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I rolled over and stretched, waking up with sun light streaming through my window. Reaching for my pack of cigarettes on the night stand I realized I was wet between my legs and had the persistent tingling that comes after a sex dream. I flicked the lighter for my day’s first cigarette and tried to remember the dream, settling back into the pillows I let my hand stray down across my belly as I parted my legs. I could smell the sex from under the covers and when my fingers met the wet and puffy flesh of my pussy I wondered again if I could cum in my sleep from just dreaming!
The dream was foggily coming back as my fingers slid between my engorged lips. A long held fantasy of mine – getting gangbanged. I took a drag on my cigarette then flicked the ash into the ashtray, exhaling with a moan. My fingers moved down to the sensitive area between then sank ever so slightly inside my wet hole. As the dream came back (or was I just continuing my fantasy?), I remembered the feeling of the man behind me arching his back and throbbing his load deep inside. I put my cigarette in my mouth and with my now free hand started rubbing my clit. Two fingers of one hand slipping in and out of my wet hole and the other gyrating on my swollen button. I was getting close, feeling the muscles inside me start to clench, I realized I needed to ash. I removed my hand from my clit bringing it up to grab the cigarette; I could smell myself strongly on my fingers – the sweet pungent odor of woman. I flicked the ash then realized the cigarette was almost gone and stubbed it out in the ash tray, now I needed two hands to get another one and reluctantly removed the fingers from inside me…
Fuck, I only have one left…
I lay back into the pillows again and stared at the ceiling, the throbbing between my legs was urgent, but I stayed my hands. I would have to go out to the store and get more smokes. My mind settled on the remnants of the fading dream – should I get some today? It has been a while since I have been with a man, I could try Craigslist again, it has worked every time I have needed a good fuck… I could even try to arrange a gangbang! Could I do a gangbang? All these thoughts bounced around in my sleepy sex addled brain. I pulled the last cigarette from the pack and lit it. I am sick of masturbating I thought, I should get me a man (or try a few) today. I reluctantly sat up and swung my legs out of bed. Then got up and headed for the bathroom, pulling the T shirt I slept in down to cover my chilly bum. I looked at myself in the mirror running my fingers through my hair, then sat down on the toilet. Am I really going to do this? Could I really pull off a gangbang? A gangbang from perfect strangers? Part of me said it was probably safer than meeting one random stranger, and I have done that before. Fuck it, I will put up an add and see what happens!
I threw on a skirt and slipped into my sandals. Went over and sat down at the computer. Taking a deep last drag on my cigarette I stubbed it out and typed in craigslist, then clicked on the casual encounters, then W4M, then the post button. I thought for a second then started typing. I kept it simple. Titled the add “gangbang I host” and then listed my stats. I will see what happens as I go to the store.
I walked out of my house, it was a beautiful early summer day not too hot yet and the humidity wasn’t bad either. I badly wanted another smoke as I walked down the sidewalk, but alas the store was two blocks away. As I reached the corner the stop light changed against my favor so I had to stop and wait. I felt the tingle on the back of my neck that I was being watched and looked up at the cars parked at the red light. I caught a few guys gawking at me before they could turn away. I have never had a hard time attracting men; many have told me I am beautiful. I am just now beginning to believe it might be true as I grow out that awkward young adult phase. At 21 I am finally not a gangly teenager anymore, but a fully blossomed woman. My shape I have been told is perfect – flat belly and proportionate natural breasts, wide hips but no fat butt. My naturally wavy dark brown hair is cut long, coming down to the middle of my back. And what many have said is my best part – my big blue eyes from my Irish Grandmother.
As I stood there waiting for the light to change I began thinking how some of those men in those cars may be fucking me later and instantly I felt wet between my legs again. What should I get from the store? I might as well stock up I guess. The light finally changed and I crossed the street and went into the corner store. I grabbed a couple two-liters of cola then went up to counter and asked the clerk for a pint of Wild Turkey and a carton of Camel Crush Silvers, he looked at me and asked for some ID. Handing it to him he looked it over and handed it back saying, “Thanks Katie”. When he returned with my items he smiled and asked if I was going to drink all that alone, I replied I hope not and gave him wry smile in return. The thought of his rock hard cock flashed in my mind and a trickle of wetness leaked into my panties. I don’t know, but it seemed like he knew – as he wrung up the items I could have sworn I could see the testosterone coursing through his veins, maybe he could smell my oh so wet pussy. Anyways, as he handed back my cash I stole a glance at his crotch and sure enough saw the tight creases of his pants as they strained to hold in his throbbing cock.
I stopped outside the store to catch my breath and unwrap a new pack of cigarettes. As I used my teeth to pull the first one out from the pack I thought how I wish that this place had a bathroom, I’d go right back in and fuck that guy right now! I lit the cigarette and inhaled, blowing the smoke over my shoulder as I crossed the street, I swear could feel the clerk’s eyes prying off my clothes from back in the store. I was so horny I would have fucked right there in the middle of the intersection if one of my fellow pedestrians had whipped out his dick. I was quivering with excitement to see what kind of response my add had generated. My panties were beyond soaked, my juices beginning to flow down my inner thighs, I needed to get out of public before someone noticed the glistening wetness run down below my skirt. I got in my house and sat down at the computer, lighting a new smoke from the butt of the last one I then clicked the refresh button on my email; it loaded almost instantly and showed I had 20 new emails in my inbox! I opened the first one to find a picture of a young professional man in his early 30s and next to it a picture of his rock hard cock. I moaned out loud. Then I opened the next one and the next one – they were all shapes and sizes, how was I going to choose?!? I hiked up my skirt and began playing with myself through my destroyed underwear, grinding the soft cotton into my swollen pussy, my mind racing how was I going to pull this off! Then I stopped, I knew what I would do. I would lose all control, but I already had…

I got up and walked to the kitchen, off the back was the landing that leads to the back door and the steps down to the basement. I turned on the light and headed down the creaky old stairs. I was met with the slight damp smell and the glaring light of the naked light bulbs. The concrete floor was clean though chipping its old lime green paint. The washer and dryer were under the steps, there were a few boxes left unpacked from when I moved in, and there against the wall was my twin bed from my last apartment. With little effort I dragged it out into the middle of the room and then tested its springiness. I had lost my virginity on this bed a few years before with my ex from collage, we had a lot of great sex on this bed and I had not been able to part with it even though I had upgraded to a full size when I moved into this house. I knew from experience that it was the perfect height for many positions and as it only had a head board it allowed access from three sides. I sat down on the edge and then laid on my back pulling up my knees. Good deep missionary is one of my favorite positions, and I can do it for a long time. It might be a little close for strangers… but fuck they will be already inside me. I got up again and moved around the bed to get on my hands and knees; I bounced bucking up and down and laughed at myself, I was giddy with a mixture of excitement, sexual frustration, and terror at what I was about to do.
I got up and went back up stairs. Got a shot glass out of the cupboard and cracked open the bottle of whiskey, before I poured the drink I decided just to take the bottle with me and took a swig as I headed back to the computer. It was four o’clock in the afternoon by now and I had another 40 emails. That wasn’t going to do… but I had already figured it out – and that I was scared about.
I deleted all the messages and took down the original add. I then set my email account to away mode and wrote out an automatic message that would be sent to all incoming emails. I included a picture that my ex had taken after one our great fuck seasons, it was a close up of my blown out pussy with a mixture of our juices leaking out between my pink pussy lips. A real creampie – Foamy and white with a puddle of his cum gathering were my butt rested on the bed. Then I gave my address and directions to come to back door, let yourself in, and come down to the basement. CONDOMS OPTIONAL
I then posted a new add titled Creampies” and explained starting at 6pm any man that wanted to fuck me could. I was shaking as I made the add public. Now I had two hours to get ready; clean up, put on makeup and something slutty and get a bit drunk.

It was hard not to touch myself as there was such an urgent need for relief between my legs! But I wanted to save my climax for when I had dick inside me. The sexual frustration was probably the only thing that kept me to the plan, otherwise the sheer terror of what I was going to do would have overwhelmed me. I showered and did up my hair, makeup, and found the black guarder, stockings, and bra I had worn the night I lost my virginity. I was losing another form of virginity tonight and I was going to do everything right. I grabbed the set of red sheets and pillow cases, a bottle of lube, the whiskey, and my carton of smokes and headed to the basement.
It was chilly in the basement without many clothes on as I stood facing the only shelf that was serving as my bar. The bottle of whiskey stood open next to the ash tray; I had a cigarette in one hand and a full shot in the other when I heard a knock on the back door upstairs. I threw back the whiskey and quickly poured another as I heard the door open and footsteps begin coming down the stairs. My back was to him when he paused half way down – he must have spotted me, my hand holding the shot glass was shaking so badly my fingers were wet with whiskey! He said hello, I threw back the shot and turned to face him. I smiled – it was the young professional from the first email. He came down the last three steps and we walked toward each other, I tried to say something in greeting but it came out a squeak. I tried again holding out my hand, “I’m Katie”. He took my hand – he must have felt my shaking – and led me to the bed.
“You sure you want to do this?” He asked
I stammered a shy Yes and guided his hand to my wet panties. “I need it”. He began stroking my sodden pussy through the sheer fabric, with his other hand he guided me down to sit on the bed. I looked up at him and he bent his head and we kissed. First our lips pressed together but as he continued to rub my pussy my mouth opened and out tongues met. Flashes of pleasure waved over me. It was electrifying to have this total stranger treating me like a well known lover! He straightened up and put his hands on my shoulders, I put my cigarette in my mouth and used both hands to undo his belt, unbutton and unzip his pants. His boxers briefs were stretched over his massive cock – having seen the picture of it in his email I knew it was big but it was looking to be bigger in real life! I grabbed his pants and underwear at his hips and pulled them down, his cock sprang out, standing erect. The shaft was thick with a huge mushroomy circumcised head. I took a drag on my cigarette blowing the smoke past his left hip as I grasped his cock with my free hand. Gently I began stroking back and forth from the base at his balls all the way up to his engorged head, I took another drag on my cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray. When I looked back there was pearly bead of pre cum on the tip of the eye – it was like I was looking down the barrel of a .44! I grasped him in both hands and licked the salty drop from his tip. He shuddered with pleasure, I stuck out my tongue and swirled it wetly around his head, then pressing my closed lips to the tip I slowly inched my face forward slowly opening my mouth wider and wider as the big spongy head entered my mouth. It was Huge! I could taste more pre cum leaking onto my tongue as I swirled it under the base of his head, he was groaning in pleasure and I could feel his whole body throbbing in my grasp of both hands on his shaft. Just then we heard the door upstairs open and another set of footsteps coming down. I almost pulled off his cock but he grabbed the back my head with his hands as I realized it wasn’t just one man coming down the steps but two or three! Holding my head he began to steadily thrust into my mouth, I looked up and past him and saw one of the new comers already jacking his stiff cock, the other two were quickly getting ready to do the same. I felt the cock in my mouth begin to throb and pulse, the muscle at the base beginning to tighten – I did not want him to come in my mouth! My pussy had waited too long! I pushed at his hips with all my might and the head of his cock came out of my mouth with an audible POP. I quickly got up and turned around dropping on all fours at the edge of the bed, he pulled my panties to one side and spit on his hand to lube my already soaked pussy, finding it dipping already he slathered it on his extended cock and thrust forward engulfing himself in my warm wetness in one long push. As he began to fuck me in earnest I could feel my own neglected climax beginning deep inside me. My muscles rippled I was spasming and screaming in pleasure as my orgasm took me! His huge cock thrust deep, I was gushing liquid clamping around him in rippling waves! He arched his back and grunted – I felt the hot wave of his semen fill me, I was still cumming milking him with each rippling spasm, thrusting and grunting he filled me with pump after pump of hot cum. He stopped and slowly pulled out, my pussy farted and a large glob of his cum landed on the bed sheet then more slowly dripped one drop at a time into the puddle. I collapsed into a pile, rolled over and smiled up him. There were now eight guys in the room that I had not heard come in. they were all slowly jacking their hard cocks in my direction. Guy number one bent down and got my cigarettes off the floor where they had been knocked during our awesome fuck, he pulled one out and lit it taking a drag himself before handing it to me. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
“Come back again?” I said. He went over to the shelf and poured a shot of whiskey and brought it to me. I sipped it this time, chasing it with a drag of smoke. “It looks like you might need more of this before the night is out” he said as he shook the half empty bottle. “If you don’t mind I might come back and watch.” “sounds good to me. Just a sec guys, let me catch my breath”. I could feel more of his cum sliding out of me each second, pooling between my butt checks but I was still ready for more. I lit a new cigarette then peeled off my soaked panties and spread my legs beckoning with my free hand to the closest guy with a hard cock ready to go. I pulled up my knees and he guided his cock into my sloppy pussy. It made a wet slurping sound as he pushed it in dispelling the air up inside me. He set up a regular tempo and soon I was moaning with pleasure again. He lasted a little longer then guy number one but with a gasp and a jerk he pumped another load into my pussy. As soon as he pulled out another man stepped up and slid into me! It was as if it was one man having multiple orgasms! He soon pulled out and another slipped in, I had another orgasm coming and I pulled on his shirt to pull him deeper into me, but he came and again was replaced the slight moment of no movement setting my climax back but it was getting oh so close! I ordered a man jacking off over me to light me another cigarette, as so as it touched my lips the man inside me erupted a heavy load of cum, I was set back again! Then there was another man inside me, I looked up to find the store clerk from earlier! He grunted, “I never dreamt it was you when I saw your add! Came over as soon as I got out of work. Your pussy feels so hot Katie”. My thought of him earlier when I saw his tight crotch in the store threw me over the edge! I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me harder and faster then he could have fucked me alone! With each huge thrust into me, my pussy disgorged a torrent of sperm and spray – I was covered, he was covered, the bed was covered, I bet every man near me was covered! This was too much for a man jacking over me and he let out a great glob of spunk that landed half in my open mouth and half on my neck and breasts. Mr. Clerk and I were still power fucking, two men climbed up on the bed and got on either side of me jacking fast! One sprayed my face and the salty goo was in my eyes nose and throat, the other guy grabbed my cum covered face and turned my mouth towards him and thrust his cock hard into the back of my mouth. I was gagging on sperm and cock, foaming at the mouth and out of my pussy, I could not see but felt another hot splash on my shoulders and tits, then another guy was cumming on my outstretched foot and ankle. Mr. Clerk scooted up so that my knees were almost to my ears giving me long hard thrust all the way down into the very depths of my cum filled pussy! He was pumping more cum and gore out of my pussy then I ever believed would fit in there! I was getting close again, then the man in my mouth erupted and I chocked as his white hot sperm shot down my throat. Mr Clerk had fucked me right across the bed, my head now un supported I let it hang over the edge. A man stepped up and before I knew it his huge black cock was in my mouth ramming my tongue painfully back – with all my concentration I willed my tongue to lay down on the bottom of my mouth out of the way, the momentary lapse in my body’s concentration to keep my airway clear allowed with the next thrust the black man to ram his cock in and slide all the way down my throat! His balls were sitting on my eye sockets, there was no way to breath, there was no way to see! I was spasming – I could not tell if I was dying or orgasming! I felt the black cock throb over and over (was he cumming?) he was so deep into me I could not feel wet nor hot cum, only the burn in my lungs that I needed to breath! A shuddering gasp from Mr. Clerk and all was still.

I awoke in the middle of what was my bed; now a lake of cum, cigarette butts, spent condoms, and body fluids. The room was full of men they all had worry on their faces.. Mr. Clerk swam into focus “are you alright?!? You must have blacked out!” I sat up wiping off my eyes trying to see through the cloud of cum. I could feel slimy man cum sliding down my body, dripping off my hair and nipples. I had the awful taste of vomit in my mouth – then I remembered what had happened. “We were worried we killed you! We got way to into it!” said Mr Clerk. “Are you /> “Yes. Just a I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed, more cum and debris sliding to the floor. I looked at the mess and my destroyed body. I reached between my legs and felt the sex juices pouring out of my pussy – I thought I would be repulsed but instead it turned me on! There was fucking cum everywhere! Someone handed me a towel and I dried my face, men were picking up their clothes and moving up the steps, it was looking like it was over. I got up shakily I needed to pee. I walked over to the floor drain by the washer and squatted – first there was nothing then a torrent of white cum poured into the drain. When it slowed to a trickle I pushed and yellow mixed with the white. When I was done I stood up and turned back toward the bed, some of the men there had hard ons again and were stroking themselves. Was it me peeing, or just my overall state filth that turned them on? Either way it got me tingling again, I wasn’t done after all. I really badly needed a cigarette, and a drink. I lit up the last of that pack and someone handed me a beer. The carbonation was refreshing after all the salty cum I had swallowed! Walking over to the self to get another pack I slipped in the mess on the floor many pairs of hands grabbed me and placed me back on my feet. I got to the self and set down my beer picked up the bottle of whiskey and took three big mouth full of the stuff, chased it with a drag on my cigarette. My head swam and I felt I might retch but I swallowed it down and made my way back to the bed. “Be nice to me this time guys” I said with a smile as I grabbed the first hard cock I could see. It was un-circumcised and the skin felt soft in my hand. I slowly stroked it as I sat down on the bed displacing the pool of slime that had not soaked in yet. “I only want cigarettes in my mouth for a little bit. Ok?” they all nodded. “Who is going to fuck me next?”

story by: ithomasl

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Author: ithomasl

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