The way i dreamed it part 1 chapter 4

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Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto, I wish I did.
“Normal speak”
/> Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by /> And on to the story.
/> The Way I Dreamed It
Part 1
Chapter 4
The nurse had left and Hinata was alone in the room.
‘Pregnant . . . . . I’m pregnant’ she was surprised but in a couple of seconds her face turned to a happy one, she brought her arms to her belly and hugged herself.
“I’m ganna . . . . . . Be a mother and Naruto . . . . . . He’s ganna be a daddy”
Hinata was extremely happy and still couldn’t believe it, and then the door opened and in came Tenten.
“Hey Hinata sorry I left you, It’s just that when you fainted those two freaks left me alone with you, so I brought you here, then I left so that I could go pound those two. Hey did the nurse say you can leave cuz I kind of don’t want to be here” said Tenten.
“Yeah . . .” Hinata got up and walked out with Tenten.
“So what did the nurse say” asked Tenten.
“Oh . . . . N-nothing . . . I just fainted” said Hinata, she didn’t want anyone to know just yet.
Hinata went home to rest; she decided to stay in bed for the rest of the day. The smile on her face was still there; it was like her face was stuck on smile mode, and her arms around her belly. Hinata heard her door open, she didn’t want to be disturbed so she pretended to be asleep, the door then shut closed.
evening the next day
Hinata was sitting in her bed still daydreaming, when from the corner of her eyes she saw her door open just the slightest. She could see a pair of eyes looking in, the person was there for quiet a while. Hinata already knew who it was but did not know what she wanted.
“Hanabi . . . . . . I know your there” said Hinata.
The door opened and Hanabi stood there in the middle she entered and then closed the door. However the thing that caught Hinata’s eyes was the fact that during all this time she had her head down not looking at her.
“Hanabi is something wrong” said Hinata.
Hanabi came close to Hinata she looked up with tears threatening to fall.
“Hinata . . . I don’t hate you . . .” said Hanabi
“?” was all Hinata thought.
“. . . . . . I don’t hate you like you think I do” said Hanabi.
“Hanabi . . .”
“I . . . . I want my big sister . . . . I want things to be like they used to be” said Hanabi.
“What do you mean?” asked Hinata.
“I’m tired of how things are now . . . I hate it . . . I hate not having my big sister” said Hanabi.
Hinata moved over on her bed to give Hanabi room to sit.
“Hinata you’re not just a big sister to me . . . . . . You're like a mother . . . . . . You always took care of since I was born, which I don’t know how you did, you yourself were only five” said Hanabi kind of smiling at the last part.
“Well father really never did anything so who else would” said Hinata.
“I don’t want to loose you” said Hanabi.
“Hanabi what are you talking about” said Hinata whose eyes coping that of /> “I hate it!!!. . . . . . I hate my life!!!! All I ever do is train day in and day out, follow father to his meeting, and study . . . . . . I never have any time to myself, and when I ask him for time all he does is hit me” Tears were now pouring out off her eyes.
Hinata quickly hugged her little sister sensing that she need it.
“He doesn’t love me either you know . . . . . . I know you probably thought that he doesn’t love that’s why he treats you bad, but he doesn’t just not love you he doesn’t love me either” said Hanabi.
“But why?” asked Hinata.
“Because I heard him say that he wanted boys, he wanted to have a boy to carry on his legacy, his blood, his clan, we both turned out to be girls, he said that if either of us had been boys we would have definitely been stronger then Neji and we would have been treated with great respect, and that’s why he hates us, he only gave me a chance because he thought that I was stronger” said Hanabi.
“I see” said Hinata.
“When I was nine father told me that I didn’t need you any more, he said that if I need anything the members from the branch house would help me” said Hanabi.
asked Hinata.
“He wanted me to stop associating with you; he said he didn’t want your weakness to rub off on me”
why now knowing why Hanabi separated herself from her.’
“But I didn’t want to!!!!. . . . . . But because of that we grew apart and apart from that . . . I . . . I don’t . . . . . Even have any friends and I never get to have fun . . . . . . That’s why I want things to go back to the way they were, when I had my big sister” said Hanabi as she cried on Hinata’s shoulder.
“It’s ok Hanabi you’re my little sister and I’ll always love you” said Hinata, she just go a nodded from her.
Hinata held her in her arms for a while before she thought of something.
“Hey Hanabi . . . you want to know a secret” asked Hinata.
“Mmm sure” said Hanabi wiping the tears from her cheeks
“Ok but you can’t tell anyone ok . . . . . it’s a secret . . . . . you’re the first person I tell” said Hinata.
“I promise” said Hanabi.
“Hanabi . . . . . . I’m . . . Pregnant” said Hinata.
asked Hanabi.
Hinata only nodded.
“You mean I’m . . . I’m going to an aunt” said Hanabi as she continued wipe her tears away with a smile on her face.
Again Hinata only nodded.
“But Hinata what about Naruto?” Hanabi knew how much her sister loved him and she would always prayed that they would end up together, she wanted her sister to be happy, but because it’s been so long since she had seen her sister with Naruto she thought that the baby was someone else’s and that would kill her chances with Naruto.
Hinata giggled at Hanabi, asked Hanabi.
“Naruto is the father” said Hinata.
Hanabi gave a smile and hugged her sister “I’m so happy for you, it’s a good thing you finally made a move because if you didn’t I would have probably gotten tired of you waiting and I would have told him” said Hanabi.
/> “I’m just playing . . . . . . You’re so lucky to have him, he might be goofy sometime but I know he’s a great guy and handsome” said Hanabi.
said Hinata.
“I can’t wait . . . . . . I hope it’s a girl . . . . . . That way I can play with her and I can dress her up” said Hanabi.
“I know me too”
“I still can’t believe you’re pregnant with Naruto’s baby” said Hanabi.
In that same instance the door slammed open.
WHAT!!” said Hiashi.

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