Lessons from the barnyard, part i

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As the pair of teenagers walked towards the barn on that fateful Saturday morning, heading out to do their weekly chores of feeding the animals and cleaning their stalls, Ol’ Elmer the aging bull decided to take that very moment to mount the youngest year old cow heifer for her very first time. She let out a bawl that told everyone that she wasn’t too happy about taking Elmer’s huge rod. Bobby looked away with a grin on her face as she turned a bright color of red and Junior glanced over with pride as he knew that in a few months they would be having a new arrival out of that young cow.

It wasn’t as if they had never seen nor knew about what animals do to reproduce because they had each grown up on their own farms, but to witness it actually happening when you are in your teen years in front of a member of the opposite sex, well let’s just say it was awkward at best. But as uncomfortable as it was, the sight still started their juices flowing just a little bit as they each had a sudden urge down it their gut to scratch that little itch growing down in their loins.

They were the best of buddies, the two of them, even though Junior was a couple years older than Bobby and they were of the opposite sex. They had known each other their entire lives ever since Roberta Jane Olson (alias: Bobby) burst out of her Mommy womb back some 16 years ago right across the road at the Olson’s farmhouse. Everyone knew that they were kind of smitten with each other and assumed one day they would become a couple.

It is a long, sad story, but briefly, Bobby’s and Junior’s parents had grown up together in this Mid-Western part of the country and as soon as they graduated high school, eloped and had a double wedding in the next state over. When they came home and told their parents what they did, although somewhat disappointed in their lack of sound judgment, they welcomed the two couples into their homes and continued farming the land that had been passed down to them from their fathers.

Well, it wasn’t too long after both couples turned up pregnant with very similar due dates. But when Mrs. Olson went into early labor and gave birth three months early to a very sickly boy, they all grieved and hoped that he would make it alright. But when it was time for Junior to be born, the Olson family buried their young boy. It was a time of unbelievable joy and sadness at the same time.

It took the Olson almost a year and a half to fully recover from their loss, but when Mrs. Olson became pregnant once again, both couples prayed for a safe nine months. The rest is history and that explains just how close these two kids are to each other. But that doesn’t tell you why they were over at Junior’s barn on that Saturday doing chores for Junior’s father.

Carl McKinney, Junior’s daddy took over the farm upon the sudden passing of Mr. McKinney of a heart attack some ten years ago. Rich Olson, Bobby’s daddy had to wallow in the shadow of his daddy until he retired two years ago. Carl was a shrewd business man while Rich was a dreamer and he felt that his daddy had held him back from his destiny and he had to make up for lost time.

The two farms had always grown two crops; corn and grains, grains and corn and had done quite nicely for the families. But Rich was a dreamer and he dreamed of instant wealth so on his first year in control, he rolled the dice on a certain strand of corn that would double his yield, and thus his profits, so he planted his entire farm in this new hybrid crop.

It was later found that it was very susceptible to disease and Rich had to plow under his entire investment and that meant the farm was in serious trouble. So serious that the bank called the loan in and the Olson’s were facing foreclosure. Carl could not standby and let that happen so he bought the farm from his life long buddy Rich with the understanding that if they could ever manage to buy it back, they would have the first option. In the mean time, Carl sold off a five acre parcel with the house to his friend to keep them near to his family. Bobby stayed very close to Junior and offered to come over on the weekends to help him with the chores.

At least that was the official story, but if the truth be known instead of just suspected, Bobby had had a crush on Junior her whole life and she would do or say anything just to be around him, even enduring the humility of watching his bull Elmer fornicate with that young cow. But as she walked into the darkness of the barn ahead of Junior and her pupils grew wide to adjust to the darkness, she just had to lower her hand and scratch the itch that was driving her crazy. Junior also walked into the welcome shade from the interior of the barn because he suddenly realized that on close inspection of his crotch, anyone could, including his life long friend walking before him, see the unwanted bulge sticking out, leading his way forward.

Little did Bobby know that she had been, more than once by the way, the subject of Junior’s fantasy in his few dates with Rosie Palm and he was longing for his fantasy to be played out. But he was too shy and too afraid that she might reject any romantic movement that he might make to actually make the first move. So he, like many others have done, decided to sit back and wait to jerk off in the privacy of his dark bedroom.

It wasn’t at if they had never been exposed to the others body before. When they were barely old enough to remember, their parents had bathed them in the same bath. They played Doctor before in a show and tell discovery of each other. The there was the strange pissing contest from the loft of Junior’s barn down to the ground out the hay entry of the loft. Junior won that one but they each knew about the other’s anatomy so there should have been no shyness about the topic. But there was and it was getting greater not easier to talk about such things. But after seeing Ol’ Elmer mount that cow and hearing her bawl her brains out, something clicked in their brains and would not let go.

On this particular Saturday morning, their parents, all four of them, had gone into town to a political rally of interest to them all. They left the kids to their Saturday ritual of tending to the few livestock that they had left and told them that they would be home by mid-afternoon. It was not unusual to leave the teenagers to their own duties because they had always done a good job and had never disappointed them. But little did they know that on this morning, Ol’ Elmer would lead their kids astray.

Junior’s chore was to clean out the stalls and bring in the fresh saw dust of the animals while Bobby fed them out in the yard so as he bent over his shovel, scooping up the soiled stuff from the stalls and taking it out back to the pile, his mind was busy trying to think of a way to tell Bobby just how he felt about her. He shoveled and thought and pushed the wheel barrel full of cow shit out to the pile and as he walked back into the barn, there was Bobby putting the bucket back up on the nail on the stall where it was kept.

Before he knew what to say, the name came out of his mouth.

she replied.

Bobby, I want to ask you something,” he stammered.

“Yeah, what?”

“Be like Elmer,” he thought to himself. “Just be like Elmer and take what you want.”

He turned to her and put down his shovel into the wheel barrow. She looked on with confusion written all over her face. He took two steps over to where she was standing and towered over her 5’ 2” little body. She was a trim 95 pounds but she filled out her clothes real nice. Her round little butt stretched her faded jeans out tight and her dirty tee shirt couldn’t quite conceal her smallish globes from his eyes. Her light blue eyes followed his serious face as he walked next to her and as she had to crane her neck upward to see into his dark blown eyes, her cheeks turned a crimson red from embarrassment.

“Bobby, we’ve known each other for all our lives. I’ve never really known anyone else other that you in this way before,” he told her in a firm soft voice. Her ears were burning with his words and her heart was pounding at their meaning.

“What was he saying to me? What was he doing?” she thought. “He’s standing so close, so close I can almost smell his wonderful scent. Oh my God, is this the moment?”

“Bobby, can I kiss you?” he finally asked.

She continued to look up into those beautiful brown eyes as he lowered his lips down and slowly closed them. Her eyes did likewise as her lips met his. Bells went off in her brain as his mouth covered hers. A feeling of complete euphoria went coursing through her entire body as she felt his arm start to encompass her soul and pull her into his firm body. This was the moment that she had only hoped for. He was kissing her with all of the feeling that she had only dreamt of and prayed for and she was kissing him back. She put her arms around his back and allowed them to pull him into her.

Then it was over. He pulled away and broke the magic of their first kiss. He looked down into her watering eyes and gave her the slightest of grins. She bit her lip as he caressed her on the cheek and then he said the most magical words in the world.

“I think I love you Roberta Olson. I think that I am hopelessly, completely in love with you,” he smiled at her.

A tear of complete joy escaped down her cheek and he wiped it away with his finger. He grinned once again and this time pressed his lips upon hers with all of the pent up passion that had been accumulating in his young body for the many years he had known her. She melted into his arms as she opened her mouth to greet his many kisses and as his lips separated more, she kept pace with her own.

His strong hands were kneading her shoulders blades and the small of her back, grinding and pulling her into him. Hers were pulling on his shoulders as if trying to climb up his front to devour him into her mouth. As they pressed their bodies together, their bellies met and then their crotches and an excited groan escaped her lips.

He pulled away and looked down at her, searching her eyes for permission to continue. They sent a message of confusion, fear and yet willingness as her lower lip found its place between her teeth. He gave her a slight, knowing yet loving smile and took her arm and guided her over to a freshly laid hay stall. He grabbed an old horse blanket that had adorned the stall ever since the horse had died several years ago and threw it over the straw and saw dust floor. It smelt of old horse sweat but it didn’t deter his motives. Then, looking straight into her eyes, he bent down and removed her sneakers from her feet. Tossing them to one side, he took her hand and lowered her down on the blanket. Her heart stopped beating as she lay down on her back.

He made short work of his work shoes and stripped off his tee shirt in one swift movement and then lay down next to her. He could hear her heart pounding over his as he turned on his side to caress her cheek. Her lip was still being chewed and her eyes were as wide as they could be but she wanted this more than anything in the world. She was going to give herself completely to the boy that she loved.

As he lay beside her, he bent in to give her a softest kiss imaginable. Barely brushing her lips with his and caressing her soft smooth cheekbone, he rolled his body so that he was partially on top of her as he increased the pressure of the kiss. She relented to his lips and body position by moving her knee out wider and felt his knee fall between her legs. She moaned involuntarily as she moved her arms around his body and drew him down upon her.

Their passion continued to rise as she sensed his erection grinding into her hip and she felt the unbelievable thrill of his knee pressing into her crotch. She opened her mouth to accept his oral assault and arched her neck in an attempt to press her warm bosom into his muscular bare chest. He sensed her need and moved his hand from her shoulder to her tummy were it soon found the softness of her bare skin. Without missing a beat, his hand started up her trembling belly until it found her bra covering its treasured contents and there it rested for a moment to flex and squeeze the soft hand sized globe. She held her breath realizing that it was the first time that any boy had felt her there and she longed to feel it directly on her bare skin.

Junior was kissing her wildly as his knee pressed into her crotch. His hand was fondling her breast through her bra and his other hand was resting on her shoulder. But he wanted more, he needed more and he was going to get more. As he rolled off of her onto his back, he pulled her over with him so she settled right on top of him with her legs on either side of his. Her eyes were closed and she was kissing him passionately. His hands went down to her rear end and pulled her hard so that her crotch dug into his stiff erection. She moaned through her kissing and rocked her hips along his massive, hard rod. He almost exploded with his need as he raised his two hands under her tee shirt on her back and felt for her bra snap.

For never having to negotiate the perils of undoing a bra from its fastened position before, Junior hit a homerun on his first attempt as it sprang free of the tension and dropped away from its duties. Bobby suddenly sat up straight and looked questioningly into his eyes. He saw the look on her face and wondered if he had gone too far. She didn’t smile, she didn’t frown. She looked as if she had a decision to make and not a lot of time to make it. Then, in an instant with the decision being made, she grabbed the hem of the tee shirt she was wearing and slowly pulled it over her head, taking the bra with it.

When this was accomplished, the garment was caught on her shoulders and covering her chest. She looked down into those lustful eyes of his before making the ultimate decision to go forward with this. Then, very slowly, she grabbed the hem and lowered the tee shirt off of her shoulders and moved it downward, taking her bra with it and exposing her naked breasts to her one true love.

Junior response was perfectly spontaneous and completely natural and it couldn’t have been better received if he planned it out to the last detail. His mouth dropped open as his eyes grew wide and a slight guttural sound emanated from down in his chest. His vision glassed over as he tried to clear his head and then he muttered, “Oh Bobby. You are so beautiful. My God, I swear, I’ve never seen anything more wondrous in me entire life. Bobby, I love you.”

Her lily white breasts were firm and so very touchable. Her areolas were small and pink yet strong enough to support two little pebbles on top which were just starting to stick out a little. They were perky and so smooth that he almost started to cry with his desire to touch each one.

She blushed at the complement and lowered her eyes down to his tummy and then, running the back of her finger tips along the exposed waistband of his under shorts, she suddenly stopped at his fly and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down over his erection. She looked back up into his eyes and gave him a little smile. She pressed forward with her chest and lowered her breasts down to his mouth. The look in his eyes was one of unbelievable joy. He opened his lips to accept one of her perky pebbles into his mouth and as he closed around it and started to suckle, Bobby entire life melted into those lips.

He was now out of control; sucking, licking, pulling her butt and pressing his hips up towards her crotch. She was in no better condition as she experienced the utter thrill of having her entire body played like a fiddle. The softness of his lips around her begging little nipples, the warm full contact with his massive erection pushing its presence up into her crotch and his hands roaming all over her bare back and her wide open butt, all were driving her nearer the edge of desire and she was starting to pant out her eagerness.

Then once again, he rolled her over onto her back and mounted her hip. This time he didn’t press his knee into her crotch but instead placed his hand down there and started to insert it into her jeans and panties. Having the utter thrill of feeling his bare hand groping her bare private area was too much for her to take so she opened her legs out wide and raised up her hips to meet his hand and let out a scream of release as she tried to devour his stimulating hand and finger into her vagina.

He felt the flood of juices coming from her opening and plied it open with his fingers. Then, feeling the wetness of her slit, he ran his finger up until he encountered a small little bump and as he ran his finger over it Bobby exploded into another oral fit and clamped down with her legs as she tried to protect her most sensual place from his finger. He didn’t know what had just happened but judging from her outburst, he knew that he had brought his lover a great deal of satisfaction.

She was mad with lust now that she had experienced her first orgasmic explosion. It was far better than anything she had felt from her own hand and she knew that she wanted more. She twisted herself under his full weight and grabbed him by the butt. Then her hands went inside of his jeans and pulled on his underwear as she tried to slide them off. He got up on his knees and reached down to remove them down to his legs and soon he was naked as a jay bird.

Looking down at Bobby, he saw an eager young girl who was about to become a woman and he could hardly restrain his emotion. He reached under her back side and tugged on her jeans. They gave way to her panties and as she raised her knees up over her chest to remove them, they peeled down off of her legs, taking her underwear partially down with them. They came down over her butt but got caught up at her waist so when she once again lowered her legs down and stretched them out straight her pale yellow panties were bunched up around her crotch protecting her pubic mound from his exploring eyes.

Kneeling next to her, he continued to gaze down at her beauty and her panting anticipation. He couldn’t help but give her a slight, reassuring smile. He didn’t know why his smile should be reassuring since he was in total unfamiliar territory. It was his first time with a real girl and he was flying blind. He had read what to do and where to touch a girl but his technique was totally untried. So he just did what he thought she would like and right now, he thought she would like to have her pubic area touched.

He lowered his finger tips down to her bunched up panties and watched as she closed her eyes and held her last breath. She tummy muscles trembled a little under his soft finger tips and then her air exploded out of her lungs when she felt his soft touch go inside of the remaining thin garment. As it reached the top of her wet little slit she involuntarily closed her knees around his fingers and her hips jerked away.

His hand slowly pulled down her panties and removed them down to her thighs. His eyes stopped to admire the curve of her young body. From her perky round breasts to her firm tight tummy, down over the expanse of her abdomen to the flair of her hips, his eyes explored down her body until they stopped at the sight between her legs, right at her curly pubic mound. The darkness of the curls only covered the essence of what was hiding under their dusting. Upon closer inspection, he could plainly see two tightly packed labia lips clamping down on a tiny little slit that hid all of her precious treasures. There was moisture that was seeping out between the lips down at the bottom, tightly held between her two legs, but as his finger pried them open and she relaxed her thighs a little, the moisture became much more apparent.

He pulled her panties down and removed them from her feet. Kneeling back up at her hips, he moved his knees between her thighs and opened her up to himself. A look of panic in her eyes soon gave way to a plea.

“Junior, I’ve never done this before,” she whispered almost in a whimpering voice.

“I know, neither have I. It will be the first time for both of us and I will try to make it as special as I can,” he said in his most reassuring voice. He looked longingly into her trusting eyes and whispered to her, “Are you ready?”

She chewed her lower lip as she nodded her head yes and then closed her watering eyes. He grabbed his aching manhood and scooted forward on his knees until he made contact with her quivering lips. With his other hand, he reached down and spread them apart and eased the tip of his erection towards her tight little opening. It appeared to swallow the head of his mammoth tool in its first attempt but as he entered its dark, virginal confines, his insertion soon met her full resistance.

The unrelenting muscular walls of her vagina knew nothing of Bobby’s deep desires to give herself to this person so they immediately tried to restrict any penetration by a foreign object and what was happening was definitely foreign to them. They clamped down on the intruder and gave up ground reluctantly to the constant pressure. But as it reached the narrows where her hymen once had protected the opening, it suddenly gave way to the openness of Bobby’s womb and the flood of delirious euphoria that she felt as he reached full penetration.

Bobby expected it to be painful but as his pubic bone bumped up against hers and all she felt was the unbelievable fullness of accepting his massive erection totally, her heart raced knowing that there would be no pain, that there would be only pleasure, only the indescribable pleasure of feeling the movement deep within your womb of the most wonderful thing in the world. Her desire seemed to explode all around her as she felt it quiver and start its journey outward only to slide back into her even further than the time before. She was urging him on in her quest to satisfy her growing need, her undeniable need to have that itch scratched by meeting his thrusts with little trusts of her own. But as they continued and gained in speed and intensity, she found herself thrusting her hips up fully, trying to reach that moment, that ultimate moment of pleasure.

Junior was beyond thinking by this junction and was merely acting out of instinct and desire. He was running his manhood in and out of her willing vagina with all of the speed and forcefulness that he could muster. He was holding his breath, forcing the pleasure to build and build until he was about to explode. He tensed up every muscle in his young quivering body, letting the flood and demand of his release take it over entirely and then, when he could take it no longer, just like a pent up volcano ready to erupt from all pressures from beneath, he let go in a violent cry and release, exploding into a massive release of emotions.

She felt his release build up but she experienced his explosion first hand as his manhood quivered and jerked deep inside of her womb and it caused her to double her efforts to reach an equally satisfying state. Then she felt the pressure of his sperm shooting out of him and filling her uterus with his life giving fluids. All sense and reason had left her long ago and what she was experiencing now was her desire for pleasure. Having him fulfill his desires deep in her womb was more than pleasurable; it was perfect.

But his release only intensified her own desire, so clamping down on his throbbing projection with her vaginal muscles, she rode its stiffness into her own release as he pumped out all of his fluids deep into her receptive womb.

As he released his essence, he tried to tell himself to pull out, but the body would not accept the warning and the longer he waited and more of his fluids he deposited, the less meaningful any retreat became. Maybe they would get lucky. Maybe she was not ready. But the shear thrill of the moment meant that there would be no logic this day, that they would throw caution to the wind.

As he slowly started to come down from his frantic assent, he noticed her cooing softly in his ear. It was the most contented sound he had ever heard. It was like music to his ears. He held his gasping breath for a second to listen more intently. There it was again, it was a rhythmic sound like a dove in the forest. It was the sweetest, most contented sound imaginable and it warmed his heart to know that it was coming from Bobby and he was the one who caused it.

They lay there panting their way down to normal, resting, recuperating from their joint first time experience. When they each were breathing normally once again, Junior turned his head to look at his young lover. She looked back into his eyes and smiled the most contented smile. She rolled to her side facing him and caressed his cheek with her hand. She mouthed the words, “I love you,” then closed her eyes and drifted off to where lovers go to rest.

As she succumbed to her weary lids and felt asleep, she had the most satisfied feeling. She felt suddenly complete; like she had just passed a milestone in her young life. She had the feeling of a woman in love, full of tomorrows with her lover, never to look back again. She gave his arm a squeeze just as she lost consciousness.

Junior felt unbelievably content with himself and with this lovely young woman who was resting beside him. He knew that he would never feel so much love for another person in his life as he felt for Bobby at that very moment and he felt her squeeze his arm as he settled into his own afterglow sleep.


The low pitched sound announcing his arrival woke the pair of lovers from their dreams and forced them each to sit up to the murmurings of the intruder. Elmer had wandered into his stall and was ordering the young pair to wake up, get dressed and vacate his domain.

“Elmer, what’s the rush? I know that you don’t have any feelings for that young thing you had today, but some of us do have feelings and don’t want to rush things,” Junior jokingly said to the unconcerned bovine.

He looked over at Bobby who had sat up and was grabbing for her undergarments.

“Oh, Bobby, please stay that way forever,” Junior whined.

“Take a look at the time Mister. I need to get myself home and you need to finish your chores before our parents get home.” She glanced at her watch and pointed her finger at it in the most annoying way. “Now move,” she insisted, standing up to pull to panties up into place. As Junior lost sight of her pubic patch and then she covered her perky little breasts, his heart fell a little just knowing that no matter how bad he wanted her to stay as she was, she was covering herself to leave and there was nothing he could do or say to prevent it.

As she pulled on the last garment, she scrambled to her feet and told him, “Hey Bud, I would not want to be here if your daddy comes home and finds you like that and with your chores not done. Now get up, put your clothes back on and move your ass and get your chores done. NOW!” she demanded.

“Oh okay,” Junior finally gave in. Glancing at his watch and realizing it was 2:30 in the afternoon, he cursed out loud and scrambled to gather his clothes as Bobby walk towards the doorway to the stall. Junior reached out and grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. Kissing her boldly, he said, “I love Miss Olson. I always have and I always will.”

She smiled, blushed a little and walked away from his embrace but trailed her finger tip on his hand. “I know Junior and I love you too,” she shyly repeated his declaration. Then, turning to leave she added to Elmer, “Thanks a lot Elmer for getting us in the mood. I hope you had as good of a time as we did.”
Then, turning back to look over her shoulder at Junior pulling up his pants, she smiled and turned to walk back across the road to her house.

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