Lessons from my cousin, part 3

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Part 3

The afternoon progress with a strain from the events that had happened earlier that day and I felt terrible about causing it. I sat all alone down in the family room and listened as the clouds turned into a light rain. The wind picked up and I heard the distant sound of thunder as the skies darkened. With a blinding flash from a bolt of lightning and an immediate clap of thunder resounding off of the walls to the house, I walked over to the window and gazed out at the impending storm.

I liked it when it stormed. It was so exciting to watch and listen to the powerful strength of the wind and rain. But after today, I knew so much more about getting excited and that made it all the more thrilling. I sat back down on the sofa and wondered if I should go up to the room a face my sister and my cousin and see just how mad they were at me. I knew that I had to go up soon because my Momma would be home any time and I was still dressed in my sundress with no underwear under it and I didn’t want her to see me dressed like this.

I was just about to suck it up and go face the music when a heard my name being called from upstairs. It was my sister Laura calling and she said, “Kristy, would you come up here please, we want to talk to you.”

I thought that it was just as well to get it over with and headed up the stairs. When I entered the room, I saw Laura and Leslie sitting on Laura’s bed, both of them fully clothes in shorts and tee shirts. They had smiles on their faces, even Leslie and I felt a little better about this conversation that we were about to have.

I came in and stood before the pair like a summoned slave with my head properly bowed until Leslie finally said, “Kristy, I’m sorry for barking at you earlier. I was so sexually aroused that all I wanted was to get myself off and your refusal I saw as the last straw. So I yelled at you and I really feel bad about it. Will you forgive me? I really am sorry.”

I looked up and gave her a quick but earnest smile and said, “Yeah, if you can forgive me. I don’t know why I just couldn’t, ah, you know, just do it but something kept me from, ah, doing it, you know. I mean I really wanted to because it seemed so exciting but I just couldn’t make myself.” My voice trailed off into silence as my eyes diverted away from hers to go back down to my hands that I was wringing.

Suddenly Leslie stood up and came over and put her arms around me and gave me a big hug and said, “We both acted stupidly that’s for sure but it’s behind us now and we have to move on.” She put her hand on my chin and drew it up so she could look into my eyes and said through her pouty lips, “I don’t want to leave with my cousin being mad at me now do I?”

Our little tiff came to a shrieking halt before it really got started and we were all friends once again as we joked and played around. When Momma came home, nothing could have told her that we had any problems at all as we were down in the family room, playing that board game that I had suggested earlier that afternoon as it continued to rain into the night.

I went into the bathroom to take my shower and get ready for bed that evening as usual and when Leslie came out with a towel wrapped around her head again, I suddenly noticed that she was wearing a pair of pajamas for the first time but no one, not even I, mentioned a word of this change. After she blew her hair dry and got into bed, Laura walked over to the light switch and telling us a good night, turned off the light and scurried back into her bed. I listened for any activity from the two but hearing nothing but loud breathing, I rolled over and went right to sleep.

Early the next morning, before my alarm went off, I woke up and looked over at my fellow room mates and found them each in their own beds still asleep. I was almost disappointed by the separation and I wished that things would get back to the way they were before that incident yesterday down in the family room. I snuck out of the room and went down to see if my Momma was getting ready for work.

I got downstairs just as she was about to head out to her car and noticing me come into the kitchen, she stopped for a moment, turned around and asked, “Kristy, you didn’t happen to go into our room yesterday did you?”

“No, why would I do that? You don’t like us to go in there.” I lied to her.

“Oh no reason I guess. Have a good day Honey and stay out of trouble,” she said heading out to the garage and closing the door behind her.

“Oh shit,” I thought. “She must have noticed her panties on top of the laundry last night instead of under the other contents. How stupid can you be Kristy?”

Vowing to double my caution over what we all were doing every day here all alone, I couldn’t wait to warn my sister and cousin about this little error and see what they had to say about it. I fixed my breakfast before heading back up to wake my cohorts in crime and to include them in my warning and as I approached the door that led into the room, I heard once again a low voice coming from the other side so I stopped to listen intently at the doorway.

Hearing nothing more than normal conversation, I entered the room and found the two of them sitting on Laura’s bed, chatting about their desired activities that day. Before I could even open my mouth, Leslie stood up, smiled at me and said, “Kristy, you didn’t do what Laura did yesterday and today, you have to pay the penalty for it. Rules are rules and you didn’t follow them />
I looked over into Laura’s eyes to get comfort from the words that Leslie was saying. Laura just kind of smiled and gave me knowing shrug of her shoulders that told me plainly, “Yeah, she’s right. You have to live up to the bargain.” I felt defeated and trapped so I looked down at my hands that were fidgeting with the hem of my night gown as Leslie said, “Now go in and take a shower and when you have finished, come out a see what you have to do.”

I walked over to my dresser and opened the drawer to pull out some fresh underwear but Leslie stopped me by saying, “I didn’t say anything about you having to get clean things to put on. I just told you to go in and take a shower. That’s all.”

A feeling of dread suddenly came over me and I wanted to run out of the room but I didn’t. I couldn’t move I felt so helpless. Laura said in a sympathetic voice, “just go in a do what you’re told. It’ll be />
My feet started to walk into the bathroom and my hands turned on the shower and opened the door. I stepped into the spray and I washed all over my body but my mind was still on my punishment for not following the rules. I thought that it all had been resolved last night with the hug but evidently it had not. Now, turning off the shower and grabbing the towel to dry my body off with, I knew that I had to perform something embarrassing in from of my sister and my cousin and I didn’t like the sound of it one bit.

I opened the bathroom door and walked out with my hands down covering my bare crotch. Leslie snickered at me I looked so pathetic. I walked over to where they were sitting and stood there waiting to find out my punishment. Leslie cleared her throat and began to explain what I had to do.

“Kristy, you seem to be embarrassed over your development. You seem to forget that you are two or three years behind Laura and I. You wish that your breasts were bigger and your bush was fuller don’t you?” she asked but not waiting for an answer. She continued to say, “Well, I’ve decided, no, we’ve decided to bring you back to reality and have you shave yourself down there.”

She reached under the bed and brought out a bowl full of hot water, a can of shaving cream, a towel and a hand mirror. She stood up and gave her place on the bed to me and as I looked over at my sister, she did the same. I looked at the razor and the bowl of hot water and sighed a deep sigh.

“I’ve never used one of those things on my, ah, down there before. What happens if I cut myself or something?” I asked.

“Then you will bleed. I’d be careful if I were you. Now sit down, lather yourself up and start to shave that pussy of yours.” she told me.

I heard her call it a pussy and I know that that’s it name but I could feel my cheeks flush as I opened my legs up and grabbed the can of shaving cream. I was just about to squirt some the contents out onto my hand, when a heard her suggest, “I’d first place a warm, damp towel over the area before I applied the shaving cream. It helps make it softer but with your hair so fine and light, I don’t think it would make any />
I put the damp towel on my crotch area, or pussy as Leslie called it, and felt the nice sensation of its warmth soaking through from the cloth. After a bit, I removed the towel and squirted out a bit of the foamy substance into my hand and looked down between my legs. I’d never looked down at it from this angle before and I was struck at how pretty it actually was.

My lower abdomen gave way to the puffy little lips where my pubic hair started its growth. As it bulged out just a little, the separation of those lips became well defined by the tight little slit down the middle where it hid my treasures from the human eye. I couldn’t see any further down without the aid of a mirror and I didn’t need that just yet.

I applied the cream on my Pubis area, right before my lips separated where my hair was the thickest and that wasn’t saying very much at that. But as I grabbed onto the razor, I stopped and thought about what I was about to do. Then very carefully, I drug the razor up from my lips, taking the cream and hopefully all of the pubic hair that was growing under the foam. What was left was a clean patch of hairless area and I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had accomplished my goal and I didn’t even cut myself.

I continued to shave off what little hair that was visibly growing in that area and when I stop for an inspection, I found it all clean and free of any hair. It looked too familiar because not that long ago, I looked exactly like that down there. I started to put the razor away when Leslie said, “I don’t think that you are through yet, do you?”

“I think so,” I replied.

“What about the hair growing around your lips and between your legs, you know, further down,” she asked with her eyebrows raised.

I looked back down between them and really had to bend my back in order to see anything. If anything was growing there, I didn’t see it so I said, “I don’t think that I have anything growing down there yet.”

“Not even the frog hairs? You know, the fine little hairs that are blonde or white, what about those?” she insisted.

“I don’t see anything of any color growing down between my legs,” I insisted.

“Well, I do. Do you want me to take over for you?” she asked impatiently.

“If you can see any then be my guest,” I said in disgust but when her hand came up and pushed me back down on my back and she ordered me to raise my knees and spread my legs out wide, I felt as vulnerable as I did with my knees over my head and touching the floor yesterday. I took in my breath and wondered how this was going to go.

As I waited for something to happen, my breathing became rapid and heart started to race. Then I heard the swush of the can of shaving cream as she took a load of it and slowly applied it generously over my crotch area with her hand. I felt her fingers spreading the lather upon my delicate skin and I also felt the soothing warmth of the foam as it covered the area destined to be scraped. But first she had to rub it in all over my pussy and she was taking her own sweet time. It felt deliciously naughty having someone spread the foam all over your private parts but to have it spread on it over and over, well it was down right exciting.

My breathing continued to be strained as I arched my back just a little, trying to encourage her to finish the job at hand but it was useless because she had her mind made up that she wasn’t going to be rushed from her favorable position. Her fingers spread the foam out evenly over the entire area, paying attention to where my legs met my junction and where my slit spit into my lips. I didn’t know I had that much hair down where she was spreading the shaving cream but as I finally felt her reach for the razor, I wondered just how much she was enjoying this little act of hers.

I tightened up instinctively as she made a pass with the cutting edge of the razor. I felt the smoothness of her stroke and relaxed just a bit. Then I felt another and this time I felt it over my lips. A strange sensation crept over my groin as she applied a little pressure in between my slit as I held my breath. I then felt her fingers brushing over the last pass of the razor as she slightly ran it into my canal. I moaned out loud and jerked my hips away from her touch.

“Hold still now,” she warned, “I don’t want to cut you, especially not right there.”

I let out my breath and took in another as she placed the razors edge on the inside of my thigh, right next to my pussy lips and scraped down and around until it finally came up on my puffy lip. Then she repeated the process but this time it was a little higher and it ended just above where my clitoris was hiding. But the pressure made me anticipate the razor touching my little love button and I could not help myself from crying out.

wrong Kristy?” she asked. you trust me?”

“I do,” I gasped, “but I don’t know what to do. I’m getting so excited that I’m afraid that I will move at the wrong time and you might cut me with the razor. Can you please hurry?”

“You have to trust the fact that I won’t cut you,” she said in a reassuring tone. “Now just try and relax so I can finish up this part.”

Try as I might I couldn’t relax at all because of the stimulation that the razor was bringing to the event and I was afraid that I would hyperventilate if I didn’t watch out. She quickly made a couple more passes with the razor and then she pressed on the backs of my legs and said, “Pick up your legs and place them over your head.”

I wanted to cry out but I was so confused by my emotions that I could only comply with her wishes. Then I felt the sharpness of the razor as she applied it over my butt hole and my panic escaped out of my mouth. “OH MY GOD LESLIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Just making sure all of the hair has been shaved off of my pretty little girl’s behind. That does it for now so you can lower your legs back down to the bed,” she told me.

As I did what was told, I felt her entire hand run the length of my crotch and a soothing voice tell me how smooth it now felt. But her hand didn’t stop after one feel as her fingers began to probe between my two freshly shaved lips and then I felt an electric jolt as she reached my little clitoris. I took in a breath in a sharp, gasping gulp as I moaned out loud and moved my hips involuntarily. She touched it again and this time I saw stars as the sensation went right down inside of my womb.

Leslie was now pressing my two lips together and rubbing on my clit through the fold of skin that surrounded her target and as I spread out my legs even wider and arched my back skyward into the pressure, she placed her little finger right at my vagina and pressed into it just an inch or so. I went wild as the unexpected pleasure continued to build until I felt the overwhelming feeling start to erupt from my opening. I madly was tossing my head from side to side while holding my breath as it hit me like a ton of bricks.

It exploded out of me like a gigantic volcano that erupted out of the earth with its spewing hot liquid. I could feel my juices flood out of my vaginal opening and spray all over myself, the bed and Leslie’s hand. I was writhing about, not believing what was happening to me as I tried to squeeze the most of my new found sensation but as I squirmed and jerk myself into a frenzy, the only thing that I could possibly do to satisfy the need I felt from my gut was to press down with my hands right over my own pussy.

I rolled to my side and convulsed myself into unconsciousness with both hands planted firmly between my tightly pressed legs. There I rested for the longest time until I once again could think and respond normally.

I heard a voice whispered into my ear. “Are you />
It was my sister bending over my naked body, shaking me gently back into this world. “Oh my god,” I panted in response to my awakening. “I can’t believe what happened to me. It felt wonderfully delicious, so I can’t think. I just want to shake myself all over it felt />
Leslie offered.

I repeated slowly. />
Laura leaned over my body and pressed her face down to mine, indicating that she wanted to kiss me right on the mouth. I didn’t hesitate or draw back from her genuine gesture of affection but lifted my head up and graciously accepted her sign of love. As my lips met hers and they melted into a combining of affection, I felt her lips separate just a little as I got the feeling that it felt so right to do the same.

We continued to press our lips together and move them around, trying to feel the pleasure that was building up in our show of love for each other. Our mouths became open orifices of that love and as we became more and more willing, they turned into gigantic openings of lust. Our tongues started to intertwine around each other and our hands went out in search of the others acceptance. But as I was running my hand down on her leg, she suddenly broke off the kiss and sat back up on her haunches.

wrong?” I asked, disappointed in her reaction.

“Oh nothing my sweet, wonderful sister,” she said, panting just a little. “Before we go too far, Leslie and I have a little surprise for you. Close your eyes and keep them closed until I say that you can open them, okay?”

“God, I don’t know if I can take any more surprise,” I only half way joked. I closed my eyes and rolled over on my back and waited. I heard the rustling of clothes and a little giggle and then I felt the mattress give into some weight being applied to it. Then I heard Laura say, “Okay, you can open your eyes.”

When I did, I was focusing on two shaved crotches. They were as clean and bare as mine was and I put my hand to my mouth and blurted out, “Oh my God, you’ve shaved your pussies also,” and laughed out loud in disbelief. “Why did you shave,” I cried out my question.

It was Leslie who answered. “Well, we knew that being the youngest of the three of us and the east developed also, you were probably a little self conscious of showing your pussy so we decide to start over and make us all like ten year olds and become bare as a baby’s butt.”

“What do you do about your boobies,” I asked jokingly.

She laughed out loud and covered her chest. She paused and then answered my question, just have to pretend that you are slow developing or something. I’m not cutting them off for />
I don’t know what got into me but I rose up on one elbow and extended my other hand out and touched Leslie’s bare breast with it and said in a coy little voice, “I wouldn’t either, not if I had a pair like you do.”

She was shocked and speechless for a brief moment and then she bent forward and placed her lips down on mine. It felt so natural to press my lips against hers and she opened her mouth to mine, I accepted her kiss as I accepted her affection. She slowly lay down beside me and immediately took the dominant position on top. She moved her hands up to my cheeks as she ground into our kiss with her mouth. It felt delicious being kissed by Leslie and I felt that I could do no wrong.

Her breasts were pressed into my tiny protrusions as she again proved her dominance in the situation and as she continued to ravish my mouth with hers, she took complete control by separating her knees and straddling my poor little body. She sat back up and looked down into my eyes. I didn’t see a smile in those eyes. I didn’t see any love like I saw in Laura’s. What I saw was pure lust, a craving that could only be satisfied through having her way with me and I knew it.

I stretched my hand up to place it on her cheek and then moved it over to her mouth. She opened it and I stuck in a finger. She closed her lips on it, never taking her eyes off of mine, and sucked it deep into her mouth. I swallowed hard as I moved my other hand to rest on her breast. She closed her eyes as she continued to take my finger as far as she could in between her sucking lips and then I felt something or someone crawl between my legs so I spread them far apart, inviting my sister’s full exploration.

I wasn’t disappointed when she ran her fingers up on my shaved vulva and dragging them back down through my slit. I groaned loudly as I closed my eyes and then I felt her hot breath hovering over my wide open pussy. I held my breath as the panting breath got closer and closer and then I felt her lips start to kiss my bare pussy and I exploded with my own lustful hip thrust.

I cried out loud as Leslie slowly scooted up on my body and as I felt my sister tongue separate my lips between my legs I opened my eyes to be staring right into the loveliest bare crotch in the world. It was hovering a couple of inches over my face and as I moved both hands down to her hips, she lowered them down until I was smelling her fresh, womanly odor emanating from between those beautiful legs. She stopped a mere inch above my mouth so I pressed my hand onto her hips and guided it down onto my mouth.

She groaned at making contact with my lips but as I opened them and stuck out my tongue and began to lick along her lips, she threw back her head and spread out her knees a little further. I tasted her juices as slowly brought my tongue to bear on her opening. I was panting in between licks as Laura was busily flicking her tongue over my clit and running her finger down to explore my opening. I was still a virgin with my cherry in tact and I only hoped that I would stay that way until tomorrow at least.

The feeling of her tongue teasing my clitoris was driving me crazy with lust. I once again wanted to feel the glorious release that had left me so wonderfully exhausted only a few short moments before and I knew that I would only settle for a repeat of the sensation. So I doubled my efforts with my mouth and then I remembered my hand was free, so I put it into action also.

Prying from behind, I felt for Leslie’s opening and as I finally found it, rammed it in all the way until I was ramming my fist into her vagina. She groaned a little and bent forward just enough to expose her openings for my manual assault. So I switched my thumb for my middle finger and placed my wet finger on her butt hole and as she grunted her approval and raised her butt into the air, I inserted my middle finger up into her ass and started pumping my hand into her two openings.


Laura heard her demands so she placed her finger right at my own opening. It felt so wonderfully naughty and I had to try it so I raised my butt up in the air just enough to show her where I wanted it and she slowly pressed it into my rectum. At first it felt awkward like a preverbal “Cob up your butt” but as she began to move it in and out, the sensation became electric. I began to raise and lower my hips in time with her insertions as she continued to work her magic with her tongue. I was about ready to explode but first there was one cousin that needed my attention.

She was working her clit on my mouth as I was pumping my hand in her crotch and both were having their desired affect. She was getting closer and closer to having her orgasm and from her ever increasing verbal encouragement, she wasn’t that far away. I could feel my own release building as Laura now was sucking right on my clit. I was going wild with desire and when I thought that I could build it no longer, it came over me like a train and I bucked my hips away from her oral and manual stimulation and I cried out through Leslie’s two wet lips, “OH MY GOD I’M />
At that very moment, Leslie released a flood from her vagina that coated my hand, wrist and chin. She rocked on my face as she ground her open crotch into my face. she cried out in an ever higher voice. “OH GOD KRISTY! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM ALL OVER YOU! OH MY GOD!” she shrieked.

As she came, she slid off of my face to cuddle into a ball on her side. I felt the same way but I wanted to share my experience with my sister so I reached down and pulled her into my arms and held her close as I tried to come down from my own orgasm. Laura just held me and rocked me into a peaceful slumber. I felt safe in her arms as I slipped into />
We continued to make love with each other for quite some time in the future, well after Leslie went back to New York. Laura even broke my cherry with a vibrator that she discovered in Momma’s underwear drawer. It kind of stung right after it got broken but the feeling I got after it healed was worth any pain that I had to endure.

But it all came to an end, like I knew it would, in Laura’s junior year when she met Patrick and fell madly in love with him and his dick. So she graduated from my thumb and a vibrator to his big dick and she never was happier. She got married during her sophomore year in colleges, not to Patrick but to a nice guy called Bud and she is now the mother of two wonderful girls. We meet every year at a hotel for the weekend just to keep our juices flowing but she has a life now that I wouldn’t change if I could.

As for Cousin Leslie, well she got pregnant in her senior year and dropped out and never went back to school. Her first marriage didn’t go well as her second and third didn’t either. The last that I have heard about her was that she was shacked up with some guy who just got out of prison and that she has gained 70 pounds at least. I haven’t seen her since saying good bye at the bus station and I don’t miss her at all. But I can say that I appreciate her lessons and I always will.

For me, well I went on to love a few women. I took a lover in high school and that lasted for two years when we broke up. I had three or four women in college but nothing too serious but after I graduated with my MBA and was out on the lecture tour, I met Marty and I had never been happier than I am from finding my true love. She is my life now and I couldn’t possibly live without her and I never look back and wonder what would have happened if Leslie had never shown up at our house that summer. Would I be as happy as I am now? I doubt it.

The End

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