Late evenings parts 12 & 13

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Part 12

Our weekend passed rather quickly because the kids had one sport or another the whole damn time. We didn’t go out on either Friday or Saturday night, which was the standard routine for us anyway. The work week didn’t start off much better as we were all kind of busy. On Monday, Mica came to watch the kids, but Judy wasn’t home because she had to pick up our daughter from school and take her directly to her piano lesson across town. I had meetings all day, and I barely got home in time to let Mica go, which was just before Judy got home as well.

The same basic scenario played out on Mica’s next scheduled work day (Wednesday), with the exception that Judy got home before me after picking up our son from baseball practice. When I got home, Judy and Mica were sitting out by the pool drinking iced tea while the kids played. I popped my head out of the back door and said hello to everyone, and then went to my office to get organized after my meetings.

Just before 5pm, I heard the doorbell ring, and knowing this time that everyone was still outside, I got up and answered the door. Delia was standing there, which made me wonder if Judy and I had some kind of date or event tonight that I had forgotten about. I said to her, “hello Delia, come on in. I’m sorry, but I just got home from a busy day and I can’t remember if Judy and I are going out tonight.” Delia replied, “Oh, I got off a little early from work today and thought I might drop by. Is that okay?”

I led Delia into the kitchen and explained that everyone else was outside and asked if she wanted some iced tea. She said, “Sure, that would be great” and after I poured her a glass we both went to the back to join everyone else. Judy introduced Mica and Delia to each other and I couldn’t help but notice an icy vibe directed by Delia to Mica. Mica might have noticed it as well and looked at her watch and announced that it was 5pm and then asked if we needed anything before she left. Judy said we had it under control and Mica gathered up her bag and left for the evening.

Delia said, “So, that’s the new sitter, huh? I heard you guys hired her. Does that mean you’re not going to use me on weekends any longer?” If I had been drinking iced tea, I would have spit it right out. Before I could respond, Judy calmly (much more calmly than I would have been) and smoothly said to Delia “Mica is just helping out a few days a week when the kids get home. I know that you have a day job, so I never thought to see if you’d be Delia clarified her earlier comments by saying “No, I couldn’t work afternoons, but I try to be available on weekends as long as I’m not already booked. That’s why it’s good when you can give me a few weeks notice.” Judy said really happy with you and your services, so don’t worry about Mica. If you’re unavailable on a weekend, then we might see if Mica can sit for us, but it just wouldn’t be the same.” We all kind of chuckled as the tension dissolved.

Delia then said, “speaking of that, how has been going? Any better?” She looked at Judy and laughingly asked “Do you trust Tom with Mica running around in those little shorts and tanned legs?” I spoke up trying to stifle some nervous laughter “Me? Maybe Mica should be worried about Judy!” Judy blushed a little bit and I said, “Getting back to your question, yes, things do seem to be improving around here. At least, I think so.” Delia looked at Judy expectantly who replied “There certainly has been a lot more sex lately and I’ve been doing things I never thought really considered before.” “Oh? Like what?” asked Delia.

I thought Judy was going to brag about how she gave me a blow job and how we had been fucking a little more often. Instead, she said, “well, for example, right before I picked up our son from baseball practice this afternoon, I was waiting at the field with the other parents. I didn’t really know anyone there so I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I got bored and walked over the concession stand but it was closed because I guess it’s only open for games. Right next to it was the shed where they keep all the equipment. I was about to return to practice when I saw a hunky looking guy walk out with a bag full of baseballs. He looked like he was either in high school or college, was in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He was a bit surprised to see me standing there because no one else was around.”

“I walked up to him and said ‘nice balls’ and I thought he was going to faint! I just giggled a little bit and then took his hand and led him back into the equipment shed. He just stood there with a blank expression and I said to him matter of factly ‘Do you like Not only couldn’t I believe Judy had done this, I couldn’t believe that we were just sitting around the pool before dinner like we were talking about the weather. My cock was on fire and every instinct I had was to jump up and stick it in one of these two horny bitches. Delia looked like she was having as hard of a time keeping her hands from her pussy and tits as I was from keeping mine off of my cock.

Judy, however, just continued breezily about her encounter. “The kid started stammering, saying ‘Uh, yeah, of course.’ I said, ‘then eat mine.’ He looked down and I pushed him to his knees and pulled up my skirt over his head. He started touching me with his fingers, but I told him to just stick his tongue in my cunt and to start licking. He immediately complied and after I was good and wet, I stood him up and slid his shorts down. His cock looked about to explode and there was pre cum all over the tip. I thought about making him jack off just to see if he would do it, but I didn’t have the heart. So, instead, I held onto the pitching machine for support and offered him my ass. I looked back and said ‘Well? What are you waiting for?’ He stuck it right in me and start jackhammering right away. I had kind of forgotten what young guys are like. But, just as I was starting to get really turned on, he came right in me.”

“I turned around and said to him while adjusting my skirt and walked out while he was just staring down at his dick.” I said to Judy “This just happened a couple hours ago?!” She looked at me like I was a moron and said “Yeah, that’s what I said. Right before practice ended. I had to hurry back to the field because they were just getting done and then we came back and started talking to Mica by the pool, and then you came home.” She then turned to Delia and said “Tom needs to get dinner ready for the kids. I need you to help me get cleaned up, so come with me.”

I remained motionless for a moment wondering what she meant by getting ‘cleaned up’ (although I had my suspicions!), and then I headed to the kitchen while they went up stairs to our room.

Part 13

When Judy and Delia got to the bedroom, Delia said to Judy “Wow, that was a great story. You’re really getting quite bold. And, Tom doesn’t seem to mind.” Judy smiled and casually slipped off her skirt and slid her panties down. Delia could see a bunch of sticky cum that was already half dried all over the inside of Judy’s panties. “Yes, I guess I am getting a little more confident. And now, Delia, what I need you to do is to get the rest of that boy’s cum out of my pussy. I think there is probably a little more in there for you.” With that, Judy laid back on the bed and directed Delia’s head between her legs.

Delia immediately noticed the strong funk of stale sex. There were patches of dried cum all over the outside of Judy’s pussy from where it had been held in place by her panties. But, with the moisture of her tongue, it tasted just as good as fresh cum and she started to lick Judy greedily. After cleaning up her mound and inner thighs, she stuck her tongue deep down inside Judy’s pussy. It was very wet and the mixture of pussy juice and the remainder of the boy’s cum was exhilarating. Judy found her own clit and started to rub it really hard. Delia kept licking the inside of Judy’s pussy sucking and searching in vain for one last drop of cum. Finding none, she licked down around Judy’s asshole and then back to her pussy. When she went back to Judy’s asshole and stuck her tongue deep inside, Judy started to cum and began to stiffen up. She removed her own hand from her clit and grabbed Delia’s head to shove her tongue into her ass as deep as possible.

Once her climax relaxed, Judy propped up on her elbows and looked down at Delia saying ”Thanks. I feel much more refreshed now.” Delia stood up and rubbed her own pussy through her shorts for a moment, and as she started to unzip them, Judy said “do me a favor and go see if Tom has finished getting the kids dinner ready. And, when he has, bring him back here.” Delia took a deep breath to compose herself and walked out of the room. In the meantime, Judy changed out of her blouse into a t-shirt and pulled on her short gym shorts.

When Delia walked into the kitchen all flushed with a sticky face, I immediately knew what had happened and just about blew a load in my pants at the thought. I stammered “Hi Delia, where is Judy?” as I took the kids’ plates into the dining room. Delia said, waiting for you to finish getting the kids dinner on the table. I’m supposed to bring you to her.” I looked at the dinner table with the kids laughing and gobbling their meals and said to them. “I want you guys to eat your whole dinners. If you do that, I’ll make popcorn later. When you’re done, you can go start a movie in the family room.” They all said “Yay! Thanks daddy!” and continued eating with their happy banter. I turned to walk from the kitchen and saw that Delia was a half dozen steps ahead of me and already on the stairs.

I did my best not to run to our room, but got there quickly nonetheless. When we entered, Judy was puttering around straightening things up. Delia and I stood there expectantly and Judy said to me “Tom, you really should give poor Delia a good fucking. I’m afraid her pussy is quite worked up by now.” Delia turned to look at me and started fumbling with her shorts. I fumbled with my pants as well and in no time Delia was flat on her back on our bed. She grabbed her knees and spread her legs as far apart as possible. I literally dove onto the bed headfirst and greedily started sucking her pussy. I licked for a couple minutes and was torn between eating her pussy and fucking her. I really wanted to bang her long and hard, but I was already about to cum after hearing Judy’s story.

I couldn’t take it any longer and moved up over Delia. She was still holding her legs open with her hands under her knees. I stalled momentarily by squeezing and sucking her tits. I moved up all the way and kissed her briefly before sticking my dick inside. I thought maybe I could go real slow and try to last, but Delia wrapped her legs around me and pulled me hard with her arms and started to fuck me furiously. I tried desperately to think of something else but was lost to the passion and fire of Delia’s hot and raging pussy. In a couple minutes, I dumped what felt like a world record of cum into her. She kept bucking until I started to go limp and I rolled off of her.

I looked up and realized that Judy had been patiently standing beside the bed the entire time. She looked at me and said “Go get yourself cleaned up.” When I came back from the bathroom a minute later, I found Judy’s head deep between Delia’s legs trying to suck her intestines out through her pussy. She was absolutely ravenous as she licked Delia’s pussy and asshole. Judy’s gym shorts clad ass was sticking in the air with her back arched. I walked over and rubbed her ass and fingered her pussy a bit – the little slut wasn’t even wearing panties. Delia was really starting to moan and I wanted to stick my dick in Judy and fuck her brains out, but I had just cum about 3 minutes ago and all I could do was grope her lustily.

With her shorts still on, I kept fingering her pussy and then used the index finger of my other hand to finger her asshole. She pushed back a little to encourage me but she was mostly preoccupied with Delia’s pussy. Judy started to focus her tongue on Delia’s clit and Delia began to shake her head from side to side and used both hands to squeeze her own tits. She then started raising her hips violently into Judy’s mouth, and Judy did her best to hang on. Delia started a long groan and pushed Judy’s head away as her entire body stiffened for a few seconds.

Judy backed away from Delia and rolled onto her back panting as I removed my fingers from her pussy and ass. Both of them were trying to catch their breath and I stood there absentmindedly licking my fingers and rubbing my dick. Finally, Delia sat up and started to get dressed. She said, “I need to get going. I have a date in about 45 minutes. I hope you two have a great weekend.” Delia left the bedroom and showed herself out of the front door. Judy looked at me and then turned to go into the bathroom to change into some pajama pants and then she went downstairs to watch the movie with the kids. I went to the dining room and cleared the dishes into the kitchen. I made a sandwich for myself and called out to see if Judy wanted anything. She said, “No thanks, I had a late snack.”

While eating my sandwich, I popped a couple bowls of popcorn and then took them over to the family room where we finished watched the movie together.

story by: StAugustus

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Author: StAugustus

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