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Another true story about the same guy.

2.30am. A text message: "I want to see you tomorrow morning". Our fantasies are always fairly extreme, and when we’re not involved sexually, we’re really good friends. I'm his submissive in every way possible. He's engaged to a girl who doesn't share his lifestyle choices, and I don't love him. But we both get something we need.

My Reply: 10?
Him: 9.30. I have some orders.
Me: Yes sir.
Him: I want you to text me a list of all your sex toys. Bring condoms, lubricant, and a dog collar.
Me: Three vibrators, one clit massager, and a set of anal beads.

I'd never used the anal beads. They were a comedic gift from a friend. He replied promptly. "I want them all in a bag. In addition, bring a slutty outfit and high heels. Except the anal beads. I want them in your ass when you get here." It was a thirty minute drive from my place without traffic, forty with, and the anal beads weren't exactly small. But if that were what he wanted, I'd try.

I woke up the next morning. Shower, shaved legs, no make up. I curled up on my bed with my clit massager, getting worked up would make fitting in the long string of beads an easier feat. The beads are a long string of pink rubbery ones with a pink rubbery cable. The first bead is actually a plug, so the beads look like a tail if you don't push them in. I lubricated the plug and pushed it against my ass. I was nervous. Anal sex wasn’t something I did a huge amount of normally. It slipped in with a slight pop feel. A little sore, at the large round part, but once inside I felt my ass close around the pink rubbery cable. I was massaging my clit. I sent him a photo of my ass with the beads hanging out. I told him I was using my clit massager and asked if I could come. He texted me back. “No. Not until you get here”. I was turned on, and nervous. I worked up the courage and pushed the next bead in. 7 more to go. The clit massager was making me very turned on, and I was struggling not to push myself over the edge. My ass was struggling with about 5 beads in and the plug. Three more left. Each time I pushed another one in, I got more and more breathless. It took twenty minutes. I'd left about 10 for that job. I was very full, and it was very difficult to walk. My ass was so tight around the cable, with just a loop hanging out. I dressed casually, grabbing my tote bag with my outfit, toys, condoms and lubricant.

I got into my car, and as I sat, I felt the beads move. It was going to be a very very long drive. Halfway across town I realised. No collar. I texted him. He didn't reply. I was nervous. I knew this meant that he'd be frustrated. I kept driving. 20 minutes later I pulled into his driveway. I knocked quietly on the front door. He opened it, and let me in. Immediately he pushed me onto my knees. He unbuttoned my pants, slipped them down over my ass, my red g string was pushed to the side allowing the little loop stuck straight up as it was made of the same rubbery material as the beads. He parted my ass cheeks. "All the way in… have you had them like this before?" "No sir." He was pleased. He pulled me up and I pulled my pants up. He walked me down to a back bedroom in the five bedroom house.

He handed me my bag, and he told me it was time to change. I pulled off my jeans and blouse and regular sneakers, and pulled on a tiny black miniskirt, stupidly high shiny patent leather pumps, a see through white tank, no bra so my nipples were poking through the fabric, the dark outline of my areolas easily seen. I tacked on some mascara. I knew he'd like the mascara on. Lately he’d been fantasizing about watching a girl gag on his cock. He wanted the tears to run down my face as I gagged. The mascara would make that easier. He walked in. A leather collar in hand. Mine was thin and feminine. His was a control collar, so thick and tight it meant you couldn't actually look up or turn your head. A leather lead. He put the collar on me. Then he bent me forward over the bed and whipped my ass with the lead.

My red ass was starting to sting. The beads were tight, my pussy was wet, the spanking was stinging. He grabbed me, pushing me down onto the floor. He took the lead and started to walk me to the kitchen on all fours. A silver bowl on the floor full of water. He walked me over to it. Because of the collar, I couldn't even look up at him. "Drink bitch". He slipped his pants off and stepped a little way back and started jerking off. Watching me lap pathetically at the bowl. Water dripping off my chin. My cheeks flushed. He walked me on all fours back to the bedroom. "C'mon, bitch, up on the bed, there's a good girl". I was blushed with humiliation. I knew he'd be pissed I forgot the collar, but I didn't realise that instead of just spanking me, he was going to humiliate me.

I was on all fours and he slipped the bigger of the vibrators inside my vagina. He was standing behind me, on the floor, I was up on the bed. I felt exposed. It was tight and made me feel like I was over-filled. He turned it on. Watching me shake on the bed, he started to pull the anal beads out, one by one. Mocking me, he made a "pop" noise for each bead. He got to the plug, pulled it out and slipped his cock straight into my ass, grabbing the collar with both hands. He had slipped my red g string off at some point, and as I was starting to moan he shoved my panties in my mouth. His cock was bigger than the plug, much thicker and I felt my ass trying to close around him. It was hurting, but the feeling was driving me wild.

He grabbed my wrists out from underneath me, pinning them behind my back. My face hit the bed hard, and he pushed harder and faster. He waited until he was ready to come, pulled out, dragged me onto the floor, and shoved his dick as far down my throat as he could. I gagged. He kept shoving it down my throat. Over and over. Watching the strings of saliva fall down my chin. My mascara began to run. I started to cough and he slapped me and shoved his cock back into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head, pushed in deep and said “Play with my ass”. I did as he requested. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. He took my lead and walked me to the kitchen. More water. He started to laugh watching me lap at the water. He told me to stay. I did. He came back, and pushed the ass plug straight back in, leaving the long line of beads hanging down my legs "Every bitch should have a tail, you know. Now bark." On all fours, in the kitchen, in high heels and top, with my skirt up around my waist and the beads hanging down, I barked. My face was red, the collar was tight around my throat. As I did, the water that had rolled down my chin was dripping off. He walked me back to the bedroom. I was humiliated. I wasn't upset, I was turned on. I couldn't have been more excited.

He pushed a couple of the beads in. My ass was tender by this stage. He got me up on the bed, and shoved his cock straight into my pussy. He pumped away, enjoying the orgasms rolling over me, until he came. It didn't take long, he had enjoyed watching me on all fours barking. The fact that I was embarrassed was the point. He loved when I was outside my comfort zone.

After he came we curled up and chatted for a while. We gossipped about our families and friends and mutual acquaintances. We shared a Pepsi. He asked if he could take a photo of my ass with the tail, I consented, provided that it was just my ass in the picture. He took a quick snap, and watched as I pulled the beads out.

I cleaned up a little, dressed promptly. Whilst I'd enjoyed our chat, I didn't want to stay long. We laughed had a kiss and a cuddle and said goodbye at the front door.

I drove up the street, bag of toys and slutty clothes on the passenger seat. Back to normal life. Back to a three course dinner for six I was catering that night.

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