Little red (modern day)

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She walked trough the woods with her basket of warm buns. That is what the big bad wolves smelled wafting through the forest air. The slight summer breeze carried it right to their sensitive noses. The smell was insatiable. It made their mouths water. Three large wolves, part human. Well over six feet tall. They walked on their hind legs. These were not normal wolves. Mutants. They could think like a man but each had over ten times the normal sex drive. They could fuck for a day straight if needed. Their cocks were abnormally large for their six foot frame. Well over twelve inches and thick. These wolves could rip her apart if they wished.

The fresh warm baking gave off a hint of butter in the buns. It made their mouths salivate.

Little Red walked through the bush. She was warned several times never to take the path alone. She did not listen. She knew it all. A little eighteen year old that could not be told anything. Her snooty attitude and lack of knowledge would teach her a lesson today.

She walked along that summer morning singing to herself with her IPOD on. The sun shone. The warm day made her perspire slightly. She could not hear the wolves cracking the odd branch as they followed her along the trail. They could smell her sweet smell with a slight hint of perfume. Between the luscious buns and her smell they would be in for a feast.

They had a spot in mind where they would ambush her and have their way with her. It was at a large waterfalls. That way when she cried out in delight and pain no one could hear her cries.

The wolves examined her as she skipped along with her basket of fresh homemade buns. From behind she looked just as delectable. Little white runners with feet no bigger than size 6 filled them.

Tanned lean long bare legs with definition in her calves that ran on forever it seemed stopped at an ass that was round and firm. Her legs revealled striations of muscles and tendons as she climbed little hills on the path. Her tan was a medium brown.

Her ass was currently covered by a summer dress. Barely. It stopped just below. Her skipping along would occasionally raise the dress up to reveal the smallest white cotton panties. The panties were tight. They hugged her round bum. A little design of double strings held the front and back triangle cloth of the panties together around each side of her hips.

The dress would be a shame to tear off and destroy. She had received it as a birthday gift. It had been made in China. From the finest silk. Hours had gone into the hand sewn designs which adorned it.

It shimmered in the sunlight.

In fact it was so smooth and sensual Little Red would on occasion without realizing rub her free hand between her legs as she walked. The smooth silk felt good brushing against her thighs. She masturbated frequently.

Small single spaghetti straps held it on her shoulders.

Her blond slightly wavy hair fell well below her waist. It freely flowed in the wind.

Her face made her look much younger than she actually was. Big blue eyes stared like a lost puppy dog. Her lips were full and adorned with bright red lipstick.

All the better the wolves thought to suck on them.

The wolves continued to follow her through the bush farther and farther into the thick lush green forest.

They listened to Little Red sing to her ipod belting out tunes. She was a good little singer. They imagined what her voice would sound like screaming.

As Little Red approached a creek she stopped. The wolves hid in the bush and watched.

She quickly released the dress that covered her body and it fell to the ground. Her body was amazing. She wore no bra and did not need to. Her breasts being just a bit bigger than c cups stood firmly out and up off her body. The wolves would suck and nibble on those. Her nipples hard and erect. She quickly wiggled out of her panties and stood near the edge of the water. With her right foot she carefully stuck her toe in to see how cold it was.

She let out a delightful little squeal and dove into the pool. She obviously been here before. How had the wolves missed such a prize they wondered?

She swam around for awhile and then climbed out. The water cascaded off her long blond hair which now seemed a bit darker. Her tanned body glistened as she walked over to a patch of grass being covered by bright sunlight. There she lay naked drying off with her music now back on.

The wolves watched excitedly as her hands started exploring her naked tight little body. She lay on her back. Her hands traced gentle circles on her flat washboard stomach as they slid down towards her pussy. She was hairless and clean. Once reaching her pussy her left hand toyed with her clit in circular motions. First small and gently and then more vigorously. She put her three middle fingers into her mouth wetting them and then slowly slid them down her body and gently entered them into her pussy. Her legs raised as she did this and her face contorted and mouth fell open. She gently moved her left hand in and out of her pussy as her right hand massaged her now swollen clit. She whimpered and whined ever so softly. This wet on for minutes and then her whole body convulsed as she cried out.

The wolves thought to themselves sadistically. They would pleasure her twenty times greater than that.

The wolves watched her intently wanting to pounce and ravage her. They could not however. She was too close to a near by village. Someone would surely hear her screams as they fucked her wildly. They all stroked their rock hard cocks.

She lay there with her eyes closed singing softly. She was like a little angel. Not more than five feet tall and one hundred pounds.

The wolves were horny and worked up. They needed to fuck this poor girl.

They watched her and stroked their gigantic cocks. Pre cum glistened on the heads of their massive cocks. They throbbed full of seed ready to inject into the poor girl.

One wolf was particularly brave. He could not resist the smell of this sweet girl. He snuck up to her clothes which were ten feet from where she was laying.

He smelled her soft silky dress. The perfume, perspiration and her natural smell that had absorbed into it made him want to pounce on her and have his way. Little Red would not have a chance pinned down.

The wolf carefully removed and ate on of the buns. They melted in his mouth just like she was going to when his long red tongue would eat her out. He grabbed her panties. He rubbed his wet cock on them and thought about cuming all over them. This was not an option at this time. His pre cum made them wet. He threw them back down and slipped back into the forest.

Little Red after about twenty minutes got up and walked over to her clothes. She looked a little bewildered and thought to herself that her clothes had been moved. She stepped into and slipped her soft panties sensually up her legs. Her little wiggle almost drove the wolves insane. She did not realize or feel the pre cum soaked patches on her panties as she was still wet from her dip in the pool.

She shimmied her silky dress on over her head and struggled a bit with her runners on her wet feet.

She picked up her buns and continued onwards.

The wolves were now so turned on and horny that they could not wait for her to get to their ambush sight. It was close.

The weather was starting to turn. Clouds were quickly covering the sunny blue sky.

It appeared it was going to rain. The temperature though still got warmer. It was probably eighty degrees out. Warm and steamy.

The turn in the weather made Little Red quicken her pace. She did not want the buns to get wet.

As she approached the ambush sight one of the wolves ran ahead. They would surround and cut her off so she had nowhere to go.

The rain had now started and it came down hard. Little Red was soaked in minutes. Her hair and dress stuck to her body revealing a sexy thin tight hour glass shape to her.

Her legs and tanned shoulders glistened.

The wolves thought this made her even more delectable.

The point was coming soon. Little Red was getting tired. She had quickened her pace to a run. With their excellent hearing they could detect a slight panting in her breath. She would put up very little struggle.

Each wolf would have a role in fucking her. They had a pecking order and knew their roles.

Little Red was soaked and exhausted as she approached the spot.

The front wolf jumped out startling her. She dropped her basket of buns. They fell out onto the wet ground.

The wolf stared at her. She was even more sexy and beautiful close up.

She froze with a terrified look in her eyes. The wolves surrounded her.

The main wolf now towering over her and inches from her face smelled her delightfulness. His cock hard pressed against her soft wet silky dress. She was in for it……

story by: tyreen

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: tyreen

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