Life's strange turns. part 1

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Life’s strange turns. Part 1
Once upon a time, in a subdivision maybe not so far away from you, I (David) lived with my wife of 3 years. Jill was a California girl I met while I was getting my Master’s Degree. She was a doll, 5'6" with an athletic figure of 125 lbs., long, strong legs, firm body, modest boobage, but perky with small, hard nipples and a very hard, firm ass. Stunning green eyes, nice ass, and other than the natural blonde hair on her head, she was completely hairless, having had all traces of body hair removed by laser treatment. First time I got a good look at her nude, I said about a dozen times.

Jill and I dated for almost two months before we started sleeping together, but when we did, it went very well. Once we got started, we had sex often, and we both enjoyed it tremendously, usually daily, sometimes several times a day. It was addicting. We grew to care for each other very much, and I asked for her hand in marriage after 6 months of living together. It seemed that we worked well as a couple, enjoyed each other in many ways, and of course, the sex was very good. We learned to give each other oral pleasure to completion, she learned to deep throat my thick 8" cock and even swallowed my seed eagerly. Everybody said we made a lovely couple, with her 5'6", 120 lbs. next to my 6'2" and 180 pounds.

After the small wedding, and starting my new engineering job in Seattle, we rented a townhouse in a gated community not far from my work, and she found a job as an office manager in a doctor’s office. We joined a gym, played tennis, pickle ball and golf to stay fit. Jill suggested that I should also get my body hair removed, which I did. Pubes, under arms, legs, and all. After a year of saving up a down payment, we signed up on a 5 year old house in a subdivision built around a golf course that had tennis courts and a clubhouse with heated pools, both indoor and out, hot tubs, sauna, etc. We made extra effort to meet our neighbors, by walking and stopping to talk with them at every opportunity.

Jill and I had sex in every room of the house, sometimes with the curtains open, and even in the garage, once with the door open about 2'. The lights were out, but her car was blocking the view from the street. Another time, I’d backed my pickup into the garage, and I gave her a quick fucking on the tailgate. The garage door was open, the lights were on, and it was late on a Saturday morning. Sometimes, we joked about fucking in the car in the driveway, but the closest we got was a BJ, late at night after arriving home from a “date night”. I really wanted to fuck her on the hood of the car at 2am, but didn’t get around to it.

One day, I came home from a trip to the store with a cheap camping tent. It was a 10' x 10' dome, with a rain fly and cost about $30 on sale. Cheap shit. But it would work for what I had in mind. Jill and I set it up in the back yard, to make sure that all the parts worked, and to learn how to set it up. We slipped out into the tent at around midnight, carrying piles of quilts and blankets, wearing only bathrobes. I quickly removed the rainfly, leaving the mesh top open on a beautiful clear night. With no moonlight, but a million stars in the sky, it was magical. We fucked like rabbits all night long, with only the stars for light. The groans and shrieks probably interested any neighbors in earshot, but nobody ever said a word. Exhausted, we wrapped ourselves in blankets and slept naked until awakened by the sunlight. We resolved to go camping for real. Things were going very well!

On our 2nd wedding anniversary, we started talking about having kids, decided on how many we wanted (3!), and even the names we’d give them. We were both very excited and positive about this step in our lives, and she went off the pill. As our 3rd anniversary approached, Jill told me she was late for her period, and we were super excited. Jill started shopping for baby clothes and we started planning the nursery and child-proofing the cupboards and stuff like that. Life was good. Even the dreaded morning sickness didn’t cause a whole lot of grief. Two months into the pregnancy, she lost the baby. I took her to the ER, and then to the doctor’s office. We tried again, and again Jill was soon pregnant, but after about 3 months, she miscarried again, despite doing everything right…no pills, no alcohol, no vigorous exercise, just a little walking and some girly exercise routines suggested by her doctor. Only an occasional BJ and pussy licking session.

Test after test revealed that she would never be pregnant again, and she was extremely depressed. To make things worse, Winter was starting…ewww. Jill had a tough time with Winter in the NW, having spent most her life in Clovis, in sunny central California. As luck would have it, the weather got really crappy, and her depression worsened. She wanted kids and she knew I wanted kids very much, and she just felt terrible about it. No matter how much I consoled her, kissed her and cuddled with her, we never had sex again. We went and talked to councilors and specialists and discussed our options, and even discussed adopting. Jill decided to fly home and visit her parents, think about it, have some mother-daughter talks, etc. We talked on the phone every day, and things seemed as good as could be expected. Two weeks went by, almost as in slow motion. Time dragged. Other than work, I tried to keep busy. I doubled my time at the gym, going 6 days a week instead of 3, and I lost two pounds. On the positive side, hints of a 6-pack appeared, my biceps and triceps got bigger, and my legs got much stronger. We still talked every day. She mostly talked about how nice the weather was. I took the hint (I thought it was, really) and started looking for a job in the Fresno/Clovis area.

Jill announced that she’d torn up her knee playing tennis, was in much pain, but slated for orthoscopic surgery later in the week. She asked if I’d drive her car down and fly home. Gotta have wheels in California. And, could I please bring the rest of her clothes and things? She was still my wife, and covered by my health insurance. I took a week off work, and drove down in one long day. We slept together in the same Queen bed we always slept in when visiting her parent’s house. When I finally woke and showered, she said her parents had gone golfing, and we had a few hours to ourselves, and she pulled her clothes off, slowly stripping for me. I had a towel around me with a tent in it. I pulled that off and went for her pussy…lickity split, pun intended. God, her pussy tasted so good! We switched positions and she almost violently deep throated me, cramming my 8" of hard dick down her throat. me to pound into her throat deeper, until she pushed me away. Then, she was on her back with her legs up under her arms and my cock plunged quickly to the hilt, hammering, again and again, soon to be shooting a huge load of cum. She wanted me to pull out and let her suck it out. “MMM” and a torrent of cum went down her throat. It wasn’t like this had never happened before, but it hadn’t happened since we started trying to have babies. She swallowed hard a couple of times and smiled a sort of sad smile. Jill’s parents went golfing the next three days, and we had amazing sex each day, and a little at night for a bonus.

And I flew home, with some hope in my heart and relief in my testicles. When I arrived home, there was a letter from a law firm in Clovis. Soon, we were divorced. It wasn’t a huge financial hit, she said she wanted only her stuff and her car, which we’d already paid for. We parted on pretty good terms, but I was going to be missing the amazing sex very badly, and my heart was broken. Damn! I hadn’t dated all that much, and didn’t look forward to starting over. Well, it looked like time to make lemonade out of the lemons life had dealt to me.

The neighbors were wonderful to me as the word spread, bringing me casseroles and inviting me for BBQ’s and dinners and introducing me to available women they knew. There was one couple that were especially kind. Don and Karen were almost 60, lived a few houses down. He was diabetic and had several strokes and a heart attack in the last couple of years, leaving him in a wheelchair and most recently, barely able to speak. I had gotten to know them both before his serious downturn in health. When that happened, I had pitched in and mowed their lawn and did some fixit jobs, and visited often.

Karen was a petite little thing, about 5' nothing and maybe 100 lbs, tho she appeared to have a nice rack. Her short hair was always kept blonde, tho it was obviously from a bottle, and she had a good job in property management. Quite the hottie, for her age. When Karen wasn’t at work, she was almost always at home tending to Don’s needs, and it was obviously wearing on her. I offered to babysit Don, so she could get out for some relief. She took me up on that a couple of times, but only for emergencies, because there was a nurse that came three times a week to tend to Don and give him Physical Therapy.

On those days, Karen could go out and run her errands and such. I learned how difficult it was to tend to old Don, even for a couple of hours at a time. Karen and I became workout buddies, and sometimes went to lunch, or grocery shopping afterwards. Tho mostly on weekends, it helped both of us a little. She didn’t hang too close at either the gym or store, giving me space for meeting a girl my age. I started getting pretty good at spotting wedding rings, engagement rings, and looking for “single girl” grocery carts, with Karen’s help. She said to look for small carts, with juices, fruit, and lots of veggies, especially with cucumbers and “personal obvious stuff, but a pretty cool tip, coming from an “old lady”!

One Saturday morning, Karen called to ask if I could fix a drip for her, so I grabbed my toolbox and walked over to her house. I was just about ready to head for the gym again, hoping to meet a nice divorcee that needed some sex, so I was showered, shaved, well groomed, and ready for sex, if I got lucky. It had happened, but not often enough. When I arrived, I asked how she was, how was Don, made small talk. Karen was wearing a jogging suit, matching top and bottoms, but barefoot. Further small talk turned up that Don had just been moved into a nursing home, after another major stroke. I felt bad for Don, and Karen, and expressed my condolences. “Now, about this drip?” I said. “Under the bathroom sink” and she led me off toward the master bath. I followed and watched her hard little ass wiggle. She’d already removed all the stuff under the sink, and put a pie tin in there to catch the drip. I kneeled and looked with a flashlight to spot the drip, sticking my butt in the air, and my T-shirt sliding up, exposing about half of my hairless lower back. I heard a slight To reach the leak, I had to turn onto my back, and as I reached, my t-shirt rode up and showed off my new 6-pack abs. Scooting my butt along the floor had also pulled down my sweat pants a little. Well, she was about twice my age and had grown kids, so WTF? I located the drip and made repairs, got back up on my feet and adjusted my sweats.

I asked Karen if she had anymore things that needed fixing while I was here, and she sort of stammered, blushed and said “Yes, I have another drip that needs fixing”. Where? “Over here, in the bedroom.” Well, there was no plumbing in the bedroom, so I wasn’t completely unaware of the implication. She’d removed her jogging suit while I had my head under the sink, now only wearing snug hip hugger workout shorts, a tank top, and still barefoot. She had a pretty hot little body, even though I figured she was nearly 60. “Hmmm. No bra…at her age! And not saggy at all…must be implants” I think to myself. I said aloud. A grin broke on Karen’s face. Suddenly, she was in my arms and we were french kissing like teenagers.

There was a bulge in my pants and her belly was hard against it. “Did she notice my woody” I thought, and it soon became clear that she did. I could tell because she had her hand on it and was rubbing it gently! “What the fuck”, I thought, so I cupped her left tit in my right hand and gently pinched the hardening nipple. fake”, she said, to which I replied “I like’um anyway!”. More french kissing and fondling each other, and I finally said “About that leak in here…”. Karen turned around, got on her tiptoes, pushed her firm ass into my groin and said “check here”. I put my hands on her hips and slipped my fingers around the elastic top of her shorts and pulled them up, tight into her slit and the crack of her ass. “Does a wedgie make the leak better, or worse?” I said.

“Definitely worse”, Karen replied in a quivering voice. So I pulled her shorts down to her ankles and she kicked them off. At this point, she had the tank top and a lacey red thong on. I paused at her ass and breathed deeply, smelling her wet pussy. I picked her up and carried her to the bed and sat her on the edge. Her feet didn’t even reach the floor. I kicked off my flip-flops as Karen pushed my t-shirt up my chest, which I finished. While I dealt with the shirt, she pulled my sweat pants down to my knees, leaving me in my sports briefs…but not for long. I pushed Karen back on the bed and we french kissed again, as my hands worked her tits and hard nipples. She had pierced nipples with a ring on each. God, she was sexy…amazing for a woman her age. I pushed her tank up and off and kissed her neck, throat and cleavage, then licked up one boob to the nipple, and down and across to the other nipple, pulling lightly with my teeth and lips on each ring, sucking as much of each boob into my mouth as I could manage, then flicking my tongue across the ring and nipple.

I licked my way south, finding her pierced belly button, with a dangling string of diamonds that matched the set of ear rings she almost always wore. I licked my way around that a few times, and continued southward, soon arriving at her thong. The crotch was soaked with PJ, which I didn’t make any better by licking her wet spot. I hooked my fingers under both sides of the waistband, Karen expedited matters by slipping her right hand under the elastic and started fingering her pussy. Meanwhile, I was tugging, trying to get the thong off. She put her feet up on my back and lifted her ass, and the thong was soon on the floor, but her fingers were firmly in her snatch and busy the whole time. My tongue was licking the inside of her thighs and approaching her pussy, which she was frigging with two fingers. It was sopping wet, and making delicious squishing sounds. I needed to put my tongue in there, soon!

My tongue eagerly licked her fingers and the juices on them. My nose was breathing in the sweet smell of pussy and occasionally pushing at her hand, trying to get her to move it out of my way. Finally, Karen moved both her hands to to her breasts and my nose plunged into her pussy, while my tongue licked around her brown pucker, then up to her pussy and onto her clit. What a nice wet pussy this old lady had! I spent some time licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. My knees were getting sore on the rug, so I stood and got my first view of her entire body for the first time. There was no hair on her pubes, but there was a tattoo of a star, barely above the top of her slit, and a ring through her clit hood.

OMG! I dove back between her legs and licked her slit from asshole to clit. Karen kept getting wetter by the minute. I flopped on the bed next to her, and didn’t have to suggest that we go 69. She was on me in a flash, sucking my balls and twirling her tongue around the tip of my dick, while grinding her pussy into my face. Karen’s saliva ran down my cock and all over my hairless balls. She was wiggling her ass and rubbing her pussy against my nose, tongue, and several times shoved her pussy hard against my chin. Faster and faster she rubbed her pussy against my mouth, the passion building in her to a nearing orgasm. I expected it would be a powerful one, since she probably hadn’t had any real sex in some years.

What actually happened was a new experience for me, tho I had read about girls that /> Squirt she did. It started by a considerable increase in fluids on my face, then her raising her ass up and frigging her G spot with her right hand. Then the squirting, OMG, she squirted all over my face and chest. As much as I could, I caught in my mouth, raising my head up off the bed. Tasted good! Karen rolled off me and was quivering and shaking. I reversed my direction on the bed and hugged her gently. As she regained control, we kissed. When the orgasm had passed, she climbed atop me in Cowgirl and rode for awhile, then went back to 69. I had always liked that…pulling my cock out of a pussy and then getting it sucked. Jeez, what a hot pussy I’d found! Karen got on her hands and knees, and I pounded her hard and fast, Doggie style. Then, Cowgirl again, but she leaned way back, bending my cock the wrong direction, but increasing the friction against her G spot considerably.

Karen had another orgasm building. I knew that, but I wasn’t really expecting another squirting orgasm. As it started, she pulled off my cock and let loose, while friggin her clit very hard with her fingers. The orgasm was an amazing thing to watch! Again, she squirted her juices, this time a good 3' to hit me in the face and open mouth. More quivering and shaking, hugging and kissing. She positioned herself for a final bit of Missionary, as I went down on her, licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. I positioned the head of my thick 8" cock against her opening and pushed into her again. Karen rotated her hips upwards and put her feet almost to the headboard. I pounded my fat cock into her, as she writhed in ecstasy, moaning and letting out little gasps as I hit bottom. She knew I was nearing my own orgasm, and told me to cum on her belly. I had other plans. I pulled my cock out and held it firmly against her asshole, squirting again and again into her ass, finally giving it a push, the engorged head popping into her ass. She gasped, let out a slight groan, and pushed the rest of my cock into her. Another orgasm rocked her body as she furiously fingered her pussy. As it subsided, Karen said “That was great, but I usually don’t do anal on a first date!” We cuddled for awhile, and she fell asleep. I pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep too. No need for a workout at the gym today.

story by: Kathy Hanson

Tags: fiction male / older female sex story written by women

Author: Kathy Hanson

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