissed her again
and repeated 'the other'. Sarah slowly raised up from
the seat and freed her other nipple from the shirt and
seat and looked at Emily as her nipple that had been
thumped ached. And she could feel the ache spreading
from her nipple to her stomach and knew now what was
going to happen when the ache got to her cunt.

"Do you want to watch?"

Sarah shook her head and closed her eyes as she took a
deep breath and thrust her breast forward, she waited
and just as she was about to open her eyes and see what
was happening Emily thumped her nipple. Sarah fell
against Emily and shook as she cried from the pain, she
put her hand on Emily's face and rose up enough to kiss
her and the tears wet both of their cheeks.

"It hurts doesn't it, but yet it feels good sexually. I
always get extremely hot when Julie does it to me and
even though it's painful I stick my tits out for more."

Sarah moved back from Emily and looked at her face
concentrating on her lips. She slowly turned in her
seat until she was facing front again and put her hands
under her breasts and leaned back displaying her
breasts and offering her nipples to Emily. Emily
thumped the one nearest her and watched as Sarah rocked
and squirmed in her position, even before she was still
she turned slightly and offered the other to Emily and
it was again punished by a thump as Sarah watched with
tears streaming down her face.

Neither had realized that Julie was returning until she
opened the door and got in with a bag. Emily put her
hand over the light but Julie had already seen Sarah
with tears dripping from her chin and holding her
breasts cupped, rocking and swaying.

"My god, what are you doing to her, Emily. Don't hurt
her anymore."

"She's alright, sweetheart, she's cumming from having
her nipples thumped. Remember how I did the time you
introduced me to nipple pain? I thought Sarah would be
the same and she is."

Emily leaned to Sarah as she was settling down and
kissed the nipple closest to her and Sarah pushed it to
her for more, Julie realized that Emily was right the
poor girl was hurting but she loved it. Julie wondered
how she would react to clothes pins on her nipples and
tied with her hands behind her back to make her breasts
Sarah let go of her breast and put her hand on Julie's
chin and pulled her towards the unoccupied nipple and
Julie kissed it and then took it in her mouth wetting
it and sucking gently. Sarah moaned and began to shake
and both Julie and Emily knew she was continuing or
cumming again. Finally she was calm and rubbed the face
of both girls as they loved her nipples and kissed her
tits. She told them how wonderful they were and how
much she loved them. Julie broke the contact and spoke
to Emily.

"We better go before we are seen by another car, baby."

Emily nodded her head and kissed Sarah's nipple and her
lips and turned to the wheel and started the car. She
quickly got back on the street and sped away.

"Thank you for all you do for me, you make me so happy
and I love both of you. I'm sorry I'm so hot all the
time, you must be getting tired of me needing you so
much. But I will have to stop riding in the middle,
this is the second time and both times I have messed up
my clothes."

Julie put her hand on Sarah's crotch and it was damp
through her shorts. She laughed and kissed her lips.

"Welcome to the club, sweetheart. You fit in nicely,
all three of us cum in bucket-fulls, I guess we will
have to start wearing sanitary pads."

Sarah laid her head back on the seat and with her eyes
closed she was in a dreamy state as she basked in the
afterglow of satisfying sex. She had forgotten that her
shirt was open and pulled or slipped off her shoulders
and she was naked in front to her shorts. Julie looked
at her nipples in the passing street lights and saw
they were still hard and protruding proudly.

"Sarah, you have beautiful breasts and your nipples are
wonderfully aroused, would you show them to someone if
we wanted you to? Just walk around the pool with your
shirt open and let everyone see them? We won't ask you
to but would you?"

"Yes, Julie for you and Emily I would do anything. I
know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me or humiliate
me and everything you ask me to do has a purpose, like
when you told me to go braless this afternoon. You knew
it would excite me and show me that all the things I
have been doing, like dressing down, were the wrong
reactions and that I needed to just be myself and go on
with life. Tonight at your house seeing how you and
Emily can be sexy, smart, and funny yet still be good
wives and in control of your lives proved to me that I
could make it also. Yes I will do anything you ask me

"Oh baby, now I'm sure that you are going to be okay!"

Emily: "Me too, and we are going to have a lot of fun
together. We almost there, either fix your shirt or
take it off altogether, I vote the latter."

Sarah: "Sounds like fun but maybe I could just show a
little bit next Friday at the cook out, I'm not ready
to be a nudist yet."

Emily wheeled into the parking lot and found a parking
place and they started to get out when Sarah moaned and
they both looked at her. She said she had forgotten
about her wet shorts in the rush to cover her breasts
and how could she get to the apartment. Emily and Julie
smiled and said in unison
to walk fast. Sarah moaned again and said I going to
the back seat from now on.

It was dark except for the walk way lights and they
made it without seeing anyone, Sarah walked behind
Julie and Emily but very close behind and she kept
whispering hurry, hurry which made them all giggle.
They made it up the steps and could walk normal along
the second floor walk way to Sarah's door. There were
people sitting at tables around the pool and they waved
at them but they couldn't see well enough to see
Sarah's shorts condition. Once inside Sarah sighed in
relief and they all started laughing, Sarah ran to the

Emily looked at Julie and stepped close so she could
speak without Sarah hearing.

"That girl is something isn't she? She gets hot the
fastest I have ever seen."

"And she is hot all the time too. How in the world has
she made it for two years without sex, Emily?"

"I don't have any idea. But I want to keep her hot for
at least another hour. She can drive me wild just like
you do. Sometimes I get horny just thinking about her
lips on me and I have visions of her and you both
loving me and break out in a sweat. Let's get undressed
and jump her in the bathroom before she can get

"Why not, that's what we sneaked out for isn't it?"

Emily started undressing Julie and she was trying to
undress Emily, but there was to many hands and they
quit and undressed them selves. Naked they went to the
bathroom and opened the door. Sarah was squatting at
the vanity with a wash cloth wiping, she looked up
startled but when she saw they were naked she cried
out. "I'm not ready, I can't get it to stop."

The two pulled her to her feet and as she looked at
them with wonder, Julie loosen her shirt and removed it
as Emily took the cloth from her and pushed her back
against the vanity.

Emily: "Have you ever been raped Sarah."

Sarah: />
Emily: "Then you are going to be raped now for the
first time but not the last I'm sure as we will get
horny for you again."

Sarah: "But you don't have to rape me I want you to
make love to me, I'm willing!"

Emily: "But it will be more fun to rape you, to hold
you down and make you do all sort of things to us while
we take your body in anyway that we want to."

Sarah: "Are you going to rape me too, Julie."

Julie: "Yes just as soon as Emily finishes, you will be

Emily: "But first we have to punish you to break your
will to resist so that you will do anything and let us
do anything to you."

Sarah: "Are you going to hurt me? I'm getting scared.
Tell me you are teasing."

Emily: "We're teasing you baby, we won't hurt you,
unless you want us to. But we might rape you, it would
be your own fault for being so beautiful and so sexy,
god girl, you make me hot just looking at you. Turn
around and look in the mirror, can't you see what I
see? Talk to her Julie, I don't know how to say it so
she will see herself like we do."

Julie: "Tell me what you see Sarah. Look at your face
and body and tell me what you see."

Sarah: "I see myself, I'm pale, my hair is not combed
properly, I need some color, my body is okay but it's
not thin enough and my legs are to short."

Emily: "Oh sure, we might as well throw you on the
trash heap, now that makes me want to spank your sexy
ass for sure. If someone said that about you I would
tear them in little pieces! It hurts me to hear you say
that, Sarah!"

Julie: "You are looking for faults that don't exist.
Can't you see that you are still looking for a reason
that your marriage didn't work out? Blaming yourself
because for some reason you don't want to face the
truth and the truth is that you got sucked into a false
sense of being loved when he didn't love you. All he
wanted was a free ride with a very beautiful girl, a
very sexy girl, that would do anything he wanted and
work like hell while all he had to do was go to school
and have a good time.

"Plus any time he was horny he had the hottest piece of
ass in town. Then when it was time that he had to work,
well he looked around for another free ride. But you
want to find an excuse for him so you keep trying to
find undesirable things wrong with yourself so he can
still be />
Sarah eyes could no longer hold the tears back and they
were rolling down her cheeks as she stood leaning on
the counter but she kept her head up looking at Julie.
Emily moved close to her and held both of her hands.
Sarah began to silently sob, her body would jerk and
quiver and her lips trembled.

Julie: "I'm sorry Sarah, I don't want to hurt you but
we have to face facts if ever there's going to be a
return to normal living. Remember our conversation
earlier today? And the things I wanted you to think

Sarah nodded.

Julie: "Well I think you already know the answer."
Sarah nodded again. "You really want to have a man that
will love you and share your life and have you share
his, don't you?" Sarah nodded with tears dropping from
her chin. "And you know that to do that you have to
start life again and let people see the real Sarah, the
one Emily and I see."

Again Sarah nodded and she began to gulp as her
emotions were over riding every thing in her even her
ability to speak. Emily moved beside Sarah and put her
arms around her and held her tightly. Sarah melted into
her for support and strength. Emily's eyes were running
tears just like Sarah's and Julie's were wet also.

Julie: "You are a very strong person, Sarah . I bet you
didn't cry when he told you he wanted a divorce." Sarah
shook her head. "You didn't cry when you went to the
lawyer's to sign the decree." Again a head shake. "Have
you ever broken down and cried so hard that you
couldn't get your breath and didn't have enough energy
to get out of bed?" Sarah shook her head, Emily gave
her the wash cloth and she blew her nose which was
running also.

"It takes a strong person to hold themselves in control
in that kind of situation but sometimes that very
strength works against you. For if you don't break down
and let your emotions out and get relief then you can't
ever get over it. It's always there in the back of your
mind and you try to build fences so no one can see it.
Have you ever went home and told your family what he
done to you and how much you were hurt?"

Sarah shook her head again.

"Sarah do you think that you might not be wearing
floppy clothes to hide from men but to hide from
yourself? You know you are beautiful and you know men
know it also but you don't want to admit it because
then you would have to admit that all the bad things
that you experienced weren't your fault, that you
didn't fail in marriage, you were a good wife but you
were in love with a man that didn't love you and never
loved you and most likely never loved anyone but

"And to admit that it wasn't your fault you have to
admit that you lived, slept, and made love to a man for
three years and never realized that he didn't love you
and was only using you and that hurts worse than
pretending that you are ugly and all men want from you
is a place to deposit their sperm."

Sarah slowly crumpled against Emily and even though she
tried to hold her up, Emily was sinking to the floor
also. Julie wrapped her arms around them and helped
Emily to raise up and then the two of them carried
Sarah to the bed room and lay her on the bed and then
lay with her one on each side caressing her and trying
to help her.

Julie: "I'm so sorry Sarah, I didn't want to cause you
to have to live through it again but it is necessary to
get it out. Please don't hate me."

Sarah grabbed Julie and pulled her to her face and
kissed her getting tears all over her cheeks then she
did the same to Emily and held them so tight she was
almost choking them. Sarah's sobs quieted down and she
began to relax a little. After about five minutes, as
the room darkened from the sun setting, Emily
disengaged her self and went to the living room and
then the bathroom.

She returned to the bedroom and found Julie and Sarah
still lying holding each other but now they were
kissing or Julie was doing most of the kissing and
Sarah was just returning them when ever she could feel
something brush by her lips.

Emily had washed out the wash cloth and she began to
wipe Sarah's face of the tears, then her arms and last
her breasts and stomach . Sarah raised up and put one
arm around Emily and said.

"You don't have to bathe me but I'm so glad that you
both are here. You treat me so wonderfully and I'm such
a baby, but I promise you that I will get better, I
know that I have to stop falling apart when it's been
more than a year in the past. I just never had the
courage to face the true but I have always known."

Julie: "Tell us the truth Sarah, it will make you feel
so much better just to say it and Emily and I will be
the only others to know. We promise that it will never
be />
"You already know most of it, and Julie you are right.
All that you said was true but there is even worse. I
guess I should tell you all of it but I have never told
any one because I am ashamed of the things that I done.
You see he made me do… he told me that all I was, was
a ticket to his career success that he would keep me as
his wife because,, because I was a sexy bitch and could
help him get good jobs and promotions. At first I
wanted to believe that he meant that an attractive wife
was a social plus and that he wanted me to be that, but
really I knew that he meant that I was a, a trading
piece to insure that he got good grades and good job

"Oh baby, he didn't do that, he wouldn't, oh my god."

"At first it was just little things, I had to dance at
frat parties, so he would be nominated. I had to dance
like a go-go girl in a bikini, then it was topless, and
then nude so he would become president. I had to
entertain the brothers sometimes, in their rooms,
sometimes it would be all night. I had to let them, you
know make love,, I had to let them fuck me, sometimes
others would watch." Sarah could not talk for a while,
her throat was constricted, and she could not cry just
gasp for breath. Emily went and got her a soft drink
and Julie held her hand rubbing it. After she sipped on
the drink she began her story again.

"After about six months he made me a date with a
professor that wasn't giving him a good grade and I had
to spend a weekend at cabin on some lake with him and
his wife, they both had me do all kinds of things.
Sometimes one at a time sometimes both at the same
time. I stayed naked from the time we got there until
we left. That was the first time that a woman had made
love to me and, and I liked it. They were nice to me
but it was non stop sex and I could hardly walk by
Sunday evening. They gave me two hundred dollars for
spending money and he got an A plus."

"Every quarter I had to earn him a good grade in
something. Sometimes it was a male professor sometimes
a female. I started looking forward to it and also the
weekly nights at the frat house, if I didn't have a
'date' then he would fuck me just to keep me in
practice, he said. And he would tell me that he was
falling in love with me all over again because I was
the best wife that a man could have. I wanted so hard
to believe that, but in my heart I knew it wasn't true
but I kept on doing whatever he told me needed to be
done. I realized later that I was hooked on sex, I
wanted it all the time."

"One day the first professor, my first date, asked me
spend the weekend at the lake and I asked him and he
said ok but I had to get a thousand dollars for three
days since we were to go Friday morning and come back
late Sunday. I told the professor and he agreed and
gave me the money on Thursday, Friday morning he picked
me up alone and we went to the cabin. As soon as we got
there he stripped me and fucked me twice, on the floor
in front of the fireplace, he did take time to light
the logs. I was surprised that he could go again that
quickly but that wasn't the only thing that surprised
me. We ate a light lunch of sandwiches and beer, and
then a car drove up and five men all associates of his
and some that I had dates with got out and I knew there
was going to be a orgy and I was the only female."

Julie; "Baby are you alright? Please don't cry. You
don't have to tell us anymore unless you want to."

"I have to tell you, you are my only friends and I have
to tell you the truth so you will know what I am. You
are so nice and I love you but I can't expect you to
love me unless you know the truth about me."

Emily: "We will still be your friends and still love
you no matter what you tell us."

"Thank you Emily and you Julie, maybe it will be better
to tell for it's been eating me up inside. Anyway I
wanted to go home and told the prof that I was getting
dressed and he would have to take me immediately. He
showed me a photo of me accepting the money the day
before and said that I either stayed and did what they
wanted or they would report me to the police and expose
us as a prostitution ring and neither of us would ever
get a degree or a decent job. But if I stayed and was
willing they would make sure my husband passed the
finals and had a high grade point and I would be helped
until I finished if I would continue to visit the lake
cabin once a month."

"I ran to the bathroom and cried and stayed there a
long time, finally he came and said I had to make a
choice, clothes and home or stay and have fun. I really
didn't want to stay but didn't have any other option. I
asked could I have a drink and clean up and he said yes
and bought me a very strong one and I washed up and
asked for my purse and make up and fixed my face and
came out trying to smile. They were very nice to me and
didn't just throw me down and fuck me, they even
apologized for having to resort to threats but they
weren't sure if it wasn't a trap to extort money from
them. That they were surprised that I didn't know that
there would be six of them as it was in the deal that
they made with my />
"The professor said that since I was unaware of the
deal that they had two choices, they could take me home
and demand their money back and make sure that 'my
boyfriend' was kicked out and his record showed that he
was guilty of procurement and never would get a decent
job. Or they could make me stay and rape me but if I
wasn't willing he didn't want to be a part of that as
unwilling sex was not any good so let's take her home
and apologize to her.

"They all agreed and looked at me, I begged them not to
take me home and ruin our future, that I would do any
thing they wanted willingly. They discussed it for
awhile, with me standing there naked and scared and
then said ok if that was what I wanted they would give
it a try tonight but that they needed some insurance
like pictures of me naked and spread with a big smile
so they could defend themselves if there was a legal

"I agreed and they got a camera from the car and posed
me in front of the fireplace starting with some demure
shots and then more risque ones with my legs spread and
fingering myself. I found myself enjoying the attention
and was willing to do more, so they took some of me
playing with their cocks and kissing the head and then

"They kept mixing drinks and I didn't care anymore, I
wasn't drunk and I wasn't drugged but I was horny and
finally while I was posing on my hands and knees with a
cock in my mouth someone entered my cunt from behind
and I climaxed immediately. For the next two hours I
was fucked every way imaginable and loved every minute
of it. They all wore condoms and were lubricated so I
was ok just tired and went to sleep on the floor in
front of the fire."

"When they woke me up for dinner it was just getting
dark, so I showered and we went to a local place to
eat, on the way two men played with me as all I had on
was a loose top and a pair of shorts and got me turned
on again. We ate outside and it was nice and the food
was delicious as I was starving and we had some more
drinks. On the way to the car, two were alone and I was
with the other four, they took my top off and at the
car they slid my shorts off and kissed my breasts and
sucked my nipples and played with my cunt until I came.

"The two alone hurried to leave and rebuild the fire
and the rest just kept me hot, bending me over and
licking my asshole, kissing my ass cheeks, sucking my
nipples, and kissing me with their tongues in me until
I was begging them to fuck me standing in the parking
lot naked.

"They put me in the car sitting on one man's lap with
him in me and the other sucking my nipples and we rode
to the cabin that way. I was drunk but not from drinks,
I was drunk with sex and wanted to feel a cock in every
opening and I told them that. When we got to the cabin
they gave me what I asked for, sitting on a cock in my
ass made me cum, one in my cunt and I came while being
stuffed and then again when the third one came down my

"I was hooked, three at one time was wonderful and I
promised them any thing if they would do it again the
next day. And it went on all night, I was in the
biggest bedroom and all night they came in one by one
and it wasn't just fucking they held me and kissed me
and talked to me about how great I was and sexy and
that they could fall in love with me. And I would play
with their cocks and get them hard again and take them
in my cunt again and again.

"The professor was last and we went to sleep coupled
together and when I woke up and went to the bathroom,
cleaned up and brushed my teeth he was still sleeping
and looked so happy I leaned down and kissed him awake.
He said to wait while he brushed his teeth and I said
hurry. While he fucked me someone came to the door and
said they were starting breakfast and did we want some
coffee and he yelled sure. In a few minutes one came in
with coffee and set it on the little table and watched
as we were getting close to cumming. He sat on the bed
and rubbed my legs which were around the professor back
and I came like a rocket. I found out that I loved to
be watched."

"The day went like that someone caressing me while I
ate, snuggling on the couch or just standing on the
porch looking at the lake. Always lips on me somewhere
and hands rubbing, touching, and probing my three
openings. I was nearly crazy with lust and began to beg
to be fucked and as soon as one would finish I would
ask for another. Finally they said we had to rest until
after dinner and then they would be able to last a long
time and we could do two three ways. We all went to bed
but I didn't sleep well just kept waking and turning
over and tossing about, then dozing a little and
dreaming about fucking and waking up horny.

"Once I woke up and someone was in bed with me and
putting his cock in my cunt and just holding it there
until I went to sleep again. I slept good as long as it
was in me, he would move it just a little but finally
came and when he took it out I woke up. He sent another
one in and he entered me from behind and I slept some
more, as long as I had a cock in me I was able to sleep
restfully and not dream.

"We had to get up and shower and all the guys had to
shave for dinner. It was a mad house with only one
bathroom, I spent about a hour trying to dry my hair
and fix my makeup as someone would come up behind me
and start playing with my breasts or ass, fingers in my
pussy and asshole and kissing me all over. I was
cumming and it was running down my legs and I just
wanted it to go on forever. It was so great to be the
center of attention and know that I could be fucked
just by smiling at someone and everyone wanted me. And
I wanted them to have me!

"By the time we got ready to go eat it was getting dark
and they had a big discussion about where we should go
and what I should wear or not wear and someone said
there was a place about twenty miles around the lake
that was huge and had a band and we could get a table
for all of us inside and dance. So they asked me if I
would wear a skirt or dress and no panties or bra so
they could feel my body as we danced.

"I only had one skirt and it was thin and went to my
knees but I put it on and they said it was just right,
I had a top that went with it, that had a peasant drawn
string at the shoulders and when I got it on they
loosened it until it was showing half my breasts and
they bounced almost out when I walked. Everyone had to
feel me, my tits and ass, and then we were off for the
car. We rode with me in the back seat with the skirt
around my waist and the top below my tits and they
caressed me and sucked and kept fingers in my cunt the
entire twenty miles. I was so hot I didn't care whether
we ate or not anymore.

"When we got to the place I almost asked them to let's
go back to the cabin, but we were parked on the side
and no one was around and when we got out they all had
to kiss me and play with me before they would fix my
clothes and I would have followed them any place. We
went in and everyone one was checking us out, one girl
with six guys, they discussed things with the waitress
or hostess and I saw them slip her some money and she
led us to a room in the very back corner. I was
thinking now we are really going to have fun! The
drinks appeared as if by magic as soon as we sat down
and we checked the menu and discussed what was the best
entrees they had with the waitress and finally got our
orders placed.

"We talked and drank and drank some more, each guy had
to tell a funny story, that was their tradition they
said and some were quite long, all the time I was being
felt up and stroked under the table and my peasant
blouse was getting looser and looser. When a finger
would stroke my cunt I would slide forward in the chair
so it could enter and my legs were always open. They
would smile at me and asked it I wanted any thing and I
would tell them yes and smile also.

"We ate and had some wine with the meal and the band
started playing and as soon as we finished eating we
were dancing and the floor was large so we stayed close
to the edge near our room and I rubbed my tits and cunt
against them and they gripped my ass and laid their
hands holding mine across my tits and rubbed them. I
wanted to fuck so bad I would have done it on the table
if they wanted me to.

"It was getting late by the time I had danced with each
one twice and the groping had gotten out of hand with
them pulling my top down below my breasts and holding
me against their chests as we danced but everyone could
tell that was watching and a lot were. But really I
didn't care all I wanted was to get in the car and get
naked for the ride back.

"Finally they decided to leave and as I went to the
restroom they discussed who was going to ride where and
then we went outside to the cars. There were a few
people in the parking lot but when we got to the car
the two who had ridden in the back with me on the way
over had to get in the car alone and leave to make the
fire and the others gather around me and we did some
kissing and feeling as people looked at us.

"We fooled around for about fifteen minutes and then
started to load in the car, of course I was going in
the back seat and so I pulled my top off and removed my
skirt and got in naked laying my head on one man's
chest and the other slipped under my legs and lap. We
drove half way with me being kissed, sucked, and
penetrated and then they stopped and swapped front to
back and it all started again. I was so wet they had to
wipe me with their handkerchiefs. I was moaning and
gasping and on the verge of cumming all the way back.
When we got to the cabin I almost ran to the living
room fireplace, not because I was cold but so hot I
couldn't wait much longer.

"I got my three way right then and then another. I must
have cum ten times during that and all I wanted was a
cock in me the rest of the night and after cleaning up
I got that and not much sleep. Sometimes there would be
two in bed with me at the same time front and rear and
I finally just passed out I guess. The next morning I
felt like a train wreck but I knew that this was what I
wanted, non stop sex with as many men as possible.

"We had sex and I sucked each one off as a reward for
giving me so much and then we cleaned up and they left
the professor and I to drive back later. He still
wanted one last shot and it lasted a long time as we
just lay on the bed and played with each other and fuck
a while and rest, talking for a while then fuck some
more. He asked if I would spend a week end with him and
his wife again and I said of course but he would have
to clear it with my

"He said I should get rid of him and that he would make
sure that I was taken care of and I could live with
them while I finished school. I said that I would
consider it, because by then I knew that my marriage
wasn't going to last much longer.

"He wanted to fuck my ass last and it was great! He was
so gentle and took his time stroking in and out for a
long time and kept applying lubrication so I wouldn't
be damaged until I went a little crazy, cumming
constantly and begging him to keep fucking me and
saying how much I loved his cock and I would live with
them and they could do anything that they wanted to if
he would fuck my ass like that! He promised that he
would if I would come and be their sex toy.

"We could have stayed there another week but had to
rush and leave as it was after lunch and we rode back
in silence mostly. I sat close to him so he could feel
my legs and occasionally I would rub his cock through
his pants, he would look at me and ask Promise? And I
would answer promise. When I reached the trailer no one
was there so I took a shower and went to bed and slept
until Monday morning.

"I went to my two classes and then to work and when I
came home late Monday evening he still wasn't home and
it was almost ten o'clock before he came in. He had
that bitch with him and they had spent the weekend at a
hotel on the lake and he freely admitted that to me. I
got mad and told him that I would, but I didn't know
what I could do and he just laughed at me and called me
a whore, his whore and told me to strip he wanted me
and her to make love to get him hard.

"He and she forced me to strip and I did try to fight
them but it wasn't possible with her holding my hair
while he laughed and spanked me until I begged him to
stop. For two weeks she lived with us and they forced
me to do everything that they could think of. I licked
her cunt until my tongue ached and got to the point
that I actually looked forward to it. One day I got off
work to take a test and he also had a late evening test
and when I finished and got home she was there as
normal and she had on a pair of bikini underwear and
sat on the couch and spread her legs rubbing her cunt
until the panties had a wet spot on them.

"She kept smiling at me and when she pulled the panties
off and opened her cunt with her fingers I crawled to
her and licked it until she came. From then on any time
we were alone we would undress without saying anything
and make love although really I hated her and she did
me also.

"At the end of the two weeks he told me that he wanted
a divorce and he was going to live with her in an
apartment just off campus, I could stay in the trailer
until the rent was due and have the old car. We signed
the papers a week later and it was over. They graduated
a week later and left and I never saw either again. I
kept my job at the grocery store and worked during the
summer to get enough money to get my tuition for the
fall quarter.

"One day the professor walked in the store and asked me
if I had time for lunch with him. I went and he said he
had been trying to reach me but never could find me at
home so he did some checking and found where I worked
from the pre-register list. He wanted to know if I
remembered my promise and I said yes. Would next week
end be possible and I said yes. When they, him and his
wife, came to pick me up that Friday night I was
excited, it had been three weeks since any sex and I
was looking forward to it!

"They were Don and Silvia from then on. We reached the
cabin and I was nearly drunk from the wine that they
had in the car as I hadn't eaten any thing so Silvia
made some salad and he heated up some soup and we ate
sitting at the fireplace on cushions and drinking wine
and coffee afterwards. Silvia asked if I was okay with
the arrangement, if not they would take me home
immediately or in the morning whichever I wanted.

" I was ok and told them so, plus I told the professor,
Don, that I was no longer married and both seemed
pleased. Silvia started undressing me as I related what
had happened, I told her I needed a shower and she
smiled and said that we all would shower together. We
did! It was fun and crowded in the small enclosure and
we got wet and clean for it took almost an hour.

"We had a great week end and did every thing and I
guess I fell in love with them for when they offered to
let me move in their house and pay my tuition and books
and I could quit working and concentrate on finishing I
jumped at the chance and I was so happy I cried.

"Then next year was wonderful, I got my grade average
up to 3.9, Silvia and I shopped, she loved to buy me
things, we stayed naked most of the time, and Don was
so gentle with me when we made love that I would give
him anything he wanted and he wanted my ass most of the
time. I got to the point that I craved his cock in my
ass and would suck him until he was recovered and could
get it in me again and again.

"I also kept my promise about the once a month visits
to the cabin with the five men and each time they gave
me $150 a piece and all the sex I could take for two
days, and I always needed a couple days of rest when we
came back.

"Don and Silvia made plans that when I graduated they
would take a year's sabbatical and travel to Europe and
I could stay at their house until I found an opening. I
was getting concerned because it didn't seem that I was
going to find one until this came along. So I wrote
them and told them about it and they called as they did
once a week and wished me well and hoped to see me
again when they got back.

"So you see now that I'm not what you were lead to
believe, I'm not an innocent little girl that got
fucked by a bad husband, and lost her confidence in
men. I'm not afraid of men but I am afraid that I will
go crazy and go back to fucking groups of men and
loving it! So I am hiding myself from them and putting
on a act to keep them away because I know it would be
so easy to fall back into the 'lake week ends' again. I
still want it! I want it so bad!"

"You don't deserve a friend like that and I won't feel
bad if you are disgusted with me and want to go home
and never see me again."

Chapter Twenty Two
Julie and Emily looked at each other and both of their
eyes were questioning, Emily reached behind her body
and held up the magic wand which she had gotten from
her bag while in the living room and Julie nodded.
Julie put her hand on Sarah's face so she couldn't see
Emily as she slipped the magic wand on her hips and
kissed her lips holding the kiss a long time.

Julie: "Sarah, we are a little sad that you have had to
suffer for so long but it doesn't change how we feel
about you. We both still love you and want you to be
our friend and also we still think that you are a
beautiful girl and just as sexy as ever. We still want
to make love to you and have you make love to us and I
think that even though you are emotionally drained
right now that the best thing that we could do is make
love to you and prove that nothing has changed just
because of you being truthful.

"In fact I am glad that you are so hot and want to fuck
all the time, then we all know where we stand because
Emily and I are that way also and all we have to do is
find time and a place to strip and love each other and
don't have to worry if the other is horny at the same
time we are. Would you like to make love right now? I
want to love you and let you love me."

Sarah: "Oh yes, oh god yes, please let me love you!"

Julie slid close to Sarah's body until their breasts
were rubbing together and began to kiss Sarah at the
same time she pulled Sarah's leg over until she was on
her side and placed the leg over her hip rubbed her
fingers along Sarah's cunt. Sarah groaned into Julie's
mouth as her mouth was open for Julie's tongue which
was teasing along her lips.

Emily slipped down behind Sarah's back and placed the
wand tip against her cunt lips and rubbed it though the
length of the slit and back down to her opening and
pressed forward sliding slowly in. Sarah expelled a
gasp of breath and looking into Julie's eyes she moaned
oooohhhhh and reached back to Emily and grasped a
breast. Her other hand was cupping Julie's breast.

Emily slid into Sarah's cunt slowly until she felt
resistance and Sarah stiffened as the magic wand hit
the back of her cunt. Julie was holding Sarah's leg
pulled up so she would be wide open as she remembered
how much the wand had stuffed her and didn't want Sarah
to move and hurt herself when it was fully into her.
Sarah was still looking into Julie's eyes but they were
no longer kissing each other as Sarah's passion had
risen so fast she was frozen in place as she waited for
Emily to withdraw and begin to fuck her.

Sarah: "Oh Julie she is so deep in me. No one has ever
been that far up me before. She is brushing against my
womb opening, can anything go inside it, could she fuck
inside my womb? Oh, I'm stuffed so full that it's
scary. Emily don't go any deeper, I can feel my climax
building oh my, I going to cum without you moving, I've
got to move, help me Julie, help me please."

Emily: "Just hold still baby, I will give you all that
you can take and make you cum until you are />
Emily began to ease out and back in being careful not
to go to deeply and Sarah shivered and moaned as she
began a climax that slowly built in intensity until she
was gasping for breath and squeezing the two girls
breasts until both were wincing in pain but Sarah was
unaware that she even had them in her hand. She was
going strong for a full five minutes before collapsing
like a limp rag on the bed and letting her hands relax
as she lay quivering.

Emily continued to pump into her slowly and Julie
leaned to Sarah and kissed her lips with soft and
gentle kisses while rubbing her nipple with her
fingers. Sarah was still but receptive to the loving at
her mouth and her cunt as she would smile between
kisses. She got enough strength to open her eyes and
look at her lovers.

"You really do love me, both of you. That makes me so
happy that I want to cry in joy. It makes me feel like
I am something other than a whore that wants to fuck
all the time."

Emily: "I told you that I was going to spank your
beautiful ass if you keep knocking yourself. You are
not a whore, a whore doesn't have any feelings for the
man she fucks she just wants the money and what it can
get for her. They say that the sex is not enjoyable to
a whore she just wants to get it over with and get on
to the next one."

Emily hit Sarah's butt with her palm and it made a loud
smack and Sarah flinched and her butt quivered. She
looked back at Emily with a startled expression and
Emily smiled at her and smacked her ass again.

"Emily, don't. Don't spank me, I can't move with that
monster in me so deep, ooohhh, stop please, oh my butt
is burning, oohh, Julie make her stop!"

"Promise that you will stop putting yourself down and
feeling sorry for yourself and be the loving beautiful
girl that you really are and she will quit."

"Ohhhh, god, my poor ass, please stop Emily,, oohhh I
promise, I ooohhh promise please."

Emily stopped spanking and rubbed Sarah's ass cheeks.

Emily: "I bet you feel that tomorrow when you sit at
your desk. And you had better think of me and Julie and
not those young studs in your classes every time it

Sarah: "You enjoyed that didn't you? You like spanking
my ass."

Emily: "Yes I did. It really feels good and it looks
good with red hand prints all over your butt. And you
liked it too didn't you? Don't shake your head, you can
fib but your nipples can't they are hard as rocks and
you came while I was spanking you. I could feel your
cunt gripping the magic wand like a milker milking a
cow. Didn't you?"

Sarah looked at Julie and saw her smiling and she
rubbed Sarah's nipple and Sarah realized she was not
hiding any thing from these two. She smiled backed at
them and tried to lay back on the bed but only her
upper body could as Julie still held her leg at the
knee and Emily had her skewered on the magic wand.

Sarah: "Looks like a girl could have some secrets left
her but oh no you two are way to smart for that. I need
to clean up but I guess when your being raped that is
out of the question. Wow if I had known that being
raped was that good I would have begged for it." She
giggled and they laughed with her. "Are you going to
rape me some more or do I have to wait until after the
ice cream?"

Julie: "Oh no, we forgot all about the ice cream, it's
melted by now. Let me check it."

Emily: "Wait one second, let me get out first hold
everything still."

After they got freed Julie rolled out of bed and went
to the kitchen and Sarah rolled onto her back and
winced when her ass rubbed on the spread. Emily went to
the bathroom and still holding the wash cloth cleaned
the magic wand and washed the cloth out and returned to
the bed room with it and cleaned Sarah also. Sarah
spread open and watched as Emily wiped her and they
looked at each other giggling a little at the intimacy
they were sharing and enjoying.

"Was it good for you Sarah? I mean, not like a man
asking, like did you get satisfaction? And would you
like to do it again? Not right now of course but some
other time? If you do then that's great but if you
didn't then we don't have to do it ever again."

"Yes, I did like it and I am satisfied but it won't
last forever. I want to do it again and I would like to
do it to you sometimes if you want me to. I feel so
good when I can make you and Julie reach climax, you
know, like when a man cums in you how good you feel
knowing that you pleased him. Did you ever have a man
fuck you and not cum?"

"No, I don't have a lot of experience with a lot of men
but what little I had they usually came very quick and
sometimes to quick, you know teenagers are so wired up
that they cum before they can get it out of their
pants. How about you?"

"Same with me, if I didn't want to take a chance on
getting left frustrated I would just put my hand on it
and rub it a little and it was all over."

"Men are such dumb asses! But they have it made.
Imagine cumming from just rubbing a breast and being
completely satisfied. The breast doesn't even have to
be awake! Women are so complicated, they have to feel
loved before and after sex, otherwise they are
unfulfilled, it doesn't make any sense at all. But when
you find that right man, my god, it's the most
wonderful feeling in the world to lay on a sweat
drenched bed completely satisfied and know he is also
and yet he is rubbing your body and kissing you and
telling you he loves you and you are the best and most
beautiful creature in the world. Damn, I've got to
change the subject, I'm getting horny as a longhorn

"Yeah, please do, Emily, you're making me horny too. I
will have to borrow your dildo and hold you and Julie
hostage until I can go to sleep."

"That's not a dildo, we call it a magic wand. It must
be magic as it has never failed to work."

Julie returned to the bedroom with a bowl and spoon,
the bowl was holding some very soft ice cream.

"What are you two up to now? I'm in the kitchen working
like hired help and all I hear is giggling from in
here. Both of you have a impish grin on your faces
which indicates trouble is brewing. But I've got the
ice cream and since I did all the work I should get
first lick so lay down side by side and don't scream
for ice cream it's mine."

Sarah was already on her back and Emily was quick to
get in position. They were touching from shoulders to
hips and Emily hooked her leg over Sarah's leg and
pulled her legs farther apart.

Sarah: "Oh no, not there it's going to be cold, Julie
you wouldn't do that to me would you?"

Julie: "You bet I would baby. Because I know you two
will do it to me if you get a chance but at least I
will be first and if it is as good as I think it will
be maybe each of you will be to exhausted to do
anything else. Be brave."

Julie eased up on the bed straddling Sarah and Emily's
legs and placed her knees against each spread cunt. She
leaned forward and set the bowl on Sarah's stomach
which jumped and the muscles knotted.

"Oh it's cold Emily, it's going to freeze us, it
sounded like fun in the car but it going to be

Julie dipped the spoon in the bowl and quickly moved it
to Sarah's nipple and let it drip on it, and quickly
did the other nipple.

"Stop shaking Sarah, your going to make it spill all
over your stomach."

Julie quickly moved the bowl to Emily and covered her
nipples also and then did her navel and let a little
run towards her cunt. Turning again to Sarah she filled
her navel and helped it to run down towards her cunt.
Sarah began giggling. Julie scooped another spoonful on
her nipples and Sarah's. She leaned down slowly and
engulfed the farthest nipple deep into her hot mouth
taking nipple and some of her protruding tit in as she
sucked. Sarah caught her breath and sighed as she
murmured "Oh my god."

After a few seconds Julie moved to the other breast and
repeated the process and then moved to Emily and did
her breasts and nipples. Emily immediately captured
Julie's nipples with her fingers and rolled them
squeezing slightly.

"Oh Julie, I love you more each day. You give me so
much pleasure. Oh you're making me so hot. Please let
me suck your nipples too, turn around for me."

"Wait baby, let me finish you and Sarah, then we can go
at each other, all three at once."

Julie moved down to Emily's navel, sucked and licked up
the ice cream and then over to Sarah to do the same.
After she finished she looked at Sarah and asked did
she want to help her, Sarah nodded and rose up on the
bed not sure what she was to do but ready for anything.
Julie scooped a large spoonful unto Emily's nipple and
motioned for Sarah to get it, which she eagerly did
sucking the nipple so hard that Emily groaned and
twisted her torso. Julie did the other nipple and
touched Sarah to let her know it was ready and she
attacked like a hungry animal, with Emily moaning and
placing her hands on Sarah's face and rubbing it. Next
Julie put a scoop on her navel and Sarah moved to it

When Sarah had finished Emily's navel she looked at
Julie expectantly who smiled and Sarah smiled back and
looked at Emily's slit. Julie grasped Emily's knees and
pulled them up and spread them to the side as far as
they would go, reaching for the bowl she heard Emily
groan and Sarah moved closer with her hand opening the
cunt slit as wide as possible.

"Please, please, have mercy on me don't put it in me,
it will make me hurt bad, it is cold on my nipples but
it will really be cold inside me."

Julie noticed that she didn't try to close her legs and
she was gripping the sheet in her hands preparing to
take the pain. Julie dripped just a little on her clit
and Sarah started forward for it but Julie stopped her
and as Emily twisted and grunted she dripped a little
more and some missed the twisting clit and ran along
her slit towards her cuntal opening and Emily froze as
she felt it's progress. Julie dripped some more and
Emily gasped as her felt it hit her cold clit and start
it's journey down and she knew she would soon have it
in her cunt and suddenly she knew she wanted it just to
see how it felt in her and the mouth removing it.

"Oh damn you Julie, you knew that I would want it
didn't you? And now you are going to torture me and
make me wait and beg for it. Oh why do I love you so
much? You always know exactly what will turn me on and
you do things to me that I would kill others if they
tried them but I always love it and beg you for it. And
now you are teaching Sarah my weaknesses. Your love is
going to kill me!"

"Do you want it Emily?"

"Yes you know I do. Hurry before it gets warm, please
stuff me full of it, freeze my cunt and clit."

Julie spooned a larger amount onto Emily's clit and as
it ran towards her cunt she got another and placed it
at the opening of her cunt and slid the spoon into her
before raising the handle and letting it run deep
inside her. Emily raised her hips from the bed and held
them as high as she could as the ice cream ran deep,
she shivered and groaned.

Julie spooned another large spoonful into her at this
angle and Emily squealed. Sarah moved around and got
between Emily's legs and as Julie moved up beside Emily
with another spoonful for her nipples, she moved her
mouth and tongue to the ice cream coated and filled
cunt and began to lick and insert her tongue into

Julie coated the nipples and put the spoon to Emily's
lips which opened and let the spoon in her mouth. Then
Julie licked and sucked the swollen nipples as Emily
cooed, groaned, and humped at Sarah's tongue. It wasn't
long until Emily was no longer cooing as she grunted
and moaned as she reached her apex and cum was mixed
with ice cream and Sarah was moaning also.

As Emily slowed and relaxed she was murmuring her love
for Julie and Sarah and lay still with a slight smile
on her face. Sarah looked at Julie as she rose from
Emily's well sucked nipples and as Julie moved towards
her she put her arms around Julie and fastened her lips
on her left nipple and began to suck as if she needed
to suck the essence out of Julie.

Julie kept moving towards her and Sarah fell back on
the bed still sucking the nipple and squeezing the
other. Julie let her suck for a while and then
disengaged her nipple and moved back between Sarah's
legs and placing the bowl on the bed spread her legs as
she had done Emily's. As she got the bowl and spoon
Sarah reached and held her slit open and smiled at her.

Julie spooned the ice cream onto Sarah's clit and she
gasped as this was entirely new feeling for her. When
the second spoonful came and was deposited Sarah raised
up her hips as Emily had done and moaned as the spoon
entered her cunt with it's load of ice cream and while
it was getting warmer it still shocked her internally
as it ran to the depths of her cunt. The second came
immediately and the spoon went deeper to make sure it
was well inside. Then as she lay straining upward and
looking at her, Julie leaned to her cunt and began to
love it with kisses, licks and tonguing as deep as she
could get.

Sarah's breathing was quickening as her passion was
already near the cumming level, Julie began to quicken
her tonguing to help her reach the bursting point and
Emily rose from the bed taking the bowl and positioned
herself behind Julie who was on her knees with her head
down and her ass stuck up and spooned some ice cream in
her butt crack and let it run down slowly to her cunt.
Julie now was moaning as she was already hot and ready
for something in her cunt.

She must have wished because Emily spread her lips and
inserted the spoon loaded with ice cream and quickly
followed it with a second helping. Then a third was
dribbled onto her asshole and it ran down and coated
her clit at the bottom. Julie was moaning as the
coldness numbed her internally and her clit was jerking
from the cold. Suddenly Emily's tongue swiped her slit
licking up the excess ice cream and it felt like a hot
iron after the cold ice cream.

Julie was very near cumming as her ache was growing
fast when Sarah strained upwards to get Julie's tongue
as deep as possible and began to convulse through a
hard cum. This set Julie into the same situation and
she groaned as she began to spurt and coat Emily's lips
and chin with cum. Finally they all sank to the bed and
as the last of the light began to fade they were
rolling towards one another until they were in a three
way tangle of bodies with hands on tits and butts. They
rested for five minutes just telling each other how
much they loved them.

"Let's get our butts out of this bed and get home
before it gets really late. That game won't last
forever and you know how restless men get when they
have to engage in intelligent />
"Your right Julie, we have been gone a long time. Sarah
will you be ok? I would love to have you come over to
my house and spend the night if you want to."

"Thanks but I will be okay, I feel so relaxed now and I
need to preview my outline for tomorrow, can we get
together at break in the lounge?"

"Sure, I'll be there, can you make it Julie?"

"I have to check out the School Board's meeting room
and how I can present the program before I can start
putting it together, so I might not be there."

After a quick washing Julie and Emily dressed and
hugged Sarah with lots of kissing and patting her ass
as she was still naked. They told her to check on the
use of the pool and grills for cooking on Friday night.
And Julie told her to get a skimpy bikini, not to show
up in a Esther Williams' one piece. Sarah looked
confused and asked who was she? Julie sighed and shook
her head saying never mind just get one. Emily said to
go to the discount store and no padding was allowed
they wanted to see her nipples sticking out. Sarah said
yes ma'am. A quick kiss and they left for home.

Driving across town Emily and Julie were both silent
for a while then Emily exclaimed.

"I don't know what to think! Sarah doesn't seem like a
girl that has done all that! Could she be putting us

"I am wondering the same thing. Can you imagine, six
men for three days! That's more men than I have known
in my entire life! She said she loved it! I don't know
but why would she lie, it doesn't make sense that she
would make that up. It wouldn't serve any useful

"You're right Julie. And we must admit that she sure
has had experience in making love. She knows exactly
what it takes to turn us on and she loves it when we
are loving her, there's no guilt in her at all."

The game was almost over when they got there and after
cleaning the kitchen and getting everything in the
dishwasher and just a few minutes of comparing notes by
Julie and Emily, the evening was over and saying their
goodbyes and that they needed to do this again and
soon, Emily and Kurt went home.

Julie was working in the kitchen and thinking that
Emily and Kurt got ready to leave in a hurry and the
smile Emily gave her when they hugged goodbye, said she
was eager to get Kurt in bed as she remembered the kiss
earlier. Julie also remembered the passion that Harry
had put into their kiss and the feel of his body
against her and she thought maybe she could forget it
was Sunday just this once. But that brought up a
problem for Jimmy would have to be considered also. No
way he wasn't going to know if they suddenly went to
bed what was happening and she didn't want to hurt him.

"Dad, there is another game on want to watch it?"

"No buddy, we should let your mom watch whatever she
wants, we hogged the TV all day and she has been
working and getting medicine for Sarah. She hasn't got
much rest and it is her day off."

"Thanks guys, but amazingly I feel rested. It is good
to get out and do different things and I like being
with Emily and Sarah and just talking about girl
things. So watch what you want, I will just finish the
kitchen and join you on the couch shortly."

"Baby, you're a angel but if you get on the couch with
us there will be trouble brewing shortly, you know I
can't keep my hands off you."

"Well, we could cover up the calendar and say it's
Saturday. That is if you two can keep a secret."

"My lips are sealed, how about yours Jimmy?"

"I always obey my parents, if they say forget something
it's />
"Find a romantic movie and close the blinds, turn the
lights down, just a lamp will do. I am going to help
this beautiful angel in the kitchen so we can get
warmed up. But remember we all have to be in bed early
as tomorrow is a regular day."

Julie's spirits were lifted and the men's were also and
they set about finishing the remaining chores. Julie
got things ready for breakfast which she planned to be
oatmeal and toast. Harry cleaned the pots and pans
which wouldn't fit in the dishwasher and Jimmy took
care of the lights, blinds, and turned on the TV
checking the paper to see what was on. Soon they were
finished and the men went to the couch but Julie went
to the bathroom for a quick shower and teeth brushing.
While she was there Harry was came in and used the
bathroom grabbing his toothbrush also.

"Are you sure your not just doing this for us baby? I
know that a lot of times you must be tired and need
rest but you always make sure that we come first. Be
honest with me."

"Honestly baby, that kiss you gave me this afternoon
turned me on and I have been thinking about it ever
since. I want some more and I know if we start kissing
then we will be loving shortly and rushing to bed. The
only thing in the way was if we held out until bedtime
and sneaked sex then it wouldn't be fair to Jimmy, so
the only thing to do is declare this is not Sunday and
since it is my day then I can do it, right?"

"You got me there, you can do anything you want on
Fridays and Sundays. I sure am glad that I kissed you,
funny isn't it, any other time I wouldn't have thought
much about it but since it is Sunday and I knew there
wasn't going to be any sex I really wanted you and
every time I looked at you I got a hard on."

"Hummm, maybe I should cut you down to just to a few
nights each week and we would both be hot for each
other all the time."

"Watch out now, let's not take a good thing to far."

"I'm just kidding baby, you know I can't go very long
without tearing your clothes off and devouring your
cock. About a week is all I could stand without going
completely crazy, I didn't even make it all day this

"Well, I'm glad, but you know that Jimmy thinks this
applies to him also, I saw his eyes light up when you
said we could pretend it is Saturday. Are you ok with

"Sure I had already thought about it and it is getting
to be normal. I am getting to point that I think in
terms of I have two men that love me and two men who
make love to me. I just hope that I don't lose either
one of you."

"No sweat, we will play around a little on the couch
and then head for bed and you can go to him after we
finish. Stay as long as you want to but both of you get
plenty of sleep. Don't let him get in the habit of
fucking you all night."

Julie's nipples tingled at the word and she wanted to
ask if he was serious but knew he was. Harry started
brushing his teeth and she went to find something to
wear. Harry mumbled something around the toothbrush and
she said what? he spit and said just your robe, ok and
she took it from the hook and slipped it on. She dabbed
a little perfume on her breasts and got her hair brush
starting to brush her hair so it would shine.

Harry came out of the bathroom and took the hairbrush
putting it on the dresser and told her she looked great
without all that and when she said she needed a little
powder he shook his head and took her arm and they went
to the living room.

"Anybody want anything to drink, guys? We got cokes,
tea, and milk Jimmy."

"No thanks I'm ok now, maybe later Mom."

They settled on the couch in their favorite spots which
always placed Julie in the middle and she usually got
pulled over so that her head and shoulders were across
Harry's lap with a pillow under her head and her legs
across Jimmy's lap. Tonight she didn't wait for Harry
to pull her, she turned and lay down and her robe slid
up until it was barely covering her cunt and would be
in sight if she lifted a leg. The top was covering her
breasts but wouldn't be long she knew.

"What movie is that, Jimmy?"

"Well, the only one I could find listed, except for The
Littlest Mermaid, is called For Whom The Bell Tolls.
Not sure what it is about but it doesn't seem to be
very />
"We've seen it before, a long time ago. Want to watch
it babe or try something on network?"

"If no one is interested, why not just turn it off and
talk about today."

"Good idea, Son hit the remote and go turn that kitchen
light off, please, it's to bright."

Julie picked up her legs and placed her hand on the
robe bottom to hold it in place as Jimmy slid out and
went to the kitchen and hit the light switch cutting
off the TV at the same time. It was much darker with
just the small bulb in the lamp on as Jimmy returned to
the couch and when he slipped under Julie's legs he was
a lot closer and his hand went to her leg above her
knee. As soon as he was settled she removed her hand
from the robe and let both arms rest at her side.

"What did you think of Sarah? Mrs. Bell."

"Wow mom, I had no idea that she was that sexy. She
always looks so proper at school and wears those old
lady clothes. She looked liked a school girl herself

"Me too, she sure didn't look like a teacher, if she
went to school like that no one would hear a word she
said all day for the blood pounding in their ears."

"Jimmy, don't forget that she is your teacher, always
call her Mrs. Bell and don't breathe a word about her
visiting today and certainly never tell anyone that you
kissed her. She would lose her job in a second if that
ever got out."

"My secret, even threat of death will never get it pass
my lips. But could I blackmail her in private?"

"Of course not and you don't need any help with your
grades in her class you have an A average."

"I was going to demand a kiss everyday not grades, she
and Mrs. Johnson sure are good at kissing, right Dad?"

"I really didn't notice, son. I couldn't get my eyes
off your gorgeous mother."

"Oh, you didn't notice! What about that teasing and
getting her to serve salad, "just a little more, one
more leaf," all three of you praying her breast would
pop out of that shirt!"

"Caught you didn't she Dad?"

"Well, anyway baby, the three of you make a fine
looking trio, I bet where ever you go there will be
heads turning. And Kurt is a nice fellow, he loosen up
after a couple of beers and he is a rabid baseball fan.
I hope he and I can become friends, it's good to have
someone to talk to about something other than work and
women. By the way boss called while you were gone and I
will need to be in town for a little while tomorrow to
check a ladies' AC but go to the school afterwards so
if you need me call the office. Should be in town until
around eleven."

"Ok, but I have to go to the school board's tomorrow so
I'm not sure if I will get finished by noon. Most
likely I won't so I will grab a burger some where
before coming home. What would you guys like for

"What ever you make Mom will be />
"I should have known better than to ask."

As they talked Julie was aware that Harry had pulled
her robe open until her breasts were almost exposed
with the robe edges on her nipples and Jimmy's hand was
now at the joint of her thigh and hip but moving inside
where she was rapidly generating heat from her cunt.
Harry slid his hand unto her breast and gripped the
elongated and hard nipple. Julie closed her eyes and
twisted her torso to present her breast to him and with
her hands pulled both sides of the robe way from her
breasts baring them and the rest of her body all the
way to her cunt as she spread her legs in anticipation
of Jimmy's stoking.

"Oh god, guys, I'm on fire, take me. please."

"Are you hot baby? Do you need it right now?"

"Yes, please."

"Jimmy put two fingers in her cunt and your thumb on
her clit and finger fuck her until she cums."

Jimmy did as Harry had said and Julie moaned as the
fingers went in her. Harry pinched her nipples and
rolled them between his finger as he leaned kissing her
open mouth and fed her his tongue. Julie arched her
back and bent her legs making herself accessible to her
lovers and moaning and twisting as she realized this
was her first with two men. That realization excited
her to the point that she came quickly, to quickly for
she wanted to revel in the feeling of two men making
love to her. But the cum while quick was a long one and
she twisted and rocked for a full minute, finally
settling down slowly.

As she began to calm down she heard Jimmy remark to
Harry that she certainly was hot and he said yes but
you should know that by now, and you need to always
remember that you never leave her unsatisfied do you
understand. He answered yes sir.

"Come on baby, let's go to bed. Jimmy you lock
everything up and only leave the lamp on. Mom will come
to your room in about an hour and stay until she is
satisfied. But don't take all night we have a early
morning /> Julie tingled at these words. They had reached the
point that they could express to each other that they
were both fucking her with her hearing it. Jimmy didn't
respond or she didn't hear a response but his fingers
slid out of her wet cunt and she couldn't stifle the
moan of desire that came from her lips.

"God dad, look at that, it's almost two inches long!"

"We've got a horny woman on our hands, better save your
energy, bud."

Julie raised up and as she did Harry pulled the robe
from her shoulders and she was naked sitting between
them with her son directly in front of her looking at
her with lust. She looked back at him and smiled saying
I will see you after I shower sweetheart. She stood and
Harry took her hand stopping her from going to the
bedroom and turned her back to face Jimmy, standing
behind her he cupped her tits in his hands and squeezed
them lightly.

"Spread your legs baby, and show him what he wants to

Julie moaned as Jimmy slid to the front of the couch
getting close enough to place a hand on each hip. She
began to shake and shook her head no, she wanted to but
this was not right she was his mother. In the bedroom
after Harry was asleep it was ok as if he wouldn't ever
know but now it required her to acknowledge that she
was a slut before both of them.

This was the breaking point, she would be their slave
slut, both of them, no longer wife and mother just a
slut to be stripped, played with, and fucked. But as if
they had a will of their own her knees began to bend
outward and her hips thrust forward and even though she
continued to shake her head she lifted her right leg
and spread it outward until her cunt was displayed with
her clit erect and pointing out like a small cock.

"It's beautiful isn't it? If we don't fuck her soon she
will cum just from us looking at her and wanting her.
You see a hot woman before you that needs sex everyday
so you have to do your best to fuck her at least once
each day and again at night."

"I want her now dad, can we both make love to her right

"Would you like to have two men at the same time, baby?
One in your mouth and one in your cunt from behind?"

Julie wanted to shake her head no and she managed to
make it shake but only slightly and her mouth opened
and she heard it say, "yes please fuck me />
"Get on your knees and watch as we undress and see what
you're going to get."

Julie sank to the floor and watched as they hurriedly
undressed and a small moan escaped her lips when their
cocks sprang into view. Clothes were being tossed onto
the floor and soon both stood before her with cocks
hard and ready.

"Sit down Jimmy and give her your cock to suck, I will
fuck her and then we can swap and continue to swap as
long as we can last."

Jimmy sat on the couch and slid to the edge he looked
at his mother with lust and she looked at the cock with
lust. Whimpering softly Julie slowly moved forward
between his legs placing her arms on his thighs and her
hands on his cock and balls pausing with her lips about
six inches from the head.. She watched as a pearly drop
of pre-cum formed on the little slit and extended her
tongue licking it off.

When she tasted it she moaned and engulfed the cock
into her mouth and sliding down took it all the into
her throat and pumped her head up and down on it. She
felt Harry's hands on her ass and his cock rubbed her
slit as he positioned it and then thrust it forward
deep into her cunt, she moaned as loud as she could and
began to grind her ass against his pelvic bone.

Julie sucked and rotated her hips as Harry pumped into
her and she felt the ache start moving fast to her
cuntal area and sucked harder. When the climax hit her
a moan also came from her throat and she plunged her
head down taking all of Jimmy's cock into her mouth and
throat and held her ass still as she relished the
sensations of being fucked at both ends.

As soon as she relaxed Harry motioned to Jimmy and
suddenly both cocks exited her and she looked around in
confusion as they swapped and Harry was at her head
teasing her lips with his cum coated cock head and she
felt Jimmy's smaller but equally as long cock plunge
into her wet wide open cunt.

Julie grunted as Jimmy began to bang into her causing
her hanging tits to jerk and swing back and forth. She
looked up at Harry and a smile came to her face.

"Thank you sweetheart for giving this to me. I have
always wondered what it would be like to have two men
at the same time. A cock for my mouth and one for my
cunt, it is />
"Do you want it this way again, baby? Is it good enough
to do it a couple of times each week?'

"Yes, any time you want to I will be ready. Baby, he is
fucking me so good I'm going to cum again let me suck
you and make you cum, I need it."

"I'm ready also you sexy lady, taste your cum on me and
then take it down your throat."

Julie licked his cockhead and slid her mouth over it
and kept taking the larger cock girth into her mouth
and swallowing it into her throat until she had it all.
She sucked putting pressure on it and Harry grunted,
she could feel it getting harder and even a little
longer as more slid into her throat. Jimmy kept
pounding away at her cunt and all three could hear the
slurping noise of a extremely wet cunt accepting a cock
and reluctantly holding it as it backed out. She lifted
her head from Harry's cock to cry out and then plunged
back down on it.

"Oh yes, fuck me I cumming again. Fuck me hard. Fill me
with cum!"

For the next minute no sounds were heard except the
slapping of flesh against flesh and the suction of cock
and cunt and then moans, grunts, and whimpering as all
three reached their goal of satisfaction. As Julie
slowly came down from her high, she tasted the cum she
had trapped in her mouth by rubbing it against the roof
and slowly swallowing it and rotated her ass against
Jimmy's deeply embedded cock as she relished the heat
of his cum in her cunt.

She sighed in satisfaction as she cleaned Harry's cock
and sucked to get every last drop. A shutter went
though her as she thought of how she must look on her
hands and knees with a cock in her at each end. A
vision of her this way flashed through her mind and was
replaced by one of her on her hands and knees with a
huge dog mounted on her back and his red cock battering
her cunt. She shivered and tried to clear out this
image wondering why this kept popping up in her dreams
and now her fantasies.

"Are you all right baby?"

"Yes, I'm just reacting to the wonderful feeling that
you two have given me. It is wonderful I never dreamed
that I would ever have the two men I love fucking me at
the same time."

"That's great because if you love it maybe we can do it
more often, and I know Jimmy and I certainly would love
to do it again maybe we can find a third cock for you
also. But think about that before you answer, it is a
big jump."

Harry lifted her face and lips from his cock and kissed
her. Telling Jimmy to hold what he had he went to the
kitchen and got a paper towel, showed Jimmy how to
extract his cock and catch any drips to save the
carpet. He helped Julie to her feet and into the
bathroom and said goodnight to Jimmy and shut the door
to the master bathroom. When he got to the bathroom
Julie was on the toilet letting the cum drip out of her
cunt. He turned on the hot water in the sink and got a
washcloth good and hot and cleaned his cock although it
really only had a little residue on the head and then
gave it to her.

When she came out he went in and relieved himself and
returning found her brushing her hair. Taking the brush
from her he kissed her and she rubbed her tits on his
chest so that he would know she was willing to take his
cock again if he wanted to and he did. Breaking the
kiss he opened the drawer of the vanity and got the
lube and gave her the container. She looked at him and
smiled, rising on her toes she kissed him briefly and
kneeled in front of his cock and coated it with the

Leading her to the bed Harry kissed her nipples and
rubbed her cunt with his finger massaging the
stiffening clit. Turning her he had her kneel on the
floor and lay her head on the bed and he kneeled behind
her and inserted his hot and stiff cock in her ass
going in slowly as she wiggled it and groaned as she
began to feel the wondrous stuffed sensation that
always made her cum instantly.

Her ass was hot and Harry knew he wasn't going to last
very long and if she tighten up on him it would send
him over the top quickly. He also knew that they had
done this many times and she always tried to stay loose
and relaxed around his cock but when her climax came
she would start rocking back to meet him and clamp down
milking his cock of every drop of cum he had. Julie was
already hot as she had been thinking about being fucked
in the ass ever since Sarah had told them about her
dates at the cabin. She wanted to feel the cock stuffed
in her from behind and also wanted the thrill of the
hot cum pumping in her. So when she felt the first
pangs of a climax coming she immediately moaned to
Harry, yes baby yes now, now, and slammed back against
him taking all the cock he had and clamping her ass to
hold it. He pounded at her ass and then held it deep as
his cock swelled and began to cum in her.

Julie held him with her ass muscles and moaned as she
shook all over cumming as the hot cum flowed in her.

After they had finished cumming they relaxed slowly and
Harry sank onto her back and reached under her and
rubbed her tits swinging freely and made his cock pulse
as it did when he came. Julie loved this as it felt
like he was cumming again and again and she arched her
back to give him a little more access to her ass. Harry
suddenly knew he was tired and all the beers and now
the sex left him washed out and he was glad that he had
a backup for he wanted to just lay down and sleep now.

Julie was tired also as she had been quite active this
afternoon, she wanted to rest also but knew that she
wanted to go to Jimmy after she had time to rest a
little. They played a little with Harry rubbing Julie's
tits and rolling the nipples with his fingers and
flexed his slowly deflating cock in her ass. Julie
would coo softly and rotate her ass loving the
sensation of his cock in her. Finally they parted and
she went immediately to the toilet to expel his cum and
he washed himself at the vanity sink.

After they cleaned up they lay on the bed touching and
talking, both naked and enjoying the satisfactory
feeling of being freshly fucked and satisfied. Harry
began to drift towards sleep and Julie noticed this and
kissed him goodnight and cut off the light after
checking the clock alarm and went to the bathroom to
apply some lube to her asshole, just in case.

She dug in the linen closet and got the gold chain for
her nipples from the place she had stuffed it this
morning. Then she cut off the light and went to the
kitchen. She checked for cleanness and got everything
ready for breakfast working slowly and then sat at the
counter for a short time. She reviewed the day and went
over all the things Sarah had told about herself. She
was thinking about the cabin weekends and her nipples
began to stiffen.

Six men and almost non stop sex! Julie knew she would
like to try that just once! She couldn't help but cup
her breasts and rub them . Finally she looked at the
chain in her hand and decided that she would let Jimmy
put it on them. At that thought she could feel her clit
also stiffening so she got up and turned out the light
and started to Jimmy's room where she knew a cock was
waiting for her.

Reaching Jimmy's room Julie went in and shut the door,
he was sitting on the bed propped on pillows and
listening to the radio. She walked to the bed and he
watched smiling as she approached. Julie paused at the
edge of the bed smiling at him and also checking his
cock which wasn't hard and standing but it was bigger
than when he wasn't aroused so she knew he was
anticipating her arrival. She also was anticipating,
wondering what was in store for her tonight.

Whatever, she would accept it with passion. She held
out her hand with the chain dangling from her fingers,
Jimmy swung his feet to the floor on each side of her
legs and sat on the edge of the bed.

They looked at each other as he took the chain from her
hand and she waited a short moment and then sank to her
knees between his legs and placed her hands on his
thighs. He reached for her nipples and rolled them with
his fingers and then placed the chain to her mouth and
when she opened it he put the chain inside letting it
dangle below her chin and went back to rolling and
pinching her nipples as they extended and stiffened.
Julie reached for his cock and balls and pumped lightly
the former and rubbed the latter closing her eyes and
leaning her head back and thrusting her breasts out for
him to squeeze her nipples.

Jimmy did squeeze and pinch them until they were firm
and then he removed the chain from her mouth and placed
the loops on her nipples pulling the slide until they
were tight enough to make her gasp.

He produced the weight from his night stand and placed
it on the chain and gave it a bounce watching her
nipples stretch from the weight. He placed his finger
to her lips and in her mouth when she opened it and she
sucked it like a cock but he removed it quickly. Julie
immediately leaned to his cock and kissed the head
licking it on the tip and around the crown as she knew
that was what he wanted and also what she wanted.

"Oh yes, mom, that is so good. I've been thinking of
you all day. Your lips are so soft and feel great on my
cock, I wish you could do this all day."

Julie thrilled at his words and she continued to kiss
and lick his cock which smelled like soap but she
detected a slight taste of precum on the head showing
he had been aroused as he waited for her and Harry to
finish their love making and her to come to him. Also
she was intensely aware of the chain swinging from her
nipples, that signified she belonged to him, that she
had given herself to him for any thing he wanted
anytime he wanted.

It also reminded her that she would pose naked for
pictures tomorrow taken by David and that then she
would give herself to David to be fucked!!! Julie
moaned as she thought of this and plunged her mouth
down to take all of his cock into her mouth and throat,
pumping her head down and up and squeezing his cock
with her lips. Jimmy enjoyed this for about a minute
and then lifted her head and made her open her eyes and
look at him.

"What would you like tonight? How do you want to be
fucked, mom? Are you hot and ready for my cock in you?
Tell me how and where, here or outside, do you want to
be tied and spanked?"

"Yes baby, I am hot for your cock, fuck your slut now.
I want you to fuck my ass first and then anywhere and
anyway you want to. I belong to you for now."

Jimmy's cock lurched in her hand when he heard her ask
to be fucked in the ass. He asked her if she had
brought the lube and she answered that she had prepared
herself before coming to him because she wanted him to
fuck her ass if he wished. Jimmy rose from the bed and
for the second time tonight Julie crawled forward and
lay her head and arm on the bed and spread her legs
apart for a cock in her ass. When he touched her ass
with his cock she moaned and wiggled it to rub his cock
on the puckered opening.

"Oh yes baby, it feels so hot, take me slowly and let
me feel it going in me. I want your cock in my ass so
badly. Please baby give it to me."

Jimmy began to press forward and the head of his cock
slowly entered Julie's ass and as she gasped and cooed
he moved it forward letting it slide in. He would stop
and pull it out a little and then continued to press
into her hot and yielding rear as she wiggled and
rotated it moaning as it got deeper and better feeling.
It was not as stuffed as she felt when Harry fucked her
there but it was good and Jimmy was rubbing her hips
and back as he watched it disappear into her ass. He
was amazed at how tight her ass was and the new feeling
of being able to watch as it slowly came to rest with
his stomach pressed against her ass cheeks.

"Oh mom, you're so hot that it feels like heaven to me.
Your ass is gripping my cock and milking it, I won't be
able to last long if you keep doing that."

Julie wanted him to last a long time so she stopped
tightening her ass muscles around his cock and just
rotated her ass slowly, occasionally she would move
forward and then back against him fucking herself on
his cock. Jimmy watched her, marveling at how much she
loved to be fucked and how lucky he was to have her
willing to do any thing that he wanted to.

He was amazed at how quickly she had adapted to letting
him have her any way he wanted. He had come to realize
that he could make her do anything at anytime and with
anybody if he just got her aroused and wanting to be
fucked. He didn't understand how she had remained
faithful to Harry all these years unless Harry did a
tremendous job of keeping her well fucked and

Of course he remembered that all his memories were of
them fucking every night on the couch, on the floor, in
bed, in the bathroom, and even the kitchen. He had a
new appreciation for his father today as he now knew
how it was to work all day and come home to a hot and
horny wife, but he also knew that it was easier if she
was as beautiful and sexy as his mother.

Jimmy felt a new surge of energy flow through his body
and he began to move in unison with Julie which pulled
his cock out about three inches and then sliding back
into her slowly. Julie moaned as she realized he was
fucking her tenderly with love as much as passion and
that is what she always valued more than just the act
of sex.

They moved together and slowly got a little faster
until she was gripping the bed sheets and groaning
almost constantly as she built towards a climax from
the sensations flowing through his cock into her ass.
Every nerve in her was concentrating on the wonderful
feeling that she was experiencing and she wanted to cum
and reached that pinnacle but also she would love to
just fuck like this all night long. So as she built
towards climax she was torn between those two emotions
and desires and tears were rolling down her cheeks for
she knew that there was no way she could have both.

"Oh baby, this is so good, I wish it would never end. I
want you to fuck me like this forever. But that is
impossible, I am almost ready to cum and can't hold it
back much longer. I want you to cum in me whenever you
are ready and I will cum with you. But fuck me as long
as you can and want to, if I cum and you aren't ready
just keep on fucking me. I can never get enough of your
wonderful cock and the way you fuck me with it."

"That's because I love you, mom. And I will cum soon
also. But we still have a long time to love each other
and I will fuck your beautiful cunt and make you cum
again, and anything else that you want to do."

"Yes baby, I want that too, and you can have me anyway
that you want me, I belong to you."

Jimmy continued to move in and out of Julie's ass
marveling at how good it was to his cock as she
continued to grip him with her ass muscles and watching
her as she moaned and twisted on the bed clutching the
sheet and raising her head sometimes to gasp out. He
knew that she loved it as she always showed her
emotions when fucking and that made it even better for
he knew she was enjoying the feeling rather than just
laying and letting him have his way with her body.

But even though he would have enjoyed fucking her ass
all night suddenly his cock stiffened and his climax
seemed to jump on him and he only had time to say 'now
sweetheart' before it jerked and he felt the semen
start from his balls to the tip of his cock. Julie
heard him and also felt the stiffen and the jerk so she
rammed her ass back against him to get all she could of
his cock in her and when she felt the warm cum flow in
her ass she also began to cum. Jimmy was holding her
hips and pulling her tight against himself. Julie was
twisting and moaning yes, yes, yes.

When Jimmy was empty of cum and Julie was finished
except for some quivers and clutches by her muscles
they slumped slowly, Julie against the bed and Jimmy on
her back and they stayed like that a time as both were
satisfied and relished the feeling of having a cock
buried in a hot ass and having a ass stuffed with a hot
cock and warm cum inside.

As they lay with Julie slowly swaying her ass side to
side making his soften cock move in her and Jimmy
lightly squeezing her tits and rubbing the nipples each
had their own thoughts. Jimmy was thinking of the
pictures he had seen on David's computer of a big dog
mounted on a women and his cock knot buried in her cunt
and the deion of having to wait for the knot to
diminish before they could unhook.

He wondered if they looked like that now. Julie was
thinking that she was satisfied now, she had taken two
men at the same time for the first time, one in her
mouth and one in her cunt and they had swapped ends
plus she had taken two cocks in her ass, another first
for her.

She smiled as she remembered Jimmy saying he was going
to fuck her cunt and make her cum and her promise he
could have her anyway he wanted. She knew she would
take it and knew that he would do it. She wondered what
he might do to her, would it be something new or a
repeat of other times. It didn't really matter she
would take what ever he gave her and love it.

"Baby, I need to go to the bathroom. I love laying here
with you but nature calls and I need to clean up so I
think I will jump in the shower. Do you want to shower
with me?"

"Love to, sweetheart, but you will have to let me wash
your breasts."

"They are your breasts, lover. You can do anything you
want with them."

Jimmy grinned but Julie couldn't see his face as he was
still on her back and embedded in her ass but was
slowly slipping out. He raised up and slowly let his
cock slip from her ass, he heard her sigh just as it
came all the way out. Standing up he waited until she
pushed from the bed and helped her get up from her
knees. As she turned to face him he grasped the chain,
pulled her towards him and she came forward smiling at
him. They kissed a few times and Jimmy put his hand on
her ass cheek and they walked together to the bathroom.
Julie was aware that each time they were together he
was taking a little more control of her and now he was
telling her what he was going to do as if she didn't
have a choice anymore.

She had mixed emotions but she didn't mind very much,
it just seemed to be natural for her to give in to
whatever was being done to her, besides she was always
rewarded with the thing she wanted all the time, a hot
hard cock wanting to get inside her body and she would
take it in any opening.

After using the toilet they showered and he did spend a
long time washing her tits, cunt, and ass. Also he
soaped up his finger and rubbed her asshole then slid
it in as far as he could get it. Julie stood with her
hands on the shower wall for balance as he worked the
finger in and around in her and to her surprise she was
getting horny again and wondered if it would hurt for
him to fuck her ass again. But she knew that it would
be tender tomorrow so she didn't mention it to him. She
just stood and let him do what ever he wanted and for
as long as he wanted.

When he extracted his finger and turned her around he
saw the smoldering look in her eyes and was pleased
that she would let him use her body and get horny when
he did. He kissed her and whispered to her, 'do you
want to be fucked', she nodded her head and put her
arms around him pressing her tits into his chest.
Rinsing her and himself he turned off the shower and
got a towel and dried both of them. Julie didn't say
anything but she placed her hand on his cock and held
it as it hardened. Jimmy finished drying and took her
again by her chain and led her back to the bed room.
Julie went willingly and eagerly, she was ready for
anything that would be done to her!

Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Julie to
him by her hips, he placed his hand on her cunt rubbing
softly and she opened her legs to give him access to
her cunt and clit. When he inserted a finger she sighed
and swayed her hips towards him closing her eyes and
letting her head fall back. He finger fucked her for a
while and when he felt her getting moist enough that it
was running down his finger he stopped and getting up
turned her and made her sit on the bed and walked close
to her between her legs.

Julie looked at the cock swaying in front of her face
and grasped it with one hand the other cupping his
balls. As she leaned forward to suck it he stopped her
and rubbed the head of his cock with the finger that
had just left her cunt wiping all the moisture that he
could on it.

When he was finished he placed his finger at her lips
and let her lick it clean then she licked the head of
his cock tasting her self on it. She moaned and
engulfed the head in her mouth and sucked while licking
it. After a short time she felt it stiffen and tasted
his precum as it began to ooze from the tiny slit. She
doubled her efforts hoping he would cum in her mouth so
she could feel the sticky cum in her mouth and taste
the pungent sperm before swallowing it.

But Jimmy stopped her again and when she looked up at
him he was smiling.

"That really is good. You are a good cock sucker. Would
you like for me to cum in your mouth so you can swallow

"Yes lover, cum in my mouth, let me suck you until you

"Would you like for me to fuck your cunt and make you
cum then you could suck me and taste both of us at the
same time?"

"Yes baby, I love for you to do that for me."

"Would you do anything to get to cum from being fucked
and taste both cums in your mouth?"

Julie whimpered as she knew that the condition would
require her to give up something. "Oh lover, you know
that I would do anything that you asked me to, your
chain on my nipples makes me yours to use any way you

"Very well, I want you to promise that you will fuck
anyone that I tell you to, and that you will read some
information material that I get about alternative
methods for sex. But don't answer now just think about
it, we can talk about it after we have shared you with
David to see what your reaction will be. All you have
to promise now is that you will consider doing it and
read the material that we gather. Will you do that?"

"Yes baby, I will read the material and I have already
promised to fuck David tomorrow after the pictures are
taken, I am scared about fucking anyone else but I will
consider it."

"It will be your decision even though you belong to me
and say I can do anything and use you anyway I want I
will not force you, I love you to much. But you must
consider it for me and give it a try before you say yes
or no."

"I will if you really want me to."

"I do. Come and let me get you hot and ready to fuck."

Jimmy took Julie's hand from his cock and led her to
the door and then through the house to the front door.
He stopped her and checked to make sure it was dark
inside before opening the door and taking her outside
to the entry. Julie's heart was pounding from the
thought of being fucked outside where someone might see
them plus the vision of herself being fucked by a long
line of men or boys each waiting to plow into her cunt.
Maybe she would get to live out her desire to do what
Sarah had already done sooner than she thought

Jimmy stopped just before reaching the edge of the
entry while they were still in the shadow of the roof
and walked behind Julie pulling her back against his
naked body and massaged her breasts as his cock rubbed
her ass. Massaging her tits made the nipples stiffen
and the chain's rough edges began to stick them. He
squeezed the tits and made the nipples swell as the
blood was forced in them and they tingled from that and
the chain and her breathing quicken.

Julie lay her head back against his shoulder and placed
her hands on his hips pulling him tighter against her
ass. She was fast getting hot and wanted him to take
her cunt now she needed to cum and try to settle down
before she hyperventilated. But Jimmy was not in a
hurry and he continued to play with her breasts.

"Want to walk down to the street and wait for a car to
come by and pick you up?"

Julie moaned: " No I want you to fuck me and let me
suck you."

"We could do it on the lawn the grass isn't wet, have
you ever been fucked on the grass?"

"No, it's dirty and there might be snakes out there."

"You could get on your hands and knees and pretend that
I am a stray dog that caught you and forced you to take
his cock."

"I don't want to pretend you are a dog, I want you to
fuck me, now please now, I'm getting dizzy from
waiting. I need you baby, I need you bad please don't
tease me."

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were wanting that badly,
let me help you."

As he removed his hands from her breasts Julie turned
around and plastered her body against his and kissed
him as she reached and took his cock between them and
put the head down to rub her cunt. She whimpered as
without shoes she was to short for it to reach that far
down and she rose on her toes and got it to touch her
clit. Julie moaned at the contact and didn't care
anymore if the neighbors heard or if someone was
walking by could see them naked and hot to fuck.

"Beg me for it mom, tell me what you will do to get my
cock in your cunt out here where you can't hide if
someone walks by."

"Oh god baby, you are killing me, you have stripped me
of all my will power and made me your sex slave. I love
every thing you do to me, the spanking, your cock in my
ass, making me beg, making me promise to pose for
pictures naked, and even fucking another person. The
worse part is that I love it, I want you to make me do
these things even though they scare me, like walking
naked to the street and back. I look forward to what
ever you are going to make me do.

"I will do anything you want me to do. Please fuck me
you know that I am yours you know that if you want me
to suck your cock I will, if you want my ass it is
yours please give me that which I want so badly. Please
fuck me and make me cum and then let me take you in my
mouth and make you cum. I want that and you said I
could have it please baby please."

Jimmy didn't say a word he knew that she would do all
she said she would but he also knew that he had to keep
enforcing his dominance by making her beg and then
giving her what she wanted as a reward. He knelt
between her legs and kissed the clit standing out from
her slit, Julie cried out and grasped his head pulling
him against it and he sucked it in his mouth.

She shook all over and her face twisted as if she was
in bad pain but actually she was feeling that wonderful
sensation as her climax began and then it hit and she
moaned deep in her throat and whimpered as she gushed
her secretions on to his chin. Julie became dizzy as
she continued to cum and she could feel the ache
starting in her stomach for a second climax and she
wasn't though with the first one.

Jimmy heard her groan and grunt and he slid his thumb
up her leg and into her dripping cunt triggering the
second climax. Julie's stomach muscles knotted as she
tried to slow down the convulsing of her organs in her
cunt but that didn't help as she felt the dizziness
increase and the world began to spin slowly gaining
speed and every thing began to turn gray. She thought
oh no I going to pass out and I haven't finished yet.
She shook her head to try and clear her mind but it was
no working.

"Baby, help me I'm going to fall."

Jimmy looked up at her just as one knee buckled and she
swayed sinking towards the brick lined entry. He stood
up and caught her until the arms and slowed her falling
to lay her on the bricks on her back. She was almost
completely passed out but he didn't worry she had done
this before. He slipped as he was easing her head down
and ended between her legs and his cock touched her
cunt and it was hot. He looked at her and saw she was
in another world so he thought why not and placed his
cockhead at her cunt opening and plunged in her to the

To his surprise her cunt was still convulsing and begin
to milk his cock, he pumped into her a few times and
squirted another load in her cunt. Finally he felt her
settling down and he pulled out of her cunt. He felt
tired, it had been a full day for him, this was his
third ejaculation in Julie and he had given two to
David's mom earlier.

He didn't want to wait for Julie to revive out here so
he went to the door and opened it slightly and then
went back and picked her up by laying her across his
shoulder and carrying her like a sack of potatoes as he
had learned in the scouts he staggered into the house
and to his room and dumped her on the bed. He went back
and shut the door and locked it and then went to the
bed and lay down beside her. Soon he was sound asleep.
Julie had not moved lying on her back breathing slowly.
She dreamed and smiled.

Julie was still at home but she was now seventeen and
driving the car. She was a rising senior when school
started that fall and looking forward to a full social
life. She had not dated until this year as her parents
would not consent until she was seventeen and not much
since then. She was still a virgin but knew the thrill
of having orgasms some times three or more a night. She
could reach a climax from being licked and her clit
sucked and also from being fucked in the ass. Once each
week usually on Friday night she experienced each of
those plus kissing, licking, and sucking Daddy's cock
which didn't make her cum but did fill her with a great
desire to be made to cum and usually she was, either
her father or mother, sometimes both would be kissing
her cunt and clit as she sucked.

A typical Friday night was her dream.

The family usually had dinner about six and if she was
allowed to go to a movie with a date or just girl
friends she would leave at seven but had to be home by
ten. When she arrived they would be gone to a local
joint for drinking and dancing. She knew her duties
well as they had been followed for years.

She would clean the kitchen which didn't take long as
the dishes and stuff had already been done by her
parents and then straightened the living room turning
out the lights. Then she would take a bath and put on
her short baby doll gown and watch TV. Her parents
usually got home at eleven or soon after and they would
bring a bottle or some beer to continue their party.
Sometimes she would be offered some but she didn't
drink much as she got sleepy if she did.

They would sit and watch TV with her for a while and
then announce it was bed time. She would be led to the
bedroom and sitting on the bed watch as they undressed.
Mother would sit on the edge of the bed and play with
Daddy's cock which was always stiff by the time he
undressed and then she would suck it as Julie watched.
He would move over to her and let her suck it for a
short time as Mother removed her baby doll and then he
would make her lie back and put her legs over his
shoulders and he would kiss and suck her cunt and clit.
Julie would shudder though mini climaxes . Mother
kissed her breasts which were larger and suck her
nipples which now after years of being sucked and
played with were long and pointed when aroused which
was most of the time as she constantly thought about
the day she could experience a man's cock in her cunt
filling her with cum.

Mother would swap with Dad and this would go on for
about an hour until Julie would be sucking her Mother's
nipples and Dad would pull her hips up until she was on
her knees and he would apply some jelly to her ass and
his cock and slowly slid it in her ass. She was always
ready for this as that was when she had her best

When it got very good her mother would move up until
her cunt was below Julie's mouth and Julie would kiss
and suck it as she climaxed. She was aware that Mother
came also as her cunt would be very wet and the taste
would change. When he finally would empty his balls
into her ass he would hold her hips as she would go
wild feeling the hot cum in her ass, humping and
twisting, until she would cum and settle down.

She would spend the night in bed with them and they
would cuddle and love on her most all night as she and
they slept. Sometimes she would wake up and one or the
other would be gently sucking her nipples or a finger
would be in her ass. She had grown to love these
special nights and looked forward to Fridays.

Sometimes but not to often they would come home early
or be at home when she got there. Sometimes there were
others visiting and her mother would tell her to go to
her room and go to bed. She would lie in bed and listen
as they laughed and talked and then it would get
silent. She always wondered what was happening but was
afraid to try to peek.

One night she came home and there was a couple sitting
on the love seat and her parents were on the couch.
They were introduced as Fred and Joyce, her mother took
her to the kitchen and made her help fix them some
drinks, they had brought a huge bottle of vodka and she
was told to mix with a lime cola.

One was fixed for her and she drank it as she was
thirsty from eating popcorn at the movie, it was
strong. She was told to go bathe and put on her baby
doll and come back that they were going to watch a few
home movies. While she was bathing her Daddy came in
the bathroom and took a leak, looking at her in the tub
and smiling, she smiled back.

He came to the tub and gave her his drink to kill and
rubbed her nipples as she did. She was hearing a
buzzing sound in her head that she always got when
given drinks but she felt really good. Someone else was
at the door and Dad said come on in and it was Fred.
She put her hands over her breasts as he splattered in
the toilet looking at her.

Dad said hurry honey we are waiting for you as they
left. She got out and dried off and put on her gown and
went in the living room which was almost dark with the
lights out except for the kitchen. She was motioned to
sit on the couch between mother and Joyce and as she
did mother put her hand on Julie's back causing the
baby doll to slide up and her bare ass was on the couch
and her cunt was almost exposed. A small projector was
set up between the couch and love seat which held the
two men and a sheet was hanging on the wall for a
screen. She was given a drink and someone made a toast
to life and love and they all had a big drink. Julie
knew that she was going to be experiencing something
new tonight but not what.

The movie was started and to her surprise it was not
about family or reunions or vacations it was just Joyce
sitting in a chair dressed like she was going to
church, stocking, heels, and a print dress. But after
she smiled and waved at the camera she stood up and
swaying around like she heard music she began to
unbutton her dress and take it off. The rest of her
clothes followed and just before the movie ended she
was naked and smiled in the camera as she sat back

The end table lamp came on and Fred rewound the film
and loaded another while they discussed how talented
Joyce was and didn't she have a fine body. The light
went out and the next one came on and Mother told Julie
to finish her drink. This movie started where the first
one ended but Joyce soon got out of the chair and
walked to the phone and looked as if she was talking to
some one. There was a short blank screen and now she
was back in the chair with her legs slightly open and
Julie heard Dad say look at that beauty and Joyce said
thank you.

The someone was Fred, he and Joyce kissed played around
and then fucked on the floor in front of the camera
ending with Joyce getting a load on her tits. Then the
lamp came on and everyone was silent. Julie was excited
but she tried to hide it . Joyce slid a little closer
until their hips were touching and asked if she liked
the movie, Julie didn't know what to say as Joyce took
her hand and kissed it and then placed it on her
breast. Fred moved the projector and coffee table out
of the way so he could see and sat on the floor
directly in front of Julie.

Joyce moved Julie's other hand from her lap and placed
it in mother's hand to hold and then she unbuttoned her
own dress down the front and pulled it from her
shoulder and put Julie's hand back on her breast that
was now naked. She leaned to Julie, who looked at her
parents who both smiled and nodded, kissing her lips
and pressing her head back to the couch back.

Shortly Joyce reached and pulled the baby doll up
Julie's body to her shoulders baring her body to
everyone. Julie's chest was heaving from the
excitement, she wondered why her parent didn't say
something, then she heard Daddy say open your legs
sweetheart and let Fred see your sweet pussy. She
didn't move until she felt mother move and place her
hand on Julie's knee urging her to spread her legs. She
did and the hand kept moving them until she was spread

Joyce leaned away from Julie and pulled the gown over
her head and off altogether. Julie looked as her head
came out of the gown and saw everyone looking at her
cunt . She stared at Fred as he was directly in front
and looking straight at it looking briefly at her
breasts and nipples and then back at her cunt. Julie
could tell he wanted it and it made her feel good that
a grown man wanted to fuck her. She sat and looked at
him looking at her cunt.

Joyce put her hand on Julie's breast and pinched the
nipple which was sticking out and stiff. Julie moaned
but did not look away from Fred's eyes. Pinching the
other nipple Joyce then slid her hand down and opened
the slit and they all watched as Julie's clit raised
from the slit to stick up like a small cock.

Fred said, well I've never seen a more beautiful cunt
on a more beautiful girl in my life we can do well if
you really want to and if she can project passion on
camera. We will need to check that out, what do you
say? Want to make a few thousand?

Julie woke with a start but she wasn't afraid or
sweating she felt good, the dream was vivid in her mind
and she remembered all that happened that night and
what it led to the next six weeks. But she wasn't
afraid of those memories any more and she realized that
she had tried to forget them and hide them away but now
with all she had experienced she understood why she was
like she was. She turned to her side and looked at
Jimmy sleeping, naked and limp his cock was coated with
dried cum and she smiled.

She glanced at the clock and realized that she had been
sleeping for two hours so she decided that it would be
best if she slipped out of bed and not wake him. She
really would have liked to have sex as she passed out
before he had cum in her if he did and she felt of her
cunt and it was sticky and had dried cum on it and some
in her slit that was not dry, so he had finished in
her. But she didn't get to enjoy the spurting and the
feel of cum hitting her cunt walls. But she needed to
get some sleep so she wouldn't look like a hag tomorrow
but she wasn't sleepy now.

Julie slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom,
cleaning her cunt she had to rub the lips real good to
get the dried cum off them and this made her nipples
harden and the chain stuck them causing her clit to get
larger and she had to rub it as she washed. She thought
well now I'm in a mess, getting horny, not sleepy, both
cocks out like a light and I don't want to wake them.
She went back to Jimmy and turned off the light closing
the door as she left she went to the kitchen and made a
pot of coffee, only two cups, catching the first half
cup in her cup. The only light she used was the one on
the stove top and she decided to leave it on as it
didn't give off a lot of light in the living area.

Looking under the sink she found the beer bottle she
had stored there and took it and the coffee to the
couch. Julie drank some coffee and thought about her
dream, holding the bottle by the neck to warm it as she
intended to use it. Lying on the couch she spread her
legs and inserted the long neck into her cunt and slid
it as far as she could get it into her hot cunt. She
twisted it as the shoulder of the bottle began to
spread her cunt causing her to gasp from the stuffed
feeling then held it there. She lay, only wiggling it a
little, with her eyes closed remembering.


Of course her family needed the money so they had
agreed, with certain conditions and only once a week,
but Fred insisted that they had to check her response
before they agreed. Julie reclined on the couch
listening but not knowing what they were talking about
except that she was going to be involved in something.
Joyce continued to rub her cunt and clit and hold
Julie's hand on her breast while mother held her other
hand and kept her leg open which was not necessary any
longer. Julie was breathing hard and squeezing Joyce's
breast as she stared at Fred devouring her body with
his eyes.

Joyce asked Julie if she liked to lick cunts and Julie
nodded still looking at Fred as he removed his shirt.
Joyce slipped her dress off as it buttoned all the way
down the front and all she had on was a pair of panties
which as she stood up was removed quickly. Julie heard
her father gasp as he saw Joyce's bush and round ass.
Slipping between Julie's legs she ran her hands under
them and grasping Julie's ass at the hips she pulled
her forward until she was even with the couch edge.
Julie could only look in fascination as the lips and
tongue of Joyce slowly approached her cunt and cried
out when the tongue snaked out and the tip touched her

Fred had commented on that saying how good that would
be on the sound track and then speaking to Joyce said
make her cum baby. Joyce licked Julie's clit with all
her tongue this time and Julie cried out again and
continued to moan and groan as Joyce licked her cunt
and sucked her clit between her lips lashing it with
her tongue tip. Julie began to twist on the couch and
looked at her mother seeing her smiling and nodding her
head, the same with her father and then she looked back
at Joyce just as she forced her tongue between Julie's
cunt lips and into her cunt as far as it could reach.
Julie rocketed over the top as her climax came quickly
from the ministrations to her cunt.

But Joyce kept kissing, licking, and tonguing the cunt
before her even while Julie twisted and stiffened and
then settled down only to begin moaning again. Joyce
paused long enough to tell Fred that Julie had the most
succulent cunt that she had ever tasted and she was
looking forward to a lot of cunt licking scenes. Julie
was almost in a trance but at the sound of Joyce's
voice she looked away from the mouth at her cunt and
saw Fred beginning to kneel on the couch and knee walk
towards her.

She was mesmerized by the cock swaying between his legs
it was huge compared to the only other one she had seen
and it was having a hypnotic effect on her as it
approached her face. She knew what she was supposed to
do to it instinctively and when Fred grasped it and
moved it to her mouth she kissed it and opened her
mouth slightly rubbing her tongue tip in the little

Now Fred groaned and Joyce giggled as she licked. Julie
couldn't bear to move her body and disturb the
delightful tongue in her cunt so she stretched her neck
to take the head in her lips and run her tongue around
it as Fred held it for her. Julie begin to take more
cock as he leaned to her and she began to worry that
her mouth wouldn't open wide enough to take it all but
when the head slipped pass her teeth it went deep and
bumped against the roof of her mouth causing her to

Fred pulled it back enough to stop the gag reflex and
let her suck on it, which Julie did feeling another
climax building in her from the excitement of being
used in such a delightful way. Suddenly she felt a hand
on her breast moving from one to the other and knew it
had to be mother from the way she pinched each nipple
and twisted it knowing that Julie went wild with that.
Father had moved behind Joyce and was rubbing her ass
but paused briefly to place Julie's legs around Joyce's
back which allowed Joyce to go deeper into her cunt.

Fred said to Joyce that Julie was a damn good cock
sucker and he believed they had found a natural and she
seemed to love sucking and being sucked which was
important in this business. But Julie was not hearing
most of this as she was only hearing the sound like a
rushing river as her climax overran the dam and she
clamped down on Fred's cock with her mouth and tongue
as she came for the second time rocking Joyce with her
legs and causing Fred to fill her mouth with hot sticky
cum that she had no choice but to swallow. Not that she
wanted another choice as she had practical experience
and had acquired a liking for the tangy favor of semen
and female secretions.

After she was taken to the bathroom and placed in a tub
of hot soapy water, the others drank some more and
arranged a deal among themselves. After Fred and Joyce
left Julie was bathed and dried and then she went to
bed with her parents for a regular Friday night of
frenzied sex as both parents were extremely horny and
excited by watching Julie being taken by strangers that
they had met in the bar.

For the next six weeks every Friday Julie was
transported by her parents to a building a few miles
from town that was used as a studio where she was
photographed and movies made of her being loved by men
and women. She was always prepared by her parents and
they watched from a few feet away to make sure there
was nothing inserted in her cunt other than a tongue
and she was properly lubricated before her ass was

Fred was to large and he was only allowed to have her
suck him off, a young boy with a long small diameter
cock did all the ass fucking and he did a good one
every time, Julie looked forwarded to taking him in her
ass and holding still while photos were taken and then
going wild when the cameras rolled.

When school started there were hundreds of photos and
twelve movies completed and the deal was over. Julie
got a bonus of new clothes for school and her parents
got twenty five thousand dollars, Fred and Joyce made
more than a half million selling copies of movies and


Julie was almost in a dream like state as she lay on
the couch with her eyes closed remembering those days
and sliding the beer bottle slowly in and out of her
cunt. It was so comforting to have something in her
cunt. She had thought that the desires she developed
those many years ago were gone and she was happy with
her life and satisfied with the sex that she and Harry

He had proved to be a strong lover and a strong husband
and he had correctly surmised that she had a suppressed
desire to be dominated and made to do things that she
wanted to do but wouldn't have if she was not made to.
He had experimented in the early years of their
marriage and would make her do little things like go to
the movie without bra or panties under her mini skirt
and when she would dress that way next time they went
without him telling her to he knew he was correct and
would take her a little farther.

One time he had convinced her that she should go bra
less and without panties to a party for one of his
fellow employees who was getting married. After finding
a babysitter that could stay late and sleep in the
spare bed they made plans to really party as it had
been a long time since they had an opportunity. Julie
had a hard time trying to decide what to wear but Harry
convinced her that the best dress was a one piece with
a side slit half way up her thigh and a low back with
the front fastening around her neck. Julie thought it
was cut to low in the front as the inside swell of her
breasts could be seen and the sides were loose and her
tits would shift into half view if she moved to
quickly. But she wore it just to please him.

The party was at a dance hall bar in the town that they
were in temporarily as they had to travel a lot for
Harry jobs, and there was food and drinks furnished by
the construction company and since it was free everyone
ate and drank a lot. The music was loud and featured a
lot of fast rock, the band was not great but after a
few drinks no one noticed. Harry mixed well with his
fellow workers and they all liked him and loved Julie.

They danced a lot and some of the guys without wives or
dates started asking Julie to dance and Harry
encouraged her to have a good time and give the guys a
thrill. Julie was a good dancer and had no trouble
adjusting to different men dancing different and
sometimes odd ways.

She would dance with a guy and when she got to the
table another would be talking with Harry and ask her
to dance again. She would gulp down her drink and back
on the dance floor she would go. Often Harry would grab
her on the way in and give her a drink taking her back
to the dance floor. Julie was having a great time and
her concern about the dress was forgotten and she was
flashing a lot of leg and tits.

A few times the band played a slow song to rest and
give the dancers a break and she would be hot and tired
and just lay in the arms of whoever was holding her and
quite often she would feel a hand on her ass when her
partner would turn her back away from Harry's view.

When she got a chance to dance slow with Harry she told
him that she was being felt up sometimes and asked if
he wanted to go home or should she tell them off and
walk away. Harry asked if she was offended by their
advances, she said no but she didn't want people to
think she was a easy piece and have them talking behind
his back. He said don't worry then, we won't be here
but ten more days and the next job is two hundred miles
away. The guys are all friends and they won't mention
it if you let them have a little thrill and if they try
to steal a little kiss that's okay too, just have a
good time and if you get hot we can stop along the road
and let off a little steam.

Julie didn't comment as she was used to Harry showing
off her body in stores and theaters. When they got to
the table he said guys we're got to let Julie rest a
little while, she is getting tired and I don't want her
passing out from exhaustion before we get home. The
band was going on break so everyone went to the rest
room and got themselves another drink. And then all sat
down at the tables they had dragged together and
talked. Someone told a dirty joke and the laughter was
long and loud, that set the lies and jokes free and
everyone was waiting his turn to tell his best one.

Julie went to restroom and heard some girl in the party
talking to another about she had some guy wanting to
get in her pants real bad and if she had a couple more
drinks he would look good enough for her to let him.
She smiled at Julie and said but don't tell him honey I
want to make him work at it a little longer. The other
girl said she couldn't drink enough to fuck the guy she
was with he didn't have the personality of a frog.

When Julie returned to the table she was surprised to
see a blonde sitting next to Harry, she wasn't real
pretty and her shape was kind of dumpy but she had a
pair of forty two inch tits straining the buttons on
her dress. She jumped up and said just borrowed your
chair to say hello and returned to her seat across the

Harry pulled Julie onto his lap and kissed her saying
thanks for coming back quickly baby, that woman was
about to talk me to death. She couldn't breathe for
talking so fast, I couldn't even keep up with what she
was talking about. Julie said she couldn't breathe
because those cow udders are pulling her windpipe shut,
I don't see how she walks upright with those pulling
her to the ground, look she has to lay them on the
table so she can get her head back to drink.

Harry laughed and raked Julie's dress up to about four
inched from showing her cunt, saying let's show them
what a real woman looks like. Julie exclaimed in a
whisper, "Harry, stop that I don't have any panties on;
he said I know, spread your legs a little. No! Come on
you would enjoy it. No! Not here lets go outside. But
they can't see you outside unless we invite them. You
wouldn't! Yes, I would. Harry! Why not, they have been
lusting after you all evening, bringing you drinks,
anything you want you got, why not give them a little
reward? They touched my ass that's reward enough plus
my tits are crushed they squeezed me so hard.

"You liked it too, didn't you, admit it? Well it was
fun. Then you should give them a little fun since you
got them stirred up already, maybe just show them a tit
Harry, I can't let you show them my breasts! What if we
made it look like an accident, say your snap came
undone and the dress fell to your waist and you were
holding something and couldn't cover quickly. Harry oh
god I'm shocked you would think such a thing, do you
really want to show them my breasts or are you teasing

"I think it would turn both of us on tremendously and
we could wear the back seat out and you go home with a
cunt full of cum. Be quiet someone will hear you, oh
Harry lets go now I want you so bad. All these guys
touching you got you hot didn't it? Yes but I want you.
If you let them see your breasts you will be even
hotter, you know that. Yes, but only if you want me
hotter, I'm smoking already, do you want me hotter and
will we go immediately?

"Sure I want you so hot that you are sucking me as we
drive out the parking lot. Ok let's hurry I want to
start now.

"Lay your head on my shoulder and pretend that you are
just about to pass out. I will fix the snap so that it
will come open at the slightest tug and I will get some
guys to help us to the car and you stand against the
car like you are not aware that it fell down and tell
them what a good time you had, you know and that you
want to reward them with a good night kiss.

"I will run back inside to get something to give them
time get a good look at you. If they kiss you that 's
okay. Remember you aren't even aware that it is down
and if they try to help you put it back just say it's
okay like that. You are out of it and don't even
realize that you are half naked, okay?"

Julie nodded slightly with her eyes closed and felt his
fingers working on her snap at her neck and the dress
came loose, he did something and then fixed it back. He
told her that all she had to do was tug or rub on
something and it would come loose. She appeared to be
passed out but her heart was pounding in her chest and
she was more alive than normally.

Harry made his announcement and said lets get a minute
of fresh air in the parking lot as we say goodnight so
I can sober up a little. Four guys went with them when
they got to the door Julie stumbled a little and Harry
asked one guy to help him hold her and they went to the
car with arms around her laughing and talking. When
they got to the car Harry leaned Julie against the
fender and she looked from one to the other smiling.
Harry said he needed to go to the bathroom and asked if
they would stay with her until he got back.

Julie waited until Harry was out of hearing and she
leaned her ass on the fender and put her hands on it
with a finger holding her dress against the car. She
started her act of looking at them as if she was
confused and asked which one of them were her husband,
they laughed and said they all were. She said, "Are all
of you getting ready for bed then?"

"Sure what do you want us to do?"

"Just show me where it is." Julie pushed away from the
fender pressing against the dress and it snapped and
fell to her waist she feinted dizziness and fell back
against the fender, she shook her head and looked at
them standing wide eyed and mouths open boring holes in
her breasts like lasers. She smiled and said I might
need some help my knees don't want to work I shouldn't
have drank that last six whatever they were.

She continued looking at them and then asked if
something was wrong, one said well Julie your dress
came unbuttoned. She looked at him like she was trying
to comprehend what he meant then looked down at her
dress and felt along the waist and around to the back
finally looking straight down at her breasts she said
oh there. She searched for the top straps and pulled
them up and covered her breasts trying to fasten it
behind her neck.

She straightened from the car fender and took a
unsteady step away and turned the straps loose and as
she lowered her arms the top slid down over her
breasts, the weight of the top pulled the dress from
her waist and the whole thing slipped to the ground
around her feet. She stood before four men completely
naked in a parking lot. This was much more than Julie
had anticipated but she couldn't give away the game now
so she slowly looked at them and then down at the dress
uttering oh my god she bent and grabbed the dress and
wiggled it over her hips and back over her breasts.

She stepped towards the men and asked would someone
please help her, this broke the trance and they all
jumped at the chance and rushed to her trying to get
the snap to work and hold. She said in a small and
trembling voice please don't tell Harry he will laugh
at me and never take me anywhere again. They adamantly
swore they would never tell a soul, one guy said here
he comes hurry. They had it snapped good enough that it
wouldn't fall easy but Harry said loudly as he
approached, "What's wrong, is Julie ok?"

Fine was the answer we were just telling her how much
we enjoyed dancing and hoped we could all get together
again. They talked a little and Harry said they had
better hit the road. Julie had slumped against the car
and was acting like she had a hard time keeping up with
the conversation looking from one to the other and just
smiling. Each guy came and took her hand saying how
much he had enjoyed dancing just as they were about to
leave Julie said I need to kiss the person that brought
me the second helping of chocolate pie.

Harry knew it was a lie but said who was it. She looked
at all four and said I don't remember. He said well you
will just have to kiss all four for who ever it was
won't say because the others will kill him. Help her in
the car guys. They did and collected a kiss and a close
body rub shutting the door very reluctantly. Harry had
the car started and away they went.

They didn't laugh until they got out of the parking
lot. Harry saw everything from a window in the dance
hall and Julie explained that the dress falling off
wasn't part of the plan. Then she dived for his zipper
as he fanatically looked for a side road.


Laying on the couch with her legs spread wide Julie
eased the bottle in and out of her cunt, she realized
that she had been daydreaming about days past and she
needed to get to sleep. But she didn't want to give up
the sensation of being impaled on something, anything
would do or anybody. But she would have to wait until
tomorrow. She got up and went in the kitchen and got
the rest of the coffee and prepared the pot for
tomorrow, all this time she was thinking about tomorrow
and it made her nipples harden. She went back to the
living room and opened the blind on the double window
and sat looking out at the street safe from being seen
as it was dark in the house.

She knew that the school progress reporting system she
was going to start putting a presentation together on
was not what she was concerned with, that should be
pretty easy. The hardest part would be making the
presentation to the board and trying to prepare for
questions that they might ask. She thought maybe it
would be best to keep it as simple as possible as the
board members were all highly educated people and could
term it any way they wanted it.

What excited her about tomorrow was the photo session
with Jimmy and David she wasn't sure how to handle
that. If it was just Jimmy, that she could work with
easily but how was she suppose to maintain her persona
as a mother and homemaker naked with her legs spread
and if she knew Jimmy he would want to go even farther.
Then there was the

She couldn't foresee how that could be approached
without embarrassment and maybe David wouldn't be able
to get a hard on, what would she do then? Oh god, David
had to know that she and Jimmy were lovers. That might
cause another set of problems, but she was still
excited and wondered what his cock looked like, did he
know what it was for or was all his knowledge gained
from porn. Wait, he was fucking his mother so he had to
be pretty well knowledgeable about sex and how to
please a woman or she wouldn't let him keep doing it,
or she could be just hard up and take any thing
available. Maybe she is like me, can't live without a
cock in her for very long.

Well, I've had strangers fuck me before and it was
great but that was a long time ago, but if he can make
me cum then I will have to make him cum also, no matter
how nervous he gets and if he isn't that great a lover
I will just have to smile and suck him up. Somehow the
bottle had found its way to her cunt and her hand slid
it in again, she leaned back on the love seat to get it
deeper and sighed as it was worked back and forth.
Julie closed her eyes and let her mind wander again,

She remembered how she cried when suddenly her father
had to go to the hospital from his job and never came
home again, his heart just quit working and no matter
what they did it was gone and so was he. After the
funeral she just moped around the house and every time
she and her mother met each other in the hall or
anywhere they would hug and cry. She stayed out of
school for a week but it was tough trying to get back
into the groove but Harry was always right near her and
kept talking to her when others not knowing what to say
avoided her. He and she had dated a couple of times and
he asked her out on Wednesday for Saturday night every
week, but she didn't think it was respectful to date so
soon after the funeral.

Her mother would still go to the bar every Friday night
except the first week after the funeral and she
encouraged Julie to date Harry but only on Saturday as
they would keep Friday nights as a memorial to her
father. Julie soon learned that this meant she was
still to make love and be made love to only now it was
just her mother. As the months went by Julie was
frustrated sexually and it began to cause friction
between the two women as her mother was also. One day
they got into a disagreement and both ended up crying
hugging each other and saying they were sorry and how
much they needed father.

Mother asked Julie if she needed sexual relief as bad
as she did and when Julie nodded she said she would
take care of it just be patient. When Friday night came
Julie was sitting watching TV wondering why her mother
was late when a big black car drove up and mother got
out and came in the house with a man and woman.

Julie thought that it was another Fred and Joyce and
she got up to go to her room, but her mom said to go to
her bed and she would be in shortly. Julie understood
that this was what she meant when she said she would
take care of it. About thirty minutes later mother came
in the bedroom and sat on the bed, taking Julie's hand
she told her that she should do what ever was told her
and then she would feel better. Julie asked if they
were going to take pictures and make movies and her
mother said no, that there would only be sex.

Julie lay on her parent's bed waiting as mother went
back to the living room and in a few minutes they
returned and after asking her if she was comfortable
with them being there they talked for a while and then
begin to undress mother. Julie watched as her mother
was stripped naked and her nipples sucked until she lay
trembling on the bed holding Julie's hand and
whimpering with passion. Julie saw her need and tears
formed in her eyes as she felt the same way and

The man undressed and as he got on the bed between
mother's outspread thighs he saw Julie looking at his
cock with lust shining in her eyes. He slowly put a
condom on it letting her look at it and then he smiled
at her and asked if she wanted it.

Julie nodded and he said let me hear you ask for it,
she asked in a small voice, and he said soon. Julie
watched as he placed the head of his cock at the
entrance to mother's cunt and rubbed up and down her
slit as she moaned and humped her hips to meet it. He
teased her with it rubbing and inserting it a little
ways and removing it and rubbing her slit. All the time
he was looking at Julie who had sat up to see better
and she looked from his face to his cock.

Julie's mother was begging now she trembled, humped,
and twisted but only could wait for the relief that she
craved. The woman came around to Julie's side of the
bed and placed her hand on Julie's shoulder and began
to rub while the other hand undid the hooks in the back
of her baby doll. She removed it over Julie's head and
rubbed her shoulders and back moving down to her
breasts and rubbing them paying special attention to
the stiff nipples pointing straight out. Julie looked
away from the cock teasing her mother's cunt and at the
pretty blonde lady touching her with gentle hands.

She asked her to please tell him to give her his cock
she needs it so bad. The lady asked it she wanted it in
her cunt also, Julie replied by shaking her head. Are
you saving your virginity for marriage? Julie nodded.
"Can he have your ass when he finishes her?" Julie
nodded. "You are a beautiful girl your skin is like
silk, would you like for me to suck those rock hard
nipples I would like to."

Julie nodded and reached to touch her breasts as she
removed her clothing. A light aroma of a very good
perfume filled her nostrils as the clothing came off,
her undergarments were lacy and beautiful they were
very expensive. She gently pushed Julie back to lie on
the bed and asked the man if he had ever seen a more
beautiful girl, he shook his head as he looked her

As the lady crawled between Julie's legs Julie asked
her again to ask him to give mother his cock and she
did. Mother cried out as the stiff cock slid into her
wet cunt. Immediately the lady enclosed one of Julie's
nipples in her mouth rubbing it with her tongue as she
lay on her body between her spread legs. The room was
filled with the grunts and groans of mother being
fucked and Julie whimpering as the mouth moved from
nipple to nipple and the free one being rolled between
fingers. The lady slid farther down Julie's body and
began to kiss her cunt after kissing her way from
breasts to slit.

Julie was cumming is small spasms and twisting on the
bed as she caressed the lady's flawless face. The lady
sensing that Julie was ready and eager for any thing
crawled around never losing contact with the small clit
standing between Julie's cunt lips until her cunt was
over Julie's face. Lowering her hips she gasped when
she felt Julie's tongue enter her cunt boldly seeking
her nectar.

Soon three women had cum and were all smiling. The lady
asked the man if she was good and he replied fantastic,
how about the beautiful princess: the lady responded
the best ever, god but these are two hot women. The man
was steady pumping in mother's cunt and she was
responding by rising hips to slap against his cock and
swinging balls.

Julie was stroking the cunt and asshole above her face
with her cum wet finger and the lady slowly sank back
down to engulf the clit below her mouth and suck it
hard making Julie cry out but she didn't shrink away
instead she humped against the lips trying to fuck her
mouth with her clit. This time they went longer before
cumming and this time the man blasted the condom with a
large load.

They lay on the bed the man kissing mother and playing
with her breasts as she basked in the afterglow of
satisfaction. The lady turned around and kissed Julie's
lips and murmured endearments in her ear as she rolled
her nipples and inserted a finger in her cunt slit
rubbing it.

After a short time they got up and went to the kitchen
and drank some cokes and hugged individually and as a
group. The lady began to kiss and rubbed mother's body
making her hot again and the man got a new condom to
put on and took Julie back to the bedroom and putting
her on her knees on the bed. He grasped her hips and
began to ease his cock in her ass. Julie moaned and
wiggled her ass and kept repeating yes, yes. She came
three times before he filled the second condom and then
she sank to the bed completely exhausted going into the
deepest sleep she had known since her father's death.

The man returned to find the lady and mother entangled
on the couch and he slipped off the condom and gave his
cum soaked cock to mother's mouth which accepted it
eagerly as she came from the tongue in her cunt.

The next day after sleeping all night in bed with
mother who also slept like a log, Julie learned mother
had went to the mall and approached this couple with a
proposal and they had met her at a bar and discussed it
and then followed her home. They gave her two hundred
dollars and an a invite for her and Julie to come to
their house next Friday night with a telephone number
to call to accept and they would pick them up and bring
them back.

For the next three months they were busy every Friday
night. Harry kept Julie busy on Saturday night and all
Sunday and dropped by to help around the house at least
twice during the week. Mother liked him but said she
would prefer that Julie would get serious about some
boy that had money so Julie wouldn't have to work all
her life like she had to do.

Julie resisted sexual intercourse with Harry even
though she wanted him to make her a woman completely
but she eagerly let him undress her and kiss her anyway
he wanted to and she would suck him until he was
drained of cum which was three to four times on
Saturday nights. He could make her cum when just
sucking him and by kissing her cunt while pinching her
nipples. He asked her to marry him and she said yes but
they had to finish school first but now she wanted to
be his completely and they begin to fuck like husband
and wife.

Julie told her mother she no longer wanted to go
"visit" on Fridays, the couple came to the house and
tried to convince her to continue visiting but when she
told them she wanted to get married they understood.
They asked would they come for one last visit Friday
and Julie and her mother agreed. The woman cried as
they were leaving and told Julie she loved her and
wanted her to live with them forever but wished her
well and that she would be happy forever.

But Julie and Harry got carried away one night in late
April and tried to make the last condom do for the
third time and it split. They got married in secret as
soon as she missed her period and never told anyone
except mother. Harry was by her side every minute and
when she got morning sick he slept on the floor by her
bed and brought her milk and crackers and cleaned up
behind her. He cried when ever she would throw up and
say I'm sorry it's my fault I'm so sorry.


Julie realized that as she lay on the love seat
remembering all those things she had tried to forget
that she was excited and had cum several times. She
twisted around and saw that the kitchen clock was close
to one and she moaned thinking that she would look
great at school with bags under her eyes. Jumping up
she hastened to the kitchen for a paper towel and put
her empty cup on the counter.

She cleaned up, put the bottle back in its hideout and
went to the bedroom crawling in the bed and snuggling
against Harry she whispered thanks baby and went right
to sleep.

To be continued…

story by: Lunalupo

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: Lunalupo

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