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As we walked into the club I was a little bit apprehensive. Here we were in Key West, which appeared to me to be the gay capitol of the world, going to see a show where all the performers were transvestites or . . . well I didn't know what else but the thought made me a little uneasy. My wife was clearly happy to be there – it was something she had wanted to do for years. Once in San Francisco she had tried to talk me into going to a similar show but I had flatly refused. Over the years I found that my views had mellowed, and to be truthful I was more than a little curious about what we were going to see.

The club was already crowded although the show wouldn't start for nearly an hour. The host escorted us to an empty table in the back, but of course Sandy protested. She wanted to be closer to the stage, and when he looked the host told us we would have to sit with another couple. She agreed quickly and while I was not keen on it, I thought it might be a good distraction for me to interact with another guy while our wives watched the show. I couldn't believe it when our host stopped at a table near the stage where two men were sitting. They were obviously a couple and I immediately felt uncomfortable. Sandy had no qualms at all of course, and when I surveyed the surrounding tables I saw that these were the only two seats left near the stage so we sat down.

Introductions were made and I tried my best to be cordial, even friendly but I'm sure my nervousness came glaring through. Our table-mates seemed comfortable enough as my wife chatted easily with them. We ordered drinks and as we engaged in small talk I was glad that neither of these guys were the feminine type.

After the drinks arrived I quickly drank about half of mine and started to relax a bit. Jack and Arthur were transplants from Philadelphia, which gave Sandy a good start on conversation since her family was from Philly. I tried to chime in wherever I could but as usual she carried most of the conversation. Jack was in his mid-forties, with close cropped hair that was graying slightly at the temples and a dark complexion that hinted of a southern European lineage, perhaps Greek or Italian. Arthur was younger, perhaps late thirties with fair skin and brown hair that was probably blonde when he was younger. Both guys were good looking, a fact that didn't escape my lovely wife.

By the time the second round of drinks arrived I was started to feel better. Jack must have sensed my earlier nervousness because he seemed to make more effort to chat with me about "guy stuff" – work, sports, etc. Indeed I was feeling comfortable; he seemed like a pretty regular guy. He was obviously well educated and informed and was very easy to talk to. Sandy was engaged in conversation with Arthur and for me it seemed that a bump in my evening had been smoothed out.

The show started and we all turned to watch. I have to admit it was better than I ever thought possible. Most of the performers were quite talented and I found my self thinking that more than a few of them were very attractive. I couldn't believe that these were guys up there – they looked so much like women. I even found myself being aroused by one who performed a very sexy routine.

Whoa Lance, I said to myself. That's a guy! Under that dress is a dick just like yours so stop thinking like that! But I couldn't help it she/he was very sexy! At one point I looked away and saw that Sandy was watching me. She flashed be an impish grin, with a look that said "I told you you'd like it". Damn, I thought, she's always right about these things.

The guys seemed to be enjoying the show and the combination of alcohol and sexual innuendo was definitely getting everyone loose, including me. When the show was over I expected we would leave but Jack suggested we have another round of drinks so we sat and talked some more. Of course we talked about the show and the performers, comparing notes about the talented ones, and which ones we found attractive. By this time I didn't really care anymore and was freely expressing my opinion about the particular artist that made me tingle a bit. Jack and Arthur got a good laugh out of it and my wife smiled at me slyly.

The performers came out from backstage still in their costumes and began circulating amongst the tables. I must have still been emitting some look of discomfort because the sexy one came right over to me, and put her (I mean his) arm around my shoulders. It was embarrassing of course but to be honest I was having a hard time remembering that this was a guy. His skin was soft, his motions so feminine that he certainly fooled my little head – my cock was starting to stiffen in my shorts. "Hello Sweetie" he/she said in a voice that was a little deep for a woman but still not really masculine. I felt her face close to mine as she spoke and my entire body stiffened, almost in a fight or flight response. "Relax, I'm not going to bite you – not yet anyway, I don't know you that well." My obvious discomfort made Jack, Arthur and especially Sandy laugh heartily. The performer picked up on it and reached her hand under the table and stroked my thigh. "Ooh you're so tense", she said,” maybe you need a massage."

I felt her hand (his hand) shift on my leg and her fingers run up the inside of my thigh. When they reached the growing bulge in my shorts she cooed, "Hmmmm I think someone is VERY happy to see me." I turned red with embarrassment and she drifted away to another table, leaving my companions in tears of laughter at my expense.

We finished our drinks, with the others still ribbing me about what had just happened and enjoying my obvious discomfort. We all rose to leave about the same moment, and Jack said "We know a little place down the street that serves fabulous desserts – would you like to join us?". I was feeling pretty comfortable and nicely buzzed but I still surprised myself when I blurted out "Sure!" Sandy looked at me with a bit of surprise and perhaps puzzlement but she was definitely enjoying herself so she had no objection.

The walk to restaurant was a bit longer than I expected. My wife walked with Arthur, the two of them chatting like old friends while Jack and I followed along. He was really quite charming, and his stories about various places on the island set me completely at ease. We arrived at the place and were greeted warmly by the hostess – obviously they came here often – and she seated us at a table in a quiet corner. The review of the menu took some time but we finally settled on a pair of desserts to share and then examined the drink menu.

I knew exactly what I wanted: espresso and black Sambuca, my favorite late night indulgences. Arthur proclaimed his love of the black 'Buca too, and we decided to order a round for he table. The waitress returned with the bad news that they had only white Sambuca. Seeing my disappointment Arthur volunteered that they had a bottle at their place and would love to have us come over after dessert. So we ordered coffee and espresso drinks to go with dessert and enjoyed them as a group. I was amazed at how much fun I was having being out with my wife and a gay couple but to be honest I had stopped thinking of them as "gay" and was now just thinking of them as a couple.

We finished dessert and exited the restaurant, and followed Arthur as he led the way to their condo. It wasn't very far, perhaps a half dozen blocks located in a beautiful part of town. The surrounding homes were all beautifully restored and maintained and it was obvious that we were in a very affluent section. As we entered Sandy literally gasped "Oh what a beautiful home! You've done such a wonderful job of decorating!" This was obviously Arthur's domain as he smiled proudly and asked "Would you like the grand tour?" My wife loves touring other people's homes so off they went with Arthur describing all the work they had done to the place and Sandy gushing about the curtains and such.

Jack suggested to me that we get the drinks so I followed him to the dining room where there was a small bar. He pointed to a china cabinet where the glasses were while he foraged in the liquor cabinet for the Sambuca. I put the glasses on a tray on the bar and he said, sit on the patio”. I followed him through a set of French doors and it was my turn to gasp. The patio was stunning, with a small kidney shaped swimming pool near one end. The entire thing was surrounded by lush foliage and a tall privacy fence – an absolutely beautiful setting and I said as much to our host. "Yes we love it back here. In fact sometimes I think we spend more time outside than in." “A far cry from Philly, eh?”, I said trying to make conversation.

Just then Sandy and Arthur appeared and the setting took her breath away. Again she told Arthur how much she admired his handiwork, and it was completely sincere. It was perhaps the most beautiful place we had seen on the island. We sat in lounge chairs and Jack passed the glasses around. The breeze we had felt earlier was absent from their little enclave and the temperature seemed at least five degrees higher.

We sat by the pool sipping our drinks and chatting for a while. Arthur excused himself and when he came back he had a joint in his hand. "Would you like some smoke?" he asked. "Sure!" said Sandy. I certainly wasn't going to argue – I had a great buzz going and didn't want it to end. Arthur lit it up and we passed it around until it was gone. The pot was pretty strong and we got high in just a few minutes. The conversation lagged a bit as everyone was enjoying the high. Then Arthur stood up and said "I'm going for a dip in the pool – anyone want to join me?" The rest of us declined the invitation so Arthur pulled his shirt off, unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them, then strode to the edge of the pool. It happened so quickly we hardly got a glimpse of him but as he stood at the edge of the pool I saw my wife gazing at his smooth white butt. Even I had to admit it looked good, firm but round and completely hairless.

He dove into the pool and swam to the opposite edge. "Oh the water feels so fabulous! Jack you MUST come in!" Jack tried to put him off but it was obvious he wasn't going to take no for an answer so he finally stood up and started to unbutton his shirt. "Won't join us?" he asked. I replied, "What the hell, why not?" and I stood up too.

Jack removed his shirt to reveal a hairy chest and a firm stomach. His skin was so much darker than Arthur's and he had such a Latin look; it was quite sexy. I glanced at Sandy as I started to remove my own shirt. She was trying not to be obvious but clearly she was enjoying the view of Jack's body. Then he dropped his shorts to reveal an above average sized uncircumcised cock surrounded by a neatly trimmed dark bush of hair. I noticed Sandy's eyes were locked on it, and I recalled that she had told me years ago she had a curiosity about uncircumcised men. Well, she certainly was getting an eyeful of a fine specimen tonight!

I finished stripping off too, and was glad that I had taken an ED pill a few hours earlier. My cock and balls hung low, not exceptional but at least not the little shrunken thing it sometimes was. Like Jack I kept myself trimmed. I saw Jack give me a quick once-over with his eyes before he headed for the pool, and to be honest it made me rather self conscious. Here was a guy only 10 years younger than me with a firm, tanned body that seemed made to order for sex, and there was I the average middle aged white whale (I mean male).

I leaned over and spoke into my wife's ear, " You always talk about how you'd like to go skinny dipping in a pool – now's your chance." She just shook her head and I knew there was no arguing with her – she just wasn't comfortable with exposing herself. Guys just generally don't care.

I followed Jack to the pool edge. He dove in without hesitation but I elected to take the stairs down into the cool water. When I did I had to agree with Arthur – the sensation of the water on my naked body was incredible! The pot had intensified these sensations of course and it made for a heavenly feeling. I looked back at my wife and asked, you coming in?" She responded with a pained look that told me she really wanted to, but she was afraid of the others seeing her naked. I called and then I turned and swam away.

Jack and Arthur were at the edge of the pool together. I glanced over and saw them kissing passionately. It was weird seeing two guys doing that and I guess I might have felt offended in other circumstances but after the evening we had getting to know them and the buzz I had going it just didn't bother me.

I turned away and looked across the yard feeling like I was intruding on their privacy by watching. I was at the deep end, hanging onto the edge and enjoying the feeling of the warm water and the soft scent of flowers in the night air. Suddenly I felt a touch followed by the familiar feeling of my wife's breasts up against my back. I smiled broadly and turned to kiss her. "I'm glad you changed your mind" I said. "Me too", she replied, "the water is perfect".

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply, then planted a trail of kisses down to her neck. Over her shoulder I could see the guys were similarly engaged. Sandy sensed what I was looking at and turned to look too. "They are obviously in love, don't you think?" she asked. I agreed and added "So are we", and we resumed our own kissing. The feeling of her soft body on mine and our lips and tongues locked together was having an effect on my cock.

We moved to shallow water where we could embrace comfortably, then kissed with more intensity as we felt our passion starting to build. When we separated again Arthur was standing near us watching. He smiled warmly and approached us. he said, "can I ask a big favor of you?" My wife looked a bit puzzled and responded "I guess so". Arthur seemed a little nervous and said "I've never touched a woman's breasts before. I wonder you would let me just see what they feel like?"

Sandy was caught off guard and she looked at me, almost asking me what to do about this. I just grinned mischievously. She seemed to almost shrug her shoulders and said "Ok." Arthur reached out slowly toward my wife's right breast and then placed his hand over it. He cupped it and caressed it gently with his fingers. "Ooh it's so soft" he said, "but it feels nice and firm too."

"She has terrific breasts", I told him, "I just adore them". Watching another man touching my wife's breasts was turning me on. I reached out and cupped her other breast and said "She really like to have them sucked", and I lowered my head to give her a kiss on the nipple. "Would it be alright if I tried it?" Arthur asked her. Sandy looked uncomfortable for just a second but then she replied "Sure, why not?"

Arthur put his mouth on her breast and I could see him licking and sucking. I lowered my lips to her left breast and began to do the same thing. I felt my wife put her head back and a small moan of pleasure escaped her lips. Obviously the feeling of both of her sensitive breasts being sucked at the same time was something she was enjoying. I moved my hand from under her breast down to her stomach and then slowly further down to the furry patch between her legs. My fingers found her pussy lips and I raised my head so I could kiss her mouth. She responded passionately and moaned softly again.

When I pulled my lips away from hers Jack was standing next to us too. He put his hand on my shoulder – to me it seemed a purely friendly gesture. He was smiling at us and the four of us just stood there for a moment. Arthur raised his face and smiled back at Jack, then he moved behind Sandy which gave me the opportunity to press myself against her. She made a little face of surprise when she felt how hard my cock was already. Then she smiled and kissed me and I felt Arthur's hands come around her from behind and cover her breasts. Her eyes opened wide in real surprise and I guessed from his position behind her that she was feeling Arthur's cock pressed up against her ass.

Jack moved behind me and then his hands reached for her breasts too. I kissed my wife again with those hands in between us caressing her breasts. I was getting really excited now, and my stiff cock was pressing up against her bush. Then it was my turn to be surprised as I felt Jack's chest up against my back, followed by the feel of his cock against my ass. I don't know whether it was the pot or the booze or just the magic of the entire evening but I felt completely ok with it.

The guys let go of Sandy's breasts which allowed me to press my entire body against hers. I kissed her passionately again, and we could feel the men's hands running over our bodies in gentle caresses. The whole thing was so sensual, so sexy; it was a moment we all savored. Then as if by some signal we all broke apart and laughed. "Well that was fun!" exclaimed Arthur. "Mmmmm, I'll say”, Sandy responded.

Jack got out of the pool and went into the house, “I'll get the towels”, he said. When he returned we all got out and wrapped ourselves in the soft oversized terry he provided. "Ooh it feels so delicious”, Sandy said. She lay on a chaise next to the pool and I sat next to her on it. Jack lay down on the other chaise and Arthur lay next to him, snuggling into him with his back to his boyfriend in the spoon position,

Now we could see Arthur's cock clearly. It was a nice size, perhaps about the same as mine, and he was circumcised and shaven clean. He was not quite fully erect, and Jack's hand was over Arthur's hip, caressing his balls. Again they were just behaving as any two lovers might, and it seemed very natural. I saw my wife looking at them and I was wondering what she was thinking. Instead of asking her I lay down next to her and took her into my arms.

The entire scene was like something from a dream, it seemed so unreal. And yet at the same time if felt completely comfortable and natural. We lay quietly for a few minutes, no one wanting to break the silence that seemed to be part of the special magic of the moment. After a bit Arthur got up and walked to the house, then cam back with another joint. When he passed our lounge chair his hard cock was bouncing up and down and as he walked and Sandy and I just stared at it.

We all sat up and shared the other joint, and then lay back again to let the high take us away. When I felt it starting I wrapped my arms around my wife and kissed her again. I took my time and caressed her all over, then my lips followed my hands in worshiping her body. She laid back and enjoyed the sensations that were exciting her. Then she began to respond with her own hands and eventually with her mouth too. We took turns licking each others' private parts. Her pussy was so wet, her juices running down her thighs and my cock was as hard as a rock. I couldn't wait any longer and I positioned myself on top of her so that I could fuck her. She was ready for it, eager to take me inside of her.

My cock found her entrance and easily slid in. We moved together slowly, reveling in the sensations of our bodies joined. I took a moment to glance over at our hosts and saw them sucking each other in a 69 position. Sandy looked over too, and the sight of the two men sucking each other's cocks seemed to get her even more excited.

As we watched, they broke their embrace. Jack (who was facing us) smiled at us, watching my cock sliding in and out of my wife. He sat up and Arthur joined him in the voyeurism. Our excitement increased, watching them watch us. As before, Arthur seemed to be very curious about sex with a woman and he walked over to us and knelt by our lounge chair. He seemed keen on getting a closer view of all that was happening, in fact placing his head very near our hips. I moved even slower, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back into Sandy. He was fascinated, his gaze riveted to our genitals.

All of it was becoming a bit much for me – I had to take a break so I could hold off cumming. I pulled completely out of my wife's pussy and lay beside her, using my mouth on her breasts and neck. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet on my dick and I looked down to see Arthur' mouth wrapped around me. He moved up and down on my cock, his tongue working expertly and giving me incredible sensations of pleasure.

Now I noticed that Jack was kneeling on the other side of the lounge, watching his lover suck my cock. Sandy's hips were moving up and down and I saw that Jack had his hand between her legs, his fingers sliding in and out of her. He used her juices to lubricate her pussy lips and clit, and his stroking was obviously keeping her very excited. He looked at my wife's furry triangle and seemed to contemplate just a moment, then lowered his head in between her thighs.

Sandy moaned loudly as Jack's lips and tongue began to caress her. He seemed to enjoy it too, licking up all her cunt juices. She pushed her hips up and pressed herself into his face, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she would cum. Arthur stopped sucking me and watched for a minute. Then he pulled Jack's head up and said "I want to taste that." The two men shared a messy French kiss, Arthur licking my wife's juices off of his partner's face.

“That tastes good,” he said, “Can I try it too?” By now Sandy was in another world, completely lost to the pleasure that we were giving her. When she didn't answer he took his turn between her legs, licking and sucking her delicious pussy. Now Jack stood up and Sandy and I could see his fully erect member. His foreskin was covering half of the large head, now red with excitement. He was perhaps an inch longer than me but the amazing thing was how fat it was – it seemed almost like a porn star cock. My wife couldn't take her eyes off of it and taking this as a cue, Jack lowered himself until his swollen member was just above her face.

Sandy didn't hesitate – she reached and pulled him inter her mouth eagerly. I saw her sucking him, and sliding her hand up and down, moving the loose foreskin in a way that my circumcised cock could never do. Again she moaned in pleasure as Arthur ate her out. I sucked her tits and swirled my tongue around her nipples. She was breathing very fast now, her excitement building.

I looked up and the sight of my wife sucking another man's cock was making me crazy with lust. I felt so in love with her, the sexiest woman I've ever met. I couldn't resist the urge to kiss her so I put my lips on hers even though Jack's had cock was in her mouth. Her tongue reached out and tangled with mine, licking and twirling with that hard dick between us. In my lust I took Jack's cock into my mouth and started sucking it with abandon. It felt so good, the silky soft head and foreskin gliding up and down in my mouth. It was so big it was hard to get my lips around it. Sandy watched and then took it from me and sucked it herself for a minute, then she used her hand and put it back into my mouth.

We continued this for a few minutes, taking turns sucking this wonderful cock. I could taste his pre-cum, salty and a little sweet. I kissed my wife again and Jack pushed his cock in between us again. We wrapped our mouths around him and he thrust it back and forth across our lips. Our tongues were working furiously, bathing his huge hard dick. I felt his cock start to throb and then a warm gush of liquid filled our mouths, spilling out over our lips. He moaned as he shot his cum into us, and the sensation was too much for Sandy. With Arthur still licking her pussy she gave a final push with her hips and thrust herself into his face, moaning wildly.

I continued cleaning Jack's cock and then licked all of his cum off of my wife’s luscious lips. It tasted so good, so incredibly sexy! Arthur's tongue work brought Sandy to another rocking orgasm and I had to pull away from her lips so she could catch her breath. He lifted his head and smiled at her. "It feels so soft and wet inside", he said "and it tastes so />
My wife was burning with passion now and she sat up and took Arthur's cock into her mouth. He was really hard, and I could tell she desperately wanted it inside of her. She flipped around and made him sit on the chaise, then she positioned herself above him and grasped him firmly. She looked me directly in the eye as if asking my permission to have this dick inside of her. "Oh yeah baby", I said "put that cock in your cunt!" She lowered herself down on him, with her back to him so she could see me while I watched her fuck him.

The scene was incredibly hot, my sexy wife bouncing up and down on Arthur's dick. Arthur lay on his back now and was obviously enjoying his first woman. I knelt between my wife's legs to get a better look at that nice hard cock going in and out of her beautiful pussy. I couldn't really see much so I pushed her onto her back on top of Arthur. There it was: a clean shaven dick sliding in and out of my wife's hairy cunt! Sandy's pussy juices were flowing down his cock and all over his balls, and I impulsively lowered my head and started licking it all up.

Arthur moaned as he felt my tongue flicking all over his balls and up the exposed part of his shaft. I worked my way up to my wife's hard clit and licked her pussy lips. It only took a minute before she came again and the force of her orgasm pushed Arthur's cock out of her. I quickly grabbed it and sucked on it for a few seconds, then I put back into her cunt. What a turn on! My own cock was hard and dripping with pre-cum. Jack saw it and lay down underneath me so he could suck it. I was licking my wife's pussy and Arthur's cock at the same time, while his lover was sucking me!

I felt my wife cumming again but this time she didn't let go of that hard cock inside of her. Arthur was pushing in and out for all he was worth, the speed and depth of his strokes increasing. I kept licking and Sandy let out a series of loud moans as she came again. I heard Arthur say "I'm cumming!" and I saw him push into her one more time. I knew he was squirting his cum into my wife, and I wanted to taste it. I pulled him out and took him into my mouth and he shot the last spurt into me. It felt so hot and tasted so good!

I looked down to see his cum oozing from my wife's cunt and without hesitation I pushed my face into her bush and hungrily licked it clean. I felt her cum twice more from my tongue work. When I finally came up for air Arthur eased himself out from underneath her and I saw Jack standing beside us stroking his huge cock. I couldn't believe he was still hard! Sandy opened her eyes and sat up – her face ended up right at the same level as his dick. She grabbed it and pulled it into her mouth for a quick suck, then took her lips away and stroked the foreskin up and down. She was fascinated by the extra skin and the thickness of it, and I asked her "Do you want that big cock in your cunt?" I asked her. "Oh yeah baby, you know I do!" she replied.

Sandy laid back down on the lounge and spread her legs. Jack knelt in between them and placed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. The combination of her juices and Arthur's cum had lubed her up so that his big cock slid into her easily. She gasped when she felt the thickness inside of her and Jack went slowly to let her get used to it. After a few strokes I could see her really starting to enjoy it. "Does it feel good honey" I asked. “Oh Lance, it feels so good, thank you for letting me have this big cock inside me!"

As my wife's hips rocked slowly meeting Jack’s slow, deep thrusts I bent over and sucked her tits again. She moaned in ecstasy and pushed my head into her breasts. "Oh yes, honey suck my tits!"

Arthur had moved behind me, my face down into my wife's breasts and my ass in the air. I felt his cock on the crack of my ass, felt his finger on my hole. I lifted my head up and moaned. He must have had a tube of lube because the next thing I felt was a cool sensation on my asshole. He rubbed the lube all around it and then pressed a finger up against it. Slowly he worked it against my tight hole until the tip of his finger penetrated me. It felt so good, I pushed back onto it and took it in to me, pressing hard against his hand. He moved it around inside of me, waiting for my muscle to relax. Then he eased a second finger into me, and fucked me slowly with them.

When I was ready he took his fingers out and in a few seconds I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my hole. I wanted him inside me, I wanted to feel that hard cock penetrate me. He pushed gently and I pushed back, trying to open myself to him. I felt the head of his dick spread my asshole and then go in past my muscle. Then he waited, with gentle pressure until my ass opened to him and his lubed cock slid all the way in. I lifted my head from Sandy's breasts and moaned loudly as Arthur started fucking me with small slow strokes. Gradually he increased his stokes until he was sliding the entire length of his shaft in and out of my ass.

I looked at my wife enjoying the big fat cock inside of her and she looked into my eyes and said "Is he fucking you honey? Do you like it? You like that nice hard cock in your ass?" I moaned "Yes, yes, it feels so good in there!" She reached out to me and wrapped her hand around my cock. Then she pulled me toward her until I was right over her face and I lowered my dick into her mouth.

The sensations were incredible – the feel of my wife's warm mouth wrapped around my dick, sucking and licking me while Arthur's hard cock slid in and out of my ass! I could feel the tip of it rubbing my prostate with every stroke now. I looked down to watch Jack's big shaft sliding in and out of my wife wet cunt, her hips moving to meet his thrusts. The four of us were in ecstasy, moving together, moaning together.

I felt myself going over the edge, I couldn't hold it back any longer. "I'm cumming!" I groaned, and my hot load started filling Sandy's mouth. It seemed to excite her more as she gulped and licked the hot liquid from my cock, and then suddenly she started to spasm too, her hips bouncing up and down furiously as she used her cunt muscles to grab onto that big dick inside of her. I knew what Jack was feeling, I had felt it thousands of times myself, and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold back.

When I started to cum my ass muscles clenched Arthur's dick even tighter and I felt him quicken his strokes. In just a few more strokes he pushed hard into me and I could feel his hot cum shooting into my ass as he exclaimed "I'm cumming too!". Jack was watching him and the sight of his lover in such ecstasy sent him over the edge and he made a final thrust into my wife hot pussy. I knew he was filling her cunt with his cum and I saw from the look on her face that it must have been a big load. She dug her fingernails into his back as her hips convulsed once more and then a shiver of pleasure washed over her.

We were all spent; we separated slowly and sunk into a pile of hot flesh, our bodies no longer joined but enjoying the feel of each other's parts. No one spoke, as if we were all in a trance. We just lay there, reveling in the beautiful high from the pot and the sex. I knew that I had just experienced the wildest night of my life, and closed my eyes. I wanted to remember all the sights and sounds and tastes of this night forever.

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